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My name is Carol Sinclair and I'm a stay at home mom/wife to our beautiful daughter, Emily. We've been blessed with a pretty great sleeper which leaves me with quite a bit of time on my hands most days. I've always loved crafting and making things so this has become the perfect outlet for me! I use solid wood to make country/primitive signs, custom signs with dates, names or any specific quote/sa


This beautiful sign deserves its own little slice of spotlight! All the flowers & greenery on this sign are hand painted by one of my good friends! She seriously has SO much talent! ♥️ Pictures truly don’t even do enough justice to show how beautiful this sign came out!


Wedding signs are in my top three favorite things to paint! 😍 Forgot to share the ones I got to do for my brother in laws wedding last month! ♥️


Simply Sinclair Signs by SimplySinclairSigns

Simply Sinclair is now on Etsy! There seems to be so much to figure out with Etsy so my shop is far from perfect, but I'll be figuring things out as I go. :-) I've wanted to create an Etsy Shop for over a year but just never did, so I decided to take the whole "Don't let the fear of striking out..." quote to heart and just give it a try! I created a code for $5.00 off to the first ten orders with no minimum amount required to celebrate opening up shop! Use code SINCLAIR5OFF at check out! ALSO, use code LOCALPICKUP to waive all shipping charges if you prefer to meet up locally instead of paying for shipping! Just keep in mind that I don't keep items in stock, all items are made to order and will be about 7-10 business days to be completed. :-) AND if you order be sure to leave a review! All of my signs will be listed on Etsy, but as always if you're interested in a custom sign send me a message, I love custom signs, you guys always have the best ideas! :-) Thanks for coming along and supporting me on another adventure!

P.S. The first Etsy Order comes with a surprise! :-) You searched for: SimplySinclairSigns! Browse the unique items that SimplySinclairSigns creates, and discover the perfect gift! At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our community of creative sellers, like SimplySinclairSigns! Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By....


Hey guys! The winners of the giveaway are:
Alexandra Scott (Choice of one framed sign and one block)
Lindsay VanFleet (Choice of one framed sign and one block)
Rachael Nelson (Choice of one block)
Send a message to make your choices! :-)
Thank you everyone for your support!


Simply Sinclair's cover photo


Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸


Patriotic sign made out of Pallets for the porch! Have I mentioned how much I love Patriotic decor?! 🇺🇸♥️


Since Memorial Day is in just a few days and with the Fourth of July coming up afterwards, I thought it’d be fun to put together some patriotic signs to do a giveaway with! There will be Three winners! The first two winners each get to choose a framed sign & a mini block, and the third winner will get to choose one mini block! Not local for pick up?! No worries, I’ll mail your items to you if you win! To enter, complete all three of the following: (1) Share this post, (2) ‘Like’ the Simply Sinclair page and (3) Follow SimplySinclairSigns on instagram (if you have it!) Winners will be announced Friday, June 1st! 😊🇺🇸


It’s time to start making signs & having sign parties again!! Thank you guys for being so patient while I took time to step back and focus on our daughter. My inbox is filled with messages so I’ll be working through them in the next few days! The ones I have read all include asking about Emily, so I thought I’d give a little update on her! This past January, our 2.5 year old daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type One. NF1 is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerves through the body. Neither my husband or I have NF, so Emily’s case was a spontaneous mutation. NF affects everyone different, and varies in severity. A couple of weeks ago Emily had a sedated MRI because she’d been complaining of eye pain, head aches, and had been sick for six weeks. The MRI showed that Emily has two Optic Nerve Gliomas which are benign brain tumors that grow on the nerves that carry vision from the eye to the brain. We’ll be monitoring them with more sedated MRIs to see if chemotherapy is needed. We’re praying that the tumors don’t grow or that they even disappear! But if not, God is still good and He has been so gracious to us through this journey♥️ You’re probably thinking, ‘and she thinks NOW is the time to get back to doing signs?’ To start I’m going to only be taking a few orders at a time for now as well as committing to fewer sign parties. I’ve gone back and forth on this for a long time, but my husband and I feel that we need to maintain a level of ‘normalcy’, taking things day by day, and not living in ‘what ifs’ & fear of the future. So ‘normalcy’ for us is David working at Sappi, me being a stay at home mom & coaching girls soccer in the fall, and Emily continuing to be the sassy, sweet, and free spirited 2.5 year old that loves laying on top of her dog, praying for her family, helping Mama do dishes, & constantly wanting to play with her cousins. We really truly appreciate everyone that’s been praying for our sweet girl! ♥️


Hey guys! We must all be getting spring fever because my inbox has been filling up with messages about Sign Parties & orders! I’d truly love to pursue every request for a sign party and custom order but unfortunately at this time I am unable to do so. After some appointments with specialists we’ve discovered some health concerns for our two year old daughter, Emily, Which leads us to heading to Boston Children’s Hospital for care. Our family is most important & our main priority so every ounce of attention and focus belongs there. Once things settle back down I’ll be back! (Possibly early spring!) In the meantime could you keep our sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers? We truly appreciate every single prayer said for her & us, thank you! ❤️


Not only have I been terrible about being active on the page but I haven’t been the greatest about taking pictures of each sign order either! To end 2017, Here’s some pictures I did capture of the last sign party as well as some sign orders from the last month or so! :-)


I was finally able to steal 30 minutes from my day to finish up our family advent calendar sign! This thing was a complete labor of love because the whole thing is completely handmade! From making the sign down to sewing the 25 bags (my first solo sewing project ever!) to then putting the count down trees on each bag! It may or may not have taken me over a month to complete 🙈 but I’m so happy with how it turned out! And our 2 year old daughter, Emily, didn’t mind having to eat 5 pieces of chocolate to catch up to December 5! 😂


I’m terrible at keeping this page ‘up to date’ but I’m here! Between sign parties, Christmas orders and getting into the Christmas spirit with our 2 year old daughter by visiting the Gardens aglow & riding the Polar Express (both of which I highly recommend doing!!) times been pretty limited! Anyway! :) Here’s a picture from my latest sign party! Pretty sure this group holds the record for the most laughs at a sign party, SO much fun! 😂😄


This past Tuesday night Cambridge Baptist Church had me come for a sign party for their Ladies Ministry and it was so, SO much fun! Gods word, fellowship, snacks & painting! There were 30 ladies altogether and everyone’s sign came out great! I think the best part was the message that Melissa shared on how we view and ‘climb’ the ‘mountains’ God puts in our lives to make us stronger and bring us closer to Him. This was definitely my favorite sign party yet! Thank you for having me Cambridge Baptist Church! ❤️


The page has been quiet but I’ve been busy! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks prepping over 40 signs for sign parties! Here are some pictures of last Friday night’s sign party! 😃


Saturday nights Sign Party had a cute Halloween theme! So fun! :)


Friday nights Sign Party included some Christmas ones! 😍🎄


Friday nights Sign Party! Complete with the sweetest little painter! 😊


This weekends Sign Party! Such a nice group of girls & all of their signs came out SO good! :-)


Been busy Coaching Soccer, chasing my almost two year old and prepping for more sign parties that I forgot to post last weekends Sign party! Such a fun group of 12 (2 left before the picture was taken)! 😃


A few pictures from this weekends sign party of 10! So much fun! 😊


Sign Party prepping 😄Today's project was making aprons for the parties! 🎨


Over a week late announcing the winner of the Mini Sign Party, but better late than never.. right?! 😅 The winner is Kristi Grass! Thank you all so much for sharing and showing your support!


Hey Pals! 😊 A couple of things:
🎉DONT forget the sign party giveaway ends tonight! There's still time to enter! To do so, 'Like' Simply Sinclairs page, share the giveaway post AND comment done so I know you're entered! 😃 I appreciate all of your support for lifting my dreams off the ground!
🌼I've gotten a few messages about wanting to book a party but not having the minimum six and if there was a way to still do the sign party, and the answer is YES! The cost would go up from $30 to $35, the $35 cost is for a party smaller than 6!
🌼AND I have NINE sign parties booked!! You guys are totally awesome! I'm so excited to do these with you guys! 😃 Which means I only have ONE more date for September and THREE more dates for October! So if you're into ALL things fall like me 😊 A fall sign party would be SO fun to decorate a new fall sign for your home while enjoying all the pumpkin/fall snacks with your friends/family! 😉 Message me if you'd like to book a date!❤️


🎉GIVEAWAY!🎉 Only two more days to enter the giveaway!! Be sure to 'Like' Simply Sinclairs page, share this post, and then comment "done"!!
To celebrate Simply Sinclair coming back AND our fun new sign parties, I think it's only right to do a giveaway! So I'm going to be giving away a mini sign party, you & two friends will get to do a mini sign party for FREE! OR you can apply this to a party you host; so you and two of your friends at the party would be free! If you've already booked a party, and you win, you can apply this to your party or save it for another time! 🙂 To enter the giveaway: share this post and 'Like' Simply Sinclair's page, make sure you do BOTH things so you can be entered! I'll be announcing the winner this Sunday night, good luck!! 😃🎉
**P.S. Once the Simply Sinclair page reaches 700 likes an even bigger giveaway will be announced, so share away! I truly appreciate every bit of support that comes my way❤️


🎉GIVEAWAY!🎉 To celebrate Simply Sinclair coming back AND our fun new sign parties, I think it's only right to do a giveaway! So I'm going to be giving away a mini sign party, you & two friends will get to do a mini sign party for FREE! OR you can apply this to a party you host; so you and two of your friends at the party would be free! If you've already booked a party, and you win, you can apply this to your party or save it for another time! 🙂 To enter the giveaway: share this post and 'Like' Simply Sinclair's page, make sure you do BOTH things so you can be entered! I'll be announcing the winner this Sunday night, good luck!! 😃🎉
**P.S. Once the Simply Sinclair page reaches 700 likes an even bigger giveaway will be announced, so share away! I truly appreciate every bit of support that comes my way❤️


I received a really great question today about the newly offered Sign Parties, if there are incentives for hosting a party?! And there is! 🙂

❤️The person hosting the party will pay only $15 for their sign, instead of the original $30!
❤️If you host a party and have 10 or more people coming to the party, your sign is FREE!
❤️If you host a party, and then later attend someone else's party, your sign will be $25, instead of the original $30!
❤️If you host a second, third... etc. party, your sign will be FREE!
❤️AND each hostess will receive a small gift with every party they host!

You guys are loving these sign parties and I'm SO excited to come have some fun with you guys! I already have 4 sign parties booked, with 3 others in the process of choosing their date! So don't wait, dates are filling up fast! 😃 One girl booked a fall party, such a good idea! 😃

Keep your eyes open for a giveaway announcement coming tomorrow night! 😊


Since I don’t have a 'personal' page, I figured a "Meet the Maker" post would be kind of cool so I could introduce myself. My name is Carol Sinclair, and I'm the face & maker behind Simply Sinclair! I'm 27 years old, married to my high school sweet heart, David, for 8 years and together we have our daughter, Emily, who will be 2 this October! I'm a stay at home mom to our sweet girl, and also Coach girls middle school soccer. Before we had our daughter I was an Ed Tech in the Special Education Department for Kindergarten-3rd grade and really enjoyed it. These days you can find me at sewing class, at the beach with Emily, taking stroller walks down the road so Emily can see the horses, or hanging at home with our family dog, Brodey! I love Jesus, spending time with my family, coaching soccer, kayaking & snowmobiling, running, girls nights, anything creative & handmade, and of course making signs! I truly appreciate every ounce of support you guys give me, it allows me to turn something I LOVE into a little side gig that gives my mom brain a break & even helps support our little family, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, you guys are awesome!


Simply Sinclair is BACK! :-) After a nice break my love for sign making has resurfaced and with a fun new twist; I'll now be offering sign parties! Over the weekend, friends & I had a girls night and I put together signs for us to paint together, and we all had SO much fun! We got to hang out, eat snacks, and create something we each love to hang in our homes! Here's how it works: You host a party at your house inviting friends/family, you each choose the stencil you'd like to have, I bring all the supplies needed for you to paint your sign and I walk you through the process of making it! These parties would be great for girls nights, work parties, birthday parties, team building, Church fellowship, etc. Parties must have a minimum of 6 people and the cost is $30 per person. Due to use of materials and prep time it does require pre-payment through pay-pal that's non-refundable. To get the process started, message me to set a date! Since I also coach middle school soccer, my dates and availability will be limited so don't wait to schedule your party! Keep your eye out for a giveaway that's coming soon!


Signs & Blocks from the Holidays!




Simply Sinclair's cover photo


I'm BACK! :-) I've been so busy the last few weeks. Our daughter turned ONE and has started walking which is a game changer! :-P My husband tagged out on the first day of hunting season which means he now has plenty of time to cut wood for signs ;-) I coached middle school soccer this fall, finished up two large wedding orders for October weddings, made TWENTY block sets for my soccer girls, and caught up on other orders. :-D I'm so excited to get back to making signs and filling holiday orders!! I have a super cool giveaway I plan to share this weekend so keep your eyes out for details! My family & I are going to Texas at the beginning of December so unfortunately that will limit how many holiday orders I can take so that I can be sure they get done in time to be given as Christmas gifts! So place your orders soon so you can claim a spot on my holiday orders list before ordering closes since space is limited! :-D


An in memory sign that went out this week!


Another sign that went out this week! A birth stats sign for a sweet little guy!

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