Better Days Farm, Corinna, ME Video April 4, 2017, 8:46pm

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Time for some updates! We real ly need to get better about this. So for the sad side of thin gs: King Rooie was hit by a c ar. Our new fence was damaged by t he wind storm last week and we complete ly failed at our garden this year. N ow for the good. We are current ly working on putting the damged sectio ns of fence back up. We ha ve made some improvements to the t he chicken coop, including ripping out t he old cieling and putting up chick en wire for improved ventilation during t he winter months when they spend al ot of time indoors. We've also beg un the process of upgrading the windo ws in the coop from chicken wi re covered holes that were covered wi th plastic last winter to real windo ws to assist with heating of t he coop when the sun does shi ne this winter and to to ju st make it more entertaining for t he chcikens while sitting on the roos ts. Not to mention it looks bett er also. We also converted our sma ll 14x22 hoop house into a chick en run to keep them safe aft er the loss of King Rooie. Al so built a utility trainer lout of an o ld snowmobile trailer so now we c an haul barn demolition debris to t he dump easier! We purchased a rototiller to he lp with the garden work next ye ar. Soil samples are being prepared to be se nt off to the Cooperative Extension at U MO for testing. This will allow us to adequate ly amend our soil based on wh at they determine it needs.

We gave the chickens some a sh today and it's their favorite thi ng ever. FunnyFace especially loves it, she 's been rolling around for about 30 minut es and won't move even when t he meaner hens tell her to. Thou gh it seems counterintuitive, dust baths he lp keep chickens clean and free of extern al parasites.