Antique Car Museum of Iowa

The Antique Car Museum of Iowa educates visitors on the history of transportation. Our showroom feat

Founded in 2006, the Antique Car Museum
of Iowa prides itself in educating visitors on the history of transportation. Our 28,000 square foot showroom features 80+ cars ranging from year 1899 to the mid 1960s, along with an early 20th century Skelly gas station, and an exhibit featuring the Abernathy Boys and their automobile. Many of our antique cars are in their original condition and are untouc


There were 224 electric car companies in the US from 1890 to 1928. About half of them succeeded beyond the prototype stage to operate successful assembly lines. This one is a 1915 Milburn (1915 to 1923).

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 11/22/2023

The staff at the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville took a day off to go over and tour the truck museum. Fun day.


This 1927 Peerless hasn't run in many years. But we got it drivable today.


This 1927 Peerless hasn't run in many years. But we got it drivable today.


Gary Siegle was at the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville yesterday. He did a great job of capturing our Skelly station with his Nikon. This gas station served Iowa City from 1928 until 1956. The Skelly sign over the large door is the original.


Trying to ID these cars for a guest. So far, this is what we have. Left to right: Cadillac, unknown steam car, 3 unknowns, Jackson, Cadillac, and Maytag. What do you think?

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 11/09/2023

This is a very unique '66 Mustang. It is a hard-top-retractable. The top fits into the trunk. Only 17 were made.


A birthday party at the car museum last evening. It was a fun crowd.


No one is sure when this 1910 Sears & Roebuck motorbuggy ran last. But we got it going today. Only went a smokie 30 feet tho before a sparkplug wire fell off.


Okay, this is weird. This is the "Knight Valveless Engine", which were made from 1905 until 1932. No valves - rather two sliding cylinder sleeves and two crankshafts with a conventional pistons. The sleeves expose intake and exhaust ports while cycling. You might think, "Oh, so it's a 2-cycle engine". But you'd be wrong. It is a 4-cycle. In 1925, Knight claimed to have made more engines than anyone else in the world, including the millions made by Ford up to that time. Knight was probably right. Knight made engines for 17 various car companies. Come see at the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville.


Sears sold a motorbuggy thru their catalog from 1908 to 1912. Motorbuggies were cheaper than cars and the rural communities appreciated the wood high wheels since roads weren't surfaced and never plowed. This Sears hasn't run in decades, but we got it going today.


Boyd Crosby came to the car museum this morning bearing gifts of rhubarb crisp. His Nova SS is of 1967 vintage. Cleanest Nova ever. Engine began life as a 350, but inow has the biggest bark among the street dogs as a bored out 383. 5 speed transmission.


We got the 1910 Sears & Roebuck motorbuggy to start anyway. We'll work on more next week.


This 1910 Sears & Roebuck motorbuggy hasn't run in decades. But it has coils, good spark, and gasoline now. It's almost ready to run. It's a 2-cylinder engine under the floor.


A couple guys drove up in their 1940 Buick from Southern Iowa yesterday to visit the Antique Car Museum of Iowa. Initially, I thought, "Okay, another Buick". But I was quite impressed with this beauty.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 09/17/2023

Sears & Roebuck sold motor buggies 1908 to 1912 from their catalog. Many people learned the hard way these vehicles are not user friendly. The throttle and spark lever (circled in blue) do not have any tension so must be held in position with your left hand. The clutch does not have any springs and the driver must apply quite a bit of pressure on the forward pedal to keep the clutch engaged with the drive train. This leads to severe leg fatigue after a few miles. If you should come across a Sears that's for sale, it would be wise to keep on going.


A 1926 Willys-Knight stopped by today. Knight made engines for 30 years for many, many auto makers including Willys. The Knight engine was a valveless engine. It was a very unique, yet strange design. The cylinders had two cylinder sleeves and a conventional piston within. However, the sleeves rotated to expose intake and exhaust ports. I know what you're thinking at this point - "Oh, it's a 2-cycle engine". But you would be wrong. It's a 4-cycle engine. Now you're thinking, "That's really weird". Well, yes it is. I guess to truly understand it, you'll just have to visit the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 09/08/2023

Breakfast with "Friends of the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville" this morning. We're digging in. If the others are late, they can have a cold breakfast. The gasoline station is a mock-up. The actual museum houses 88 cars.


Looks like a pancake breakfast in the shop this morning. Glad I arrived early.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 08/30/2023

We took in this beauty today. A 1940 Hudson Super 6.


One of our guests drove in today with his '62 Corvette. I have to admit, I've never seen a more perfect Corvette. I had a '62 myself when I was a kid (18 y.o.). The early Vettes had a very rigid suspension which benefited the car in high speed cornering. The downside was the car rode like a lumber wagon. To the point I was almost embarrassed to have someone riding with me. This Vette builder knew his stuff. He knew how to manipulate the suspension springs to give a comfortable ride yet not sacrifice cornering quality.


There's an old 1898 pump organ in the museum. Once in a while someone will know how to play it.


Overhead valves in 1915. A rarity.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 08/18/2023

One of our members brought in his pick up ready for the Model A Ford tour tomorrow. I asked him if he was going to clean it out. He said, "I did".


All are invited to the Antique Car Museum of Iowa in Coralville this Sunday, the 13th, at noon. We'll be hosting a open house/pot luck with videos on the big drive-in screen. Many antique Car owners will be in. Lots to talk about and lots to learn. 200 East 9th Street, Coralville. Inside the all new Xtreme Arena building.


We drove the 1932 Packard out to Sutliff today. Lots of luxury backed by an impressive 8-cylinder engine.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 08/07/2023

A few Friends of the Museum and I drove out to the old Sutliff Bridge in Iowa today for lunch. Beautiful summer day. The bridge can no longer support auto traffic. Today it's just a place to sit and drink beer.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 08/06/2023

The Mason Motor Car Co. was a auto manufacturer located in Iowa. The company built cars from 1906 until 1914. The white '09 Mason is located in the museum. The red '09 Mason belongs to one of our museum volunteers. These are 2 of just 6 that remain today.


At the museum shop. Runs like it did new.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 07/28/2023

Ragbrai riders coming to Coralville later today. The mobile shower trailers and motel trailers are already here. Motels with names like Pork Place, Pigs in a Blanket, The Hamlet, and High on the Hog. Obviously, Ragbrai is themed after pork related terms.


Wonder if he checked the oil before starting up. Eh, doesn't matter.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 07/24/2023

Just rolled it off the trailer. This beautiful 1951 Nash will go into the museum as our newest display. I'm sure it will get a lot of attention.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 07/22/2023

A 1920 Velie at the museum. These were made in Moline, Illinois. Velie made practical, affordable cars for 20 years. This particular year's styling was unusual in the automotive world and Velie did this only in 1920. The graceful flowing shape of the body was traded for flat panels and angular lines. There was a growing interest in ancient Egypt in the US at that time which is symbolized by Egyptian structures flat panels and angular lines architecture.


Who remembers this gas cap?

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 07/20/2023

Even just saying, "2-door Phaeton", sounds strange. Never heard of one before this one showed up at the museum. Just 2,229 were made. This one was made by Ford in 1931. Engine is slowly going back together.


The E-M-F Auto Co. was the initials of three partners, Everitt, Metzger, and Flanders. The E-M-F cars never sold well as Ford's Model T was priced less. Everitt and Metger bailed out of the company, but the nettled Flanders was not going to quit. In 1910, he began production of his Flanders 20 automobile with financial assistance from Studebaker. The Flanders 20 was a car with a 20 hp 4-cylinder engine. Sales were good as the Flanders was priced less than the Model T in the beginning. However, Ford kept lowering the price of the T and Flanders couldn't compete after building 31, 514 cars. By 1912, Studebaker took over the Flanders factory and discontinued the name.


"KRIT" as a car brand name simply does not generate enthusiasm to get out and buy one, in my opinion. KRITs were made in Detroit from 1910 until 1915. The man who founded the car company was Mr. Ken Crittenden. Possibly Krit was his nickname, but I really don't know. The company produced 4-cylinder roadsters and touring cars.

Photos from Antique Car Museum of Iowa's post 07/13/2023

Went with a friend and fellow conservator yesterday to check out this bread bakery delivery trailer. Hard to get a true photo to visually appreciate this piece because it was tucked away in a shed. It belonged to a Colonial Bread bakery. It's sheet metal over wood construction. Very well built and very well preserved. Always been stored inside. We suspect it was built in the 1920s and it was last licensed in 1935. My friend, Mike, bought it and intends to clean it up and return it to rolling condition.

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