API of Iowa City

API of Iowa City meets every month; please see events for details. Everyone is welcome! API of Iowa City is a non-profit organization which aims to offer free support to all parents and caregivers interested in ANY of the eight principles of attachment parenting.

We aim to help make life a bit easier for both the caregiver and the child by offering evidenced-based support. The support group leader is Kendra Godfrey. Kendra holds an MS in marriage and family therapy from California State University, Long Beach, and has helped individuals of all ages in a therapeutic and educational setting. She is also mama to a wild and wonderful 4-yr-old; please join her on your parenting journey!

API of Iowa City updated their address. 07/13/2021

API of Iowa City updated their address.

API of Iowa City updated their address.


Please join API of IC at the Baby Fair this weekend. Hope to see you there :-)


API of IC will be represented at the Birth Aware event this weekend! Join Kristi as she discusses babywearing basics at 2pm this Saturday. Or, stop by our table to learn more about attachment parenting and enter our free raffle for a basket of goodies :-).


Fun Fact Friday :-).

Research indicates that safely bedsharing or co-sleeping (child in the same room, but not bed) significantly reduces the risk of SIDS by as much as 50% (Dr. James McKenna, world recognized infant sleep authority).

Pretty cool, right?!

youcaring.com 04/20/2016

API of Iowa City Fundraiser

This is our first fundraiser! Your help is much appreciated :-)

youcaring.com API of Iowa City is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help all those interested in any aspect of attachment parenting. API of Iowa City is a very young chapter (only seven months old), and is run entirely by one volunteer who receives funds ONLY from the amazing API of IC community. What...


Attachment Parenting International

This week, on API's blog, Assistant Editor Effie Morchi highlights a recent study showing that how parents set boundaries with their teens affects those their ability to resolve conflict in future relationships:

"The study concluded that teens with controlling parents have difficulties handling disagreements as they get older. ...

When the parent-child relationship is built on collaboration rather than control -- as in the case of Attachment Parenting -- kids will learn to be cooperative because they know there is a reason behind the parent’s decisions. They will develop their own reasoning, critical and independent thinking as it was cultivated and modeled by the parent.

The child may or may not like or accept our decisions. The goal is not to please the child, but rather that the way we set boundaries serves as building blocks for a relationship that is built on trust and respect." ~ APtly Said, Attachment Parenting International


API of Iowa City


API of Iowa City


Attachment Parenting International

This Valentine's Day, API announces the Spread the Love campaign:

"We ultimately want to see every child grow with the understanding that love is secure, peaceful, joyful, compassionate, trusting and empathic. We want to banish parenting practices that raise children who grow up to become adults with an insecure attachment -- as 40% of the general population does -- resulting in future parents who then struggle with trust and commitment, anger and fear." ~ APtly Said, Attachment Parenting International

Every person who gives $5 or more through the Spread the Love campaign receives a free API Teleseminar recording. Don't miss this opportunity!


Attachment Parenting International

Wondering how much is too much when it comes to screen time? Whether your child is old enough for a cell phone? Worried about how much your kids are on social media? Join parenting author Susan Stiffelman for a free series called Parenting in the Digital Age. Speakers include API's own Lysa Parker, as well as Byron Katie, Alanis Morissette, Dr. Dan Siegel, Rachel Macy Stafford and a host of other writers, teachers, and experts in the field. Just click to sign up!


2016 Schedule

The 10th Annual Conscious Birth Summit is this weekend! API of Iowa City will be presenting at 2:30 on Sunday in ICPL Meeting Room B. Come by to say hello! Check out the schedule - there are many amazing presentations:

consciousbirthiowa.com Events take place on Saturday, January 16 & Sunday, January 17 at the Iowa City Public Library and across the pedestrian mall at Heartland Yoga . All events are free and open to the public.


What do your children really want for Christmas?


Our meeting this month is December 19th from 10am to noon at Seva Center for Healing Arts in Coralville. Our meetings are very laid-back and informal, please come and go as you please! Children are always welcome, but please be mindful of them during the meeting.

This month's topic is Striving for Balance and Self-Care. There should be plenty of time to discuss any other topics that you wish to bring up. We are looking forward to seeing you there :-)


Do you want to be an API co-leader? If so, please let me know! API support groups work best with 2 leaders, and as of now, I am running this show solo :-). There are also a couple of volunteer positions available if anyone is interested.

theattachedfamily.com 12/03/2015

ACEs Too High with Jane Stevens | The Attached Family

"Epigenetics shows that genes can be turned on and off by a person's social and emotional environment. So, if a person's environment is filled with trauma that causes toxic stress over a long period of time, then not only can that person's genes be altered so that they have hair-trigger response to trauma and have great difficulty recovering from trauma, but they can pass those genes on to their children and grandchildren."
." ~ Jane Stevens, Attachment Parenting International

theattachedfamily.com API interview with Jane Stevens, founder of ACEs Too High and ACEs Connection


So many factors affect your child's sleep! Can you think of more than what is listed below?


The following is a general chart for sleep guidelines. However, it is important to know your child well (have a strong connection) in order to determine her sleep needs; every child is different and may thrive on more or less sleep than what is stated below.


The following are just a few examples of the benefits of sharing sleep with your young human.


Which fun sleep fact is your favorite?

huffingtonpost.com 11/19/2015

My Conversation With Co-Sleeping Expert James McKenna

Dr. James McKenna of University of Notre Dame Mother-Infant Behavioral Sleep Laboratory is considered by many as the world's leader on infant sleep research. He receives no "kickbacks" for his research, and therefore his findings should be taken very seriously. The following exert is his common response when asked how he became interested in infant sleep:

"My research on mother-infant co-sleeping began when we learned that my wife was pregnant. Like most soon-to-be parents, we rushed to buy all the parenting books. But after reading a few books about how best to care for your new baby we were left with one of two conclusions: either everything we had learned in anthropology, my specialty, was wrong, or all these western recommendations about how best to care for babies had nothing to do with babies at all....In any Introduction to Biological Anthropology class, students learn that the human infant is the most vulnerable, contact dependent, slowest developing and most dependent primate-mammal of all, largely because humans are born neurologically premature, relative to other primate mammals."

huffingtonpost.com Dr. James J. McKenna is a professor of anthropology and the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame. He is a world-renowned expert on infant sleep -- particularly the practice of bed sharing in relation to breastfeeding. In our conversations, he shared…


For those of you who are "on the fence" regarding attending an API support group meeting, allow me to shed some light on what happens during our very laid-back support group meetings!

The new establishment - Seva Center for Healing Arts - has a nice open space with chairs set in a circle; natural light floods the room :-). Little ones can play as they please during the meeting. The Coralville Library is directly across the street in case anyone wants to grab a coffee prior to the meeting.

We begin with a VERY non-threatening ice-breaker (what was your favorite food as a child, etc), and then I introduce the topic. I then ask many questions relating to the topic. Any person interested in sharing is encouraged to do so; however, no one is ever required to share. People respond and support one another, as well as offer ideas as appropriate. The facilitator ensures that everyone stays on topic and within the ideals of attachment parenting, and that everyone feels safe and is not vulnerable.

My hope is that everyone leaves feeling refreshed, supported, and jazzed up for the next meeting
smile emoticon

We hope to see you this Saturday from 10am to noon as we discuss sleep!


I have an exciting announcement! API of Iowa City will now meet the third Saturday of every month from 10am-12pm at the Seva Center for Healing Arts in Coralville! We will no longer meet at Uptown Bill's due to a scheduling conflict.

This month's topic - sleep! We hope to see you there :-)

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Attachment Parenting International - BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction

API's yearly online auction is in full swing! This is API's main fundraising event, and only happens once a year.

Examples of items up for bidding: 18 baby-wearing items, 44 autographed books, entertainment items, vacations, and more! Let the bidding begin :-)

biddingforgood.com Let the bidding begin!!! API's Online Auction is open for bidding! Tell your friends! The auction will only run through October 31, so bid now and tell your friends! Proceeds will go to Attachment Parenting International in order to support families and children through API's mission. Our annual AP…

biddingforgood.com 10/28/2015

You make a world of difference!

"The importance of self-confidence cannot be understated. Self-esteem is widely considered to be one of the most, if not the single most, important characteristic of an individual's well-being. Maximum parental presence in a baby's first year of life is especially beneficial to social-emotional skill development that leads to a healthy self-esteem."

biddingforgood.com Help further API's missing of educating and supporting parents in Attachment Parenting by participating in the AP Month Auction. Proceeds go to providing free-of-charge materials to parents around the world. Thanks for your bids!!

drmomma.org 10/27/2015

The Science of Attachment: Biological Roots of Love

There is so much awesomeness (science) in this article; I hope you enjoy it! It's an oldie, but goodie :-)

"In our society, attachment parenting is seen as just another of an array of parenting options, and is typically viewed as the most difficult and least appealing choice. What is missing is the science that modern assessment methods and technology can offer. Now, with the ability to study the intricacies of the brain and its functioning on a cellular level, science can deliver conclusive data to back up each aspect of Bowlby's comprehensive theory, and then some."

drmomma.org The field of attachment theory provides some answers. Behind the capitalist marketing, beyond the mainstream agenda, beneath the advice of the masses, there exists an extensive, sound, and powerful body of research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and infant development. It gives us the an...

washingtonpost.com 10/26/2015

Nurses, fathers, teachers, mothers. Why do we devalue someone the minute they care for others?

This article highlights obstacles pertaining to API's theme for Attachment Parenting month this year - parental presence.

"In her new book, Unfinished Business, she asserts that the real problem isn't about work-life balance—it's that we utterly devalue the importance of caregiving roles in our society...

'We should get rid of “stay-at-home mom” and “stay-at-home dad.” I find that to be very offensive. It says that the place you’re supposed to be is the workplace. If you’re at home, you need an adjective.

We should also talk about “working fathers” as well as “working mothers,” right? We constantly say a woman has two jobs: She’s working and she’s a mother. But we don’t say that about men. We need to make clear that they have a dual identity the same way women have a dual identity.

And let’s get rid of the word “help.” Let’s stop saying, "My husband helps"—because that is really saying, "It is my job to run the household, but he helps me do it." No, no, no, no, no.'"

washingtonpost.com The real problem isn't about work-life balance—it's that we utterly devalue the importance of caregiving roles in our society.

publicnewsservice.org 10/22/2015

Parental Leave Seen as Key to Strengthening Families and Society

"October is Attachment Parenting Month, and Johnson said her organization is highlighting the importance of parental presence in the life of a young child. Increasing access to paid leave is part of their effort to enable parents to shape the life of their child and nurture the bond that will benefit them both as the child ages.

"According to the Center for Economic Policy Research, about 90 percent of California businesses say it either had a positive impact or none on profitability and helped reduce turnover. When employees are able to fulfill responsibilities at home, Johnson said, they are better able to do the same at work.

"I don't think businesses realize just how crucial that is," she said. "It makes for a healthier child. It makes for a happier family. There've been businesses that have found that it has actually increased their profitability."

"Increasing access to paid leave is part of the effort to enable parents to shape the life of their child and nurture the bond that will benefit them both as the child ages."

publicnewsservice.org NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Just 12 percent of American workers are offered paid family leave through their employer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - while other developed countries offer as much as a year of leave to care for a child. While that is shifting here among a handful of private- and…


Are you spooked by the overwhelming parenting discipline ideas? Perhaps you have heard that using punishments, rewards, time-outs, threats, consequences, shaming, yelling, or, of course, spanking is not ideal.

Well then, what is a parent to do?!

Please join us at our next meeting as we brainstorm alternatives to punitive discipline, and discuss in detail why these alternative methods are ideal for the young brain!

Parents with children of ALL ages are encouraged to attend our meetings, especially when it pertains to Positive Discipline - our October support group meeting topic :-)

Hope to see you there!

psychologytoday.com 10/07/2015

Highly Sensitive Children

Are you familiar with the "highly sensitive child (HSC)?" Most of us have heard of the "spirited" child, and being able to identify your child as such can be very helpful in order to understand her better.

However, most of us have never heard of the HSC! If your child is highly sensitive, there are many resources to help you better understand her, and therefore have more realistic expectations.


creativechild.com 10/05/2015

Why Connection is the Parenting Key

The theme of API of Iowa City's forum on Saturday was human connections. This is a great article discussing the importance of connection between a parent and child! Enjoy :-)

"...When this happens repetitively – she's upset, you meet her with calmness and help her calm herself – this pathway gets strengthened in her brain, and this becomes her pattern. She learns to calm down before she reacts. On the other hand, if you meet her downstairs brain with your downstairs brain, both of you angry and shouting, then that's unfortunately the pathway that gets strengthened, and this will become her pattern."

creativechild.com To understand why connection is the parenting key, we must first understand a bit about the brain. For a simple explanation, let's talk in terms of the downstairs brain and the upstairs brain.


October is Attachment Parenting Month!

October is Attachment Parenting Month and all month long API will be shining a light on "Parental Presence: Birthing Families, Strengthening Society." Follow along to learn more about this year's theme, and enjoy parent stories, API support group events, daily tips, the photo gallery, the AP Month Auction (Oct 18-31), and much more on the importance of early secure attachment for our children, families, and society.


API of Iowa City would like to thank all those who attended our forum at yesterday's Motherhood Matters: Postpartum and Beyond Expo! What a great turn-out! It was nice to see so many familiar (and not-so-familiar) faces in the crowd.

I hope you will all join us at our next meeting in just two short weeks at Uptown Bill's Coffee Shop in Iowa City (730 S Dubuque St.) from 1 to 3 pm.

psychologytoday.com 09/28/2015

Attachment Security: Born or Made?

At our last meeting, we touched a little on attachment theory research, as well as how different each human is. This article highlights attachment theory research (conducted at the University of Iowa), and also serves as a great reminder of how unique each human is!

"It appears that some children are simply born secure, whereas others are made secure or insecure by, as theory would have it, the quality of rearing they experience...What distinguishes those who seem influenced by the care they receive, at least with regard to attachment security, and those who do not? Genetics!"

psychologytoday.com Is attachment security born or made?

icdoulas.com 09/24/2015

Iowa City Doulas: Motherhood Matters: Postpartum & Beyond Expo

Hello Friends! API of Iowa City will be represented at the Motherhood Matters: Postpartum and Beyond Expo on October 3rd at 11:30 am. If you are interested in sitting on the panel, then please let me know!

It will be painless, I promise :-). I will let you know ahead of time what the topic is. So far, the topic is simply, "What has API meant to your family?"

icdoulas.com This is an online resource for pregnant women in the Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty area. Iowa City Doulas is a group of doulas committed to providing women in our community with excellent prenatal and labor support.


Coralville, IA

General information

API of Iowa City holds support group meetings the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am to 12pm at the Seva Center for Healing Arts, located at 501 12th Ave #102, Coralville, IA 52241 Parents, caregivers, and children of all ages are welcome at API meetings. However, at this time, parents are expected to be mindful of their children and should bring something to entertain their children with. Parents and children are welcome to come and go as they please.
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