Hillside Christian School

Hillside Christian School


Thank you Hillside for helping to teach Henry how to act!

A small school with a big heart. A kindergarten through 8th grade Christian school. Hillside is intentionally small to provide an excellent, personalized education from a Christian world-viewpoint.

Operating as usual

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 04/13/2022

A field trip to a couple of on campus treasures- the Old Capitol Museum and the museum of Iowa's Natural History.


What has 6 legs, antenna and compound, googly eyes? Kindergarten insects!

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 04/06/2022

On rainy days Hillside kindergartners remember the good thing about April showers.


Hillside kindergarteners love learning!
Kindergarten Visit Day is THIS Friday, 1-2:30 PM.
Call to register, 319-339-0998


Spring redecorating! Same good school, new and improved sign.

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 03/05/2022

Thanks Wellman Skating Rink for a fun evening!


Guess what night it is for Hillside families. Everybody Limbo! Did you ever?


One of the very nicest ways to begin your young child's school days. Enrollment is limited so register to visit soon.


These lucky students get to experience creating art like Henri Matisse. Beautiful!


Friday, library day! Thanks Coralville Public Library for keeping us supplied with great books ❤️

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 02/08/2022

Hillside's gifted teachers create a learning environment students love 💕


Did you ever enjoy coloring while your teacher read a wonderful read-aloud story?


So pleased to be learning the elements of art 🎨

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 02/03/2022

Fresh air to refresh the brain when taking Iowa Assessment tests this week.

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 01/24/2022

Raise your hand if you learned to ski on an ICBF/Hillside field trip ✋
Care to come along again? Message here.

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 01/19/2022

Guess what fun Family Field Trip tradition is coming up!

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 01/10/2022

It's not cold weather, it's sledding weather. ❄️👍💨


When you hear that Hillside teachers are on their knees for their students, sometimes it is in prayer, and sometimes it is to give a good push down the sledding hill! Either way, Hillside teachers are the best! #loveyoumissstalcup


Hillside students paid close attention to this young lady. She brought her devotional book from home to share with the whole school for Morning Opening. ❤️✝️ #secondgenkid


Christmas Program 1997
Some former Hillside students send their own children to Hillside!


Sending Christmas love to Hillside alumni.


Thanks, Mrs. Carole Sherman for the many, many Christmas programs you helped Hillside students present 😍🎤🎹
Christmas 2014

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 12/20/2021

1997 and a little beyond. Christmas at Hillside, 'old school' style😁


In a stroke of brilliance, teachers gave the older students the lead in planning and carrying out a very fun Christmas Carnival for the younger students. ❤️🎄🎁❤️

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 12/17/2021

The Christmas time machine went back so far that we found future Hillside teachers and parents among these beautiful children.

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 12/15/2021

Hillside kindergarteners love the simple story of the Nativity.

Photos from Hillside Christian School's post 12/09/2021

The Christmas Crazies haven't started. These focused students learn math.

A Small School with a Big Heart

· We know that not everyone learns at the same space or has the same learning style. Because of our small teacher/child ratio and our experienced teachers we are able to help each child excel academically no matter where there are in their learning process

· Learning doesn’t just happen at a desk. Our students are continually learning as they explore God’s world outdoors in our spacious playground area and through an abundance of field trip opportunities in our community

· Our Christ centered curriculum and loving environment allows children to grow in their faith as they learn traditional educational material

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Why choose Hillside? Reason # 2  Whole child development! There is more to growing up than academic learning.  At Hillsi...
It is beginning to look a little like Christmas at Hillside...
Great breathing and concentration during Pilates!!
Beautiful solo during tonight's Thanksgiving program and great job by all the Hillside students!!!
Big Kids sing beautifully
Kindergartners' poem at Windmill Pointe



1250 12th Ave
Coralville, IA

General information

A small K-8 Christain school

Opening Hours

Monday 8:40am - 3:15pm
Tuesday 8:40am - 3:15pm
Wednesday 8:40am - 3:15pm
Thursday 8:40am - 3:15pm
Friday 8:40am - 3:15pm

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