Paladin Career & Technical High School

Paladin Career & Technical High School

A better high school experience. Paladin Career & Technical High School is accepting new student enrollment applications. Enrollment is limited.

Apply online @ or in person during regular business hours. If enrollment is reached a waiting list will be started and we will follow our lottery process. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to visit us for a personalized meet and greet. For more information and to schedule your tour call 763-786-4799 or email [email protected]

Come in and see why “Paladin is a better high school experience.”

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 05/08/2024

Today, our students headed over to Feed My Starving Children! 🌍 They rolled up their sleeves and packed an amazing 71 boxes of nutritious meals that will make their way to Haiti. That's enough to feed 42 kids for an entire year! Making a difference and turning hunger into hope—one box at a time. 💖✨ 


Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 05/06/2024

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! 💜💛🥳🎉 This week, Paladin will be celebrating all our educators with a week of TLC (Teacher, Love, & Care), including longer lunch breaks, on site massage therapy, snacks, breakfast buffets, and much more.

Paladin would be nothing without its incredibly talented and dedicated teachers. We are so proud and appreciative of all the work our teachers do for our school community.

These are small gestures compared to all the hard work and love that our teachers invest at Paladin every day, so remember to thank a teacher this week – they deserve it!


It's Installation day at Paladin Career and Technical High School!

Tree Trust YouthBuild participants reveal their remarkable outdoor classroom they built by hand.

Paladin Career & Technical High School YouthBuild USA


Happy School Principal Appreciation Day, Brandon! We appreciate you and all you do for our Paladin fam!! 💛🖤

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/30/2024

🌟 Celebrating the culmination of a spectacular year at the final MAAP STARS event! ✨ This year's theme, "Out of the classroom, into the world," guided students as they showcased their skills and talents in a variety of competitive events. From management decision-making to artistic performance and beyond, MAAP STARS highlighted the incredible abilities of alternative program students. 🏆 Here's to 30 years of empowering students and shining bright as stars in our community! 🌟 

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/24/2024

🌟 Today, on Administrative Professionals Day, we're extending our heartfelt appreciation to Kristyn—a cornerstone of our school community! 🎉💼 Kristyn's dedication, attention to detail, and warm demeanor make her an invaluable asset to Paladin High School. 💫 But beyond her administrative prowess, it's Kristyn's welcoming spirit and genuine care for our students that truly set her apart. 🌈📸 Whether she's capturing memories behind the camera or taking the time to ask about their day, Kristyn's presence brightens our halls and makes every student feel valued. 🌟 Let's take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all she does to make Paladin feel like home! 🙌💖


Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/23/2024

Paladin 9th grade experiential learning day at 🙌 What a fun day with a fantastic group of students!💛🖤


Here is the plan for tomorrow based on your grade:

9th Grade Students - Experiential Trip

You will be going on a Rise Up field trip. 

10th Grade Students - Reading MCA

11th Grade Students - Math MCA

** Students should bring wired earbuds / headphones along with their charged Chromebook.

And if you need a pencil... Adam has you covered! 

12th Grade Students - Stay home on Tuesday, 4/23

You will have a work from home, Flexible learning Day. This is an opportunity for you to finish a project, catch up on any classwork, etc.



A Thank You to Mother Earth 🌎 ❤️

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/20/2024

🌟 This year holds endless possibilities, and we can't wait to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2024. 🎉🎓

Can you see yourself as a future Paladin graduate, walking across the stage with pride and accomplishment? 🌟✨ Join us on this incredible journey and make your dreams a reality at Paladin High School! 💫🏫

Our next new student information night is happening on May 23rd. Those interested in a tour should call the school at 763-786-4799.

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/15/2024

🎉🌟 Today, we're shining the spotlight on Chad—a true Paladin legend! 🏆 With over 16 years of dedicated service, Chad has been an integral part of our community, making an incredible impact on both students and staff alike. 🌟 From his unwavering support and guidance to his infectious positivity, Chad embodies the Paladin spirit in everything he does. 🙌🎂 Let's celebrate his recent birthday and express our heartfelt appreciation for all he does to make Paladin a special place! 🎉🎈 🏆

Donate to Jon Seas burned trying to save friend from fiery car crash, organized by Jim Seas 04/12/2024

One of our Paladin alumni, Jon was badly burned trying to save his friend from a car accident. If you are able to donate, his family can use all the support they can get.

Sending you all our love and healing energy 💜

Donate to Jon Seas burned trying to save friend from fiery car crash, organized by Jim Seas Hello my name is Richard Herod III. I am writing this go fund me t… Jim Seas needs your support for Jon Seas burned trying to save friend from fiery car crash

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/09/2024

🐝🌼 Our students recently embarked on an exciting trip to learn about beekeeping and how to prepare for the upcoming season! 🍯🌿 Hosted at a local spot in Anoka—none other than one of our student's grandma's house—this hands-on experience allowed them to delve into the fascinating world of bees. 🏡💫 Not only did they learn about beekeeping techniques and products made from bees, but they also conquered their fears and gained a newfound appreciation for these incredible insects! 🎉 Overcoming obstacles and embracing new experiences—now that's the Paladin spirit! 💪🐝

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/05/2024

🔙✨ Flashback to seven years ago when our students visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)! 🎨🏛️ It's amazing how time flies, but some things never change—MIA remains a favorite destination for our students to explore and appreciate art. 💫 Let's cherish these timeless memories and look forward to many more artful adventures ahead! 🌟


Alumni drop in hours are cancelled for this week and next week. Hope to see you all Thursday April 18th 3:30-5!


Join us for Paladin’s Multicultural Night next Wednesday, April 10th from 4:30-6 pm! ✨✨✨✨

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 04/02/2024

🏈🌟 We're proud to spotlight Paladin alumna Taylor L, who is excelling in the world of football as part of the Minnesota V***n in the Women's Football Alliance (WFA)! 🎉👟 The WFA is the largest, longest-running, and most competitive women's tackle football league globally, supporting the growth of women's football across the United States and beyond. 🌎🏆

Taylor's dedication and talent exemplify the league's commitment to empowering women in sports and breaking barriers. Join us in celebrating Taylor's success and cheering her on as she continues to shine on the field! 🌟🎉

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/29/2024

🏀👟 Get ready for March Madness with our SneakerHeads class!  Today, they narrowed down to the top 32 designs, each created by our talented students who gave unique names to their kicks. 👟🔥 Staff and students will be voting on their favorites over the next week, so stay tuned to see which designs make the cut!

 💥    👟🏀

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/29/2024

Our Paladin students had a blast at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul during February's FDE! From navigating whimsical mini-golf courses to battling it out in arcade games, they experienced the magic of this unique arts-based venue. Can Can Wonderland isn't just a place for fun—it's an economic engine for the arts! With every putt and skee ball battle, Can Can Wonderland economically supports the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community.

Tomorrow brings new FDE options for our students to explore! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/27/2024

🎣❄️ As the recent cold snap blankets us in snow, we're transported back to the breathtaking sunsets from our unforgettable overnight ice fishing trip at Red Lake in January! 🌅 Our students braved the chill, sleeping on the ice in a fish house, and reeled in success with their impressive catches. 🐟✨ Let's warm up these chilly days with memories of camaraderie, adventure, and the stunning beauty of winter sunsets. 🌌🏕️


Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/25/2024

Hello Paladin Knights!

In light of the severe winter storm warning, the anticipated significant snowfall overnight, and the forecasted challenging driving conditions for our small Type III passenger vans, we have made the decision to close Paladin for the day on Monday, March 25, 2024.

Our priority is always the safety and well-being of our school community, and this decision reflects our commitment to ensuring that all members of our community remain safe during severe weather events.

We wanted to share this decision with you as soon as possible, opting for tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morning. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay warm, be safe, and see y'all on Tuesday the 26th!

MN spring winter storm wheater prediction looks something like this in the picture 😄


🎨✨ Spotlight on another talented Paladin artist! 🌟 This student showcased their incredible skills by creating a stunning portrait of staff member Maggie, experimenting with various styles. Their versatility shines through in this captivating artwork. 🖼️ Join us in celebrating their artistic journey and the beauty they've brought to our community! 🎉 


Charter School in Minnesota | Paladin Career & Technical HS 03/22/2024

✨ Every pottery piece, meticulously crafted by the exceptionally talented student artist at Paladin High School, is a vivid testament to their creative brilliance, nurtured within our supportive community. 🌿

Envision your own artistry showcased alongside these masterpieces next year by joining us! Experience the vibrant arts scene, personalized learning opportunities, and the chance to further develop your skills as a Paladin Knight. 🌟

Charter School in Minnesota | Paladin Career & Technical HS Paladin is a tuition-free public charter school in Minnesota, serving grades 9 – 12+. View our learning models and enroll today!

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/20/2024

🐾 Embracing the "dog days" of winter with warmth and wagging tails!  Remy, our beloved therapy dog, was here to brighten up this chilly March morning as students and staff arrived at school. 🐶  We 💙 to start the day with smiles and positive energy, no matter how cold it gets outside! ☀️



We're so excited!!!!

Tree Trust YouthBuild is constructing benches for an outdoor classroom at Paladin Career & Technical High School.

Installation coming soon ...

YouthBuild USA

Photos from Paladin Career & Technical High School's post 03/14/2024

Happy Pi Day!


🌟 Unleashing positive change at Paladin! 💙

The influence of our caring staff, therapeutic approach, and hands-on learning is profound. For our students, it's more than just academics; it's a journey of personal and transformative growth.🌟



Flashback to 2021 and our Paladin artists showcasing their creativity and talent! 🎨
In celebration of International Women's Day, they painted inspiring women and symbols of feminine power. Revisit these empowering artworks that honor women's achievements worldwide. 🌍👩‍🎨

International Women's Day, observed annually on March 8, is a tribute to the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women. Join us in spotlighting the women who shape our world! 📸

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The Paladin Approach

Paladin Career & Technical High School uses an individu­alized instructional model for each student. Our model in­corporates work-based learning, seminar-based learning, project­-based learning, and experien­tial learning to meet the needs of each individual stu­dent.

Students earn credit to­wards graduation by attend­ing educator-led seminars, participating in experiential learning opportunities (trips and treks), completing student­-led/ guided projects, meeting employment/ entrepreneur­ship goals (work-based learning), attending Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO), along with a variety of other methods.

Students who have strug­gled to be successful in the education system in the past are given a variety of support systems at Paladin Ca­reer & Technical High School.

In addition to the per­sonal/social support offered by school staff, flexibility, and relationship building are also provided in the education model. Each day starts with a thirty-minute success team meeting, where students learn to build and strengthen their natural resiliency by en­gaging in the circle process. The circle process gives students a platform to share progress on current projects, discuss current events, and most importantly, it gives students a chance to learn how to build relationships with both peers and adults. For many students learning how to interact in socially ac­ceptable ways is as important as building academic skills. Because of our focus on ex­periential learning, we build real-world experiences into our curriculum, helping stu­dents make immediate con­nections between the course content and the world around them. School field trips (experiential learning) are used as a tool for building commu­nity and exposure to the walls outside of the classroom. These experiences can come in any number of forms, from picking up litter in the com­munity to rock climbing. We intend for these experiences to build skills in teamwork, self- confidence and interper­sonal relationships.

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Wishing all of the Paladin Fam a safe and fun summer vacation. Peace and love ✌️💜💛😎🌞 We literally jumped into summer (ni...
Music Creations
Check out this class project from our Poetry Out Loud seminar last block! Students memorized and performed Fire and Ice ...
Darntra's words of wisdom 😁💪🙌



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