Vet Teams, LLC

Vet Teams, LLC


No Dog Left Behind is looking for a volunteer to join our Vetting Coordinator Team to ensure proper vetting is completed for each dog in rescue and to help fosters with the care of their foster dogs.

Tasks include arranging appointments with NDLB approved Veterinarians, establishing relationships with our providers and record keeping. You will also assist fosters with the care of their foster dog by answering questions regarding the health of their foster dog. You will work closely with core NDLB volunteers and fosters.

Knowledge, education and experience working in the Vet Tech Field is a must!

Our Mission is to find dogs their forever family; to speak for the abused, neglected, and abandoned; to educate adopters, reduce the number of homeless, and provide proper vet care; to save those that need saving.

To learn more about NDLB, check us out at
Thanks so much for the awesome goodies! 🤗

Welcome to Vet Teams! We are excited to meet with you and your team and help enhance your business through a variety of services including mentoring, continuing education, project management, relief services, and more!

Operating as usual


Happy National Puppy Day from techs' pups to yours! Let's see YOUR pups!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? Enjoy the festivities this weekend but keep your pets safe!

@fearfreepets @fearfreehappyhomes

Timeline photos 03/14/2022

Intelligence is something some cats are born with, just as some people are more blessed. However, the trick is making the most of what kitty has early on and then to maintain it throughout a lifetime.


Don't forget to turn those clocks forward before you go to bed! 🌷⚘️🌼☀️


Sometimes it's just fun to celebrate someone else's wins... CONGRATULATIONS Arizona Veterinary Ambulance on your certification!!! Be the first to help lead many!!


Happy International Women's Day to the outstanding women that make up Vet Teams!🐾💖 Demi Shukas Krystl Long Auna Fleischhacker


Happy National Petsitter's Week to all the folks who take care of our pets when we can't!


Today is National Unplugging Day! We encourage you to spend extra time with your fur babies today and put down your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever..even just for a little bit. Take them for a walk or play with them in the house since the weather is not nice today. Spending one on one time with your fur babies helps strengthen that human animal bond! ❤️


Krystl, one of our amazing relief techs has successfully completed the certification process to earn her ELITE Fear Free Certification! So proud of her!



Rare Kittycatocyte!


Happy Peanut Butter Lovers day! Whether you stuff it in a kong toy or smear it on the shower wall during a bath, a little goes a long ways calorie wise and make sure it is xylitol free! PB is very calorie dense.

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Cast your vote now! ;)


Who else was attending the SFSPCA Fear Free Pets symposium this weekend? Obviously my team WAS NOT taking notes!!! What was one key point you leaned???


When your daughter asks to join you during CE because “some of the topics sounded interesting!!


Are you a Relief Credentialed Tech located just south of Atlanta, GA? If so (or you know someone) have them contact me! I have a client for you!


Hey Vet Med Peeps and ANYONE else reading this, can you please do me a favor? PLEASE STOP COVID SHAMING! Ourselves, as well and MANY other industries, are still feeling the pain of everything CV19 has brought. JUST be kind to one another, especially if the other is ill. No one wants to contract CV19 regardless of their assumed vaccine status or mask beliefs. Our continued actions are going to be the reason behind the downfall of humanity NOT a virus. -strength

Royal Canin Recycling Program 12/27/2021

Royal Canin Recycling Program

A pretty cool program that helps us take care of the planet while we take care of our pets!

Check it out:

Royal Canin Recycling Program TerraCycle® and Royal Canin have partnered to create a free recycling program for Royal Canin pet food packaging as well as a fundraising opportunity for participants.

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Too tired from shopping?? Hacks for dog lovers just make things easier.

Timeline photos 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Timeline photos 11/24/2021

While it’s fine for our pets to enjoy the fireplace, you should take some precautions to make sure your pet is safe. Whether you have a natural gas fireplace or wood-burning stove, these pet safety tips can help keep your pet from getting injured.

Timeline photos 11/24/2021

The holidays are often a revolving door of house visitors and overnight guests - and many will inadvertently bring with them toxins and other pet hazards that could ruin your holiday.



Upcoming Holiday closures 🚨 Alert!

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Thank you to all that have served! We honor you for all you have given! Happy Veterans Day!


Bringing a little CE to the Fargodome during National Vet Tech Week!

Photos from Vet Teams, LLC's post 10/20/2021

Saying I am blessed with a team that REALLY understands me is a F-ing understatement! THANK YOU Demi Shukas, Krystl Long, and Auna Fleischhacker for such thoughtful gifts! Happy National Vet Tech Week!

Timeline photos 10/20/2021

For all you do, we more than appreciate you! Who do want to show appreciation to? Comment below!

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THANK YOU TO ALL THE VET TECHS OUT THERE! Tag someone below YOU'D like to thank!!!

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week!


Happy NVTW 2021! Do you really know what a credentialed vet tech does? If yes- give them a shout out ❤️ below!!!


Dudley and Cami can hardly contain their enthusiasm is wishing you all a HAPPY NATIONAL VET TECH WEEK 2021!!!


Time for some Sunday Funday CPR training! Maverick's Pet Supply


As promised some fun videos from our event yesterday! We decided to take some time and train some otters at SeaQuest. It was fun to do what we all love best: interacting with animals!!! Demi Shukas, Auna Fleischhackerand Krystl Long were an A+ team!


Had a great inaugural Vet Teams Peeps Outing! More photos and video to come! Thanks for a great experience Demi Shukas Auna Fleischhacker and Krystl Long!

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If your pet is not taking a heartworm preventative you are putting their health, and ultimately their life, at risk. Talk to your vet about the product they recommend.

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What can YOU do? Vaccinate your animals and keep them away from wildlife. Rabies is 100% preventable.

Pet Diabetes Month for Dogs and Cats | Pet Diabetes Month 09/28/2021

Pet Diabetes Month for Dogs and Cats | Pet Diabetes Month

If you are a DVM or CVT and have diabetic patients PLEASE look into this program! It helps offset the cost for owners with FREE tools (ie. glucometer and insulin) to manage their diabetes! (Note: I receive no sort of compensation for this OTHER then knowing I helped you and your patients)

Pet Diabetes Month for Dogs and Cats | Pet Diabetes Month Find out more about pet diabetes, including diagnosis, treatment and management.

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OTC pets products aren't always safe!  If in doubt ask your vet!  #hartzsux
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•Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant skill assessment.

•Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant education and training.

•One-on-one and group training available.

•Regulatory compliance assessment and implementation.

•Team building and communication enhancement.

•Credentialed Veterinary Technician relief services.

•Secret Shopper consultation services.



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