Bridgeway Learning Systems, INC.

The co-founder and President of Bridgeway Learning Systems is Dave Thesing. Bridgeway Learning Systems, Inc. helps the leaders and associates of financial firms to reach their full potential so they can experience the levels of fulfillment, fun and financial success they expect.

Helping you go from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Keto/os Stories | My Keto Recipes 05/07/2017

Keto/os Stories | My Keto Recipes

Keto/os Stories | My Keto Recipes Sharing this Prüvit story from mom and Prüver, Lisa about join pain and inflammation and how Keto OS has helped her!

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When you become a member on our site you will have access to proven resources to attract, serve and keep more ideal clients.

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CAPS Online Course 02/06/2017

CAPS Online Course

Register NOW for our next Open Online CAPS Course. Starting February 24th, this course is designed to help you develop and sharpen your ethical persuasions skills to improve your ratio of buyers - to interviews held.

It increases the average revenue per sale. Get more repeat orders and referrals or introductions to new prospects. Earn more potential fees, bonuses or commissions you deserve without adding to your workload. Click below for details and registration.

CAPS Online Course We help advisors and agents profitably CONNECT more products and services to more clients.

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Is something holding you back from effective listening? Our big room talk, "Why are you Listening?" is great for conferences and trade shows! Dave provides the fuel and formulas for sales teams to break-through to better sales results.

We had a great time earlier this month at the 2016 40th Annual MINNESOTA PLANNED GIVING COUNCIL Conference. Where Dave featured his one hour "Why are you Listening?" big room talk.


Why are you Listening?

Have you ever been in a conversation where you sense the person you are talking to isn't really listening to you? How does it make you feel about yourself? How does it make you feel about the other person?

Do you feel like the other person doesn't value what you have to say? When you sense they don't really care about your points of view does it makes it difficult for you to listen to what they have to say?

Is there a way to avoid being "that person", the one who is perceived as not really listening? The answer is, Yes!

Why are you Listening?


Bridgeway Learning Systems, INC.


Bridgeway Learning Systems, INC.'s cover photo


Bridgeway Learning Systems 07/08/2013 - Retirement Trends Signal Opportunities

It's no surprise those people who use a financial advisor do a better job of planning for retirement than others. Read this article to learn more from the Employee Benefit Research Institute... Speaking at the National Tax-Sheltered Accounts Association (NTSAA) 2013 403(b) Summit, Nevin Adams, director of Education and External Relations at the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), and co-director of EBRI’s Center for Research on Retirement Income, noted that 65 has not been the norm...


Bridgeway Learning Systems, INC.'s cover photo


Bridgeway Learning Systems, INC.'s cover photo


Money on the Table

What to Do When There is Money on the Table

Here is the scenario: You are meeting with a client who already has some of his IRA money with your company, and you discover other buckets of IRA money elsewhere.

This situation is ripe for an IRA …


Five Buying Commitments

Five Buying Commitments

Every top advisor has developed the ability to consistently gain 5 buying commitments. It doesn’t matter if you are providing investment, tax or legal advice, risk management and insurance products, or trying to recruit new …


How To Grow Your Confidence

Your confidence is perhaps your single largest asset, yet many advisors do not take the time to keep this muscle in shape. Approach life from a place of strength. You have a certain amount of moxie about you. Didn't you know? You took a risk to start your own business. You believed in yourself when perhaps no one else would. You have a deep resevoir. Allow some of your strength to flow to someone else. The secret to growing your confidence is to give it away. Give one of your co-workers a pat on the back for landing the latest deal (of any size). Call a new advisor in your firm and offer to have a single-session mentoring lunch. If you have support staff, pay out a larger than normal bonus. Put some demand on your talent. Some of us coast when we hit our magic number. If you are doing that well, raise the bar on yourself a little higher. You are far more talented than you realize. Keep pushing yourself to greater heights in the same way that you would perhaps build strength -- add just a little more weight to the bar. Fight complacency. Fight the pull to put yourself and your practice on autopilot. Put the money into that exclusive networking event. Take the risk of joining circles that initially make you uncomfortable. Hire the junior advisor to do the data entry on your plans. Remember that you, the small business owner, are the job creation engine of this country. You have the power to create wealth for your clients and your employees. You have been given the skills and the gifts to be in business. It is a great responsibility, and you are more than up to the task! Thanks to Jason Owens




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