Mastery in the Art of Living

Mastery in the Art of Living


I love your story about the Rice Experiment. I hope you share it here.
Try Heart Focused breathing for relaxation! We will practice this and other tools to deepen your connection to your innate wisdom during my Intuitive Development class starting Tuesday, Sept 9, 6:00-7:30pm, at The Wellness Circle Join us!

This is a inspirational article to share with someone who wants to feel more balance and peace in their life.
My guardian angels are watching over me and my family these days as the pieces fall easily into place during our move to a new house. Things get dicey for awhile then everything lightens up and the next piece unfolds gracefully.
In this article I just published in The Edge Magazine, I share a story of my mother connecting with my guardian angel to keep me safe. Thanks Mom! Read the full article here:
Pass the curry, please!
Happiness is an inside job. I experienced again yesterday that when I was feeling sad, what shifted my mood was to notice 50 examples of beauty. Be present with what is. Take charge of your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts control you. Find beauty everywhere in small wonders!
Hi Leah, I met you at Nicole Baker's birthday. I would love to set up an appt. soon.
So nice to see your extraordinary talents on line in a class! Bravo! pw
To launch my new Facebook Business page, I am running a 48-hour, two-for-one special. Attend my four-week class, "Strengthening Your Intuition," with a friend for the cost of one - only $100 or $50 apiece. The class includes an hour-long intuitive massage for each participant outside of class time. The first class is next Wednesday, Jan 25, 10:30am-12:00pm, and runs the next three Wednesdays.

When you listen to your intuition - call it your "gut sense" or "your sense of inner knowing" - you can make decisions more in tune with your life purpose. You can make better decisions about your food choices, for example, and deepen your trust in yourself and in your abilities.

To take advantage of this two-for-one special, call my cell phone by noon on Monday, Jan 23, 651-472-3995.

Enhancing stress resilience to improve your relationships. Leah Skurdal guides people to up-level their stress resilience to improve relationships.

Leah shares intuitive insights in private Energy Healing to address the roots of disharmony. As an inspirational speaker and published author, Leah offers lively classes, experiential workshops, and keynote addresses tailored for large and small groups.

Operating as usual


Happy M.O.M.S’ Day!
Today we celebrate Mothers Of Many - A day to celebrate kindness and the many ways we nurture and care for others. We also celebrate the Divine Feminine expressing in multiple stories of love, protection, guidance, and wisdom.
What can you do today to celebrate the mother who birthed you and mothers who raised you, who created opportunities for your growth - physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually - some good and some challenging?
In what ways does the Divine Feminine express through you?
Hope you have a lovely day!

Top 2 Spiritual Wellness Resources ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog 05/05/2022

Top 2 Spiritual Wellness Resources ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog

Spiritual Wellness is recognized as a necessary part of a person's life and well-being. 25 years ago, I was calling myself a Spiritual Wellness Coach - before being a coach was a thing. And now the services I offer are more in need than ever. Spiritual Wellness adds depth and dimension to life.

Top 2 Spiritual Wellness Resources ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog Spiritual wellness reflects a positive attitude towards life and faith, which helps to change the impossible things to possibilities in people’s lives.

Photos from Mastery in the Art of Living's post 05/05/2022

Photos from Mastery in the Art of Living's post

The Art of Jazz Living: Share Your Voice ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog 05/02/2022

The Art of Jazz Living: Share Your Voice ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog

When has your voice made a difference in someone's life? When I was 19, a random drummer in a random band made a difference in my life. Here's the rest of the story...

The Art of Jazz Living: Share Your Voice ⋆ The Wellness Universe Blog Sharing your unique voice, then stepping back to collaborate with others, are two parts of a jazz living mindset.


Today ask whether your thought or action is helping or harming. Delete the old outdated thoughts and embrace new heart based beliefs.


Change is inevitable

Time for a thought and belief system upgrade?


Show Time😬

Where can you add joy to someone’s life today?


Maybe you are noticing what my friends and I are noticing-the energy feels rocky and chaotic lately. We're getting stretched to maintain grounding and stay present in the moment. We're feeling called to a higher purpose- to show up as our best and brightest selves. And that challenge is taking some effort. What used to work doesn't work consistently to get back on track. We’re needing to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. We just find a footing and the landscape changes again.

Can you relate?

We are entering a phase of humanity’s growth where we are called to bring our best into each moment- to respond to challenging situations with love and compassion- to listen with the ears of our hearts for inner guidance- to discern what’s ours and not ours to do.

Tricky business. This new level of discernment takes some skill and intestinal fortitude.

I lead a jazz living community, where we practice supporting each other in gaining agility and inner resilience, listening to our own wisdom, and discerning what is ours to do.

Jazz living community member Carol V, said this after our six week program: “In the last six weeks, I have learned to go with the flow a bit more. One day, so many things went wrong, I felt myself getting wound up. I got it all resolved and another incident came up. But I managed to get myself unwound again. I remembered, ‘I can take those deep breaths and say it’ll be OK.’ I got out of my spiraling faster than I usually do.”

Geralyn had this to say: “Jazz Living has taught me the gift of Pause- just stop- go within -assess how I am operating and if need be readjust on the spot. I monitor my wellbeing more often and celebrate those times when I use my new found skills. Self care and being aware feels good. Jazz Living is a refreshing way to find my groove and live in it more often.”

The next session, Finding Resilience Through Jazz Living (even if you like jazz) is open for registration until April 20. The session runs six Wednesday evenings, 6:30 PM at 8:00 PM PST April 20- May 25.

Here's the course information for Finding Resilience Through Jazz Living (even if you don’t like jazz).

We might wish life was predictable like playing notes on a music page- but real life is more like jazz- sometimes we need to improvise.

In our jazz living community, we're practicing our agility muscles so we can respond to what life throws our way with more grace.
The world needs us to show up for ourselves – to step onto the stage of our life and play our notes with all we've got.

Let me know how I can support you in playing the song in your heart. Message me with questions.


Are you one of the sensitives and empaths getting rocked with everything going on in the world? Uncertain times can challenge our abilities to deal with change. I’m noticing again, I want to lie down for 20 minutes to push the reset button. Time to refresh.

We want to stay strong and stable for our family, friends and coworkers. Sometimes, being a lighthouse for others to see clearly takes some clarity and focus, perseverance, and determination. You’d love to be a light for others - if you had the time and energy. But filling your cup first went on the ToDo list a while ago.

We keep hearing that self-care builds resilience and resilience is not a luxury. Maybe you’re like me and sometimes, when we show up as our best for others, we feel drained. Then, that’s not really our best. We need to show up for ourselves as our best and brightest.

What does it take for you to show up for yourself as your best? What does it take for you to show up as your best for others? How do you do both simultaneously?

I have to pause and refocus so I fill myself from within while being available for someone else. It’s kind of like refueling the plane in flight. Some days I pull that off better than other days. Some days, I need extra refreshment – the inner refreshment from my soul, rather than outer refreshment.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a time dedicated for yourself at the end of the day? A little mid-week retreat for your soul to reconnect to what matters would be a blessing. You’d enjoy a little space to decompress and rejuvenate.

That’s how Annetta felt about our Jazz Living course. “I look forward to a weekly mini retreat. You take me on a nice journey into myself. I feel comfortable and a sense of trust in our growing community. I enjoy the creative and reflective process of practicing The Art of Jazz Living.”

Members of our Jazz Living community have the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls in a safe and supportive environment. We practice applying jazz principles to daily living to improve our resilience and creativity. We help each other tap into our vibrant inner resources to navigate uncertainty and change.

The next session of our Jazz Living community opens April 20 and runs 6 Wednesday evenings.

Here’s a free 30-minute introduction if you’d like to learn more: Finding Resilience Through Jazz Living (even if you don’t like jazz).

If you’d like to chat about your resilience building journey, I’d love to share a conversation over a zoom tea. Message me.

What can you do for yourself today to hear your inner wisdom more clearly?


Birth Rebirth

Even though it’s snowing today, spring is here. My garden is starting to poke up out of the ground. Time for new beginnings! Rebirth!

GoldenRuleism 04/05/2022


In honor of International Golden Rule Day, April 5, let's share the Loving Kindness Prayer:
May all beings be happy. May all beings be well. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free.

GoldenRuleism GoldenRuleism rises from the expanded application of the moral and ethical precept most widely embraced by the majority of humanity. Many of us know it as The Golden Rule.Though The Golden Rule is generally rooted in the world’s major religions, anyone can choose to live by it. Our Number One Rule...

Spiraling Upward 04/04/2022

Spiraling Upward

On Fridays, I invite a small group to anchor a meditation with me. I’ve hesitated inviting a larger group to enter this sacred space because it’s some of highest and best I have to bring to the world. I offer the meditations freely with a grateful and open heart, willing to be of service to God’s plan for humanity.

I feel more comfortable sharing the recording with you. However, in April, we’re open for five new participants to join the live meditation community.

In the live group, people share their intention for the week’s meditation. I align with Divine Love expressing through me and we see what shows up.

I see humanity’s evolution of consciousness unfolding in an upward spiral as God expressing Divine Love through humanity. I feel a little nervous saying that in public because I worry about fitting in myself.
Then I remember, between the extremes of self doubt and arrogance, I am choosing the freedom of humility.

If you would like an invitation to join our free, live meditation gathering Friday’s, 8:30-9amCT, please message me.

Spiraling Upward Uplift your unique expression into the upward spiral of the evolution of consciousness. Align your full awareness with Divine Love expressing as you and thro...


Allow your inner childlike brilliance to shine through!


Allow your inner childlike brilliance to shine through!

Finding Resilience in Jazz Living | The Wellness Universe 03/30/2022

Finding Resilience in Jazz Living | The Wellness Universe

Maybe you’re like me, trying to juggle self-care with care-taking others, working from home, looking for heartful connections, and watching news updates while avoiding too much news. It’s a lot to navigate. We ask: How do I hear my inner truth through the outer noise? What's mine to do?

What if you tried a fresh approach?

Maybe you’ve tried something new, you think it's pretty cool and you hope others like it too, so you share it? That's practicing the Art of Jazz Living. Experimenting, taking a risk, sharing your voice.
I’m excited to share the Jazz Living approach to resilience with you.

I'm launching my first, soon-to-be-evergreen, resilience-building class on the Learn It Live platform through the Wellness Universe.
The free 45-minute introduction to Jazz Living: Finding Your Inner Resilience, Creativity & Joy is Wednesday April 6 at either 12pmCST or 6:30pmCST. You’re invited to attend live! In this first session, you’ll get 3 tips on how to tap into your vibrant inner resources to navigate uncertainty and change.

Register for the free introductory session at this link.

Finding Resilience in Jazz Living | The Wellness Universe Life’s challenges can feel overwhelming during these uncertain times. How do you: maintain your grounding when the rug gets pulled out from under you? respond to stress without hurting your loved ones? hear your inner wisdom through all the outer noise? speak your truth with inner authority? promo...

Stress Resilience

Leah Skurdal teaches people to uplevel their stress response so they bring their best selves into their personal and work relationships. Leah offers individual Stress Resilience Coaching and Energy Healing sessions in person, or by phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Leah is an inspirational and motivational speaker who offers classes, experiential workshops, and key note addresses to large and small groups. She is the author of the book Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy available on Amazon.

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Live energy healing sessions and stress resilience workshops by phone, zoom or Skype.



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