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MANDY is excellent !! I️ had been all over the metro searching many different vision/optical stores and could not find anything that made me happy. From the moment I️ walked into the Riverdale Pearle Vision store, Mandy took care of me. She helped me make the correct choices. She had frames special ordered for me. I️ got eyeglasses and Fabulous sunglasses too !! I️ am so happy I️ can see and grateful to get quality service. 👓🕶😍😎
Tears...😢... my daughter is inconsolable. She was promised her glasses yesterday by the optometrist at Pearl Vision in C**n Rapids. Her father and I did not propose any promises, the optometrist did. When they did not call we contacted them today. The manager said that they did not get done, and they will not be done until next week. She stated "There is nothing I can do about it" when asked how the problem would be addressed.
This service is abonimable. To make a promise to a little girl to have her glasses done on a certain day and then not follow through. In addition, make no effort to correct the problem.
Do not go here, they are unwilling to admit mistake and fix problems.

Welcome to Pearle Vision in C**n Rapids. Our eyeglass store and vision center is dedicated to providing you with the latest style of prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses and designer eyewear.

Pearle Vision is proud to be once again recognized, as the 2022 Women’s Choice Award winner as their Best Eye Care Retailer. Caring for you and your eyes since 1961, the eye care experts at your Pearle Vision in C**n Rapids provide genuine eye care to you with eye exams, state-of-the-art lenses, and a wide variety of designer frame brands. Always count on clear answers and personal attention. Our

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PV March Organic- 2022 US/CA

This International Women's Day, let's celebrate women and everything they do -- from caring for their families, to making the world a better place. Tag a woman you want to celebrate in the comments below.⬇️



Happy Black History Month!🤎 This year, Dr. Patricia Bath will be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame® for her groundbreaking laser cataract surgery patent.👩🏿‍🔬Swipe to learn more about her life and legacy. ➡️



Womens Choice Award US CA

The results are in, and we’re honored to say we were voted #1. 🏆

Timeline photos 01/14/2022

Ray-Ban Stories prescription sunglasses are now available at your neighborhood EyeCare Center. To learn more, visit us and connect with one of our eye care experts.

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Are you ready for 2022? Maybe not, but all the more reason to try these meaningful ways start off the year right.

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They say no two ❄️❄️ are the same. Well, two of these are. Can you spot which are the same?


RB Stella - gifting

Now available in your prescription at your neighborhood EyeCare Center, this is the perfect holiday gift for you or someone you love.

December Holidays 12/13/2021

December Holidays

As we all set our sights on the holidays, we want to know: what’s the best gift you've ever given or gotten? 🎁

December Holidays


Thanksgiving US

From the first cut of turkey to the last sip of apple cider, see every moment clearly this Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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The Varilux X progressive lens covers all distances – from far away to up close and personal. Ask our neighborhood eye care experts if a Varilux X lens is right for you.

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Whether it’s paying for someone’s coffee or helping a mom carry her groceries, we see acts of kindness every day. World Kindness Day is on November 13. What does kindness look like to you?


Eyes on the Road

As a proud partner of EssilorLuxottica for Vision On The Road, it’s important to ensure you’re seeing clearly especially behind the wheel. Schedule your annual eye exam at

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You gourd to be kidding us! We know one of these pumpkins is different, but which? Leave a comment and help us solve this! 🎃


World Sight Day

World Sight Day highlights the deficits in eye care that many face. Our ABSee program, created in partnership with OneSight, was developed to help close that gap for children. To help give kids life-changing vision care with a charitable contribution, visit:

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Fall is in the air! There’s so much to see, hear, smell, and taste. What is your favorite activity to do this time of year?



We want as many kids to have access to clear sight as possible, so we’re helping share OneSightand Nickelodeon’s Framing the Future campaign for kids. Together, Nickelodeon and OneSight are helping kids around the world learn about their eyes and the power of sight. See how your kids can get involved:



SpongeBob visits his local optomo-fish center. Together with Nickelodeon, we’re demonstrating the importance of eye exams for your kids ahead of their return back to school. Check it out!



Fall is coming! When the leaves change their look, you should too, with a new pair of glasses. What are your favorite Autumn sights to see?


August Organic- 2021 Learning Visual

The right glasses are the ultimate school supply for a child who can’t see the board. How did glasses help you in the classroom?


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Your family can't sightsee if they can't see clearly. Beautiful views look best through healthy eyes.

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Summertime means good times and good friends. What fun summer activities do you love?

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Celebrating all the Fathers! What would we do without dad jokes? Eye can't even imagine.

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Watching out for expiration dates isn't limited to food. Did you know your glasses prescription also expires? Our eye care experts will help you update your Rx and find a perfect pair of frames.

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Scheduling your family’s eye exams is easy as 1-2-3. Use your vision benefits and we’ll cover your cost of your eye exam.

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Is your child seeing clearly? Find out with our online ABSee Vision Check Tool, then schedule a comprehensive eye exam to ensure your child has clear vision and can unlock their full potential. Try the tool here

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Wishing all the Moms a Happy Mother's Day! There aren't enough days in the year to celebrate all that you do.

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You protect your eyes, but did you know only 29% of children wear sunglasses to protect theirs? Their eyes are more susceptible to UV damage, so ensure your child’s eyes are protected from the sun.

Timeline Photos 04/06/2021

We care about your eyes and your overall health. Our eye care experts put safety first with every visit.


Take Control Of Your Eye Health.mp4

Did you know overall health issues can be detected through your eyes? Take control of your health and schedule an eye exam today.


Freshen Up Your Look.mp4

No matter where you’re working, you can freshen up your look. Explore our variety of performance and designer glasses at

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This International Women’s Day, we want to say thank you to all the women who are doing it all.

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Holding your phone farther away to see it? It might mean your vision is changing. Schedule an eye exam today.

5 home remedies to treat styes naturally, according to eye doctors 02/05/2021

5 home remedies to treat styes naturally, according to eye doctors

If a stye is causing you unnecessary discomfort, we can help. Call our office or visit to schedule an appointment.

5 home remedies to treat styes naturally, according to eye doctors The best home remedies for treating a stye include washing your eyes with baby shampoo and applying a warm compress.

What Do Color-Blind People See? 02/03/2021

What Do Color-Blind People See?

What is color blindness, and what do color-blind people see? If you have questions or concerns about eye health, don’t hesitate to ask us.

What Do Color-Blind People See? Color blindness can cause challenges in identifying different colors. Find out how color blindness can change your vision.


Letter To Mom

To all those who care for others: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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PV March Organic- 2022 US/CA
Womens Choice Award US CA
RB Stella - gifting
Thanksgiving US
Eyes on the Road
World Sight Day
August Organic- 2021 Learning Visual
Don't Travel Unprepared_1x1[93].mp4
Take Control Of Your Eye Health.mp4

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12771 Riverdale Blvd, #103
C**n Rapids, MN

General information

Pearle Vision Riverdale Village is located in C**n Rapids near the intersection of Highway 10 and Round Lake Blvd, across from Kohl's. We have 2 optometrists on staff. Dr. Tim Johnson and Dr. Kara Durick Johnson have provided quality eye exams for Pearle Vision for over 20 years combined. We also have a great staff of opticians to help you with all of your eye care needs.

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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