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What rights does my husband have as a step-parent to my children?

Over 20 years of experience specializing in family law, mediation, probate, estate planning & real estate law. Our clients expect personalized attention & lower fees than from a larger law firm.

Our office is located in C**n Rapids, close to US Highway 10

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'Family law is concerned with individual welfare of families and children’s long-term capacity to thrive.'




'Some aspects of the law are complex and navigating them without a competent and qualified lawyer is nearly impossible.'




'Divorce is never an easy experience but working with a family law mediator like Lisa Kallemeyn can certainly make the process easier.'




'A family lawyer like Lisa Kallemeyn has experience navigating complex family dynamics and helping facilitate positive and productive discussion and conflict resolution.'




'Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn Law Firm has the experience and legal expertise necessary to help you understand the benefits of establishing paternity.'




'A marriage dissolution petition can benefit a couple as the divorce process moves much more quickly than if it is litigated in the Court.'




'Lisa Kallemeyn is a family attorney who has extensive experience working on all types of child custody cases, including grandparent’s custody rights.'

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Learn some of the top reasons to hire an experienced Attorney...




'It is common for people involved in a real estate transaction to be surprised by legal development during the process.'




'Probate is the process for determining possession and responsibility, and it applies to any item of value that the deceased family member did not designate a specific beneficiary.'




Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn can help interpret #MinnesotaInheritanceLaws for your individual situation and answer the question, does my child have inheritance rights?



Of course, no two child custody situations are exactly alike. But our legal team has gained the experience necessary to understand how to apply Minnesota law and general trends to specific circumstances.




There is no avoiding the fact that divorce has an impact on your entire family. The C**n Rapids Law Office of Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn specializing in family law can reduce the impact and help you and your family feel ready for what life brings next.




The possessions you accumulate in life have value and the way those possessions are dealt with ensures that your wishes for them are fulfilled. Estate planning also helps to minimize taxes on transfer of possession of such things as homes, automobiles, and income that you choose to leave for others.




We have the expertise in real estate law that can help you resolve your issue. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding a possible or imminent mortgage foreclosure, there is no substitute for legal experience. We can help you as you take a legal stand on your own behalf.




'Child support agreements are legal documents. At the time of a divorce, they must be filed with the court and altering them later requires attention to processes that will be recognized by the courts so that the new agreement has legitimacy.'




'Child custody negotiations should not be taken lightly – this is perhaps the most important part of your divorce settlement. Partnering with a lawyer with experience, knowledge and compassion can help you make the best decisions about how to move forward.'




'Your will helps to ensure that those people receive your possessions and know your wishes. Creating a will is an act of generosity towards the important people in your life.'




'It is important to understand what the term ‘child custody’ covers, in that it is one of the many legal terms that have many sub-categories and shades of meaning. The more you understand about the different associated definitions, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to work on resolving those questions for your family.'

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'When one of the child’s biological parents does not want the other biological parent’s new spouse or significant other to legally adopt the child, that parent may challenge the adoption process. If the biological parent who objects to the step parent adopting the child proceeds with a contested step parent adoption case, the situation will go before a judge who will decide the outcome, based on the law and what is in the best interest of the child.'




'We realize that it may not be something that you want to consider – the end of your life – but, we can help make the process straightforward & simple so that you can find relief knowing that you making your wishes known can actually help support your loved ones.'




If you are a first-time home-buyer, we can help you make informed decisions. If you are selling a property and the transaction is marked by unforeseen complications, we will be able to help you sort through the complications and organize them in such a way that the transaction begins to make more sense.



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search.google.com Real estate contracts are complicated, and are often written in a way that most of us don't understand. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced real estate lawyer call (763) 427-5131

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kallemeyn.com Not all divorces involve anger and disagreements between the two spouses. There are some cases where there are no disagreements between the involved parties.



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