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Windows 11 is available now 10/06/2021

Windows 11 is available now

Get ready for more computer upgrades.

Windows 11 is available now Discover the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft, which features all the power and security of Windows 10 with a redesigned and refreshed look.


Well today I just got my upgrade to Windows 10 I frankly I think it sucks! Its like using a windows phone because all the apps are in a tile like the windows phone style and all the Live tiles in Windows * are all gone and no more tiles ever but everything is now all bunched up on the left side of the pc and the start button is now back which is better to use, I just need to learn to use it. Maybe in a month or I will give my truly opinion on it!!


I also know about xbox 360's and some about Xbox ones!


windows 10 will be ready in just 1 week but you need to have all updates current and should be in your lower right task bar settings.


just about 3 more weeks and Windows 10 with Cortana will be out July 29th and will be free for 1 year to try out!!


Just letting you know to Friends that you need to change privacy settings to friends only because anyone on this Facebook can look at your photos and posts you make, I just changed mine as well if you post stuff on other sites as tv or movie sites then the public can see you stuff!


Reinstall Windows 7 Without Cd

I just tried to help my cousin Lila Akan on how to reboot her PC since I'm a tec savy person, so if you need to leran how to reinstall Windows 7 on your laptop here's a vido that will show you how to do it.

Reinstall Windows 7 Without Cd

Please always make a backup repair discs 3-5 if your PC ever crashes or you forget your password.

This is for if you have a virus.Want to put it as if you had it brand new.And if you forgot your password.


If you have any PC problems please contact me for free Tech Questions.


The government is trying their best at cracking down on internet Piracy, like me but the s**t heads can't catch on , it's the makers of Microsoft & Apple that created all the buzz on how to pirate DVDs, Music and all other software, for the next 24 hours or a bunch of web sites are shutting down to protest the Governments rights to put a stop to this but its the right to free speech when it comes to this and the first web site to shut down is Wikipedia. I myself copy movies and have gotten free music at times. I pay for it now. 06/06/2011

E3 Expo: June 7-9, 2011

E3 is here this week. All day & all week long, Video games. Electronic Entertainment Expo. The annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center. Attendee information, exhibitor information, registration and news.


all Gamers reunite this week, Its the famous E3 convention in Los Angelas and Xbox 360 starts it off this after noon @ 12pm on Spike tv or G4tv, and on Tuesday Nintendo is expected to unveil a new gaming console, to follow-up its hit product the Wii. Also next on Wednesday is Sony Playstation to unveil new games. It will be exciting to see which console will have the hotest new games out by Christmas.


if you made it this far, please visit us on our new web site. 01/18/2011

Home pc, repair, cheap, good, pc maintance, pc shop, installs, data recovery, fixit, hard drives, DVD, 04/17/2010

PC Repair & other stuff - Home

Hey everyone, I moved to a bigger space to make it official now, just need more space to be with it.

Let me fix your PC.

See my web site.

visit my guest book also. content


Hey everyone, I have some good news, I found a free web hosting site & will be actually be building a real Shawn Whalen's PC Repair. It will be named

just started it so give me some time to get to get it where I want it to & I will let every one more about it.


To my facebook friends, to whom maybe watching THE APPENTICE by Donald Trump. Don't put celebrities in charge of your computer equipment. On tonights sow 3/28/2010 the teams have to put together a presentation about Life-lock & Norton 360 & nobody knows squat about the products. Also the teams are all ding bats for complaining about one another.


I'm So happy, Microsoft finally fixed my XBox 360, I should have it back by Tuesday night & back to playing Guitar hero 5.


The other day I was bitching about how Microsoft is slow on fixing their Xbox 360's for their customers. Finally got them to get my xbox 360 in to their service center. The service center is in Texas. Hope i will get it back next week some time. Will get 90 day warranty on it.


I just became a fan of redbook. movies for only $1.00, just so easy for me to rent copy & return. Have been using redbox for more then 1 year.


Who wants The Fastest BroadBand internet.


Here in Minnesota Comcast is the biggest & is Dominating Qwest for high speed broadband but still suck. 03/17/2010

Good Question: Why Is Our Internet So Slow? -

Local Reporter Jason DeRusha gets asked,
Good Question: Why Is Our Internet So Slow?

some say that japan gets speeds of 61 bps which I would love to have now but only get 7 bps. But I still can get fast music downloads, but not movie downloads. Americans may have invented the internet, but they're certainly not leading the way when it comes to high-speed broadband internet access. So, why is the United States so far behind other countries?


But on my local tv stations on WCCO 4 there has been a good question asked when the speed will get faster .


To all my face book friends, have been on the internet for over the last 10 years & I see the government now wants to speed up the speed of which you get broadband. I myself have high speed broadband. 02/02/2010

Need help with your pc, microsoft may help. Microsoft Silverlight delivers a new generation of high-quality audio and video, engaging media experiences, and interactive applications for the Web.


We give out free advice of any type of computer questions you may have. 02/01/2010

DVD Copy Software from DVDFab | Copy DVD to PSP, DVDR or iPod

To all movie
fans do you hate buying movies @ $10.00 to $40.00 a pop, why not go to
red box , pay the $1.00 rental & copy the dam thing for free. Try
this DVDfab. the best DVD copier in the world. , now you
can copy Blu_Ray, I will stand behind this 100%. Fastest DVD copy software from DVDFab. Copy DVD to PSP, convert you favorite movie to any media format including DVDR and iPod. All-in-one DVD burning software.


WE can help with any Pc repair or problem you have with your PC or laptop/netbook. 02/01/2010

Free antivirus - Avira AntiVir

New Anti Viruses are coming up & please use the upgrades to your software. I use Avira AntiVir Personal. Sometimes Norton & McAfee are not just enough. I stand behind what I use. 02/01/2010


to keep your farmville running well upgrade to the latest upgrades at Adobe software and services revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information — anytime, anywhere, and through any medium. Learn more.


I am the real american Pirate. if you need a dvd for free I can copy just about anything for free, send send me an email & i can also find anything you need on the internet also.


As of today I can legally fix your computers. Just got my diploma.


As soon as I get my diploma for my PC degree I will post a pic of it here so you know I'm licensed.


Windows Vista still has buggs in the system.


Hey everybody. Windows 7 is here! let me how it goes. I'll pass it on to others.




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