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Come see Luxembourg RDF at his inspection at Isabella Farms!
Support leg up! It a a great charity we support every year and they have some great foals!

We are a boutique farm specializing in breeding top quality jumper warmbloods and akhal tekes. We are a boutique farm located in Conroe, Texas.

Royal Dutchess Farm was founded in January of 2014 with the hopes of breeding elite Hanovarians and Exotic Akhal-Tekes and crosses. We specialize in foals bred for jumpers. We offer in-utero options, custom foals, and foals already on the ground. We pride ourselves on having mares with ample sports records and don't rely on pedigree alone.

Operating as usual

Photos from Royal Dutchess Farm's post 09/20/2021

Thor/ Astrachan x Gigant
OHBS/GOV approved
Smokey buckskin Akhal Teke
Vniik/ ATAA, registered lifetime USEF
This is your chance to ride a piece of history, one of the few Akhal Teke jumpers in the USA. Her lease just ended so she has to move.
Solid 1.0m jumper great for a confident teen or adult since she has a motor. Green eligible as she was a late start. Big canter, easily adjustable, consistent trot. Good working brain when in regular work but on the sensitive side. No maintenance. Well behaved on the ground and gets along great in a herd and a good babysitter/ dam. She has had one foal that is now competing in dressage and hunters as a 4yo. Dam sire Gigant was a 1.60m jumper in russia and has produced many good competitors. Located in Conroe Texas- must move due to divorce.

Photos from Royal Dutchess Farm's post 08/24/2021

Porthos RDF ( Perigueux x Grandom x Kalypso) may 2021 Hanoverian c**t is looking for his first sport partner! He will be weaned in Oct. He is by theb1.60m stallion Perigueux (perpignon /pilot x Stakkato) who has produced many upper level and grand prix rides. His dam is an elite Hanoverian ( Grandom /Kalypso) mare who herself competed to 1.20m with her amateur rider. She is in the Hanoverian Jumper breeding program and has produced several offspring in all 3 rings. This boy already shows interest in jumping. He is BIG and I expect him to easily reach 17hh. He's independent, fancy mover with a big jump. Located in Conroe Texas.


So proud of these two @emily_m_havard and Hobella (Thor / Astrachan x Gigant). Our GOV approved Akhal Teke mare Moving up to 3ft jumpers! #forsale #akhalteke #ATAA #vniik #Oldenburg #amateur #jumpers #hunters #eventing #usef #texas #usea #horsestagram #horsesofinstagram


I finally settled on a name (for now) Porthos RDF the 2021 hanoverian c**t he was the 3rd c**t born in a row from his elite dam Genre R (Grandom/Grannus x Kalypso) so I thought one of the 3 musketeer's names was a good fit.🤣 He is by the 1.60m stallion Perigueux (Perpignon/Pilot x Stakkato) he is available for a sport home. This boy is full of himself And super tall. He should finish around 17hh like his other brothers and make a nice eventing or jumper mount for the ambitious amateur.


Staff Sergeant Reckless was a decorated war horse who held official rank in the United States military. During the Korean War, she carried ammunition to the front lines and rescued wounded soldiers.
She was purchased by members of the United States Marine Corps in October 1952 for $250 from a young Korean boy. The horse's breeding was thought to be primarily Mongolian though she did have some features, particularly the shape of her head, that were similar to horses of Thoroughbred lineage. She was small, standing only 14 hands and weighing 900 pounds. The Marines renamed her "Reckless" as a contraction of the name of the Recoilless rifle and a nod to the daredevil attitude associated with those who used the gun.
Reckless was taught battlefield survival skills such as how not to become entangled in barbed wire and to lie down when under fire. She learned to run for a bunker upon hearing the cry, "incoming!" The platoon called it her "hoof training" and "hoof camp". The horse was initially kept in a pasture near the encampment. Reckless had a gentle disposition and soon developed such a rapport with the troops that she was allowed to freely roam about the camp and entered tents at will, sometimes sleeping inside with the troops, and even lying down next to Latham's warm tent stove on cold nights. She was fond of a wide variety of food, entertaining the platoon by eating scrambled eggs and drinking Coca-Cola and beer. Food could not be left unattended around her. She was known to eat bacon, buttered toast, chocolate bars, hard candy, shredded wheat, peanut butter sandwiches and mashed potatoes. However, the platoon was advised that she not be given more than two bottles of Coke a day. Her tastes were not confined to foodstuffs; she once ate her horse blanket, and on another occasion ate $30 worth of her trainer Latham's winning poker chips.
Reckless's baptism under fire came at a place called Hedley's Crotch, near the villages of Changdan and Kwakchan. Though loaded down with six recoilless rifle shells, she initially "went straight up" and all four feet left the ground the first time the Recoilless Rifle was fired. When she landed she started shaking, but her handler calmed her down. The second time the gun fired she merely snorted, and by the end of the mission that day, she appeared calm and was seen trying to eat a discarded helmet liner. She even appeared to take an interest in the operation of the weapon.
When learning a new delivery route, Reckless would only need someone to lead her a few times. Afterward, she would make the trips on her own.
Reckless’ most significant accomplishment was during the Battle of Outpost Vegas in the final stages of the Korean War between US and Chinese armed forces in March 1953.
During this five-day bloody battle, which is estimated to have cost the lives of 1,000 American and 2,000 Chinese soldiers, Reckless made 51 trips to resupply the guns with ammunition on one day alone.
All in all, the small mare carried 386 rounds of ammunition, weighing almost 4,000 kilograms, by walking more than 35 miles through rice paddies and steep mountain trails. After unloading the ammunition, Reckless would carry the wounded soldiers back down to safety, despite getting injured twice herself; once when she was hit by shrapnel over the left eye and another time on her left flank.
Astonishingly, Reckless did all of this mostly by herself whilst being under heavy enemy fire.
After the war, she was allowed to come to the United States where she was the guest of honor at a Marine Banquet. Reckless retired from active service with full military honors at Camp Pendleton on November 10, 1960. She was provided free quarters and feed in lieu of retirement pay, per Marine Corps documents. Her permanent home was with the 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton where she lived out her days. She produced 4 foals during her retirement at Camp Pendleton.
She was awarded 2 Purple Hearts as well as 8 other Medals of Honor.
Reckless developed arthritis in her back as she aged and injured herself by falling into some barbed wire fence. She died while under sedation while her wounds were being treated. She was estimated to be about 20 years old at the time of her death.
There is a plaque and photo commemorating her at the Camp Pendleton stables. On May 12, 2018, a bronze statue of Sergeant Reckless was placed and dedicated in the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington Kentucky. Reckless is considered to be one of the greatest American War Horses of all time.


This👏 every horse learns differently and each has their own personality.

The 21/90 day Rule.

Let's be real. I'm really tired of 30 day c**t start requests. If it worked, I'd promote it. I'm also exhausted of the question of why is it 30days and my horse has been barely rode and/or not all? Or why am I not seeing a lot of progress after the FIRST couple weeks?

It's the 21/90 day rule. Humans and horses I believe are fairly similar. It takes 21 days to form a habit, 90 days for a lifestyle change. I follow this rule in my fitness journey. Not saying it takes either/or that long but I do firmly believe this theory applies to horses in a fashionable timeline. How does it fluctuate? A horse that's 2 and not 5yrs old. A horse that has been guided through the steps with trust or was it rushed? Was the foundation solid or were some unfavorable habits formed? What's the horses genetics? Are the genetics favorable in a born broke mentality horse or is he a little fearful in starting? This all plays to the 21/90 day rule. Timing is critical in horse training, just like the timing in your progression with life. I've had horses that progressed fabulously in a 30 day tune up, some I was barely riding after 30 days for a c**t start. Long story short, stop being in a damn hurry! Now I didn't say, get your horse so broke to the tarp, now hes dead to your energy. Just make sure your horse trusts you when it's time to add the pressure.

Finally learned where this came from, and I want to give credit to Lucia Clemetson Performance Horsemanship for writing this. It's been shared a lot and has reached a lot of people who feel the same way. Thank you for your words!

Photos from Royal Dutchess Farm's post 02/24/2021

Donatello RDF 2019 gelding with owner emily. He is ready for his show at GSWEC. Come watch him in the two year old hunter class tomorrow!


EM Genre R (Grandom/ Grannus x Kalypso) 1.20m (HAN) is mid way through her pregnancy with Perigueux (Perpignon / Pilot x Stakkato) The 1.60m international jumper stallion ridden by Eva Bitters and Marco Kutscher. He has produced several licensed sons and elite daughters. Due to arrive May 6th 2021! Available in-utero as a c**t option only. Message us for details!


Closing 2020 out right with some good!! Luxembourg RDF(Lagoheidor x EM Genre R) is sold and will be making his way to an eventing home in louisiana with Todd and Tiffany Guidry! Can't wait to see what this boy does undersaddle! 12/28/2020

December 5, 2020

Hobella aka bella
2009 Akhal Teke sooty buckskin mare
15.3hands tall (thor/astrachan x Gigant)
She looking for a new show home through no fault of her own. Has shown with a teen/adult ammy rider mostly at schooling shows but a couple A shows. Schools up to 1.20m at home with room to advance with the right rider. Russian and ATAA registered. OHBS (oldenburg) approved for breeding. Usef and ushja lifetime membership. Does best with, a novice or better confident child or adult rider because she does have a motor. Located in Conroe Texas. This mare does it all! She is happy hacking out on the trails, grass field XC courses, or show jumping/ schooling in an arena. She even rides western and has worked on a ranch. No maintenance other then chiro a few times a year. Great feet. nfs negative, wffs negative. She has had one OHBS filly in 2017 from frozen that is competing in hunters. Pm for info. semen. hobella roll back course nov 2020


The Horse Magazine

Carl Hester tells us you don’t need a young horse star to get to the top:
“Many of our Grand Prix horses were not Young Horse stars, and plenty of Young Horse stars disappear. I’d rather a normal moving horse with a fabulous work ethic, than the super mover.”


Had an amazing weekend at haras for the usdf inhand breeders series qualifiers. Our annual field trip for the young horses to get some time in the ring we walked away with several second places and missed finals by a half point on both boys! Not bad for a bunch of jumpers at a dressage show! More photos to follow!


Luxembourg RDF is available. 2018 hanoverian gelding by Lagoheidor out of EM Genre R( Grandom/Grannus x Kalypso) 08/13/2020

Longtime Florida crime trend emerges in Houston - leaving butchered horses in its wake

Heads up farm owners in Houston! Carl Smith got a strange call from someone who rented a spot at his west Pearland horse barn on Sunday afternoon. The renter asked the retired Harris County Precinct 5 deputy constable if he had two of his horses with him. At home in Houston, Smith knew something was wrong. Driving up the path to th...


Bavaria RDF, Bugatti hilltop x Hobella is officially under saddle and a big kid now! She was the first born on the farm! Can't wait to see what her and her owner can do in the ring!

Bayla has had a great start with Jason. She's growing up and her human mom is getting to enjoy riding her now!


Solstice Farms

Thank you to everyone that has shared our post about our stolen horse, Ginny. We still have no word or info, so please continue to share and keep your eyes peeled. We are offering a reward for info leading to her safe return. Thank you!


Hobella jumping with amateur teen rider Cali.

Hobella is back in action! Can't wait to see her in action for show season and if we have a foal from her in 2021!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the farm! 12/19/2019

2019 ATAA Silent Auction is done! Thank you to everyone! Our 2019 ATAA Silent Auction is done now, we raised almost $1000 that will be put towards some of the many things we have going for 2020 and beyond. Thank you so much to Gretta T***s for heading...


Looks like Dionysus RDF our 2019 foal by Diarado out of EM Genre R will have a new sibling! Congrats to his owners Derik and Emily Havard!


Our lovely leg up c**t who we have had for the last 9 months officially is on his way to his new home in north carolina! Congrats to his new owners Tarantino d avalon will grow to be a fine dressage horse! Can't wait to see how he does in a few years!


Love our RDF offspring!

Bayla is learning to handle clippers!


EM Genre R's first foal bred by Walkabout Station did fantastic in their most recent dressage show!

CONGRATS to owner, Elyse, AA rider Donna Chiocca and trainer, Heather McCarthy! This was Van Buren WS's (Viva Voltaire x EM Genre R/Grandom) first time off the property and going to a highly charged, IDCTA "A" rated show. They did a fabulous job in an electric atmosphere! Super proud of this team (and modeling a beautiful Jayne Schneiderhan browband)!!


Hobella's first filly is growing up to be so smart and beautiful!

Bayla has a VERY curious just to mix it up a little.....Jason, once again, went outside the box & they had a little fun today!


A day in the life of pillsbury. He was supervising the new foals first day outside😂


Of course the mascot of the farm, Pillsbury needed his photo taken too!😂🐶


Luxembourg is almost shed out and in his giraffe stage! He's going to be one tall boy! Luxe is already 15.1 and he's 1 week from his 1st birthday!


Finally had some nice weather to get some photos! Tarentino (the leg up raffle c**t) has finally shed out his fuzzy winter fur!


Hobella enjoying her fun in the sun. She placed 3rd at her schooling show while training in Florida!


😀 Our 2017 first born foal from the farm Bavaria rdf(aka bayla) definetly got her jump from her momma Hobella! Check out those knees! But shes got a🍑 like her sire😂


A sad day in the akhal tekencommunity. Hobellas grand sire passed away today. The end of an era for sure!😥

Just got word that Astrachan has passed away. He was one of those unforgettable horses...and is why I became involved in the Akhal-Teke breed.
R.I.P. 1990-2019
Our sincerest condolences to Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes.


Nature | PBS

Horses have more emotional awareness than you think.

[01/06/19]   January 2019 is our 5 year anniversary since we opened Royal Dutchess Farm. It's been a wild ride🤩🐎🐴


We are excited to be welcoming Tarantino d'avalon to our farm! He was the 2018 Leg Up Raffle foal we won! He is by elite KWPN stallion Toronto and will make a serious athlete in the future.

Our Story

We are a 10+acre boutique farm located in Conroe, Texas. Dutchess is not spelled wrong! Our name came from a family joke, we are Pennsylvania Dutch. Dutchess is the archaic spelling of duchess and like our name, our horses are old bloodline Hanoverians as well as the ancient and endangered Akhal-Teke horse. Since we are “Dutch” we thought we would keep it in the name!

Royal Dutchess Farm was founded in January of 2014 with the hopes of breeding elite Hanovarians, German Oldenburg Verband and the Exotic Akhal-Teke. We specialize in foals bred for jumpers and hunters that are level-headed for amateurs with scope for professionals. We offer in-utero, custom foals, and foals already on the ground. We pride ourselves on having mares with ample sports records and don't rely on pedigree alone. All of our foals are started in the show ring by their dam’s side in the USDF current year foal championships and are very well rounded with various experiences and independent by the time they are weaned.

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Hobella jumping with amateur teen rider Cali.
desensitized to blanketing... nothing phases this girl!
Bavaria's first steps!


Hunter and jumper prospects.



10105 Heritage Ranch Rd
Conroe, TX
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