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Blonde and color enthusiast inspired by all aspects of hair, believing that individuality and attention to detail are the key to customizing ones style.

Here at Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa making my clients not only look beautiful, but making our clients feel confidently beautiful is my passion. I believe that hair is the picture frame of your face. It is so important to find the right look for you-- it can change your whole energy and what you project to the world. Located in Conroe, Texas, every appointment starts

Operating as usual

Photos from Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa's post 02/28/2022

Stunning transformation 😍

This beauty wanted to surprise her husband and children. We cut over 10 inches of her hair, into this stunning bob. It made her look so much younger.

Did you realize your hair can make you look older, it can?!? Long hair is beautiful but it can definitely make us look older than we actually are.

Are you ready for a change, a cut, a color some dimension, highlights? Book your hair change today!

Let me know would you be brave enough for a major transformation 👇

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Photos from Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa's post 02/17/2022

When in doubt…..Shag it outttttttt!

The shag also know in the younger culture as “the Wolf Cut” 🙄 is the hottest trend right now! Also one of my favorite cuts at the moment! The shag is popular for every length of hair. Think 80’s 90’a and that’s what is on trend right now. Did you see Hailey Berry on the Super Bowl….YEP shag cut!!

The best part is the shag haircut is the best when trying to grow hair out, especially from a bob of any sort. It allows to cut that bulk out at the weight line from the bob. I used the shag cut to grow my own hair 2 years ago. It helps make the transition beautifully. The shag is great for getting volume or big hair due to all the layers.

This beauty right here 👇 love her! Back story she served our military for many years & had to keep her hair in regulation standards but since she has retired she has had a ton of fun with her hair. She has had some of the shortest cuts to some major pops of color. She loves having fun with her hair now that she has the freedom. She is now growing her hair out from a short stacked asymmetrical bob but she is also embracing her grey. We have decided to cut it in a shag to help with the grow out & allow the asymmetrical side to catch up. I absolutely love it 😍 She is rocking her hair

Book your appointment for a shag cut today

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Cancellation Policy

A gentle reminder of my cancellation policy. For all my guests I require a card on file and consent to our policies.

If appointment isn’t canceled with at least 24 hours notice, 50% of service booked will be owed and charged to card on file. If running more than 10 minutes late and service cannot be performed, client may be asked to reschedule and may be subject to a rescheduling fee of 50% of booked services. If a no show occurs, 100% of scheduled service will be owed and charged to card on file.

These appointments are secured for you and you alone, I take that very seriously and ask all guests to take our policy seriously as well. Anything less than 24 hour notice does not give me the ability to fill that spot and that = loss income for me. Due to demand, I am unable to make exceptions for this. Thank you for your Grace and understanding.

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Photos from Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa's post 02/15/2022

Holy transformation 🤩

Did you know the 2022 trend is to go to darker, who would have thought blonde was outdated 😱 Let me know 👇if you’ve noticed your favorite actress has went darker, or a warmer blonde or a natural red….

This beautiful new client needed a change. She wanted to stay on trend and go darker. Seeing her photos of inspiration I got busy formulating but first we did a JOICO Defy Damage Treatment, due to as you can see dry damaged hair. She was so happy I nailed her inspiration photos. She walked out feeling confident and smiling ear to ear BAM nailed her expectations…always my goal!!

Add a JOICO Defy Treatment to any service

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BIG hair volume

The Power of a Salon Blowout🤩

A blowout has the ability to raise confidence and make any woman feel like they conquer the day.

You can do a blowout at home, this video shows you how to get volume at your roots but let’s be honest that’s a lot of work! If we are being honest at home blowout is never the quality of the salon blowout. It’s hard to get the correct angle, hair-dryer heat, and brush balance. A salon blowout will last a few days.

Book your blowout today!

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How do you self care? It is vital for your mental health wellness!

My goal for 2022 is to focus on my personal self care. After raising 5 kids for the past 28 years, several traumatic events in my life including the loss of my son and working behind the chair I realized last year I had put my own self care on the back burner for way too long. I am naturally a giver, I pour all of myself into my family & clients through the week, by the end of the week I am running on empty. I’ve learned that self care gives me time to pour back into myself so I can do it again week after week.

When I’m not in the salon, I love being outdoors with nature. I’ve recently discovered hiking and it’s a great way for me to release the stresses of the week, reconnect with myself. It’s just one way I self care. My 10 month old pit named Diamond loves to go with me.

Self care is vital for our mental wellness and something we all need, it’s healthy and it helps reconnect ourselves. Take a self care day & I promise you it will change your mindset.

Self care could be as simple as a bubble bath, reading a book or an entire day of hiking or a salon day or even a shopping day.

What do you do for self care? Comment below 👇 to share your self care activities, I need ideas

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Photos from Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa's post 02/09/2022

But that Bob haircut 😍😍😍

When a client comes in & I can tell their spirit is down due to everyday life, all I want to do is make them feel amazing! Yes it’s about the hair but it’s also about the person wearing the hair.

This beautiful client inside and out came in with hair grown out longer than she normally wore it. Everyday life had caught up to her and she was feeling blah. During consultation she expressed she wanted it short and stacked in the back. After looking at her pictures of inspiration, we came up with a plan of a short, stacked bob that was angled.

The after result was absolutely gorgeous! Just look at that bob haircut! 😍 When she looked in the mirror and I saw that smile that lit her eyes & face up, I knew I nailed exactly what she needed to feel amazing again! Exactly why I love being behind the chair because not only do I create beautiful hair but I get make women feel beautiful with amazing hair!

You can book an appointment with me too by clicking BOOK NOW

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I promise I’m not ghosting you!!!!

One goal of mine for 2022 is to work on my business so that I can be more present in all areas of my life.

With that being said if you message, text, DM, email, call, etc-please allow me 24 hours Monday-Friday to get back to you. If it’s on the weekend (after 5:00 on Friday through 9:00 on Monday) I will get back to you Monday.

With all the ways to communicate these days it can get overwhelming and time consuming quickly.

For the most prompt response, I always respond to email first so please contact me this way for any cancellations or changes to scheduled appointments. This is the best way to contact me for anything. You can email me at [email protected]

You can also see all my services, pricing & book an appointment, change or reschedule an appointment online 24/7 at

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Ohhhhh la la 😍

Are you starting to see or do you have a lot of that shiny sparkle aka grey in your hair? Most of us do 1 of 2 things, we either embrace it or we reject it completely. When we embrace it we camouflage or blend the grey by using highlights or lowlights. If we reject it we color or bleach it so we see no trace of grey at all. Which ever way you go it’s a personal decision and there is no right or wrong way.

This beauty wanted to embrace it after a consultation we decided baby lights and highlights was the right direction. It would leave depth of her natural but give her the brightness she desired. Ohhhh la la it turned out absolutely gorgeous. Who says you can’t rock grey?!?

If you interested in a look similar to this book a full highlight or a balayage service with me on my booking site. 👇

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HELLO, Welcome to my salon suite, lets talk!!

HELLO, Welcome to my salon suite, let’s talk!

Let’s talk about your experience when you walk into a salon as a client for the first time.

Are you nervous? Excited? Scared?

I know in today's times you book an appointment online and you have no clue what the salon is like or what the stylist is like. That is why I made a virtual tour so that it would at least give you a vibe before you even step foot in those gorgeous front doors.

It's pretty common to experience these feelings when either walking into a new salon or meeting a new stylist for the first time, which is why when you come to me I talk in depth with you about your hair goals to help you feel at ease. I won't to see your photos of inspiration, I want to hear about your hair issues, I want to know what you want and don't want. In
return I will let you know if it's possible for your hair and if you will need more than one session to achieve your hair goals. Together we will make a plan for your hair goals

Just taking a little extra time to listen and hear my clients, letting them know I understand their hair goals is important to me.

Would this help you feel comfortable too? Let me know

Book your visit with me now!

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I CAN NOT live without this!!!!!!!

I CAN NOT live without this!!!!

JOICO Weekend Hair is my favorite dry shampoo on the market, hands down!!!!! 😍

Ladies, shampooing your hair every day is a BIG Noooooo! Shampooing our hair daily strips the hair of moisture and oil our actually needs. It also fades out hair color faster. We all need a go to dry shampoo for those in between days.

My hair is fine & thin most dry shampoos weighs my hair down….ugh. Weekend Hair doesn’t weigh my hair down at all, nor does it make my hair feel even more gross 🤮. It actually leaves my hair feeling clean. This is definitely my go to product on day 2, 3 & yes even on day 4 between shampoos.

JOICO Weekend Hair doesn’t leave that icky residue or that white powder dulling look. It does absorb oil and leaves the hair feeling soft, fresh and full of volume.

I carry this product for retail in the salon & you can purchase it at your next visit.

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Photos from Melanie Baldwin Hair Salon located inside Elite Salon & Spa's post 02/02/2022

PLEASE HELP me out!!!!!

As a new mommy she needed a transformation. If you’ve been a new mom, we can relate. Childbirth can wreaks havoc on our hair due to the changes in hormones. Many times our hair is the last thing we think about during pregnancy and especially after childbirth.

This client came in just needing to feel good about herself again, with grown out roots & faded out brassy color, we made a plan & transformed her hair. After this beautiful transformation, this new mommy was ready to conquer the world again. It’s okay to take time for yourself for self care, it’s actually healthy for you, it gives you what you need to keep going.

Nothing makes me happier seeing a smile of happiness on my beautiful clients at the end of their appointment, especially knowing sometimes they come in feeling defeated, deflated & tired. I love making women feel good about themselves.

To book a look like this….
Book a color with full highlight on my online booking website

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Hello, Melanie here let me introduce myself with 5 things about me.

1. I have an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata. What is that?! Sudden hair lost of circular bald patches. I have permanent hair loss from this disease. I know personally how to deal with hair issues due to this disease.

2. I love education & reading. I always have a book with me or I’m learning something new in my industry.

3. If I could live anywhere it would definitely be the beach. There is something about sun, sand & water that soothes my soul.

4. I’m a huge reality tv fan.

5. My favorite hobby is fishing, I know surprising right?! It’s been a stress reliever for me since I was a little girl.

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