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Artésa Financial Group

Artesa Financial Group At Artesa Financial Group we utilize a proactive, "risk allocation" process. Our primary job is to put in place a process that addresses client concerns while facilitating investment strategies that seek to preserve, grow, and provide lasting wealth.

This begins with getting to know the client, outlining risk, allocating assets based on current investment environment and then continuously reviewing changes in client's needs and global capital markets.

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Each and every day, we are able to enjoy our freedom because of your sacrifice to serve our country. Today we honor you, thank you! 10/05/2020

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs Estimating your retirement income goal takes many factors into consideration. 10/05/2020

Quarterly Market Review: July-September 2020 The third quarter saw stocks continue to climb, albeit with some bumps along the way. 09/14/2020

HOT TOPIC: The Bull Is Back... Will It Keep Charging?

"On August 18, 2020, the S&P 500 set a record high for the first time since COVID‑19 ushered in a bear market on February 19. The cycle from peak to peak was just 126 trading days, the fastest recovery in the history of the index — erasing losses from an equally historic plunge of almost 34% in February and March.1" The S&P 500 index recently saw the fastest recovery in its history following the COVID-19 bear market, but will the surge continue?


Never forget. 🇺🇸 08/24/2020

IRS Clarifies COVID-19 Relief Measures for Retirement Savers The IRS released guidance to help retirement savers better understand CARES Act financial relief provisions. 08/13/2020

HOT TOPIC: College Disrupted: Students Face High Costs and Pandemic Impact

Even in normal times, it can be challenging for families to cover college expenses without borrowing money and/or risking their own retirement security. For the 2019–2020 academic year, the cost of in-state tuition, fees, room, and board at a four-year public college averaged $21,950, and the total for a private college approached $50,000.1 Paying for college can mean borrowing money or risking savings. This article focuses on financial aid and the importance of informed academic choices. 07/22/2020

Social Security and Medicare Face Financial Challenges What do this year's Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports reveal about the future of these programs?


God Bless America! Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 06/10/2020

Four Things Women Need to Know about Social Security Social Security benefits help women of all ages and their family members.

06/06/2020 06/01/2020

Market Week: June 1, 2020 With the stock market closed last Monday in observance of Memorial Day, Tuesday's trading led to solid returns for each of the benchmark indexes listed here. The S&P 500 climbed past the 3000 mark for the first time since March, only to trickle below by the end of the day. The small caps of the Russ... 05/29/2020

529 College Savings Plans

In honor of it being 5/29 here is some info on 529 plans! 529 college savings plans offer a unique combination of features that no other college savings option can match.

05/25/2020 05/22/2020

Test Your Knowledge of Financial Basics This brief quiz can help you gauge your knowledge of personal finance basics. 05/21/2020

Should I contribute to my 401(k) plan at work? Yes, to the extent you can afford it, you should participate in your 401(k) plan. 05/21/2020

Balancing Work and Family Achieving a balance between work and family means making choices that are right for you. 05/21/2020

Nuts and Bolts: How to Roll Over Your Employer Retirement Plan Assets You've decided to roll over funds from an employer-sponsored retirement plan--here's how you do it. 05/15/2020

Investing as a Couple: Getting to Yes In a perfect world, both halves of a couple share the same investment goals and agree on the best way to try... 05/15/2020

Coronavirus Affects Federal, State, and Local Deadlines Federal, state, and local governments have extended a number of deadlines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

05/11/2020 05/07/2020

Investment Planning: The Basics Understand what the investment planning process is about. 05/07/2020

Rolling Over Funds from an Employer Retirement Savings Plan: What You Need to Know There's a lot to consider before you roll funds over from an employer-sponsored retirement plan. 05/05/2020

How Women Are Different from Men, Financially Speaking In the financial world, women often find themselves in different circumstances than their male counterparts. 05/05/2020

Federal Student Loan Borrowers Get Some Relief Due to COVID-19 Learn about two recent rules that will give federal student loan borrowers some relief in the wake of COVID-19. 05/05/2020

Telemedicine: The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now

Widespread smartphone use, loosening regulations, and employers seeking health cost savings are three trends that are driving the rapid expansion of telemedicine, which allows patients to interact with doctors or nurses remotely through a website or mobile app using a secure audio or video connection. Proponents say telemedicine offers immediate access to many types of simple care while avoiding unnecessary and costly emergency room visits. Many large employers offer telemedicine programs in their benefit packages. Do you know the potential advantages of telemedicine? 05/05/2020

HOT TOPIC: Too Much Oil with Nowhere to Go

On April 20, 2020, the price of a futures contract for West Texas Intermediate crude — the benchmark for U.S. oil prices — fell below zero for the first time in history, dropping more than 306% in trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange and ending the day at –$37.63 per barrel.1 Essentially, this meant that investors who would soon be obligated to take possession of a barrel of oil were willing to pay someone else to take it instead. This article looks at the reasons behind crude oil’s price collapse and the larger issue of imbalance between supply and demand in the global oil industry. 05/04/2020

Market Month: April 2020 Stocks rebounded despite somber economic news. 04/29/2020

Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams Our latest Client Alert takes a look at the recent surge of coronavirus scams. 04/29/2020

Small Businesses Eligible for Numerous Relief Programs During COVID-19 Crisis Small businesses have several options to help them stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis. 04/20/2020

Living Benefits Can Help Counter Retirement Risks Optional riders that add living benefits to annuities might help retirees address two financial risks: outliving their savings and paying for long-term care. 04/13/2020

HOT TOPIC: Government Acts to Blunt Financial Impact of Global Pandemic

On March 11, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and two days later President Trump declared a national emergency.1 The unknowns surrounding a new virus make it difficult to predict the potential human and economic toll, but unprecedented steps are being taken to help slow the spread of the disease and prepare medical facilities to treat a rising number of cases. Businesses are suffering losses as they spend more to help keep workers and customers safe and/or have closed their doors to the public. A discussion of the measures being taken by the federal government to support workers, businesses, financial markets, and the economy in these trying times. 03/31/2020

HOT TOPIC: The Coronavirus and the Global Economy

At the end of February 2020, there were more than 84,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 — the official name of the coronavirus first reported in Wuhan, China — including over 2,800 deaths. Most were in China, primarily in Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province. But about 5,200 cases, including 86 deaths, had been reported in nearly 60 other countries. While the pace of new cases slowed in China, a surge in South Korea, Italy, and Iran caused concern that the virus may be difficult to contain. An examination of how China’s coronavirus-driven slowdown has affected global business activity and a look at its potential economic impact.



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