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I bought a native aster from you last fall. I cannot for the life of me read the variety on your handwritten tag. It looks like "baine". I cannot find anything on the internet with anything similar to that. Can you enlighten me? Im not able to upload a photo to your page. Im trying to figure out how to take care of it
Do you still have any Texas Sage plants? The ones with the little purple flowers?
Do you have any Almond Verbena bushes?
Direction to your place
Good morning from Nature's Way! We are enjoying our blanket of fresh snow which is sure to be gone before the day is over.
Are you expecting another vegetable plant delivery this weekend?
Do you have bluebonnet plants. If not when will you have some?
Do you have any Maypops Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) and/or Pipevine (Dutchman's Pipe)? Thanks.
What kind of succulents do you have?

Welcome to the official page of Nature's Way Resources. An organically based service company.


25th Annual Woodlands Landscape Solutions!
First year to check out Live Animals. Comment, if we’ll see you there tomorrow morning!

We can’t wait!
The Woodlands Township


Happy First Day of Fall! Stop in this weekend and get your Fall color on.


Join us this Saturday for a Free Garden event, hosted by The Woodlands Township! Come learn from different experts in the field and find activities for the entire family! See you there!

Photos from GardenLine with Randy Lemmon's post 09/20/2022

Thank you for the shout out, Randy!


You’ve been waiting, and they’re in!!!


Heirloom seeds are in! Our 50/50 compost blend is our Staff’s favorite pick for seed starting.


Our Fine Leaf Mold and Fungal Compost paired with any MicroLife Organic, Biological Fertilizer can help flight climate change!! Come in this Fall and we can suggest a pairing unique for your needs!

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Whose ready for some Monday trivia?


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Tomatoes are in!

Time to plant your tomatoes, stop by and grab yours now!

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Come check our or End Of Summer Plant Sale!


Stop by Nature's Way Nursery and check out our clearance section with select plants up to 50% off!


Natures Way Resources will be closed on Monday, July 4th and reopening on Tuesday at 8am. Have a safe and happy holiday! 🇺🇸


We are now offering Gift Cards at Nature's Way Resources. Stop by our Sales Office to pick one up just in time for Father's Day!

Nature's Way Resources updated their business hours. 06/07/2022

Nature's Way Resources updated their business hours.

Nature's Way Resources updated their business hours.


Nature's Way Resources will be closed on Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, the 31st @ 8am.

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•Texas Golden Columbine•

This Texas native hails from the Big Bend Ecoregion and thrives in dry but shaded areas. The bright yellow flowers bloom in mid spring, with the plant growing 2 feet high and wide after dormancy.

The flower nectar attracts butterflies and bees, and is the larval host plant for the Columbine Duskywing.

Come get one today for your shaded garden!


Liatris aka Gayfeather have arrived! Get them in the ground now to enjoy their beautiful blooms this summer!

Plant in sandy evenly moist soils with large amounts of sun. This is a butterfly favorite and a pollinator garden must have. 🐝🦋

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What’s blooming at the nursery? Nuns orchid, annual color, Easter Lilies, and Salvia. Come see us today! ’swayResources


April 8th join us at Nature's Way Resources for an awesome OHBA composting class! Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how premium compost, soils & mulches are made and so much more.

🌿 Tickets are limited, get yours here today:


March 19th Classes!

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Need color? We have it!
The Ge**er daisies are so happy it is spring!
Calabrochea, petunias, and dahlia are all starting to put on a show!

Photos from Nature's Way Resources's post 03/18/2022

•Citrus and Fruit Trees have Arrived! •

We have varieties of peaches, plums, pears, crabapples, lemons, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, blueberries, blackberries, olive trees, apples, mulberry, figs, pomegranates, grapes, goji berry and native elderberry, pawpaw, mayhaw, and persimmons.

Want to know about a certain variety? Give us a call!
Come see us this weekend to get your orchard started!!

Building Healthy Soils Saves Money Now by John Ferguson 03/17/2022

Building Healthy Soils Saves Money Now by John Ferguson

Building Healthy Soils Saves Money Now by John Ferguson
Sat, March 26, 2022
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Building Healthy Soils Saves Money Now by John Ferguson Learn how to save time and money in your gardening projects by preventing many problems?

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•Freeze Warning and Class Schedule Change•

Due to inclement weather and freezing conditions, Saturday’s (March 12th) Vegetable and Herb Gardening class has been postponed to March 19th at 1 pm.

If you have vegetable starts, we recommend bringing them indoors. If they are already in the ground, cover with pots or buckets and drape with frost cloth, sheets, or old blankets. Be careful to not to crush your veggies with too heavy a cover.
In the pictures, you can see a few different ways to cover your plants that are not freeze hardy. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

1. Use sticks to prop up the sheet so that it is not crushing the plant.

2. Clear plastic containers work as tiny green houses.

3. Extra plastic buckets can be placed over plants, both trapping warm air inside and propping up the sheets or blankets so that the plants are not crushed.

Stay Warm!


We still have plenty of room in our Gardening for Butterflies Class TOMORROW! Sign up today for this free class! 🦋🐛

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Tomatoes 🍅 , peppers 🌶 🫑, strawberries 🍓 , lettuce 🥬 , and spring herbs 🌿 are all hiding in the greenhouse until it is safe to plant. In this case, the early bird will get the tomato! Come grab yours today and get a head start! But beware, cold snaps are being predicted for next week, so cover any new transplants during the cold weather, and consider keeping new starts indoors.

Photos from Nature's Way Resources's post 03/04/2022

What’s Blooming at the Nursery?
Bluebonnets, fire wheels, and delphiniums are signaling the beginning of spring. Standing cypress, a wildflower and hummingbird favorite, has even started to emerge!

Come Visit us at Nature’s Way Resources for all your organic and native gardening needs!


Tomorrow we are making Seed Bombs at 10 AM through the rest of the day.

They cost 2$ per ball/bomb. We have a variety of native seeds for a wide range of environments ( hot and sunny to wet and shaded).
Support your native pollinators and wildlife by planting a wildflower meadow. If you have a small space, consider planting a "wild patch!"


Mark your Calendars! Don't miss these free classes!

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Wow! Spring already!? Winter was just here!

The spring plants have started to trickle their way into Nature’s Way Resources Nursery. If you are hesitant about any upcoming cold snaps, consider going native! We have tons of native options that support pollinators and wildlife while being easy on your pocket book. Plant native, suppor wildlife diversity, reduce your water bill, and gain a sense of place in the ecosystem you in habit.

Come see us at Natures way resouces and let us help you fill your garden with natives! 


Nature's Way Resources Nursery will not be selling plants during the freezing temperatures as we are currently protecting the plant inventory. We expect to uncover the inventory when temperatures warm up (should be early next week). Please check with us before heading out to the nursery.


Class Schedule is up for this Spring!
To RSVP for a certain class, please email [email protected] with your name and how many people plan to attend.
All classes are free, except Seed Bombs, which cost 2$ per seed bomb.


The Pines and Prairies Native Plant Society is having their First Anniversary Celebration at Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center!


For the safety of our customers and staff, Nature's Way Resources holiday hours will be 8am - 12pm on Tuesday (12/28), Wednesday (12/29) and Thursday (12/30). We will be closed Friday (12/31) and Saturday (1/1). We have many staff members who are out sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID19. We will resume our normal business hours on Monday (1/3). Have a safe and happy New Year!


Looking to add fall color to your landscape? This sassafras is a perfect choice!

A small shade loving native tree, Aromatic Sassafras blooms in the early spring, attracting butterflies and hosts the Pale swallowtail butterfly. Birds love the berries, and orange dye can be made from the bark. 🍁🍂🍁

Need more options? Nature’s Way Resources now has informational pamphlets on a variety of subjects, including fall color, available for free in the front office and soon to be available on our website!


Winterizing the Birding Bed!

Winterizing the birding bed!! Leave the leaves for the birds and firefly babies! Tuck your natives in with extra leaves, pine needles, and a bit of mulch to help keep the roots warm through the winter. Don’t cut back grasses, that’s nesting material and a dried seed heads are food!


Don’t be too sad winter is here! There are still native plants blooming that will add color to your yard, like the fragrant copper canyon daisy (yellow), blanket flowers (orange), and the giant Turks Cap (non-native cultivar, red). Now is also the time to winterize your garden!


Today (12/7), starting at 9 am, 1488 will be blocked off on the east side of I-45. Please use the entrance into the neighborhood off of 242 and Trade Center Parkway to access our facility. For any questions give us a call at (936) 321-6990.


Nature's Way Resources will be closed for Thanksgiving from Thursday (11/25) - Saturday (11/27). We will resume or normal business hours on Monday (11/29). Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Photos from GardenLine with Randy Lemmon's post 11/22/2021

Photos from GardenLine with Randy Lemmon's post


Native Plant Class!
Sign Up Today via email @ [email protected] or call us at 936-273-1200

Photos from Nature's Way Resources's post 10/28/2021

We got a large delivery of oak leaf hydrangeas, azaleas, and more! Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. Come see us today!


We now carry seeds! The best time to plant wildflower seeds is in the fall, before thanksgiving! This ensures you have a beautiful meadow by spring!


Join us for some environmentally friendly Halloween fun this Saturday at the Nursery! It is an all-day event, so come anytime between 8 AM and 2PM!

Our Story

The story begins when I was a boy, and my parents’ house backed up to a utility easement. My dad took an old wire-mesh swimming pool frame and placed it in the easement, forming a bin. Starting when I was 9 years old, my job was to rake the leaves and place them in the bin. It wasn't long before the neighbors were hiring me to rake their yards, and all the leaves went into the bin creating a pile 10 feet in diameter and six feet tall.

The leaves would gradually decompose, and by the following season the pile would be less than a foot tall. This continued for years, and the "leaf mold" layer at the bottom became thicker.

I love to fish, and I noticed that earthworms I found in soil were small, but those in the leaf mold pile grew as big as a pencil. One day, I was digging for some worms and had trouble putting the shovel into the pile. So, I dug around and found thick roots everywhere - but there were no trees nearby. I followed the roots and found they came from a big oak tree over 150 feet away. It was my first "ah-ha" moment about nature.

How did that tree know there was an extremely fertile patch of nutrients in the easement, far from its trunk? From then on, I was fascinated about nature and have studied it ever since. Eventually, it led me to start Nature's Way Resources.

Since those early days, numerous studies have found that leaves make the best compost … we copy the way God does it in nature. And when some grass cuttings, a little horse manure, and a few fruits and vegetables are added and slowly composted for a long period - over 18 months – the quality becomes even greater. Just like making a good wine or whiskey, it gets better with age.

The Leaf Mold name comes from the old English term leaf mould, describing a very slow breakdown of leaves from trees and shrubs into rich humus. The mixed source material provides a complete range of plant nutrients. And the extended time frame allows beneficial microbes to grow to extremely high levels in both total numbers and in species diversity, which increases effectiveness in disease control and prevention.

For over 24 years, our Leaf Mold Compost has been shown to make all plants grow stronger and healthier - from lawns and vegetable beds to fruit trees and more. It is available in various screened sizes for different applications.

Thousands of research papers outline the many, almost magic benefits of a good compost:

  • The microbes in Leaf Mold Compost prevent and often cure common diseases, from damping off and brown patch to take-all patch and St. Augustine decline.

  • Leaf Mold is full of plant nutrients, as well as trace minerals. Additionally, a cubic yard of the compost will have over 200 pounds of humus (humates). This encourages development of healthy populations of earthworms, beneficial insects and microorganisms, which then create good soil structure.

  • Leaf Mold increases the moisture-holding capacity of all soils. It helps clay soil become more friable, and sandy soils to hold water and nutrients. As a bonus, it also buffers soils against extremes in acidity or alkalinity (high or low pH).
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    Tomatoes are in!
    Winterizing the Birding Bed!
    Fall Plants have arrived!
    Special thanks to Ethan, one of our awesome sales associates and wildlife warriors, for getting this fantastic time laps...
    Tax Free tomorrow!
    New Deliveries!
    New veggies are in! Come get them soon, because they are going to go fast!    #natureswaynursery #natureswayresources #o...




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