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The Saman Law Firm We provide the Aggressive & Effective Defense for our clients facing criminal charges. We concentrate on DWI/DUI defense, Assault and Family Violence cases, Drug Possession, and Theft cases.

Operating as usual

[03/09/17]   Very happy for my client, who is a free man after getting a Not Guilty in his DWI trial today!

[01/28/16]   We got a Not Guilty today on a DWI. My client cried when we got our verdict. I am happy that he got his life back after fighting for the case for the past 18 months.

[06/03/15]   We had a client go home today with a dismissal on a felony possession case. He was fast asleep in the backseat of his vehicle, when a security guard woke him up and pulled him out of his vehicle and called the cops.

The cop arrived and arrested my client for Public Intoxication and found some cocaine on him.

Well, your car is not considered a public place. And someone can't force you into a public place and then try to get you on a PI.

Bad Arrest = Dismissal



[03/31/15]   Today three of our clients went home with dismissals on Possession of Marijuana cases. Each of them came down to the lack of probable cause for either the stop or the search. Tip to those smokers out there: Smoke it at home. 02/04/2015


The Aggressive & Effective Defense.

[12/08/14]   The morning starts off right with a Possession of Marijuana dismissed on the first court setting. Thank god for reasonable prosecutors.

[11/26/14]   This past couple months we have had some great results; including several DWI dismissals, almost a dozen marijuana dismissals, three felony controlled substance dismissals, and five assault dismissals.

Looking forward to a safe and Happy Thanksgiving weekend for everyone. Please take care and remember it is No Refusal weekend!

Just because it is No Refusal Weekend, you can still refuse and make them get a warrant before they take a sample of your blood.

The best thing you can do is cab it.

As they say, you might beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride.

[08/03/14]   We had some great results for our clients in the month of July. Our dismissals include:

* DWI 1st - Client was involved in bad car accident and officer found prescription drugs all over the vehicle from the crash. After months of fighting, finally setting the case for trial, the DA did the right thing and dismissed the case.

* DWI 2nd - Dismissed. Client was charged with a DWI, because the officer smelled alcohol and jumped to conclusions that he listed on his report that did not match up with the video. The DA dismissed this case after we set it for trial.

* Felony DWI with Child Passenger - Client was pulled over for speeding and not using a turn signal. Officer smelled alcohol and jumped the gun by arresting an innocent man. The DA offered us a misdemeanor, but we held out and fought for a complete dismissal.

* We got four Possession of Marijuana cases dismissed during the month. Two of the dismissals were based on bad stops, one of them for not having a usable amount and the other two the state could not establish a link between the pot and my clients.

* We got a 2nd degree felony possession of morphine dismissed, because the cop didn't have the right to pull over my client.

* Had a misdemeanor theft dismissed, as it turned out the person was not stealing, but merely looking at other items in the garden section of the store.

* In addition, we had a total of three Assault Family Violence cases dismissed, because they either never happened or the client was acting in self defense.

We hope to have another successful month in August.

[04/30/14]   We just got a dismissal on an Assault Family Violence case. In this case, two high school age brothers got into a fight and the single mom couldn't break them up, so she called the police for some help.

Guess what, the cop decided that he should arrest the 17 year old for beating up his little brother. So, my client was arrested for a crime that carries a year in jail, a $4000 fine and a lifetime ban from owning and/or possessing firearms.

Glad to have the DA make the right decision and dismiss this case.

[04/10/14]   Just left court this morning on a DWI case. According to the officer, my client completely failed the Field Sobriety Tests; stating that my client's eyes had 6 out of 6 clues, among other clues.

In addition, the officer said he had blood shot eyes, a strong odor of alcohol, and was lethargic. My client admitted to drinking 1/2 a beer over an hour ago.

My client agreed to give his blood. Guess what? His blood came back without a trace of alcohol in it.

There are two things to take away from this case.

1. if you have any alcohol on your breath, you are going to jail.

2. Field sobriety tests are a sham.

I loved watching the prosecutors squirm when I brought up the blood results and asked how it was possible to have all those clues of intoxication with no alcohol or drugs in his blood.

[03/21/14]   In New Orleans at the Scientific Evidence in DWI cases seminar this week.

[03/11/14]   After almost a year of resets and meeting with the DA, we were able to get a DWI 2nd Dismissed. Remember, in Texas, your have the right to refuse everything from the Field Sobriety Tests to the Blood or Breath Tests. Exercise your rights or make the State's case for them. Trust me, even if you only had one drink, chances are, you are getting arrested.

[02/25/14]   Dismissed - Forgery of a financial instrument. Client's wallet was stolen. Person used her ID to cash a stolen check. Client is black, person who stole ID was black and the investigator couldn't tell them apart, even though they we different shades of brown. After six months, we finally got my clients case dismissed.


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[09/14/13]   Recent Results: Last week the following cases were dismissed:

Felony Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information - Client found someones passport on the ground and got pulled over and arrested with it in his possession. The client was black and the passport belonged to a Hispanic man. Not the perfect fake ID.

Misdemeanor Theft - a mom having troubles in her marriage was acting out. She won't be doing it again.

Possession of Marijuana - it was a borrowed car and the marijuana was found in the center console. The government must prove you knowingly had possession. Not your car. Not in plain view. Not your weed...

[08/31/13]   Assault Family Violence Dismissed last week. Client was a 5'2" woman accused of beating a 6'2" boyfriend. Case was Dismissed, but the scary part is that she was charged in the first place.

[08/21/13]   Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle DISMISSED. Client: "but, it's my car?"

[08/01/13]   July Roundup. Here are some of the dismissals we were able to obtain for clients in July:

1st Degree Felony, Possession of Controlled Substance (Cocaine). Dismissed. Facing 5-Life. Not anymore. Cops can't violate your Fourth Amendment Rights and expect to get away with it. No Warrant. No valid consent. Don't go into the house next time.

Theft, Class B. - Client accused of stealing a phone from his employer. Turned out to be a charade by employer to keep from paying last two weeks of pay. Woes of taking a cash job.

Felony Assault Family Violence - Client was charged with beating her husband's butt, after she found out that he cheated on her. If you ask me, he is lucky to be alive.

Felony Aggravated Assault Probation Violation - Client was charged with violating his deferred probation. Not only was the revocation dismissed, but with a little hard work we also got him early terminated.

Theft, Class B. Client accused of stealing some jewelry from Target. Did she really mean to take it?

[05/09/13]   Just some case results this week so far:

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance DISMISSED.

Felony Tampering with Evidence, reduced to Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.

Assault Causing Bodily Injury DISMISSED.

[05/04/13]   Last week, we won a Motion to Suppress and the clients DWI was dismissed. If the cop doesn't have the right to stop you, he doesn't have the right to arrest you.

This week, we were set for trial, then the State realized that their Harassment case was not strong and they dismissed.

Today, a Possession of Marijuana was dismissed. It was just a little weed. Leave the kid be.

[03/19/13]   Possession of Marijuana DISMISSED! Isn't that stuff legal yet?

[03/15/13]   Possession of Controlled Substance Dismissed. Client: "My cousin forgot her meds in my car."

[03/13/13]   Assault Family Violence Dismissed. Client: "She started it!"

[02/27/13]   Possession of .63 grams of cocaine DISMISSED. Client: "it wasn't mine!!!"

[12/11/12]   I completed a Federal possession case today: Possession of 13 kilos of Cocaine = 28 months federal time. Another happy client.

[10/27/12]   It is a NO REFUSAL WEEKEND. Please be safe.

[10/12/12]   Dismissal Update: DWI with .18 Breath test dismissed. This hard working foreign national won't get deported.

[07/27/12]   This week's Dismissals:

1. Theft.
Don't steal from Walmart!

2. Assault Family Violence
Don't hit your boyfriend with a cast iron skillet.

Be safe this weekend.

[07/13/12]   Got an Assault with Deadly Weapon dismissed in Harris County. Another innocent man cleared today.

[05/16/11]   Our new office in Galveston is open for business!

2201 Market St.
Suite# 806
Galveston, TX 77550

[05/14/11]   Can I expunge a charge from my record?

[04/29/11]   What to do if you are pulled over for a D.W.I. in Texas?

[04/19/11]   New website is up and running.


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