Loved by Leigh

Loved by Leigh


I really wish there were accurate words that could explain how wonderful Marissa Deck is. She immediately made us feel comfortable with her and somehow more comfortable with each other. My husband and I were so nervous. We had never taken photos before. She was so easy to get in touch with, she was so considerate about our feelings and making us feel comfortable in the photos. A lot of times I would look up at her taking a picture and she would have a big smile on her face so I would smile. We LUCKED UP AND FOUND HER. Now, we are blessed to know her. IF YOU WANT WONDERFUL PHOTOS THAN STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BOOK HER. She’s a god send. Believe me! SHE REALLY IS THE BEST. ❤️❤️❤️

Passion for photography. Passion for making people feel beautiful. Can’t wait to make new friends on my journey. Faithful wife & dog mom.

Operating as usual

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 09/12/2021

Even though I’m not super active online, I’m still photographing my sweet couples. I have got to capture Josie and Cody’s life 3 times. I’m so grateful they keep coming back. Ready to see them grow as a family with sweet baby Paisley.

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 07/20/2021

Everyone who knows me knows I love a LIVE reception, and my couples to be crazy and goofy so we can match each other’s energy.

Shelby and Tucker were everything I knew I needed as my wedding clients.

Thank you for treating me like a guest, I loved singing and dancing with y’all. 🥲♥️

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 06/20/2021

Preview into Lauren + Dillon McLaughlin’s intimate wedding day ♥️


Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 06/11/2021

Veronica and Chris gorgeous wedding and Bella moon in Dallas. ♥️

Would you believe me if I told you they met because Veronica let his dog out at the dog park? Peek the cupcakes 🧁 oh and what is Chris doing at the end?

Beats me… lol


Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 06/10/2021

Recap from Shanna and Fred’s day The Carriage House Weddings in a Conroe.

Such a beautiful day and venue with great people.

I’m lucky to have been apart of their day ♥️


Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 06/10/2021

I don’t post near enough here, like I should 🙂

Alisa Quebedeaux + Christian @ Maroon Ridge.

Also, I’m locked out of my messenger for my account. Please contact me through my contact form.


Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 04/15/2021

Spring is in the air and so are fun engagement session like this one ✨

Mike, Lauren and lady bug 🐞

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 03/15/2021

This weekend has been amazing and full of love, it started of with Chris and Veronica’s wedding @bellaterravenue.

It was literally so beautiful yet simple.
It was everything I could have wanted to be apart of.

Beyond beautiful couple inside and out. Great family and friends, intimate ceremony, a talented dj, gorgeous venue, perfect dress, and gorgeous hair and make up.

Feeling. so. grateful.

Glad the rain went away and allowed us a moment.


Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 02/21/2021

Thankful that Josh + Joyce love dogs as much as I do and can hang with my dry humor. I am excited to be their wedding tag along next month ♥️

Joyce + Josh + Evie

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 02/11/2021

Sharing some more of my favs from Rebekah’s elopement ❄️

Photos from Loved by Leigh's post 01/15/2021

Colton + Taylor maternity session, and yes we did dance to baby mama 🙈

By the way first sunrise session I have EVER done and I can say so worth it!!


I’m not sure how I didn’t share this here, i have such a soft spot in my heart for seniors. How sweet is it that she brought support along?

Her most important thing even more so then her photos of herself was to get some images with her grandpa ❤️

Congratulations Valerie 🥂


Sharing one of my favorite images from 2020, it’s been a tumultuous year but we have all overcame a lot. ⁣

I am excited to move on to 2021 and incorporate new business practices and work with my amazing clients that I have gotten to know over the past year.⁣

I’m excited to go in with a refreshed mindset. I get it we should not wait till 2021, but there is just something about a new year that feels like a reset. ⁣

Can we all just make a promise to be the best and kindest human beings that we can possibly be?? ⁣

Can we be courteous and show more compassion? ⁣

We need it now more than ever, I know it seems easy to throw it away because not everyone has this mindset BUT don’t lose your compassion for others. ⁣

Keep being that change. Let’s rock 2021 and manifest positive things. ⁣

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Last session of 2020 went out with a bang with one of my favorite couples, Nicole and Tyler.

We connect so well, and communicate almost daily.

They get married exactly 11 months from now at the springs in wallisville.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when they told me that they wanted to move forward with me, after we talked at Starbucks for probably 2 hours to see if we all connected. I was slightly awkward and they were just so sweet and excited to have me there talking with them.

I may have shoved my foot in my mouth 2 or 5 times, but the connection and friendship was there. They are amazing, they look amazing, their hearts are amazing.

Nicole is a teacher, and I always get so nervous having her read everything I write but she assured me to not worry since she’s not an English teacher.

Nicole if you’re reading this, I’m overjoyed to be apart of you and Tyler’s special day.

It means the world to me.



Where has this year gone? ⁣
Honestly, this year has been crazy I’m sure for all of us, but I have also had a lot of new achievements and crushed goals that I have had for years. ⁣

Just to share a few making my business more long term sustainable with how I have structured it, invested in mentorships and upgraded my camera with no debt attached, purchased a car (with debt attached) launched a more intimate side to my brand @barebyleigh and created a Facebook group empowering over a thousand women. Traveled out of state and into the snow. I’ve since learned over again that I prefer warmth 🥲⁣

I am still working on things like giving myself a work life balance and not being so hard on myself, but I know that will continue to come with time. ⁣

So many great things have came from this years and I hope the next two weeks everything you have manifested comes true or starts unfolding. ⁣

What’s one thing you have accomplished this year big or small? ⁣


A little gif for ya anxiety 🥲

You thought you had anxiety when they jumped? How about twerking?


This day I will never forget.
I feel so grateful that Rebekah and Hunter trusts me with their images.

It was a beautiful day, surrounded by an amazing warm-hearted family and couple.
Not to mention we can cross scaling the side of a mountain off of our bucket list and thawing my feet out for an hour. 🙈

We have had such a great time in Colorado.
Until next time 🏔


Out of office till December 15th to get these two hitched🙌🏻🙌🏻

Rebekah + Hunter



Trading the warm Texas sun for the cool cold air in Colorado this week ✨ ⁣

Stay tuned for some road tripping + behind the scenes of the elopement LOVE. ⁣

Madison + Jared showin out for ya on Facebook 😌


You will never guess the song they are singing 😂😜

Vibin w/ Mackenzie & Jalen


One of the most powerful moments in a wedding for me, is the giving of the bride and then the initial first look with dad. It gives me such overwhelming feeling and I have to fight back tears of happiness. It’s just something I had always dreamed of for myself, and getting to see this unfold in person hits me right in my feels in a joyous way. ⁣⁣
Peep RIGHT for the grooms (Andrew) reaction to the giving of the bride (Mikiah) ✨⁣⁣



Taking it back to the beginning of the year with some of my favorite bridals, and one of the sweetest moments I’ve been apart of with Dia. 💛


Me + Mrs. bailey ✨
What a beautiful day it was for these two.

Can’t wait to deliver some more sneak peeks 😍

Mikiah Bailey + Andrew


It’s time to get these two hitched!!!

Mikiah + Andrew 💛


‘I've been watching you⁣
For some time⁣
Can't stop staring⁣
At those oceans eye’⁣

Cami + Korbyn⁣




What people are thinking when I say ‘I aM a PHoTOgrAPher’


What they will actually get ✨


I want to be @nikkiluuuu when I grow up 🥺 ⁣

They always bring the fire with their fits. ⁣

I can not even imagine how beautiful and extra their wedding is going to be. ⁣

Fernando + Nikki ✨ ⁣

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Its the moves for me 😛

Don’t hurt me, but I have a confession... I have never watched the office. ⁣

My couple right here Josie and Cody LOVE it. They love it so much, that they just burst out the dance moves for fun. ⁣

I can dig it. ⁣
I kinda feel like I’m missing out on not watching the office if there are moves like these 🙈⁣


Tonight I’m feeling my growth SO much.

It’s so nostalgic.

Did you know that the first session I had ever done was on the campus of SHSU for a senior session and tonight I had the complete honor of photographing Erika for her graduation.

Erika and I met at the dog park at our apartments and bonded over our pups. She gave me a follow on insta and reached out, and I’m just very grateful that we got to work together.

Her personality is amazing, and she is stunning and has a supportive family behind her.

Her mom brought all of the snacks and water and didn’t let me leave thirsty or hungry.


Shiyenne and Colin,
I don’t know where to start but I am so honored that they have chosen to work with me twice and to photograph them for their engagements.

I feel like I know them SO well and when we get together it just feels like friends hanging out.

Btw, I’m sorry Colin for getting you submerged in the salt water.
I hope you both had a nice evening celebrating your engagements and anniversary coming up.
Thank you for the bottle of wine & sweet note that I will keep forever.



Felt like my best self hanging out with Felicia & Justin for their engagement photos 💛

By the way if you’re not from TX and you’re seeing this, yes Felicia is wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather because style. That’s why 💁‍♀️


Let’s taco bout how beautiful this wedding was and how they added some personal touches like Garrett’s car + a taco truck they both love 🌮 ⁣

Warwick wedding Oct 4, 2020 ⁣

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Elopements are my favorite, surely I have already said this over and over. ⁣

Eloping is unique in the way it puts on display the intimacy and beauty of the sole purpose of marriage. ⁣

I felt the earth shake on this day two beautiful intelligent people said their vows and in front of their group of friends and family. ⁣

When I got to the park Alan was out walking his dog in his SUIT and we all know this Texas weather can make us sweat a little more than normal haha! Erica and Alan said their vows at a bridge in Hermann Park, we trekked a little ways through some mud to get some gorgeous photos of them in front of an urban wall and pond that Erica had sought out. Shortly after we gathered back at their apartment where my asst and I were offered food and drinks and told to take a a seat and relax. Shortly after the intimate gathering, we made our way to Eddie V’s and they were practically pushing food at us (we can’t complain) and then we moved to a private room for toasts where I got to see their childhood displayed in photos. I’m telling you all I feel like I KNEW them for years just by these photos and the kindness that filled the room. ⁣

I don’t think people understand how much a little bit of kindness can make a lasting impression on someone. I can only hope that when they look at their photos that they are able to feel the love and kindness that filled the air the whole day over and over again. ⁣

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Out of office till October 1st. I will periodically be responding to emails, but will let everyone know when I am back active. Thank you.

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A little gif for ya anxiety 🥲
You will never guess the song they are singing 😂😜
Its the moves for me 😛
Andrew did this several times 😅
My first GIF attempt 😆
Who doesn’t love a good before and after? ✨
Last live for the other winner of the drawing 🙂
Give away announced live 😃



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