"Bed, Biscuits & Beyond" Boarding Kennels

"Bed, Biscuits & Beyond" Boarding Kennels


Will you be available for Sadie from June 26-July 2?
Hi Samantha! Marcy MarySusan is SO eager to see you and wants to arrange a nice long play date. I left an email with details, and Stan left a voicemail, but now we’re worried that you might be sick or something. Please be in touch or maybe ask your sweet son to call. If you need help, we’re here! ♥️♥️
Hello! I tried to call your number listed and wasn’t able to get though. I need to see about scheduling with you please! Thank you.
Hi girls, Mom and Dad miss you. We are having a great trip . See I soon. From Russia with Love
Hello to Marcy MarySusan. Hope you're having some fun...We miss you!! ❤️❤️
Hi Aunt Sam! This is Marcy MarySusan. 🐶 I want to come visit again in March. Please call or email my parents when you have time to talk, so they can secure the reservation dates. And yes, I'm wiggling with anticipation! ❤️
Thanks Samantha for the great care my babies got while we were gone three weeks. I actually think Lola is doing better with other dogs.

We are all about BOARDING your pet in a safe, CLEAN, friendly and stimulating environment! And we guarantee to " ..... LOVE your pet like you do!"

We are a FULL CARE Boarding Facility in a "country setting"! Let your pet enjoy their vacation while playing on GRASS and splashing in our POND. NO concrete play room here!! We play in FRESH AIR & SUNSHINE! Our fenced in play yard is 15,000 sq/ft of FUN, FUN, FUN!! We have one-on-one care for your pet ensuring that ALL of their needs are met .... and more! We are Certified in Emergency Pet First A

Operating as usual

[07/03/20]   !!!!!! COVID-19 CLOSING !!!!!!
Due to the surge in cases of COVID-19 over the recent weeks, we are again closed for reservations. Our utmost concern is for the safety of our boarders and their human families. The measures we are taking address just this.
Our plans are to re-open in January 2021 if there is considerate improvement in the current health situation.
Please be responsible and wear masks or face coverings when in situations that demand more caution than in your own home.
As always, keep your pets safe with NO nose touches with other dogs. Stay safe and hope to see you and all of my 🐶😺🐶😺 after the holidays!
❤️ Samantha.
(I will update our re-opening on fb and my phone voicemail at 281-451-0049.)


Fun with Sweet Little Nanu .... now that’s a balancing tail if I’ve ever seen one!! He’s quite the little monkey! ❤️


Awwww .....


❤️ “I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!” ❤️ Ace.


😃 More help in the kitchen !! 😃


Just for fun!!! 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


[email protected]@k at MarcyMary Susan’s new haircut!! .... How I LOVE to see fresh shaved dogs. Her butt looks like a little bear cub. I never new she was this small ... she’s a lapdog now! LOL! (But ... I’m guessing she was a lapdog before her haircut too 😉)
“Hi Mom ❤️🐶❤️ Hi Dad!”


BREAKING NEWS in the dog world!! Scamp the Tramp just won annual ‘World’s Ugliest Dog Contest’ ..... I think he’s a handsome fellow! I just love scruffy dogs. 😘🐶❤️


Here comes some help!!! I think Houston tires easily ... 😴😴😆. Waitttt a minute ... maybe I’m being Supervised? Lol. This Golden Doodle has the softest curls I’ve ever felt. ❤️😘🐶


Having FUN with Houston!!! Such a good boy ... 🐶💙 and such a beautiful morning!


Introducing the newest member to our BBB Family .... LEXI! She is quite the polite little lady!! 🥰


Just enjoying some quiet time with little Nikki. Such a sweet girl! ❤️


Every time I take Tex outside, he starts spinning in circles about 6 times and by the time I think to get my phone out, he won’t spin anymore. I coaxed him into one more this evening! He’s some crazy fun!! 😜


Tex is gettin’ down with a good ole’ back scratch!! 😆

[05/31/19]   ATTENTION ... ATTENTION ... ATTENTION ... My business email [email protected] is NOT up and running? Idk? It was brought to my attention by a customer (several) who thought I fell off the face of the Earth! I know, Yahoo knows and who knows who’s fixing it???? I’m working on it, until then you can ALWAYS text me @ 281-451-0049.
Note: I’ve rerouted the boarding request form on my contacts page to my personal email but ... who knows? 🙄 Texting is the safest route at this point and if I don’t respond right away, I’m probably on my mower 😄 ... y’all know me!! 🚜


Tigger and Andy have their bags packed and all ready to go home ... just catching some beautiful morning sunshine while waiting for Daddy! ☀️😸💙😸


A little bit of fun to sift through!! 🐶❤️🐶🐶🐶


Just a little something to put a SMILE on everyone's face!! 🥰

Dogs catching treats 😂😍😎 By Vieler Photography


Ok EVERYONE, here we go again .... another call for HELPPPPP! Adopt or Foster, either one will be greatly appreciated!
A VERY sweet little boy is needing a furEver home!! Dachshund, male, is now neutered, up-to-date on all shots, his newly found spirit is intoxicating! He loves all other dogs ... I believe he’s 3 years old? He came up to one of my customers while she was walking her own 3 dogs (which are in this video with him)! She is unable to keep him but God Bless her, she rescued him from starvation, vetted him and neutered the little guy! Leave me a voicemail if you can help in any little way!! Going to also post his original video. His rehab & recovery are going well! Notice his broken spirit in the first video .... and his new found spirit! Dogs are amazing and forgiving creatures to their past abuse .... if you’ve never rescued or adopted a stray or shelter pet, you’re missing out on witnessing miracles!! Thanks again, Samantha ...💙


Who’s missing me? 👹 I had a wonderful time at Bed, Biscuits & Beyond, but I was tucked in my blankets and when I woke ... my dog was gone! 😧 In the mean time, I’ve had a wonderful washer/dryer spa day! 😁


A little distraction this morning! 😆 🌳🦌🦌🦌🌲🦌🦌🦌🌳


Izzy was sooooo happy to see her Daddy coming to pick her up ...but sad to say “Bye Ms. Sam”. These little eyes get her and her sister Ana, well ... pretty much anything they want while they’re here with me! 😉
See you two little rascals next time! 😘🐶🐶💕




I think these Dogs are broken...

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Sarcasm League

LOL!!! 🤣



Another happy customer ... home at last! There’s no place like home ... except for Bed, Biscuits & Beyond and we come pretty darn close!! (tee-hee) 😉 .... Sweet Dreams R***r .... we sure do miss you 😜 around here! 😂


“I’m waiting for my Daddy! .... I’ll just get my own leash and carry it around until he gets here!! Maybe if I keep laying in different spots, that’ll help!” 😂 💙
Ok Bagwell! 😘


Awww Sadie 💖 ... thank you for sending me some BEAUTIFUL pics of you being such a GOOD GIRL at home! Wish you were here playing with me 🐶😁. It won’t be long before you are ... 😘


🎈🎉🎈💙🐶🎂💙 🎈🎉🎈
🎈💙 🎈💙 🎈💙 🎈💙 🎈
Thanks for sending me your birthday pic, you are such a handsome birthday boy ... and your birthday cake looks delicious! 😃🍪
⬇️ Here’s a surprise for you!


Another fun evening with the 3 Musketeers .... or more becoming is “The Little Rascals!” 😉 🐩💞🐩💞🐩


Well look what we had the pleasure of watching on our LIVE WILDLIFE CHANNEL just now!! You would see 8 deer .... buuut,my iPhone is so slow you only get to see the end of the procession! 🤨 (yep, the ones that got away!) 😁
They’re going to bunk down to stay warm and dry I imagine 💤💤💤....


🐶💭 What is this “fetch” you speak off??? 🎾 🤔💭
“Don’t worry Scout, you’re just a youngin’ ... you’ll catch on!!” 😄


It looks like Harvey is showing off for his new friend FiFi! 😍


And the winners of the Cha-Cha Contest ... Fritz and Trooper!!!!!
🕺🏻🕺🏼 The girls were too busy giggling! 😍😂😝😍☺️


🤭😂🤣 “Hi Delaney .... are you having fun?!!!”


It’s a battle of the ball and Luna’s me brother TJ is as proud as a peacock to be winning!! 😋🎾😋

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Every time I take Tex outside, he starts spinning in circles about 6 times and by the time I think to get my phone out, ...
Tex is gettin’ down with a good ole’ back scratch!! 😆
Ok EVERYONE, here we go again .... another call for HELPPPPP! Adopt or Foster, either one will be greatly appreciated! A...
“Hi Everybodyyyyy!!! .... It’s me, DIXIE! Don’t forget about me, I’m still here waiting for a new Mommy or Daddy or fami...
Gracie and I are playing with my ‘slomo’ .... wait for it .... wait for it .... wait for it .... TA-DAAAA!!! We obviousl...
More from the “3 Stooges”!! 🤣(Delaney,Charlie, Choko)
These 3 🐶🤪🐶 are cracking me up!!!(Delaney, Charlie & Choko)
~ Fun with Darby!!~ 💕Treats, treats, treats, treats ... yum-yum-yum ... treats, treats, treats ... num-num-num ... treat...
A little morning run with Crazy Daisy 😜 and Lexi! 💕
LUNA .... you crack me up girrrrllll!!! 😂
🤣 Ollie & Ben helping me with chores in the kennels! 😂💦
Crazy Cookie! ..... She did this for about 5 full minutes before it even entered my mind to video it! All of her followe...




18365 Possum Trot
Conroe, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm
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