Quintero Income Tax 2

Quintero Income Tax 2

We specialize in both individual and business income tax. Offer services such as applying for tax identification numbers and offer bookkeeping for all small to mid size businesses.

We are a multi service office.We specialize in personal income taxes and ITIN.We service businesses in bookeeping and preparing income taxes.We also have a notary on staff to provide all notary needs.We have recently added money transfers to Mexico,south and central America.ENVIOS DE DINERO A MEXICO,Centro y Sur America!

[04/16/19]   Los veo muy contentitos. Recordaron declarar sus impuestos? Se vencieron ayer. Pero aun se puede 😆

[01/23/19]   Filing season officially begins Monday January 28

Temporada de impuestos empiesa, oficialmente, Lunes Enero 28

[01/10/13]   IRS no estara aceptando su declaracion de impuestos hasta el 30 de Enero 2013.La oficina de Quintero Income Tax abriremos el 14de Enero para empesar la preparacion de la temporada.Preguntas llamar (713)3910022

[09/11/12]   This coming income tax season brings many changes.

[08/01/12]   It is not too early to begin putting your receipts in order and ready to file 2012 tax return/no es muy temprano para poner sus recibos en orden y prepararse para su declaracion de impuestos 2012!

[01/25/12]   Declara tus impuestos.Recibe tu reembolso el Viernes 10 de Febrero.Te decimos como....

[01/19/12]   No existen cargos escondidos,ni cargos no necesarios.Lo que decimos que va recibir de reembolso lo recibe.Sin mentiras ni trucos.

[01/18/12]   La "temporada" de taxas oficialmente empeso hoy!!Estamos contentos y listos para dar un buen servicio a todos nuestros clientes acutales y los nuevos ;-)Income tax "efile" season has officially began.We are looking foward to service our current clients and all future ones ;-)

[01/14/12]   Usted no puede declarar en sus impuestos al hijo del vecino o su primo segundo que vive en China.Los dependents que usted declare en sus impuestos tienen que ser hijos/hijos legalmente adoptados/sobrinos/nietos/padres/hermanos. ES LA LEY.Your dependents must pass the RELATIVE TEST.They must be your natural born children/adopted children/sibling/parents/ or any decendents of these.IT IS THE LAW.

[01/11/12]   Puedes hacer tu income tax aun que no tengas seguro social.Visitanos para mas informes.Visit us to obtain an ITIN,if you don't have a valid SS

[01/10/12]   Ya hicimos varios income taxes.Venga hacer el suyo en cuanto reciba su forma ;-)

[01/10/12]   We have already filed a few income taxes.Come on over as soon as you get all your forms ;-)

[01/09/12]   Tax season is here again! While the filing deadline might be a couple of months away, this month you will receive all required third-party reporting documents: W2s, 1099s for interest and dividends, 1099s for nonemployee compensation if you are an independent contractor, 1099-Bs from your broker reporting proceeds from the sale of stocks and bonds, 1098s from your mortgage holder, K-1s from partnerships, S Corps, estates, and trusts. Hopefully, you’ve set up a file to store all these documents to make data gathering for tax preparation a snap. If not, now’s the time to create one.

Note that the due date for filing this year is April 17. If a tax due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the next business day becomes the due date. This year April 15 is a Sunday and Monday, April 16 is a federal holiday so the due date falls on Tuesday, April 17. If you are unable to file by the deadline, you may obtain an extension to Oct. 15. Bear in mind that the extension is for filing, not paying. All taxes must be paid by April 17 otherwise you may suffer penalties and interest.

If you pay estimated tax payments throughout the year, the due date for your next quarterly installment for prepayment of 2011 income taxes is Tuesday, Jan. 17. Estimated tax payments for 2012 will be due on April 17, June 15, Sept. 17 and Jan. 15, 2013.

Beginning in 2011, brokerage firms are required to report to the IRS not only proceeds from sales of stocks and mutual funds, but also the cost basis of the investments that are sold. The IRS has designed a new Form 8949 for reporting capital gains and losses. A summary of the information listed on this form is carried over Schedule D. A couple of new columns are added to Form 8949 reporting – one for adjustments to basis (in case your broker has an incorrect figure) and one for coding the transaction to identify the type of sale.

Business mileage rates for 2011 were changed mid-year, so when calculating your mileage for 2011 use the rate of 51 cents per mile for miles driven up to June 30, 2011 and 55 ½ cents per mile from July 1 to Dec. 31.

Mileage rates for 2012 are as follows: 55 ½ cents per mile for business, 23 cents per mile for moving and medical, and 14 cents per mile for charitable purposes.

The temporary payroll tax cut has been extended to Feb. 29; employees will enjoy a continued savings of 2% of wages withheld for Social Security – from 6.2% to 4.2%. The Social Security wage base for 2012 is $110,100 up from $106,800 in 2011. Once your wages exceed this amount, Social Security will not be withheld but Medicare will continue to be withheld.

The self-employment health insurance deduction no longer offsets the self-employment tax. In 2010 only, self-employed workers were able to reduce the amount subject to self-employment tax on Schedule SE by the amounts paid for health insurance premiums. You can still take the deduction on Form 1040 as an adjustment to income.

Foreign financial assets are reported on a new Form 8938. The foreign asset disclosure form is separate and different from the foreign bank account report. Taxpayers with foreign assets may need to file both documents.

The first-time home buyer’s credit is now only available to members of the military or Foreign Service. If you are repaying the first-time home buyer’s credit, you may not need to complete and attach Form 5405.

Also gone for 2011 is the Making Work Pay Credit. For the past few years we enjoyed $400 per year single and $800 married filing joint credit against our tax liabilities.

[01/06/12]   No se esperen.Ya pueden hacer su income tax!

[01/06/12]   You can file your taxes now!Efile will be ready January 17th but you don't have to wait ;-)

[12/30/11]   Ya estamos casi listos!La temporada de taxas 2011 esta por comenzar.We are almost there!Income tax filing season 2011 is almost here!

[12/15/11]   Fiscal year is almost over!In simpler words:almost time to file your income tax.Temporada de declarar impuestos esta cerca!

[10/19/11]   Quarterly sales tax is due this thursday October 20,2011!

[10/07/11]   Reminder:October 18 th is deadline to file a tax return for those who requested extentions. Octubre 18 se vence la extencion para declarar sus impuestos.

[09/10/11]   4 (four) months away from income tax season! 4 (cuatro) meses para que empiesa la temporada de impuestos!

[08/28/11]   Seems like tax season is so far away.Don't procrastinate!If you are self employed or have cash income start organizing those receipts for your deduction :-)

[07/16/11]   Did you know that:Although there is an "income tax season" you can file your taxes any time during the year.Sabias que:Aunque hay una "temporada de impuestos"puedes declarar durante cualqier tiempo durante el añ0

[06/21/11]   Estamos muy emocionados de ofrecer envios a Mexio,Centro y Sur America!



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