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We are an independent insurance agency. We provide all lines of personal insurance including auto, home, life, motorcycle, boat, farm, health, condo and renters.

We also provide business insurance, liability, health and workers' compensation. Since 1980, the professional insurance agents at Lee Insurance Group have been helping businesses and residents across Southeast Texas protect what matters most to them through an abundance of quality insurance policies spanning auto, property, commercial, life and health insurance services. An independent insurance a

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tkpl.us 08/05/2017

5 minutes can make a difference

tkpl.us While the average hailstorm only lasts five minutes, the damage can be significant. If you're caught in a hailstorm while on the road, here are some tips to help:https://www.travelers.com/resources/auto/safe-driving/how-to-drive-during-tornadoes-and-hail.aspx? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 08/02/2017

Safety means secure

tkpl.us Checking your playset for sturdiness, rusty bolts and wood rot can help keep everyone safe. Get more backyard safety tips: https://www.travelers.com/resources/home/safety/yard-safety.aspx? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 07/29/2017

Learn to use a fire extinguisher

tkpl.us During a fire, there is no time to learn how to use your fire extinguisher. Read these tips and review how to operate it before a fire happens.https://www.travelers.com/resources/home/fire-safety/how-to-use-a-fire-extinguisher.aspx? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 07/26/2017

3- minute home security checklist

tkpl.us Do you have a habit of running out the door without securing your home? Get our "SAFE" three-minute home security checklist to help keep your home from being a target. https://www.travelers.com/resources/home/safety/three-minute-home-security-checklist.aspx? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 07/22/2017

Should you respond to aggressive drivers?

tkpl.us You might be surprised to discover that even common driving habits can be unsafe. Take our quiz for a refresher on the rules of the road. https://www.travelers.com/quiz/auto/safe-driving/drivers-ed? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 07/19/2017

How you can grill safely this summer

tkpl.us Here are some dos and don'ts of grilling up some of your favorite foods. Share them with your friends and families to help everyone stay safer:https://www.travelers.com/resources/home/safety/grilling-safety-tips.aspx? #ThinkSafe

tkpl.us 07/15/2017

Your car is built to crumple.

tkpl.us Did you know that crumple zones along with seat belts can help prevent injury and saves lives? See how:https://www.travelers.com/resources/auto/safe-driving/how-crumple-zones-work.aspx? #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 07/08/2017

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Renters Insurance

travelers.com Will your renters insurance cover your stuff if it isn’t in your place? Learn about this and other important questions: http://tkpl.us/97340

travelers.com 07/08/2017

Your life preserver at the beach

travelers.com At the beach? Hear thunder? Get out of the water immediately and seek shelter in your car. Hiding under a picnic table or pavilion is not safe. Share these lightning safety tips with your friends and family.http://tkpl.us/9733u #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 07/07/2017

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Renters Insurance

travelers.com Are you covered by your roommates renters insurance? See this and other important questions to ask: http://tkpl.us/96t9c

travelers.com 07/05/2017

4 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Insurance

travelers.com There are ways to reduce the costs of renters insurance. Learn more and contact us for help: http://tkpl.us/96iso

travelers.com 07/05/2017

How does your kit stack up?

travelers.com Do you know what a well-stocked survival kit looks like? Get our checklist of items to include here:http://tkpl.us/96isi #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 07/03/2017

Why You Need a Renters Insurance Policy

travelers.com Adulting is hard, but insurancing doesn’t have to be. Contact us to learn why renters insurance is important, but easy: http://tkpl.us/964bc

travelers.com 07/01/2017

What's one of the top 5 property loss claims?

travelers.com Theft on premises is one of the top 5 property loss claims, according to our claim data. Learn ways to help protect your property.http://tkpl.us/95yrc #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/30/2017

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Renters Insurance

travelers.com Are dogs allowed? Contact us for this and other insurance questions every renter should ask: http://tkpl.us/95p56

travelers.com 06/28/2017

4 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Insurance

travelers.com With renters insurance, how much stuff you have can determine how much insurance you need. Learn more: http://tkpl.us/95edi

travelers.com 06/28/2017

Zones are key for safe driving

travelers.com Establishing rules and zones where kids and pets sit can help keep you and your family on the road. Watch our video for tips on safer family road trips:http://tkpl.us/95edc #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/26/2017

Why You Need a Renters Insurance Policy

travelers.com Renters: if someone is hurt in your place, you could be liable. Renters insurance is important – here’s why: http://tkpl.us/94yy6

travelers.com 06/24/2017

There's no safety in numbers on the golf course

travelers.com If you're on the golf course when a lightening storm hits, moving away from your cart, clubs, and other golfers as you seek safety can help keep you and others safe. Learn what else you should do: http://tkpl.us/94twc #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/23/2017

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Renters Insurance

travelers.com There are two types of renters coverage. Do you know which one you have? This and other questions renters should ask: http://tkpl.us/94lz0

travelers.com 06/21/2017

4 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Insurance

travelers.com Renters insurance can help if you have to move because your place is damaged. Important info for every renter: http://tkpl.us/94dfi

travelers.com 06/21/2017

Avoid deck dangers

travelers.com Are you ready to enjoy your time by the pool? Don't forget the pool safety tips. Share them with your friends & family:http://tkpl.us/94dfc #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/19/2017

Why You Need a Renters Insurance Policy

travelers.com The cost of replacing your stuff can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Info every renter should know: http://tkpl.us/940hi

travelers.com 06/17/2017

Keep lawn tools in lockdown

travelers.com Is your oil and gas for your lawn equipment and tools stored properly? Share these maintenance tips:http://tkpl.us/93wn0 #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/16/2017

5 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Renters Insurance

travelers.com Does your renters insurance protect all of your stuff? What every renter needs to know: http://tkpl.us/93ru6

travelers.com 06/14/2017

4 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Insurance

travelers.com Renters insurance covers more than just what’s in your place. Insights every renter should know: http://tkpl.us/93mhi

travelers.com 06/14/2017

Turn off the grill

travelers.com Turning off the gas to your grill after every use can help keep you, your family and your guests safe as you enjoy the outside. Here are more grilling safety tips:http://tkpl.us/93mhc #ThinkSafe

travelers.com 06/12/2017

Why You Need a Renters Insurance Policy

travelers.com Did you know insurance is not included in your rent? Important info about protecting your stuff: http://tkpl.us/93d7o

travelersecardplus.com 06/08/2017

Why You Need a Renters Insurance Policy

travelersecardplus.com Your landlord does not insure your stuff. #Adulting is hard. Learn why renters insurance doesn't have to be: http://travl.rs/2mjRLkO

familycircle.com 06/27/2016

7 Safe-Driving Apps

Are you tempted to reach for your phone when you're driving? Here are some helpful apps to check out when self-control needs a little help: http://ow.ly/RwBD301Dv0p

familycircle.com Instead of being dangerous distractions, these smart phone programs can help teen drivers focus on the road.

[06/23/16]   Stay safe while you travel this summer!

money.usnews.com 06/16/2016

7 Easy Ways to Save for Your Big Summer Vacation

Is your family planning a trip this summer? Don't break the bank, here are some tips on how to save some dough while travelling. http://ow.ly/Ip5R301kNCt

money.usnews.com Saving for a summer trip now will save you from stressful money thoughts when lying on the beach.


With a vast network of top providers including Progressive, Germania and BlueCross BlueShield, among many others, Lee Insurance Group can compare coverage and price to give you the best possible value for the coverage you seek.

Whether it's family health insurance, business insurance or auto insurance, our extensive industry experience affords us the ability to match your needs with quality policies to protect what matters most to you within your budget.

Take a look at the wide array of insurance services we offer, or call one of our experienced agents today at (936) 788-5555 and let us demonstrate our dedication to delivering quality insurance policies that include comprehensive value and superior customer care.



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