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Here is a list of this weekend's open houses in The Woodlands.
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An escrow waiver can help you save thousands of dollars at closing by eliminating the initial escrow deposit. Sound good? Contact us now to learn more!

An escrow waiver can help you save thousands of dollars at closing by eliminating the initial escrow deposit. Sound good? Contact us now to learn more!

Timeline Photos 08/13/2021

Need Fast Closings?
New home purchase loans closing in less than 15 days!
I got you!!!

Need Fast Closings?
New home purchase loans closing in less than 15 days!
I got you!!!

marketwatch.com 01/24/2020

FICO just updated its credit scores — here’s how to improve yours

This is a great article that helps explain why your consumer FICO score will vary from when a mortgage lender pulls your FICO score when qualifying to get a mortgage loan. There are a lot of different credit scoring models out there. Here are the quotes from the article that I believe will clarify some mortgage/credit aspects of your credit scores.

"Lenders tend to opt for older versions of the FICO score in part because these scores form the foundation of their underwriting process."

"Fannie Mae FNMA, and Freddie Mac FMCC, require lenders who want to sell them loans to use a FICO score whenever a usable score is required. Lenders get these scores from the three credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. None of the bureaus use the latest version of FICO for this purpose; instead, they use FICO Models 2 (Experian), 4 (TransUnion) and 5 (Equifax)."

"The three credit bureaus have also released the VantageScore as a competitor to FICO, which uses the same underlying data, but a different formula to produce its scores."

"The three credit bureaus have also released the VantageScore as a competitor to FICO, which uses the same underlying data, but a different formula to produce its scores."

"Rossman researched his FICO score under the 4, 8 and 9 models based on data provided by his mortgage lender and credit-card companies. Among those three models, his score varied by 37 points."

"As a result, consumers should be aware that when their credit card company or bank tells them what their credit score is, that may not be the same score that a mortgage lender would use."

"The same beneficial credit behaviors will buoy a borrower’s score regardless of what model is used, experts say. Good credit is still about three things: paying your bills on time every time, keeping your balances as low as possible and not applying for too much credit too often."

Lastly, this article gives the advice to take advantage of Experian Boost, however this is not recognized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (as of now), so if you apply for a mortgage then the lender will require you to remove the Experian Boost accounts to get a true FICO score result.

Zeik The Mortgage Geek

marketwatch.com The credit-score company will roll out its latest versions — FICO Score 10 and 10 T— this summer.


🤣. I can help you become a ho”meow”ner this year.

There’s still time to make the dream come true.

[10/22/19]   How To Avoid Mortgage Scams-
With record numbers of individuals seeking home loans these days, it’s no surprise that scam artists have developed new ways to separate borrowers from their money. Mortgage scams are on the rise and typically target people who are overextended, have bad credit, or are in need of financial relief. These scams can cost a lot – in fact, they can result in the loss of your home. Guard yourself against con artists with a little background on common mortgage scams:

Slight-of-Hand Signings

There are documented cases of homeowners who unwittingly signed away the title to their homes because they were confused by paperwork. With any decision involving your finances, get everything in writing and insist on reading the documents carefully before signing. Ask questions and make sure you understand the answers. Be sure you never sign paperwork with blank spaces or allow someone to rush you through the process.

High-Priced Home-Buying Seminars

You’ve seen ads in the newspaper (and on bus benches) for those home-buying seminars or programs catering to people with less-than-perfect credit. If you’re considering such services, check out their fee structure first, and make sure you’re not buying into a scam. If you’re required to pay large fees in advance, chances are the service is not legitimate. Consult the Better Business Bureau before taking action.

The Reconveyance Racket

Say you’re struggling with mortgage payments or in foreclosure. A business or individual offers to buy the property and sell it back to you, once you get your finances back in shape. The process is called “reconveyance,” and there are legitimate companies offering these services. If you encounter a scammer, however, you could find yourself unable to repurchase your home.

Target: Reverse Mortgages

If a member of your family is considering a reverse mortgage, they should protect themselves against scams specifically targeting reverse mortgages and speak with a HUD-approved counselor first. Make sure they get at least three separate offers in writing, and that they understand the terms and conditions before signing. Remember, borrowers generally have up to three business days in which they can cancel a loan document.

Home Equity Hard Knocks

In this type of scan, the homeowner is approached by a contractor offering home renovations at an affordable price. When the homeowner protests that they can’t afford the work, the contractor suggests he arrange financing through a lender acquaintance. The homeowner agrees, the contractor commences work, and then presents the homeowner with a bunch of paperwork. Some of the papers may be blank or incomplete and the contractor threatens to walk off the job unless they are signed immediately. After the fact, the homeowner discovers they’ve applied for a home equity loan with high rates and accompanying fees. At this point, the contractor has all the leverage because the work is underway and he’s probably received a kick-back from the unscrupulous lender.

amazon.com 10/06/2019

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent, Glacial Blue; Easy to Use, Highly Effective; Provides 12 Hours of DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent; Scent-Free, No Spray, No Smoke and Cordless

Home Product Tip:

It's STILL mosquito season in Texas, but patio season is also fast approaching. I HIGHLY recommend getting this Thermacell mosquito repellant so you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather and not get eaten alive.

It is a simple, inexpensive system that is odorless (no yucky smells - yay!!) and safe for you to be around. Just place the fuel cell inside, add a small cartridge to the top (all included in your initial purchase) and turn it on. Place it on your patio and the mosquitos stay far away! This small one keeps our entire 15x15 patio comfortable for hours! We looooooooooove it so much. More time outdoors with the family for cookouts and fun without the pain of pesky bugs.

***This is my affiliate link through Amazon. I get a small percentage for directing you to Amazon to buy, but you don't pay any extra. It's a small way that Amazon helps out my small business and I get to share my favorite healthy products with you, too :-)***

amazon.com Friends, family, neighbors and more will love congregating on a patio or deck without the annoyance of biting mosquitoes, and they won’t even notice that the Patio Shield Mosquito Repelled from Thermacell is at work keeping the bugs away. Although both festive and decorative in glacial blue, the ....

[10/01/19]   7 must-ask questions before you make an offer:
1. Why is the seller selling the house?
2. How much did they pay for the house?
3. How much does the seller have left on their mortgage?
4. What’s the housing market like in your area?
5. Are there any recent sales to compare this property to?
6. Are there any trends in recent sale prices in the area?
7. How long has the house been on the market?

The Bottom Line:
While there’s no way to predict if an offer will be accepted or rejected, asking all of these questions can help you gather more information, which will in turn, help you land on an offer you’ll feel confident about.

What You’ll Learn:
- How to make a stronger and smarter offer.
- Tips for “reading between the lines” as you come up with an offer.
- How to get crucial information from the seller or even their agent.
- Ways to analyze trends to inform your offer.

Making an offer can be a nerve-racking step in the home-buying process. While no one wants to overpay for their house, your offer should also be enough for a seller to accept, not to mention be competitive with other offers that may be coming in.

While there’s no single magic formula for how to get to an offer price, there are some questions you should ask yourself, your agent, or even the listing agent. Taken as a whole, the answers to these questions can help you get to a more informed (and hopefully more successful!) offer number.

1. Why is the seller selling the house?
This one’s a pretty obvious first question. In fact, you’ve probably already asked the seller yourself before deciding to make an offer. But it’s not just a talking point. Finding out why a seller is selling can be crucial info that can help you understand their mindset and timeline — and therefore, the amount of wiggle room you have to stray from their asking price.

2. How much did they pay for the house?
While the last sale price might be wildly different from the current value of the home, it’s still helpful as a starting point, even if it’s been several years since the last sale. From there, take into account other factors like appreciation, the current market, and any renovations done to the house since they bought it.

3. How much does the seller have left on their mortgage?
Like the seller’s motivation for selling the house, understanding their mortgage balance can help you understand the seller’s mindset. If they still have a large balance left, they might be more likely to sell quickly for financial reasons. If it’s low, they might be willing to wait things out for a better offer since they can likely afford to continue making payments.

4. What’s the housing market like in your area?
Once you’ve taken into account the seller’s situation, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Is it a buyer's market or a seller's market right now?

If it’s a buyer’s market, you’ll have less competition and the seller might be more inclined to take your offer since they may not be able to count on more offers coming in.

If it’s a seller’s market, you’ll likely be competing with other buyers, therefore driving up the price. In that case you’ll want to make an offer that’s at least the asking price, and possibly more to make your number as competitive as possible.

5. Are there any recent sales to compare this property to?
Look up recent sales of comparable properties in your area, then compare your offer to the sale prices. Is your offer significantly higher or lower than those sales? Be sure to use only recent sales (less than 6 months old) to inform your decision, since that’s the cutoff time for most appraisers.

6. Are there any trends in recent sale prices in the area?
This is an extension of the previous question. Aside from comparing your offer to similar properties, see if there are broader trends going on the market. Are homes in your area selling above or below asking price, and by how much? In more competitive markets, you may find that successful offers come in above the asking price, and vice versa for less competitive markets. Taking note of these patterns can help steer your offer to a more successful (or a cost-saving!) number.

7. How long has the house been on the market?
Like buying a used car, the history of a house’s listing can reveal a lot. The longer a house has been on the market, the more likely a seller will take a lower offer. Keep in mind too that a seller’s agent will sometimes re-list a house under a new listing to conceal the house’s real “DOM,” or days on market.

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Maybe it’s time to stop renting... 😂 😂

15 reasons why you should own your own home...

communityimpact.com 09/13/2019

Downtown Conroe development plan officially approved | Community Impact Newspaper

New development plan in the works for Conroe.

What do you think about it?

communityimpact.com Jul 25, 2019: Conroe’s new downtown development plan was unanimously approved at the July 25 City Council meeting. The plan divides downtown into five distinct


Just Listed Homes in Conroe

Just listed: Beautiful home on the lake 🏡

17 newly listed properties in Conroe https://www.har.com/just-listed-conroe/1181 #homesforsale #homesforrent #conroe

amazon.com 09/08/2019

100Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs-UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Use

Do you have a beautiful patio to enjoy this coming fall season? Want to get started sprucing it up right now. Start with some amazing lighting.

We highly recommend these outdoor string lights for helping create a cozy and well-lit outdoor living area around your house. Honestly, they made our patio look so beautiful that it sold us on buying the house we currently live in.

***Note: This is my affiliate link through Amazon. I get a small percentage for directing you to Amazon to buy, but you don't pay any extra. It's a small way that Amazon helps out my small business and I get to share my favorite home products with you.

amazon.com Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Gatherings, Party Commercial Quality String Light Fixture for Indoor / Outdoor Use With Updated Energy-efficient Bulbs Bulb Count: 100 Bulb Spacing: 12 in. Diameter of Bulb: 1.5 in. Bulb & Socket Type: G40 w/ a C7 / E12 base Lighted Length: 99 ft Total Length: 10...

chron.com 09/08/2019

The Woodlands named 7th best city to live in USA

Moving, or thinking of moving to The Woodlands? You’ve made a great choice 👍🏻

chron.com A ranking of best places to live in the United States by niche.com list three Texas communities in the top 10 of the category Best Cities to Live in America, including The Woodlands at No. 7. Niche.com, a site that ranks communities and amenities across the nation, used data and feedback to generate...


From our friends Stainbusters Carpet Cleaning LLC.

How do YOU say Kuykendahl??

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Funny Friday

If you do not pronounce the "R" in Kuykendahl, you're not from #Houston 🤷‍♀️


Are your neighbors this nosey? 🐮 😂

Let’s talk about what it would take to purchase a new home 🏡


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The American Dream

Realtors, 🏡

👉🏻What is your top home staging tip to sellers?

Good staging can make any home feel like you’re a part of a real-life #homeandgarden cover. But it also takes into account the architectural features of the home. What are your home staging tips?

har.com 07/26/2019

Conroe, TX open houses for the weekend of 07/26/2019

It's another big weekend for open houses in the Conroe area.

har.com Check out these great open houses in Conroe this weekend

themoneymanual.com 07/22/2019

49 Easy Ways To Save Money: The Ultimate List For Cutting Back

Money Monday:

Here's a huge list of ways to save extra money.

The more money you can have in the bank, the better off you'll be, so put some of these ideas into action and you will set yourself up to have better financial future.

#money #Monday #motivation #savings #homeownership

themoneymanual.com From shooping out of season to seeking out cashback options, here are our most creative ways to help you make the most out of your savings.


I’m not sure that they can get financing, but I think we have new home owners. 🐍 🏡 😱

#moving #newhome #asap


Just Listed Homes in Conroe

Woah!! It’s the jackpot of open houses this weekend in Conroe.

Start planning your weekend house hunt now 🤩 🏡 😍

100 Open houses for the weekend of 07/12/2019 #openhouse #homesforsale #conroe


Thanks to Billseye Inspections for this accurate prep list.

😉Just in case this storms becomes something we need to take more seriously over the next few days.

It looks like we may be involved with this approaching storm, so for the many who haven't dealt with Hurricane Season before, I came across this list of prep tips. Feel free to add your own or ask questions. It can be scary, especially when the news starts hyping everything up.

1. Plan for the worst, but know the worst is rare. Figure out how much food you would need for a week if you lost power and can’t leave the house, now double it. Snack stress eating before the storm hits plus boredom makes food disappear quickly.
2. Make sure you have a flashlight for every family member who can walk and lots of batteries. You don’t want to lose lighting in the room you are in because someone has to go to the bathroom.
3. Make sure you have an old school can opener.
4. Keep your car filled with gas. You don’t want to be caught in the gas lines in the days before a storm hits.
5. Have bottled water and jugs in hand for drinking.
6. Check your first aid kit and medicines. You don’t want to drive in a storm because you need bandaids, allergy medicine or pepto (for all that pre-storm eating)
7. Check your insurance policies and make a quick video of your belongings
8. Remember that in most cases it is just a wider and longer rain storm and isn’t a cause for panic or alarm. If you start to worry talk to someone who has grown up here. If they say don’t worry it’s a small one, rest easy. If they say, ehhh looks kinda like Allison (or Ike, Harvey, or Alicia) then stay calm but get ready to hunker down.



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