Fountains of Conroe Apartment Homes

Fountains of Conroe Apartment Homes


my upstairs neighbors are jumping around on my ceiling so bad they knocked my thermostat off the wall
Hi im giving away free plants and cactus if anyone is interested..they will be sitting outside for whomever would like them.... Apt 11308
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Happy Halloween!Loved all the goodies today . It was all so yummy !
Fountains of Conroe

I moved in to The Fountains of Conroe in May 2019. I’m very fortunate to have been welcomed here by Rachel who took care of everything to get me moved in with ease. The staff goes the extra mile to make this beautiful property a great place to live.
Thank you for making apartment living great.

Happy Resident
We agree we are "home." Thanks, guys, for making our transition from long-term homeowner inviting, easy and a pleasure. After one year, we are still feeling the love. We have always felt whether it be homeowner, renter or leasing is a two-party responsibility. Naysayers will always complain---this is life.

We are very happy here and Miss Mary loves it. It's a win-win for us.
Nothing is being done about noise conplaints
Spreading Christmas cheer!!
I have lived here since October 2013 and have asked on more than one on occasion for a new washer in my unit. The washer inside my unit is old and disgusting. I leave the lid open all day every day with the exception of when the washer is in use. I use heavy duty Arm and Hammer detergent PLUS BORAX powder every time I wash a load of laundry to kill bacteria etc. I spray Tilex Bleach Mold and Mildew spray once to twice a week inside the washer as well. This MILDEW crap comes out of the washer from inside the spinner and inner rim! It’s DISGUSTING. This smelly black mildew has ruined countless pieces of clothing since I have lived here. It smells horrible! I have asked on multiple occasions for a new washer and given many gifts of expensive skincare product to management in hopes they’d HELP ME. Instead I was told that it was my fault that I had mildew and that I needed to leave the washer open and that’s what I already do. I was also told that it was my fault that I had black mold and mildew (and dry rot) growing on nearly all my windows. I have lived in Texas for all but 4 of my 32 years and never had to deal with mildew like this growing inside a washing machine nor have I ever had to have someone condescend and explain to me that I need to wipe my windows down every day to prevent moisture so I don’t get mold and mildew. Maybe if the windows were properly insulated or the apartment mgmt company gave units a little refresh remodel given they’re a decade old, you’d not have dry rot and blame your residents and send maintenance in to paint over it, like the just caulk over the bad seals and mold growing elsewhere that I’ve seen. This isn’t happening because I’m overloading the washer as you can see it’s not even halfway full!
Janie loved taking pictures this morning!!! Thanks fountains of conroe for providing the backdrop
Hey Everybody!
Come check out Camp Gladiators newest location located right down the road! I am offering TWO WEEKS FREE starting October 9! Come try it out! It's FREE why not?!
Message me for details!
Ivie Jo Bertrand 281-615-9727 [email protected]

If you're looking for great apartment living, look no further! The Fountains of Conroe Apartments located in beautiful Conroe, Texas, is the perfect community for you.

Located less than an hour north of Houston and within just miles of the area's most well-known feature, Lake Conroe. Take in a local show at The Grand Theater or golf the day away at one of many local country clubs. With entertainment, shopping, and dining just minutes from your doorstep,

Operating as usual

Fountains of Conroe Apartment Homes updated their information in their About section. 07/07/2021

Fountains of Conroe Apartment Homes updated their information in their About section.

Fountains of Conroe Apartment Homes updated their information in their About section.


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If you’re looking for great apartment living, look no further! The Fountains of Conroe Apartments located in beautiful Conroe, Texas, is the perfect community for you.

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It is maintenance appreciation week! This week our maintenance team will be given 1 secret Ninja Warrior mission per day...




200 Fountains Lane
Conroe, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
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