Extreme Under Brushing, LLC

Extreme UnderBrushing, LLC is a family-owned business that is environmentally conscious. We remove unwanted vegetation and turn it into mulch.

We are the industry leader in environmentally friendly land restoration and vegetation management.


If the recent weather has caused any tree damages or you are worried about a hazardous tree, we can help! If you have a single tree or multiple trees, please give us a call! 832-692-2298


Extreme Underbrushing provides alternative land clearing solitons. We can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs for land clearing and site preparation. Not all jobs are the same and many times you are over charged because of the contractor's limited resources. Our company has been specializing in alternative land clearing for 20 years. We will find the best route to achieve your goals and complete your project right the first time. There are many myths in the logging industry that reals people into a trap. Most people believe that they will get paid to have their logs removed from their property, but the honest truth is, with projects under 3-4 acres have only a 2% chance of making a profit on their logs. Even with that, the destruction and wake of the logging process often times leads to very expensive and timely re-correction. More often than not, it cost more to re-correct and re-develop the property than it would have to be

cleared properly in the first place. By doing it right the first time, you will save yourself a headache and a lot of time and money. We utilize mulchers and hydroax to minimize the work load and debris removal. We also have various methods of harvesting your existing soil for site preparation. We have hazardous tree removal experts on staff as well as tree specialist to identify desired species. Please give us a call today for a no obligation consultation. 832-692-2298


We can convert your overgrown property into an open area to build on, explore or landscape! Learn more about how we can transform your land! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Underbrush removal requires a lot of heavy equipment, so it’s vital you select an experienced company to carry out the task! We have a wealth of experience, and look forward to helping you with your property’s unique needs! Call us today! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Winter was brutal at times here in Texas, which has us wanting to get outside and enjoy the spring weather! Make sure your property is cleared and ready for exploring with our underbrush removal services! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Underbrush can grow quickly, and your home can end up looking overgrown and out of control. Give us a call to restore your views and make your property more functional! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


If you’re looking to clear out a trail for hunting, hiking, or horseback riding, call Extreme Under Brushing to clear a path for you. With experience in brush cutting, and nature trail clearing, creating your own trail has never been easier! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


If you found the perfect piece of land, but need to clear it in In order to begin construction on a home, contact Extreme Under Brushing to clear the land for your project! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


If your pasture is overgrown, or if you have unwanted trees blocking your view, Contact Extreme Under Brushing to get an estimate of how we can help maximize your property! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Every project we get the opportunity to work on is unique—which is why we customize every project to fit our customers’ needs. Call today to find out how we can help you transform your land! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Whether you have land beautification, lot clearing or mulching in mind, if you can dream it, we can create it. What would you do with your land if it was cleared?


To get your project started at once, call us for an estimate, no matter how large or small the project. We have all of the proper equipment to get the job done quickly! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Our brush clearing specialists can transform your land in preparation for renovations that can improve the value of your property by:
Extracting roots, dead bushes and dense vegetation undergrowth
Increasing the size of your green space
Removing wild bushes, dead trees and unsightly stumps

Give us a call to schedule your land cleaning project! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


If you have 1/2 acre in your back yard or 500 acres on your farm, Extreme Under Brushing, LLC can mulch it! Our fleet of equipment and our team of experts have the know-how to accomplish any project! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Better service is not just about price, it’s about value. We work hard to deliver great value to our customers. That means using quality equipment and working efficiently to get the job done in a timely manner while never compromising quality. Learn more about what sets us apart! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We work with builders, construction companies, developers and contractors, providing efficient land clearing services and brush clearing for any project. Schedule service. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


With nearly 20 years of experience, we have the tools and know-how to clear your land safely and efficiently. Visit our website to see our portfolio of past projects, or give us a call to schedule service! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


From 1 acre to 500 acres, no job is too big or too small for Extreme Underbrushing. If you’re in need of land clearing, give us a call. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


4.5 acre job in Brenham, TX.


We can convert your tree and brush-filled property into an open area that’s ripe for development and new landscaping. Our strong and efficient equipment provides fast and easy forest-to-mulch options. Call us to learn more! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We offer much more than just land clearing such as pond excavations, hydroseeding and land leveling! For a full range of our services, visit our website or give us a call (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Why choose mulching?
➡No permits needed
➡No costly haul-offs
➡No unsightly brush piles
➡Beneficial to land

Give us a call if you’re in need of acreage mulching! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Our experienced team can remove unwanted vegetation, such as yaupon, weesatch, and underbrush and turn it into beneficial mulch. If you’re interested, give us a call at (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


With all the heavy machinery and large trees, irresponsible land clearing runs the risk of damaging property when carried out by inexperienced individuals or companies. Extreme Underbrushing offers professional, reliable land clearing services. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


No two projects are the same. For personalized, professional service, give us a call. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Thanks, Carlton, for your kind words! If you have a property that needs transformed, give us a call! 832-692-2298 | https://extremeunderbrushing.net/


We have the know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently! Call us today to set up an appointment! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We take a conscious approach to land clearing and understand the importance of developing land while taking care of the beauty that surrounds each project and the rest of your ranch. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We take an environmentally-friendly approach to remove unwanted vegetation, such as yaupon, weesatch, and underbrush and turn it into beneficial mulch. Learn more about our unique approach on our website.
(832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Hydroseeding has many benefits
✅ Proven to control erosion
✅ Growth within 7 days
✅ No transplant shock, like with sod
✅ Excellent even coverage

To see if hydroseeding is a good fit for your project, give us a call. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We can work diligently with contractors and developers to ensure the surrounding area goes as untouched as possible. If you’re in the beginning stages of a new development, give us a call.
(832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


Clearing and brush mulching is usually just the first step in most property renovation projects. Once your property has been cleared, we can reshape it through back-filling and grading, ensuring the proper channeling of drainage. Give us a call to get started on your construction project. (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


We’re excited to announce we now offer hydroseeding. Hydroseeding considers approximately 1/3rd less watering than traditional sod, and makes a great, low-maintenance alternative! Call us to learn more! (832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net

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If you have a project that is too large for you to handle, we can help!

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Review for Extreme Under Brushing, LLC 12/08/2020

Review for Extreme Under Brushing, LLC

We love to hear from satisfied customers! Were in the business of making people happy and helping them to achieve their goals!

Review for Extreme Under Brushing, LLC We will be posting REAL customer reviews, as most companies write there own reviews on there website. We want our customers to know that our reviews are from...

Extreme Underbrushing Conroe Incredible Five Star Review by Jennifer Frazier 12/08/2020

Extreme Underbrushing Conroe Incredible Five Star Review by Jennifer Frazier

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Extreme Underbrushing Conroe Incredible Five Star Review by Jennifer Frazier http://www.extremeunderbrushing.com (832) 692-2298 Extreme Underbrushing Conroe reviewsExcellent ReviewExtreme Under Brushing did an outstanding job on our ...


If you are missing the beautiful view you once had sitting on your front porch, give us a call! 832-692-2298

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Even highways need to be cleared so it doesn’t overgrow. Extreme Under Brushing will clear out any brush and trees, and beautify the highway for your city. Contact us today!

(832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net


To really shape your landscape the way you envision it, contact Extreme Under Brushing to clear out the land and create the foundation to start. Every project is different, and we tailor our services to your needs. Call today!

(832) 692-2298 | extremeunderbrushing.net

About Us!

My name is Marc Rains, and I have worked since 2004 in vegetation management. ​​ I got into this field as a request. At the time I was a tree specialist working for one of the largest Tree Specialist companies in Texas . Where I learned about trees, diseases, and the new and latest methods for safe land clearing and hazardous tree removal. I have been through countless hours of training methods with the T's Brothers from Teas Nursery, to ropes and tackling certifications through the state. I then moved to the forestry division of my field where I learned the delicate nature of Texas state forestry. With my youth and eager to learn I started helping on a very large project to help eradicate unwanted dead trees and invasive species . I was then requested to take on one of Texas largest undertakings in this field, which called for all of my specialties and creative nature to build a specific company and service. I traveled and did some extensive research on all of the latest technology . We visited Vermeer , Fecon, Bobcats, Gyrotrac, and at least 10 others. After purchasing equipment that was close to our idea, we went to work with passion and determination. We shortly learned that the equipment definitely needed some specific touches to suite our needs, since most of the designs were for large full clearing applications, but not for our delicate nature of persevering Texas state forest and old growth trees. So we spent the last 12 years working close with these companies and helping with our demos and input to get the equipment where it is today.

After countless hours of work put in, 2014 marked the year for us and the industry, where all the technology finally hit the field. The new light foot print versions where making major strides and improvements to the industry. Now the machines have low ground pressure, protection, more horse power than ever before. So now all the adjustments had been made. We thought we where able to start really enjoying the fruits of our labor, but instead the oil field crashed and everyone with a little money in their savings went out and bought one of these machines and claimed to be experts. The industry began to get trashed very quickly with over 50 companies a year popping up that have no knowledge or leg work of the business ,and doing poor work, that we have been going back over. We get an average of 3 calls a month to fix or go over these jobs. So we didn't get any break. We immediately went back to work to save our industry. We learned how to do marketing and spend countless days and hours learning how to show off the good end of the industry and the positive side of this field. We started live reviews from real customers, since 90% of reviews you read on internet are from the owners or the employees. Our live reviews are from real customers who are traceable to prove the work was performed. We also have a YOUTUBE channel to help guide new companies and customers into making the right decisions in this field. We have struggled, but always prevail. We have had other companies , take our company name and put them on their signs, on the side of their vehicles, we even had people try to redirect our traffic to their website. Give us a chance to show that only one company is needed when the job is done right the first time.

When you contact us you will have either a happy voice, smiling face, or good old fashion hand shake to ensure you that you are communicating with a company that truly cares. As always God gives us the strength to overcome and be conquerors.


-Marc Rains

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Extreme Underbrushing provides alternative land clearing solitons. We can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs for l...




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