Cottonwood Camping and RV Park

Cottonwood Camping and RV Park


Several years ago I picked up a Maine Birding Trail Guide at a visitor center thinking we might find some nice places to hike someday. This past September while we were staying at Cottonwood Camping and RV Park we finally made it to Petit Manan, which is a part of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The Hollingsworth Trail, was lined much of the way with brilliant red blueberry bushes. Wow! We have never seen anything like this. It might just be our new favorite Maine hike. We met less than 15 people on the entire 1.5 mile round-trip trail. I think this is the most photos I ever put in one post but this place is incredible. Gina & Bob @ Facebook; A Day Well Spent
Thanks SO much for a great stay. Loved the huge clean site, the peaceful camping, all the trees and how central you are located to so many beautiful walks. Thanks Shirley for everything. Your bath house is even nicer than we have at home!!
Looking forward to next weekend! Scott Brown, Julie Croteau
On the way....
Hanging out in Columbia Falls.
Shirley is awesome! She was kind enough to help me out by loaning me her honey pot while I was set up at my in-laws house. She has a great location, centrally located for access to both Bar Harbor and Campobello Island and other “down-east” locations.
Loved our stay at this place! Spots will accommodate large campers, right near the Sunrise Trail . This campsite has a great ambiance and the owners are as friendly and accommodating , so willing to please their campers!!
Just talked to Shirley and I feel like I have known her forever! I can’t wait for our visit in August! Thank you for your quick response and for accommodating us soon!
Excellent time this Labor Day Weekend! Thank you!!
Absolutely loved Cottonwood Campground! Our stay was fabulous as we revisited Downeast 4 wheeling trails.
When is check in?
Michael Kirk Iob

Cottonwood Camping RV Park offers Adventure Camping, 8 full RV sites, Tenting, Teepee Rentals, Guide


Now that’s a fire!
You can expect one tomorrow
night too!
Concert 7-10 pm.
BYOB drink discreetly and responsibly!
Family friendly!
Public welcome!
Bring a chair, a drink and a tip for the band!
We are looking forward to having
The Pitch Black Ribbons with us tomorrow night!

Pitch Black Ribbons - YouTube 07/12/2023

Please help Cottonwood Country welcome for the first time playing with us:

“The Pitch Black Ribbons Band”.

Saturday July 29, 7-10pm.
We are very excited to have them with us!
Public welcome!
Don’t forget to bring a drink, a chair, some dancing shoes and a tip for the band!

Pitch Black Ribbons - YouTube New music creations from the Brothers Phipps.


Cottonwood Stay and play deal!

Book two nights in any of our accommodations and an Atv rental get cash back when you come in!

Full day rental and two nights in one of our Sister Cabins or any of our cabins and we’ll give you 50$ cash back!

Half day rental and two nights stay anywhere in our campground and we’ll give you 25$ cash back!

Stay anytime you want but Book it before July 31 for cash back!


Calling all Atvers!
Keep your eyes 👀 out for Scooch
He’s so handsome!
I’m sure he is terribly missed and scared!


“This is how you do it…!”

Our campground is full!
A big thanks to all our regulars and to all the new comers to Cottonwood Country!
We love you!

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 06/21/2023

Check this out!
Our Sister Cabins are now ready for booking!
Super job to Adam Willette and his crew! They have been working hard the last couple months to get these cabins ready for you!
Equipped with:
Queen bed
Plus trail access from the front door!
The pice is right; book before it goes up!
Both cabins are available this weekend!


Did someone say “Jamboree “?
How you gonna get there?
By Atv of course!
Spend the day getting around on one of our side by sides!
We still have a couple left!
Snag one today and
Stop in to see us!
We’ll be there!


Nothing to do tomorrow night?
No excuses!
Come hang out with us and…


This local group is amazing and they will rock your night!

Just a few hours of fun 7-10pm
Bring a chair and a tip for the band!

Come in on your Atv!
Cottonwood Country would love to have you!

Locals that have never been in here are blown away by everything we’ve built!

See you tomorrow night!


Now playing at Cottonwood country!
Thursday night 7-10 June 15th!!!

There’s no better way to kick off the weekend than with a concert.

If you haven’t had the chance to see this group preform yet you need to!
Come hang out by the fire and dance the night away at Cottonwood camping!

Come for the few hours they are playing or bring a tent, camper or book a cabin!
Book the night or spend the weekend!

If that’s not enough excitement bring your toys and ride the trail.
Don’t have your own toys rent one of ours. Book it on line, shoot me a text or call I am always happy to chat about everything Cottonwood!

Shirley at 207-598-8497


Remembering the Fallen today
From our porch to yours…
Let Freedom Reign!


Tiny Bird Cabin! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This adorable little cabin is still available for Memorial weekend!
Comes with two cots and mattress pads.
A short walk to the bathhouse makes this a cozy retreat after a long day of touring the area or riding the trails!
Park your ATV next to this and sit by the 🔥.
Doesn’t get much better than this!


No plans for Memorial weekend?
We got everything you need!
You got a tent?
We got a tent site!
You got a camper?
We got a camper site!
You got an ATV?
We got the trails!
You got none of the above?
Give us a call.
Cause we got it all!



Don’t have your own? We got you covered!
Our side by sides are now available to book online!


Cottonwood Camping 🏕️👍👍

Will you be visiting us this year?
You can expect some exciting new stuff happening here!
Check out this great layout!
What’s your favorite site?


Hello Spring😎,
Getting excited to see you!

Lots of ☀️
68 degrees & slight breeze 😝
Light rain every Thurs. night 🙏
Lots of wildlife 🦌🦝🦦🍀👀 &

What’s your wishlist?


or for texts ONLY to:


From Shirley. . . Hmm, just got home the other day. Here at the campground. Any guesses what we're up to here?


4/22/2022 "It all started here at Cabelas and ended here too! Was a 7 hour drive from Massachusetts so we let the horses out for an hour or so while we shopped. Got home at 4:30!"

"There's no place like home!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"In Ohio tonight absolutely immaculate place. So cute her horse is retiring soon so no animals here yet things are in mint condition small but so nice will get pictures tomorrow. Ohio will have to wait for a summer trip I sure hope it can work it in someday. Tomorrow is to cold. Should've in Pa. tomorrow and home in a few more days!
All settled in at windy ridge farm on Bethel Pensilvania. We r just two nights from home we hope! This is Bit of Heaven farm in Ohio."

"Tonight we were greeted by a wonderful got settled in here at windy ridge farm. She breeds some very good looking horses. Check out this baby I got to scratch and love on."

"We are heading out in a few should be in Agawam mass by late afternoon."

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"So just got settled in at a huge riding event center in Indiana! Just missed a big show here!!! always a day late!!! Think I'll make Indiana the state I rode my horse in a huge arena! It's 5 acres undercover! maybe I'll build one!"

"In Ohio tonight absolutely immaculate place. So cute her horse is retiring soon so no animals here yet things are in mint condition small but so nice will get pictures tomorrow. Ohio will have to wait for a summer trip I sure hope it can work it in someday. Tomorrow is to cold. Should've in Pa. tomorrow and home in a few more days!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

We are here tonight in Columbia Missouri! This young lady daughter of our host at rocking h ranch or something like that will check on that later took us for a great ride around her town!!!

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"We are here tonight ugh 30 mph wind possible tornado Weather looks like it will come this way "

"Ate out last night at foggy bottom restaurant at the lodge!"

"Left this morning but did get a ride in yesterday!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"Glen canyon dam in page Arizona wow up and coming area great potential for growth wish I had extra money I'd buy there for real!!!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"Headed out this morning had to go into Arizona again as we didn't want to go north into the mountains so we r in Flagstaff we'll spend just tonight and unfortunately probably have to spend another night in New Mexico! Then hope to get to Colorado.
We did though ride again in Utah yesterday!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"Our view from my chair in Paria River Ranch Utah!"

Some photos from back in California our host showed us around town and we went out for dinner Sunday night."

"Utah makes five states this trip> Utah off the list"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/23/2022

"We have arrived in Hemet California it is lovely!! Got horses settled in! And camper set up."

"Already rode the bikes around it is hills and valleys absolutely beautiful! Cooler thanks goodness. Was mighty hot back in Phoenix!"

"Took the horses for a quick ride around the farm let them run around the riding ring. Met our host Caroline and I'll get back to you on her husbands name older couple with a long history of horse ownership. Excited to talk more with them!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

"Left lazy sue's this morning got our health certificate from a vet in Deming no issues there was fast and easy! Drive about 3.5 hours to Tucson Arizona! Yay! Not sure why this was important to me but I'm excited to be here and the scenery is not going to let me down! I love Arizona!"

"We are at Rocking M Ranch."

"We had a great ride yesterday Rode about two hours through the Saguaro National park. Heading out this morning sadly! We should be in Hemet California by late afternoon."

So we had to make a detour yesterday to have truck serviced stayed in Phoenix for the night unfortunately probably tonight as well so I sure hope I can squeeze California in still."

"We are back on the road Bell ford in Arizona took good care of us! Heading back to Tumble T ranch or something like that. Small ranch in the suburbs. But there's a great brewery within walking distances rode bikes there yesterday had a bite to eat! Forgot to take pictures we just might go back today Will head out in the am for Hemet California about 5 hour drive 5.5 for us with this camp."

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

Just got settled in at lazy sue's ranch in Deming New Mexico We will see the vet in the morning then head to Tucson! So exciting! rode the Rio Grande yesterday...oh did I already say that!

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

3/24/2022 "On the road again Thursday landed here at Bar M C ranch in Las Cruces. Did errands Friday. . . .Just got back from riding today! RODE THE RIO GRANDE. . . . Coming down the back side of the canyon towards Las Cruces. . . . We'll head out tomorrow for Deming New Mexico for one night. We have an appointment with vet to get a health certificate so we can get into Tuscon hopefully by Monday night!!!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

3/19-3/24/2022 "After leaving happy horse we spent one night in Big Springs west Texas. Then made our way to New Mexico. Unknowingly we ended up on a mountain. Well really it was up a huge set of canyons! It was a hair raising ride up this mountain. No service of course. We ended up there from Saturday to Thursday morning. We had a great ride on Sunday morning. Then headed off the mountain for some groceries. The weather was turning cold for the next three days. We drove right into a snow storm got back up before the snow made it to us! It snowed all night!"

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

Arrived at happy horse motel Saturday (3/13/2022) such a cute place! Sunday we did a quick ride around the campground trails. Not a lot of riding here but a short two miles away is McKinney Rough state park. Our hosts trailer anyone interested to and from so you don't have to unhook. We took them up on that offer today and had a fabulous ride. . . . Monday we visited Eddie in San Marcos had a great time hanging out with him and some friends."

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/22/2022

3/12/2022 "Just got settled in in Bastrop Texas about 45 min from Eddie! This place will be fun small space for horses but there is a larger round pen too.... Cutest little campground.....
Who's the crazy old man wandering around? Seems like he's following me or it's freighting."

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/21/2022

"Rode the bikes yesterday around the park. Visited the parks botanical garden this place is call Tyrell Park. The farm was built in the depression area by the ccc the buildings are so great!" Shirley

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/21/2022

Photos from Shirley 3/12/2022 "Great time here planned to ride yesterday but rain expected so we rode the day we got here cause we arrived early and was really nice weather. Rather short ride but nice!
People are great! Horses had a cold night last night was very windy and low 30s blankets on geez Louise. I could be home for this kinda weather!!! Spice and Charlie would be in a warm stall if home ugh but they had a roof and warm blankets! Should've stayed in Florida!
We'll be heading out soon for south of Austin less the an hour from Eddie.. Suppose to be some great trails out there looking forward to it but again the cold snap seems to follow me everywhere!" Shirley

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/21/2022

"This is where we are last night tonight heading to Beaumont Texas tomorrow." Shirley 3/9/2022

"Just got settled in in Texas left Mississippi around 8 this morning. This place is awesome so far . . . " Shirley 3/10/2022


Message received from Shirley Cotton 3/7/2022 "We arrived at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama. . . was cold and rainy. Since I've already ridden in Alabama we decided to keep going west anxious to get to Texas to see Eddie and hopefully get some good riding in there. "

3/9/2022 On to south Louisiana near picayune. Cold also.
"Will head to Texas tomorrow morning looks like a layover before getting close to San Marcos where Eddie is. The majority of our riding will be New Mexico and beyond and all the way home."

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 04/19/2022

Follow Shirley and Marks travels, new posts coming most every day. Early in February, Shirley said; "Headed strait to NC to escape the cold. Dropped horses at Magnolia Shadow Farm! Absolutely beautiful place! From here we visited family in Florida. After two weeks, we picked up the horses and headed west! The rest to follow. Sad though this is where I said goodbye to Tyson."


[email protected]
or for texts only:

Photos from Cottonwood Camping and RV Park's post 03/25/2022

This campground has everything you could ask for besides camping. Enter the ATV trails directly from the grounds. Cabins our cute and cozy! Just added two new self contained cabins ready for use this summer. Bathrooms and showers are nothing you'll find in an ordinary campground!! They keep everything very clean!! They even have laundry facilities! Farm stand available on the grounds. 💙


Our Yamaha Wolverine two seater Side by Side prices are as follows:
Half Day 220.00
Full Day 370.00
Two Day 700.00
Three Day 900.00
Prices includes taxes and a full tank of gas.
Drivers must have valid license and credit card to book.
Kids must be 6 years of age to ride along side adult.
Kids 16 years of age with a valid license can drive when accompanied with an adult with current license.
You'll need to contact Shirley directly to book.
Online booking coming soon.

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