Blooming Footprints Birth Services

Blooming Footprints Birth Services


Love this!
I can't ever say enough about Etio Chiropractic-Colorado Springs, CO. I am so happy we chose them for our family. Dr. Kent even takes the time to make sure my daughter's stuffed animals are in optimal health after her adjustments. :p
This had me laughing real good. Lol
Today I hold space for all the babies taken too soon and for the mamas missing them.
What would yours be?!
Come join us for the grand opening of Etio Chiropractic!

Helping women achieve the birth they desire by offering continual physical and emotional support before, during, and after labor. [email protected]

Blooming Footprints has been offering birth doula services since 2015 and birth photography services since 2016. Ariel believes that birth is the most important event of someone's life and it deserves to be treated as such.

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This chart is so helpful! It can be difficult to tell the difference between cluster feeding and true low milk supply. Thank you @centralcoastlactation 💚


Walcher’s Position

A technique used during labor where the birthing person reclines with their back & butt supported and legs dangling.

-Help baby to engage
-Maybe helps baby to get unstuck
-Encourages baby’s head past the pubic bone
-Can help to move a mal-positioned baby

This picture looks like my client is blissfully breathing through her contractions. The truth is she was telling me, graphically how she really felt about this position. 😂 We use Walcher’s as a last resort after ALL of the other things, because obviously it’s pretty darn uncomfortable!

Photo by Blooming Footprints Birth Services 💜


This sweet baby came out en caul and it was amazing. I've seen babies born with a "veil" of membranes but never quite this much. Such a sweet rare moment!
Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

Photos from ICAN of Colorado Springs's post 02/14/2022

Photos from ICAN of Colorado Springs's post


⭐️We really appreciate all the messages asking if we know where to locate a doula that accepts Tricare.

👉 What we know. According to Tricare, there will be a provider network established in April 2022.

Read more here:


⭐️ In the meantime

✔️ We suggest to connect with doulas in your area to see if they are participating with Tricare.

We provide birth professional listings for duty stations on our website but have not earmarked those participting with Tricare. Which we are looking to do in the near future.


If you are unable to find a professional through our website, we encourage you research the Tricare approved organzations individual websites to locate a doula in your area. The approved orgs are listed in the link below.



Happy black history month!

We are showcasing different black birth workers to share the rich history, we hope you enjoy.

Mrs. Mary Coley

Coley pursued a career in midwifery at a time of increased scrutiny and regulation and during an era when public resources were invested in the expansion of hospitals and obstetric care rather than the midwifery model of care. Although increased surveillance of midwifery practice cut in half the number of midwives between 1930-50 (dropping from 3000 to 1,322), Coley went on to provide a range of birth and family services across Georgia for more than three decades. As an African American, she advocated for the health of Georgia's black population and was known for her willingness to work with women regardless of race in a time of segregation. It is estimated that she delivered over 3,000 babies in her career,and she offered additional services to families such as assistance in cooking, cleaning, child-minding, laundering, and helping new parents file official forms and birth certificates. She was known affectionately by her patients as "Miss Mary".


Believe it or not, breastfeeding IS a skill that:

💛 May require training, (yes more training than whatever your mama told you)

🤎May require practice

💛May require extra support

🤎WILL require patience

💛May seem to be going wrong before it’s going right.

Pregnant women please set yourself up for success by getting proper pre-birth education. Don’t let the first thing you hear about colostrum, cluster feeding, nipple confusion, NEC & milk protein sensitivities be AFTER baby has gotten here and you’re flustered in the moment trying to wing it.
I just want to tag some of the lovely breastfeeding educators in my hood 😊 The Milk + Honey Co. & Loyal Lactation
Thank y’all for helping make sure mommies know the way, and these babies tummies are happy. If you need help, reach out! Knowledge leads to confidence and confidence leads to success!

Photos from Uplift Lab at Oregon State University's post 12/21/2021

Photos from Uplift Lab at Oregon State University's post

Vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C): An overview of the evidence 12/16/2021

Vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C): An overview of the evidence

Vaginal birth after two cesareans (VBA2C): An overview of the evidence Access to VBA2C is clouded by fear and misunderstanding about the evidence and the risks. To clear up the confusion, let's review the VBA2C evidence.


The umbilical cord is such an amazing design.
Connecting baby to the placenta
In most cases, cords carry 3 vessels.
Two arteries to bring deoxygenated blood away from baby and one vein to bring nutrients and oxygen to baby.
It is made of whartons jelly which protects the vessels.
In hospital settings they push cutting the cord after 1-2 minutes. At home, they encourage delaying that separation until well after the placenta is birthed.
You can notice the change in a cord after just a few minutes as it goes from looking like this to being almost completely white.
Colorado Springs Birth Doula & Photographer


I attended 3 births over the weekend. I watched two people become mothers and another mother add another baby to her life. I saw complete transformation. I saw some hard moments and some absolute amazing moments that there isn't a word to describe. I cried sad tears, I laughed, I cried happy tears... I am sure I felt every end of the emotion spectrum through the last few days. I've attended over 80 births and most assure me that this is what I am meant to do. Then there are the ones that make me question it. But at the end of the day, my heart is still pulled toward this emotional rollercoaster of a life path. It's pulled to the crazy hours, the crazy emotions, and the tremendous power I witness. This is my passion. This is what I was made for. I am so thankful for every single birth I have been called to. I am thankful the stars line up every single time and I have never missed a birth. I am thankful for these unpredictable hours and the life lessons I have learned over the past 6.5 years. Thank you for inviting me to walk your journeys with you.

Photos from Greenville Birth: Julie Byers, Doula and Educator's post 10/20/2021

Photos from Greenville Birth: Julie Byers, Doula and Educator's post


There is nothing like this moment. This mama worked so so hard for her baby. After working for HOURS at home and deciding to transfer to the hospital for some epidural relief and working all the hours and the epidural barely working by the end of it all, she finally got this blissful moment!
Colorado Springs Doula and Photographer

Photos from Blooming Footprints Birth Services's post 09/23/2021

Sometimes this is what the delivery room looks like at the moment of birth.
After a 68 hour induction baby decided she was sick of it all and mama had to have a belly birth to bring baby into the world safely. Welcome earthside sweet peanut!


On Saturday night Brezi with @loveisphotographyllc and I celebrated breastfeeding month with a group of gorgeous people! It was so good to do this shoot together! I look forward to many more!


We had such an amazing shoot!!

Had such an amazing evening photographing these beauties to celebrate their breastfeeding journey's


Today is national rainbow baby day. Do you have a rainbow baby?
A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss. The rainbow after the storm. Such a sweet, sweet, special thing
Colorado Springs Birth Photographer


There is so much I can teach about childbirth, but here's the thing. It doesn't matter what anyone teaches you if you aren't willing to surrender. You can read all the books, practice all the breathing techniques, make your music playlist, and have your birth plan ready, but the biggest thing is that your body is going to do this no matter what.
I see so many moms try hard to control the process. Birth is uncontrollable though. Don't get me wrong, there are ways to speed it up and slow it down, but your body is in the driver's seat and you need to train your mind to accept that. From not knowing when labor will start to how long it will last and everything in between, it is unpredictable.
"Surrender" was a BIG word for me my past pregnancy. I saw a slew of rough births throughout my pregnancy from moms with pre-e, OP babies, shoulder dystocia, hemorrhages... I do think the universe was testing me. It was hard to trust that I was going to have another easy birth. Ask my doula, I was CONVINCED I was going to have a long, horrific, traumatic birth. So when I was about 35 weeks I threw my hands up and gave in. No matter what happened I would have to surrender. Whether it was another easy birth that all I had to do was surrender to the contractions, or if it was a hard birth that I had to surrender to the unexpected changes, I had to surrender. I am thankful to have had another quick easy birth. Even while in labor, with each contraction I whispered, "surrender."
I'm not saying this one word will lead to an easy birth, but I hope it can help even one person get through their pregnancy and birthing time a little easier.


From the birth of my third baby.


Could this boy be any squishier? I have been enjoying having another newborn to squish and sniff. I took this photo of him in the baby carrier at my first birth after having him when he was only 10 days old and I just can't get over how squishy he is. He slept all that night on me. All 3 of my babies have come to 1 birth with me each. Although he won't be coming to any more births with me, I go back on call tomorrow and I am ready to start attending more births again!


I've been a little quiet as I welcomed my own little one into the world July 8th.
Weighing 10lbs 3oz, he came into the world after a 2 hour labor! We are adjusting to the new normal and enjoying all the squishy snuggles.

Our Story

Doula is a Greek word meaning, "woman servant," and that is exactly what I will be to you. I will be there to serve each and every one of your needs to the best of my ability, before, during, and after labor. I strongly believe that a doula plays a very important role in a birth. I became a doula in April of 2015. I have since been attending births as both a doula and photographer. I am passionate about supporting women to the best of my abilities by offering physical, emotional, and informational support and capturing the memories of this life-changing time. If you are interested in a doula or photography services, whether it be me, or if you would like me to get you in touch with other doulas/photographers

, please feel free to message me or email me with any questions you may have!

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