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My girlfriend and I came in to this salon. Do not waste your time or money and specifically DO NOT USE SAMMIE. She does not know how to do color. She did my girlfriends color and did a horrible job. Sammie talked badly about other stylist. Acted sweet but doesn’t have a clue about color and didn’t process the color long enough. Then at check out, the price was higher than was what was quoted over the phone. Overpriced. Sammie is totally clueless.
Thanks Lilli!!
Katlyn is awesome! She did a Devacut and I feel great! If you have curly hair Katlyn is the one to see. She talked to me about what I wanted and what would work with my type of hair. As she was going through the process she explained what she was doing and why. I left knowing I could style my hair the way she showed me. Lily, Katlyns assistant was also great and so friendly and informative.
Hello, would you be able to hair and makeup for a Prom this Saturday? If so, how much would you charge? Thank you
This salon is a JOKE!! It is incredibly unorganized and the management is terrible. I made an appointment for hair and makeup for my wedding day. I wanted to make sure that I looked my best because I have no talent when it comes to hair and makeup. I called the morning of to confirm my appointment and they gave me pointers for my hair and face. When I showed up I worked with Thea (who is great and did an amazing job on my hair) but when it came time to do my make up they suddenly had no record of my makeup appointment. All of the stylists were booked and I was told that I was out of luck. When I talked to management I was told to just apply some mascara and run down the aisle. They gave me a 15% discount on my hair and told me to recommend the salon to my friends. Since I had made an appointment to get my make up done I had nothing with me and had to go to Walgreens and try to find something to put on before my wedding. DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON!!!!!

Your go to Salon for Modern hair in a luxury, low-tox environment.

Hair Color / balayage
Facial Waxing
Lash and brow tinting
Special occasion styling
Makeup application

Under new Ownership Dec 2022

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 10/03/2023

There are only a few things more annoying than sending your guest out into the world with a beautiful new hair color and realizing you forgot to go over the after care! 😫

We've all done it, so whether we forgot or you were too excited about your hair to hear it in the moment: here are some quick tips to keep your color beautiful longer.

Swipe 👉

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 09/11/2023

Split ends driving you nuts?

There are a few ways to help avoid getting them at all.

Here are 3 things you can do to help prevent them. Swipe for the details.

1. Get haircuts more often
2. Lower the temp or avoid heat styling
3. Be gentle when towel drying and brushing when hair is wet


✂️ 🌿 Curls, just like us, thrive on some TLC. Treat them right and they will be their best selves!

Add in a cool haircut and well .. It's a game-changer! 💇‍♀️

With a cut like this each snip adds personality and life to your curls.

Ready to unlock your curl's potential? Book with and see the magic unfold! ✨


🌟 Keep Your Blonde Highlights Fresh with these tips:

💜 Purple Shampoo Power** Use a purple shampoo once a week to counteract any brassy tones and maintain that beautiful cool blonde shade. (The brand matters, some can be very drying so ask your stylist for their recommendation)

💦 Hydration is Key** Keep your blonde hair nourished with regular deep conditioning treatments to prevent dryness and maintain shine and a moisture rich routine

☀️Sun Shield** Protect your highlights from sun damage by using a UV-protectant when you're out and about.

🔥 Smart Styling**: Heat styling tools can cause damage, so use a heat protectant before styling your hair to keep your blonde locks healthy. Bonus tip that too hot of tools can burn your hair, removing the toner and adding warmth from the singe.

✨ Remember, Consistency is Key! ✨ Keep up with these tips to enjoy vibrant, toned, and healthy blonde highlights!

Beautiful blonde by and she's accepting new guests! book your custom highlight appointment today!


🌟 Hey there, Gorgeous! 🌟

Guess where all the cool cats are heading for the ultimate hair glow-up? That's right, TRU Hair Salon! If you're ready to rock a new 'do and unleash your inner glam, this is THE spot. 💇‍♀️✨

🥂 Treat Yourself, Babe: Can you say complimentary mimosas while you get your hair slayed? Yup, that's the vibe here. Plus, picture yourself chilling in pure luxury – it's like a mini vacay for your locks.

🌿 Beauty Dream Team: Meet our squad of awesome stylists who are legit hair artists. They've got the skills to make your hair pop, whether it's a subtle change or a total hair flip. You're gonna leave feeling like a million bucks, I promise!

🏆 The Hairventure Awaits: TRU Hair Salon isn't just a salon – it's a whole experience. You're not walking out with just hair; you're walking out with a confidence boost and a glow that could outshine the sun.

✨ Seriously, you deserve this level of pampering. Your hair has never seen this kind of love before. Get ready to slay, babe!

Ready to rock your locks? Don't wait, book your hair date at TRU Hair Salon and let's give those tresses the love they deserve! 💫

💙💚🧡 This beautiful do was done by one of TRUs mentor stylists: . ✨ Book with them on or call our front desk!


🔍 Seeking the perfect stylist for you?

Here are 3 tips to find your match:

1⃣ Do your research! 🌐 Check out stylists' portfolios and reviews to see their expertise. If the look you want isn't shown they probably aren't the stylist for you!

2⃣ Communication is key! Book a consultation to ensure they understand your vision and style preferences.

3⃣ Trust your gut 💭 always choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident.

💇‍♀️ Ready to rock your new look? 🌈
This gorgeous babe was blinded by

Book online or by phone at TRU Hair Salon! 📞💻


Are you ready to embrace a modern and updated version of that coveted blonde look?

Let's dive into why "lived-in" blonding is the ultimate choice for today's trendsetters. ✨👱‍♀️

1️⃣ Effortless Elegance: Lived-in blonding embraces the natural flow and movement of your hair, giving you a chic and effortlessly beautiful style. No more high-maintenance or over-processed hair! With lived-in blonding, you'll rock a sun-kissed, lived-in look that exudes sophistication and grace. It's a low-maintenance option that allows you to spend less time fussing over your hair and more time enjoying life's adventures.

2️⃣ Seamless Blend: Say goodbye to harsh lines! Lived-in blonding focuses on creating a soft and natural transition between shades, giving your hair a multi-dimensional and sunlit effect. Whether you opt for babylights, balayage, or subtle highlights, lived-in blonding ensures a harmonious blend that looks like it's been kissed by the sun. The result? A radiant and youthful glow that complements your features flawlessly.

3️⃣ Versatile and Long-Lasting: Lived-in blonding offers versatility like no other. From beachy waves to sleek updos, this modern technique enhances any hairstyle with its subtle depth and dimension. Plus, the low maintenance nature of lived-in blonding means your color will gracefully grow out, creating a lived-in effect that continues to look stunning as time goes on. It's a long-lasting option that allows you to enjoy beautiful, blonde locks without constant touch-ups.

Ready to embrace the modern and updated look of lived-in blonding?

This gorgeous blonde was created by . Call or hop online to book your appointment with Erin and experience the magic of lived-in blonding. 🪄


🔥 "I'm obsessed!"

If you've ever wished you could say this after a hair appointment we are right there with ya and are here to deliver your dream of obsession worthy hair. ✌️

Erin is always making sure their guests look and feel like their best selves.

Book online at or call us up! Can't get in when you want? We also have wait-list options for last minute openings


Get ready for your photo op 📷
Don't worry we will tell you where to look, place your hands and how to pose. ✨

Here at TRU we have stylists with many specialties who will listen to you, to give you the hair you're dreaming of... When there is time we always want to give you this model moment ❤️📸

So... are you photo ready? Just call to get on the schedule or book online.


🌿 Did you know that what we put on our bodies matters just as much as what we put in them? 🤔 That's why I'm here to shed some light on the importance of using low-tox products in our daily routines. 🌱💚

🌍 Environmental Impact: By opting for low-tox alternatives, we reduce our contribution to harmful chemicals seeping into our ecosystems. It's a small step with a big impact! 🌿🌎

🌿 Personal Well-being: Low-tox products minimize our exposure to potentially harmful substances, promoting better health and overall well-being. It's all about self-care from the outside in! 💆‍♀️💚

🐰 Cruelty-Free Choices: Many low-tox brands also prioritize ethical practices, ensuring their products are not tested on animals. Let's show love to our furry friends too! 🐇❤️

So, let's embrace the power of low-tox and make informed choices that align with our values. Together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable future! 🌿💪✨

🌻 Brunette perfection by ✨

Call to book or head to (link in bio!)





👀 Would you believe us if we told you this hair is all hers??

Well it is!🤍

Looking to grow your hair long? Try these tips:

🍴Eat a balanced diet: A healthy diet can help promote hair growth. Make sure to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, which are essential for healthy hair growth.

😇 Take good care of your hair: Avoid using harsh chemicals or high heat on your hair, as they can cause damage and breakage. Be gentle when brushing or combing your hair, and avoid tight hairstyles that pull on your hair.

🪴 Use hair care products that promote hair growth: Look for hair care products that contain ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, and keratin, which can help promote healthy hair growth

💆‍♂️Massage your scalp: Massaging your scalp can help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which can promote hair growth. You can use your fingers to massage your scalp for a few minutes every day.

✂️ Get regular trims: While it may seem counterintuitive, getting regular trims can actually help your hair grow longer. Trimming your hair can prevent split ends and breakage, which can make your hair look and feel healthier. Aim to get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Have you tried any of these tips above? Let us know in the comments

Delivering this beauty back out to the world with stunning hair.


✨ In our eco-luxe era. 🪴

From booking →to checkout→ to post visit follow up, we are here to make your hair dreams come true.


🌟 Summer Hair Update Alert! 🌞✨

Attention, lovelies! As we dive into the sun-kissed season, it's time to refresh your look and embrace those bright summer vibes! 💁‍♀️🌺

If you're planning to switch up your hair color for the summer, don't forget to consider your fabulous extensions too! 🌈✨ As the sunlight dances on your locks, matching the lightness is key for a flawless and seamless blend. 🔥💫

At TRU hair salon, we take immense pride in offering you the very best. Our extension hair is not only ethically sourced, but it's also top quality, ensuring a gorgeous look that lasts for 9 months or more with proper care. 💕🌟

We understand the importance of investing in hair that truly meets your expectations. That's why we exclusively recommend our handpicked selection of premium hair brands, designed to meet the highest standards of beauty and longevity. 💇‍♀️✨

Are you ready to level up your summer hair game? 😍💃 Contact us today to learn more about our new hair brand options and find the perfect match for your summer transformation! 🌈🛍️

Hop online to Book a consultation with one of our extension stylists today 📞


☀️Schedule your summer hair appointment with a TRU stylist today!

💌 PS. We are looking to hire a stylist with some experience with lived-in looks and a great attitude. You must have a willingness to learn and grow.

We offer a fun friendly environment and opportunities for continuing education plus pto/sick time and a 401k plan.

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 05/13/2023

Three easy ways to encourage shine in your hair:

🌿 Use a hair mask: Applying a hair mask once a week can deeply nourish your hair, making it soft and shiny

💦 Rinse with cool water: After shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse it with cool water. This can help to seal the cuticles of your hair, making it smoother and shinier. Avoid using hot water, as it can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it looking dull.

💎 Use a serum or oil: Applying a hair serum or oil to the ends of your hair can help to tame frizz and add shine. Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair and work it through with your fingers. Be careful not to apply too much, as this can make your hair look greasy.

Need recommendations for product? Head in for a consultation and let one of our stylists help you choose the best ones for your hair type.


Meeting a new client can be just as nerve-wracking for us stylists as it is for you! 😬💇🏻‍♀️

But seeing the smile on your face when we help you achieve your hair goals makes it all worth it.

We love building lasting relationships with our clients and making you feel comfortable in our chair.

So don't be afraid to try someone new - we can't wait to meet you and work our hair magic! 💖✨

created a custom color for this new guest with a hint of RED perfect for the guests skin tone and hair dreams with hcolor

Call the salon to book or head to anytime!

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 05/08/2023

💛 The goldilocks of hair color.... we call it....

✨ 'Bronde' ✨

Delivering this dimensional color melt over a highlight for her guests.

Call or hop on to book with Kandis 💕

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 05/05/2023

Quick poll:

How long do you wait between your blonde maintenance appointments?

💕 4 weeks- 6 weeks
✨8 weeks
🩶10-12 weeks

Let us know in the comments 👇

This lovely bombshell was done by swipe for the before

Call to book or hop online

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 05/01/2023

✨Looks like another color correction to us!

Color correction services aren't only for mistakes, they are for huge transformations. 🪄

Whether you want to go from brunette to blonde or blonde to brunette or red to anything else. These changes take a lot of product, brain power + technique.

And ... you won't want just anyone trying to take you on your transformation journey. We ALWAYS recommend a consultation FIRST to make sure your dreams are attainable.

This beautiful correction was done by the talented
Swipe 2x for the before ⬅️

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 04/28/2023

Frustrated with how fast your beautiful baby blonde toner is getting brassy? Try these tips from our Try stylists:

🧽 Don't Shampoo for 48-72 hours after a color or toner service 

It takes 72 hours for the cuticle of the hair to close after a color service. Let it close down to seal the color molecules before washing.

🔥 Use lukewarm water when you shampoo 

Hot water will fade color faster and freezing cold water isn't necessary. Lukewarm is just right 

🚿Consider getting a shower filter for your shower head

Unfortunately our water is full of minerals and these minerals can damage and discolor your hair. 😵‍💫

🌿 Use the professional products your stylist recommends

When you've left the salon after spending money on a beautiful color or highlight why wash all that down the shower drain by messing with cruddy products?

⛱️ Wear a cute hat when you are out in the sun or use UV hair protectant products

If you've seen the fade on patio furniture and other outdoor items it shouldn't surprise you that UV will also fade your hair color. 

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 04/25/2023

✨ You're just one appointment away from that low maintenance look you've been dreaming about ✨

Peep this low maintenance custom Dimension by 👀 swipe for the before ⬅️

Call or check us out online to book with Kandis


Is it hot in here ??? 🔥

organic hair color is the chef's kiss for rich dynamic color of all shades

TRU stylist formulated the perfect color and made this babe a Tru show stopper.

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/29/2023

🌴 With a large salon like we are we get a ton of new guests and before we meet you we want to make sure you have a fabulous experience. Knowing these few things will help make sure your time with us is everything you want and more.

1. Ever heard that dirty hair is better? 🧼 It's a lie. Dirty hair makes it harder for the color and lightener to work at their full potential.

2. Plan your budget knowing you will want new shampoo/conditioner and maybe more! 💦 (Are you gonna drop a few hundred dollars on a new color to wash it down the shower drain???)

3. Not all goal photos can be achieved in one session. 🗓️ Plan to book with the same stylist before you leave so you can be on the color journey to your dream hair together.

4. Bring photos of what you do like (and what you don't like!) They aren't to copy- but more to give you a point of reference to discuss tones and placement. 📷

5. We know weird stuff happens. Traffic sucked, you got out of work late or... the coffee line was waaaaay longer than you thought it would be. We get it and we still want to see you! 📞 Just know you will probably not receive the entire service you originally booked. ... Think instead of a partial highlight you're getting a mini. Sorry :( we just hate to run late for our next guest and have to consider everyone.

✨We hope these tips help you out before your next service! Share with a friend who didn't know these things!✨

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/28/2023

⭐ Another tip for gals going for a brighter blonde look: Get lowlights too.

Lowlights help highlights appear brighter!

If your color has been over highlighted it's time to ask for a subtle lowlight at your next appointment ✨

This blonde beauty was painted by

Call to book 📞 or go to the online booking page and request an appointment

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/27/2023

Have you ever ...

sunburned your hair? ☀️

Did you know UV rays will damage your beautiful strands and strip that gorgeous tone and blend your stylist gave you?

Our suggestion?:
Grab a cute hat and the sunway line (now In stock) to save your hair from uv damage and help it recover after a day outside.

This beautiful balayage was created by call or book online


Did you know 👇

✨ Warm colors reflect light appearing brighter and lighter

Have you tried being a warm buttery blonde yet?

created this golden babe, call or book online to get on her books 🌞

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/25/2023

👀 Bet ya didn't know...

at least one of these tips 💡

Let us know if this helps you 💦

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/25/2023

There is nothing basic about this brunette 🖤

Gorgeous custom lightening service by

Styled with the 1.25 curling iron and hair care ☀️


Sun kissed dream hair ☀️ by

Partial Custom Highlight services allow your TRU stylist to achieve the look you want without being confined to a "technique"

Book your lightening service on our website (link in bio)

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/19/2023

🌞 Sun kissed brunette bringing out that signature dimensional vibe 🖤 by

Look at that texture thanks to sculpting mist

Swipe for the before ⬅️



If you think having a fashion color is easy let me give you a quick rundown on the process to go from old hair color (or virgin hair) to this magic 🪄

Lightener is required. Even if you are blond already you're going to need a lightening service. Once your stylist gets your hair light enough you'll need a blowdry. Then on dry lightened hair your stylist is free to get creative with fashion color.

This is why fashion color services are charged per hour. There is a lot that goes into this type of custom work.

Whether it's a hidden panel or the full head you're dreaming of..
you'll definitely want to book a consultation before booking this type of service!

Your home maintenance is also a huge part of this service. You'll be a professional shampoo and care routine that Includes low heat to help your color last.

This 💜 color was crafted by and she's available for fashion color consultations ✨

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 03/10/2023

is stealing hearts with their copper colors lately at TRU!

This TRUbabe was going to some serious glowup but staying tru to her natural tones.

formulated this with the 7.43 series and 6.4 with just a splash of 7.0 for these gorgeous base color

She kicked it up a knotch by toning with 8.43 and a dash of 7.43 for a brighter vibe while keeping it in the same family

This is just one of many cooper formulas we are putting on heads this last couple weeks!!

Swipe for the before!

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 02/27/2023

🖤 Have you ever gone brunette to blonde or vise-versa? This transformation by is so gorgeous right?!

We love a good makeover! In fact we are almost done with a huge makeover inside TRU formerly JGregory

We will always value to opportunity given to us to transform and reform this space but there is nothing like a fresh look and vibe 🥂 in hair and business


💥 Check out our 3 favorite ways to keep your hair soft and silky:

1. Grab a new hairbrush. Boar bristle brushes are designed to distribute natural oils throughout your hair delivering shine and softness. 🌵You can even buy the hubby one with a little oil to soften his beard

2 . EASY on the heat. You don't even cook your dinner at THAT temperature ☠️

3. Condition your hair - Conditioner can help smooth and de-frizz the hair. Moisture matters too, but try a deep conditioner in salon, if your go-to isn't cutting it for your frizzy mane. 💦

This beautiful color was done by call or book online to get scheduled with Kandis 🤍

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 02/03/2023

What is the maintenance like for hand-tied extensions?

It's low! Extensions actually make most routines EASIER! 🤯

The hair holds curl longer so u spend less time styling each day. 🤩

There is more hair to distribute your natural oils so you can wash and dry less often too! 💪

You just need the right shampoo/conditioner/leave-in and serum to help the hair last a full 9 months.

You do have to brush 2x a day, can't go to bed with it wet, and braid or bun it at night to avoid matting.

That's basically it! We will see u back in the salon for move ups on traditional hand tied every 6-9 weeks for traditional hand-tied methods

🔥 Check out this voluminous before and after from

✨ Book your consultation with Casey today ✨

Photos from TRU Hair Salon's post 01/31/2023

🔥 Have you peeped the updated menu of services?

Have you ever stood at the front desk to check out and thought "how the heck did my highlight go from $150-$200?" ☠️

I'll tell ya how!

maybe at your last salon when you got to checkout you were told the toner was extra and the bondbuilders added into your bowl of lightener was also extra, Surprise!

GIRL I'VE BEEN THERE TOO!!! You're like "wait what?!"

Or alternatively if your stylist asks "do you want to preserve the integrity of your hair by adding in bondbuilders and also ensure the highlight color is perfect by adding a toner to your service"? ... Like a dear in headlights you reply... "Well is my hair that bad that it needs a bond builder? What even is that... " And maybe you say "no thanks."

Well, we don't believe hair health and the perfect color tone are optional. 🤍 Because if this we now included these 2 necessities into every lightning service. So when you hop onto to book, what you see is what you get!

We have multi level pricing for our stylists so be sure to check them each out and book what works best for you 🍾

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Dimensional balayage by @katiethecolorist.Too bad the #businesssuite app doesn't let me post reels 🙄#getwiththetimes #ha...
Press play for another @hollayage masterpiece... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️•••#balayage #highlights #blondehair #blondebalayage #goldwel...




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