Kaytelynn Renee Hair Stylist

Kaytelynn Renee Hair Stylist

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and in 2011 I moved out to the Rocky Mountains where I have found a passion for making people feel amazing!

Operating as usual


It’s always like that 😂


“Treat everyone like it’s their birthday”
Guide to being Awesome
-Kid President


Just thought it was cool!!

A 3,300-year-old hairstyle on a preserved ancient Egyptian head

Credit: @historydefined

Photos from Justin Fowler's post 07/01/2022

Photos from Justin Fowler's post



Have an amazing weekend friends! 🥰


This sound clip makes me think of Zoolander 😂💙


💐 💐


May the 4th be with you 🤖

Lil throw back to some R2-D2 inspired hair I did a few months back!

Photos from Kaytelynn Renee Hair Stylist's post 04/30/2022



Daaaang I did a good job with this one! I love how the style turned out!!



I did a kids cut recently and they said the funniest thing, “dang I look expensive!” It’s now my favorite thing and I will be using it from now on 😂

(Daffy duck says it in the new space jam 😂)


Spicing it up for the summer! ☀️ 🌶


Hello and good morning everyone! I have a favor to ask!

If I ever had the opportunity to do your hair would you take a few minutes of your time and go leave me a review on my page?? It would help boost my engagement, and give future employers something to look at as I’m trying to find a place of work down in FL. You would be helping me out so much and better my chance of it being seen by someone as I make my move down there in the following weeks!

Thank you so much!



🐰🐣 no better way to be if I do say so myself! 😂



Yeahhhhhh happy hump day ya filthy animals😘


Color corrections are funny 🙃


This super soft and natural looking balayage…. Perfect for low maintenance care!
We worked with her natural instead of adding a shadow root!

Photos from Kaytelynn Renee Hair Stylist's post 04/08/2022

A beautiful honey blonde for spring! Swipe for the before ⏩


Saw this on Instagram last night and had to re share 🤣

Portland salon owner incapacitates man accused of attacking stranger: ‘We have to be in a place where we can save ourselves’ 04/07/2022

Portland salon owner incapacitates man accused of attacking stranger: ‘We have to be in a place where we can save ourselves’

Hell yeah!

Portland salon owner incapacitates man accused of attacking stranger: ‘We have to be in a place where we can save ourselves’ “Buy your daughters some Mace, buy yourself some Mace, buy your daughter’s friends some Mace."


This past weekend I spent it in the mountains! We discovered this super cute coffee shop in Silverthorn, if you’re in the area it’s worth checking out!


This one makes me think of a Macaw 🦜🤩


What do you get if you cross a parrot with a pigeon?

Voice mail.

😂 🥁


Before and after!!! 🤩


🎀 PINK! 🎀

Photos from Kaytelynn Renee Hair Stylist's post 03/27/2022

Remember when this was going viral? Diet Coke mixed in your lightener to take alway the sting?
Well back in the day we’d just use sweet n low packets, so almost the same thing but a lot more wet 😂
It worked. Could’ve gone without tbh but it was a lot of fun regardless ☺️


It’s SPRING 💞🌼🌸🌷

Time for change, cleaning up and creating new things!

I am LOVING all these makeovers I’ve been doing lately! 🥰


Just a reminder that dry shampoo isn’t meant to be used 7 days in a row and iced coffee isn’t a meal! Take care of yourself love you! 🖤😘


🍀 GreenHairGreenDay 🍀


Spring is on its way 🥰
Let’s get you in and add just a few blonde pieces to brighten up your winter look!


✨Part 2!✨

🍒My take away from this… I should’ve let me hair dry more before rolling it up. Slightly damp and slept in it over night. And maybe redo both sides until it’s flat around the tube itself, my right side got a bit crinkly instead of curled.

🍒Would I recommend it?
Yeah, theirs probably some trial and error tho!

If you have any tips on this hair tube let us know in the comments!



If it doesn’t smell good it doesn’t go in my hair, that’s just facts 😂👎🏻

Make sure you’re following my page to stay updated!

✨Part 2✨ with the reveal will be posted tonight at 6:30pm MST


Hello! Happy snow day!
(sound on 🔊)

I’ve had this hair tube (what is it even called? If you know please comment 😂) for a few months now. And I’m finally trying it out!

🌸 Products I’m using 🌸
amika: “Plus size” perfect body mousse and “vault” leave in conditioner on my ends because Colorado makes my hair dry af

Have you used this hair tube? Was it worth it? Do you have any tips/tricks?
Let me know in the comments!

🖤 -kaytelynn


💥 Formula for how we got a touch of copper without it looking to in your face -



who doesn’t like a good RED?! 🧨 @pulpriothair

(What color should I make into a reel next?! I’m thinking maybe blue?)

Red color molecules are the BRIGHTEST, but they’re also the smallest, so they fall out of the hair faster then other colors. So the thing about having red hair, you’re gonna be washing it in cold water if you want the vibrancy to LAST as long as possible wether its semi or permanent color. To help keep the cuticle as closed as possible, because hot water lets it relax and open a little.
(kind of the same concept when you wash your red clothes in the washer)

What’s been your favorite color you’ve ever had on your own head?
Would you go red?


Horror movies for the win 🏆 👻



I love how this synced up! 🎶


Availability for this week!

If you have questions feel free to ask, if you’re wanting a color spot you need to message (preferably text) before/immediately after booking. Thank you! 🖤

Here is the link-





❄️ Have a TON of flakes?? ❄️

If you’ve sat in my chair you’ve heard it before…

That’s probably not dandruff… it’s probably dry scalp. I just did one on my scalp and it’s SO clean, I didn’t realize I had so much build up of product and just BAD dry scalp. Much better now 😇

Especially with the weather we get here in Colorado dry scalp is so common! If you think yours is getting bad let’s add one into your next haircut when you’re here!

(I won’t be doing these as an add on to a chemical service. Your scalp will become TOO clean and can become very irritated when color is applied afterwards)



If you’re gonna spend $$$ to get your hair done… wouldn’t you spend a little bit to insure that it stays for as long as possible?

It’s important to follow your hairstylist aftercare rules, wether you have platinum, rainbow or extensions in your hair… take care of it!


The worst part about winter… it’s dark when i wanna take my after photos 😫


💘 I’m always thinking about pink hair!!
What better day to show some off!


Happy Valentine’s Day ya filthy animals 😘

❤️ Love you all so much!! ❤️


Red hair don’t care 💁‍♀️

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