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I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my brows lately!!! 🥰
How I feel after getting waxed by Taylor or Elise...
I know you're awesome so that's why you're booked up. The struggle is real though. I'm always working. Please put me on your cancellation list for Wednesday. Pretty please! 🙏🏽

At The Pink Canoe Waxing Studio, we specialize in full body hair removal and skincare for ALL ethni At The Pink Canoe Waxing Studio, we specialize in full body hair removal and skincare for ALL ethnicities, ages and sizes.

We are committed to providing the most painless and exemplary waxing services in Colorado Springs. We will get EVERY hair EVERY time! Each waxing service takes between 15-30 minutes so you are in and out before you know it. All of this is done in a comfortable, private, and sanitary environment. Go ahead and give waxing, even a Brazilian wax a try! We promise you'll leave feeling confident and 100

Operating as usual


All services are 15% off On Wednesday the 17th! Call now to book before all spots are taken.


Those eyebrows are 🔥 Meagan killed it on this transformation!



Before and After Total Brow Transformation! This one turned out absolutely stunning? Are you ready to have your brows TRANSFORMED? 🪄

Photos from The Pink Canoe Waxing Studio's post 08/14/2022

This gorgeous client was such a pleasure to work with, the smile on her face when she saw the after is why we do what we do! ❤️ she had never done anything to her brows and decided to go for the Total Brow Transformation! The results were absolutely phenomenal!! We are so pleased! Swipe 👉🏼👉🏼 to see more!


Gotta get on that exfoliation and hydration game! Your skin and your esthetician will thank you 😊 @thepinkcanoewax we have a TON of amazing products to keep your skin glowing in between treatments. Ask your esthetician for recommendations!


Then a neck wax is for you! We can get all those crazy baby hairs or flyaways, or just line you up perfectly and it will last for weeks! This service is great for men and women! 💗 This client has been waxing her neck consistently for about 9 months. Her hair has thinned out and is easy and painless to wax now! Ask us how!


Are you stocked up on all your Bion, Skin Script, Grande or PFB?!? If your running low, stop by to get some products💕


Who doesn’t love a good BoGo!? Take advantage of this awesome deal and get yourself ready for a hair free, care free summer! ✨Are you a new client!?? This deal is better than our new client discount AND you get to try out more services! Click the link in our bio to book your services today! 💗


Join us in welcoming Lacey to the team!💗 Lacey has completed her training at The Pink Canoe and has done an absolutely phenomenal job! She is an amazing esthetician and we are so excited to have her as part of the team! 🤩✨ Lacey is a Charleston, SC native but has been living in CO since 2020. She has dreamt of becoming an licensed esthetician & is now living her dream! She loves waxing, brows & skincare. She is determined to have her clients leaving overly satisfied & happy! She’s full of joy & an overall people person to ensure her clients are comfortable. Outside of her esti life she spends her time with her 2 kiddos, reading & enjoying life for what it is! 💗 ✨✨Schedule your next appointment with Lacey and get 20% through the end of the month! ✨✨


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🤩What is a lash lift?
A lash lift is a simple and comfortable beauty process with results that are literally eye-opening. After confirming how much lift you would like and whether you want your lashes fanned out, your artist uses a tiny curling rod and gentle lifting solution to boost your lashes at the base and make them appear longer, fuller, and more defined. With proper care, your lash lift will last an average of 8 to 10 weeks.
🤩Who can get a lash lift?
Practically everyone! Your brow and lash artist will examine the condition of your lashes before recommending an appropriate amount of curl and lift, but nearly everyone you know can walk into our sstudio with sparse, diminutive lashes and come out with lush yet natural-looking results that let you retire the mascara (until your next treatment!).
🤩Can lash lifts damage your lashes?
Lash lifts use a keratin solution to create the volume you want. When administered by an experienced artist, there is no damage to your lashes, provided that you follow the aftercare instructions provided and let six to eight weeks pass between treatments. 💗 See you in the studio!


Ok here is another tough one. 😩 As most of you probably know already, our beloved Holly’s last day was last Saturday. I have been trying to find the words to say goodbye. But it isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later. 😘 This is rough as she has been such an amazing part of The Pink Canoe Family. We are going to miss her so very much! When I hired Holly I had no idea how much she would become family to us. While she was only with us for about a year it seemed like we had known her a lifetime! I will always cherish the memories with her killin it at @thepinkcanoewax! We will see you soon beautiful! Good luck on your next adventure! 💗💗🤩🤩Here is a going away note from Holly to all of you:

To my clients and team at The Pink Canoe,

Thank you endlessly from the bottom of my heart.
You made Colorado my home. I built an incredible clientele here and you all became my friends.

My time here was shorter then anticipated due to some unseen circumstances I have decided to return home to Asheville, NC where I will start fresh!

Stay true to yourself and always remember your self-care. Book your appointment every 4 weeks with one of the other amazing estheticians here at The Pink Canoe. I love you all.



We are back at it again, growing our team so we are staffed and ready to keep all of you lovely people hair free and care free this summer!

Training is SO very important to ensure you are always receiving the best quality service you know and trust by coming to The Pink Canoe Waxing Studio, help us out by letting our new hires train on you! They are full licensed Estheticians with experience, we just want to ensure they are doing it The Pink Canoe Way!

We need waxing models for the dates listed above and we would be so grateful for your help! This time around we are trying out online booking for our training schedule.
Our New hires, Haylee and Lacey, are live on the schedule and ready to be booked!
The following services can be booked, if you try to book another service it wont show any availability under the two of them.
Any facial waxing including full face
French Bikini
Bikini Line
Eyebrow Tint and Wax
As always you can also give us a call to schedule your appointment, but you can click the link below to book! Make sure to select the training dates listed and only book with Lacey OR Haylee!

See you in the studio!


Ok we are in need of models for training again! If you can help us out that would be AMAZING! All appointments are 40% off and supervised by Elise or one of our other highly trained estheticians🙌🏼💗

1:15 Brazilian ✅
2 Brazilian
2:45 Brazilian
3:30 Brazilian

10 Brazilian
10:45 Brazilian
11 Full Leg
1 Full Leg
2 Facial Features (up to 3)
2:30 Facial Features
3 Brazilian
3:30 Brazilian

11 Brazilian
11:45 Brazilian ✅
12:30 Lower or Upper Leg✅
1:15 Lower or Upper Leg
1:45 Brows ✅
2 Brows✅
2:15 underarm
2:30 underarm

10 Male Brazilian ✅
11 Male Brazilian
12 Full face
12:30 Full Face

9 Lash lift ✅
10:30 Lash lift✅
12 Lash lift & tint✅
2 lash Lift and Tint ✅

Pricing is all on our website! Please comment or DM with which spot youd like! Thanks!


We take cleaning VERY seriously!!!


Perfecting those lash lifts 💗 lash lift training was a success! You can now book your appointment with Kiley for lifts!


The things Ashley does for the ♥️ of @thepinkcanoewax ♥️♥️♥️ we love you girl! Also who has entered into our contest to guess the amount of wax beads in the jar and win a $10 gift card!?


The winner is…. @tanisharenee_smith! 🙌🏼💗 Congratulations lady! You can come and grab your prize from @thepinkcanoewax anytime you’re by the studio! 🤩 A big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! We are so thankful for the support and participation! 🙏🏼💗


The winner is….. @tanisharenee_smith 💗💗 congratulations lady! You can grab your prize from @thepinkcanoewax anytime you’re by the studio! 🤩 Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our giveaway! 🙏🏼We appreciate all of you so much!!


The glowing reviews are coming in for Kiley! 🙌🏼 She is now done with training and ready to see all of your beautiful faces! ✨💗 She is on the schedule starting tomorrow!


Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! She absolutely rocked training and is such a pro! Let’s get her booked! 💪🏼💗


Ever wonder how your hair growth works and why waxing is best? We are here to help you understand 👇
🌸Anatomy Of Hair 🌸
Your hair has two parts: the follicle, which is under the skin, and the shaft, which is what you see above the skin. The follicle is tunnel-like and runs from the epidermis down to the dermis. There are several layers of the follicle, including the bulb at the very bottom of the follicle. The follicle is surrounded by two sheaths, which function to protect the hair shaft. The inner sheath ends right below the skin, while the outer sheath extends all the way up the shaft.
The hair shaft is made of three layers of keratin, a protein. The hair shaft is actually dead; the living hair resides below the skin. The inner layer of the shaft is called the medulla. The middle layer is the cortex, and the outer layer, the cuticle. The majority of the shaft is made of the cortex. The medulla and the cortex give your hair its color, while the cuticle protects the hair.
🌸 Growth Cycles🌸
There are three stages to the hair growth cycle: the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. The anagen phase is when your hair is actually growing, and most of your hair is in this phase at any given point. The second phase is the catagen phase, which is when the follicle will detach from the dermis. This is considered the transitional phase. Finally, during the telogen phase, also known as the “resting phase,” the hair is ready to shed, though sometimes this doesn’t happen until the cycle starts over again so there is new hair to “push” the hair out.
🌸Why Wax?🌸
When you shave, you are eliminating only the shaft, not the follicle, of the hair. This means that your hair is at different stages in the hair growth cycle, which is why it grows out at different rates. This is why after your first wax or two, you aren’t as smooth as you may have anticipated. When you wax, the cycles are lined up, making for a smoother and neater appearance. After you have gotten several waxes, you will find that the hair grows back slower, more evenly, and finer. Simply put, the more regularly you get waxed, the better your results will be!

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Gotta get on that exfoliation and hydration game! Your skin and your esthetician will thank you 😊 @thepinkcanoewax we ha...
We take cleaning VERY seriously!!! #thepinkcanoewax #coloradosprings  #waxing #skincare
The things Ashley does for the ♥️ of @thepinkcanoewax ♥️♥️♥️ we love you girl! Also who has entered into our contest to ...
You guys!! Check out this awesome video put together by the amazing @court_kurth showcasing @thepinkcanoewax 💕 She is on...
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We ready!! 👻🍁🎃



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