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Hello everyone I am excited to announce those who don’t know I now have an office at 301 East Platte in Colorado Springs and will be offering tai yi on Thursdays and Sundays!! 


Hello everyone I just updated my website with the new treatments I have Learned come check it out!


Hello this my 3rd part on cords

Cord Similarities

Cords can be anywhere from a mild disturbance to a life-threatening condition. First. This is the part many have not understood and through lack of understanding have given incorrect information. A cord does not just connect to the skin surface of the body but instead has many tentacles anywhere from a few to a few dozen. These tentacles enter into the meridians of the bodies, of which some could be the physical, mental, or emotional body.

After removing multiple cords, similarities have become apparent in how they function and the intent behind some cords.
People, who have an addictive nature and have a cord, typically may attract a cord with no personal agenda. They may not know the person or want something from them personally. I like to call these cords opportunists. Specifically, they see a weakened immune system and energetic field and take advantage of this. These cords are what I like to call lazy cords. People can have them removed and if they are working on their growth and learning, they may try to re-attached one or two times and move on unsuccessfully. This is because they do not have an attachment to the person they are cording. All they want is the addictive energy that is present and recycling. If they cannot obtain the high from the person’s addiction or it is harder for them to attach, they simply move on to the next opportunity. Which, unfortunately, are many from which to choose. In addition, people can have a cord that also has a cord. This can be a chain of multiple cord.

I recently removed a few cords from a group of people with a common point. They all work at the same business in a building that houses a significant amount of toxic energy.
I found there could also be one that was orchestrating the cording. This can be described as a situation in which one is directing others to cord all the while the one directing is also cording the ones being directed to cord. During this situation, the one directing is collecting energy from multiple sources, some in the background.

These are a little more difficult to see. On this occasion, I was removing cords from multiple people in the group who were from the same work location. One was forcing others to cord the people in this group. After removing the fifth cord, I identified the common denominator, and I was finally able to trace it back to a common source.

What makes this significant? These cords did not have a personal agenda to the person they were cording, but were being directed to cord. This means the ones cording may continue trying to cord because they are also being manipulated. The person being corded is experiencing negative effects from not only the one cording them, but also the one in charge. It is like a sewage pipe coming from multiple houses and all the rotten sewage is traveling to the same place. They can have multiple effects going on that are quite strong.

Trying to determine why they are corded can get a little precarious. Was the energy of anger, depression, or an addiction present? Once this is identified, the practitioner can explain what is happening and guide the person in a healing process. The people who had a cord removed can begin working to strengthen their energy field and work to resolve what caused the weakness.
A person with a strong energetic field cannot be corded because the cord is a lower energetic frequency. When people have a higher energetic frequency energy field, a cord cannot attach. This is why it is imperative for people to be working on their growth and learning and be aware of the energy around them.

The next article will explore cords that do have a personal agenda.


part 2 of my information on cords:

How can cords affect you? A cord can be a subtle little voice in the back of your brain saying do not do something healthy for yourself, or as strong as convincing you that you need to die. I have seen both and everything in between.

I typically find when a person is coming in for a cord removal; every excuse in the book will come up as to why they need to cancel. All the way from I don’t feel very good to completely convincing yourself it’s OK to have a cord. I’ve even seen chords influence people to the point they say things they do not remember.

I have also seen cords that are strong enough to influence people to kill themselves, or the energy is so negative the cord can make the person extremely sick causing death.

I removed one cord where the nonphysical entity had died of alcoholism, and the influence was so strong the person corded was getting sclerosis of the liver even though they didn’t drink.

Cording 10/23/2017


Hello Everyone
I have decided to start talking more about cording to help people understand the influence cords can have on peoples lives. I will share some experiences I have had and answer any questions ones may have.
I will start by adding a link to the Tai Yi website and the article on cording.

Cording Over the years, I have heard more and more misinformation on “cording.” Where did they even come up with the word “cord?” A little research here and there, I found it originated with me, but through the grapevine, it became polluted causing misinformation to spread. Some even claimed they knew how t...


I have created a new website that is now updated with the new treatments to help heal on a deaper level. this will be replacing the one the new site is


Joyful Journey Hot Springs - Colorado

I am setting up a Tai Yi weekend at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in San Luis Valley with amazing healing work, delicious and nourishing food for the body and soul, breathtaking beauty, pools of hot healing water and a peacefulness that will make you want to stay forever.
It is going to have Tai Yi Treatments done by me, yoga Nidra and MOOMBA .
This is going to be in on March 23-25 if any one is interested you can e-mail me at [email protected] or
For any questions or prices. The prices are for all weekend with everything mentioned above.
You can also see the list of treatments that I am offering that weekend at


I updated my new website



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