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We are a retail sprinkler store where you can find parts for all your sprinkler needs. If you are tired of wasting your weekends lost in the ‘BIG BOX’ stores trying to find the right sprinkler part you need?

Then maybe it’s time you save time and money on those needed irrigation supplies! Sprinkler World has everything you need, when you need it. We can help with everything from designing a sprinkler system to helping you know how to fix a part of your sprinkler system. Although we specialize in sprinklers we also carry pond supplies ,landscape lighting,fertilzer and much more!

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Think an automatic sprinkler system will use much more water than you're currently using? Actually, many people find that lawn irrigation systems save water. The system will apply exactly the amount of water needed. It's hard to judge this when watering with a hose, so it's easier to overwater.


Not sure if you want your pond to be highly visible or a hidden delight? We can help you decide as well as making sure that the location selected does not present any conflicts with property lines, easements, or utilities.


Setting up irrigation systems is not something that most of us are familiar with, though we may know that we need one. Why not speak to the professional installers who know the systems best and see what they recommend?


A water garden gives a serene and soothing ambiance to your home. It acts as an aesthetically appealing and naturally relaxing part of the home where you and your family would like to spend most of your time.


What’s a waterstopper? We use the term to describe fine, cementious materials that can be used to repair ponds. Waterstoppers adapt to a wide range of temperatures, set quickly under water and form a waterproof barrier even under running water.


A variety of water-based epoxy resins can be used to repair or refurbish an established pond. They form a waterproof seal that dries to a tough finish and is completely safe for koi and fish ponds.


Those irrigation systems that have a uniform water application pattern can be configured to apply fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and other products for greater efficiency and an improved crop yield.


For lawn irrigation, you can choose between fixed spray head or rotor head systems. The one to select depends on the coverage you need. We install both types.


When trying to decide which types of flowers to include around a water feature, consider perennials and annuals.


Taro is sometimes called ‘elephant’s ears.’ The size of the leaves is perfect to give any water garden that tropical look and a dramatic vibe, especially if you choose the purple-leaf kind.


Did you know that your old “just carry a bucket of water” routine can actually hurt your plants? If you accidentally expose roots, they may become prey for pests or, at best, cause serious instability for your plant. It can also weaken the roots of your lawn. An irrigation system is the best option for your watering needs.


Luther Burbank, an American botanist, has truly said, “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”


Did you know that with a professionally installed lawn irrigation system you can choose the size of the sprinkler heads? In fact, your field expert can help you choose all of the particulars to design the system that will work best for your particular yard.


In addition to a traditional spray watering system, consider adding a drip irrigation system for trees, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens. Drip systems use less water and water deep to the roots, keeping watering costs down without sacrificing production.


The edge of the water garden also needs decorating and for that, the Japanese Primrose is here to save the day. It’s a little plant that, in due time, blooms into an awesome harmony of mixed colors.


If you have a minor leak in your pond, chances are that your pond repair company will have a simple and inexpensive fix for this. There are a number of chemicals such as sodium polyphosphate, bentonite, and sodium chloride that, once added to your pond or soil, can seal almost any minor leak.


One of the surest signs of a pond with a leak is a pond that experiences rapid water loss that, at a certain point, slows or even stops. In such a case, the pond leak is most often found to be near to the water surface, around the pond's perimeter.


Did you know that lawn irrigation systems have been shown to reduce water used for lawns by up to 70%? Because water is only delivered in the areas where it’s needed and when it’s needed, there’s no more guesswork (and wasted water) like when you water the lawn with a hose.


Adding fish can significantly enhance your backyard pond. The colorful domesticated carp or koi are a popular choice because they are particularly suited to living in ponds. Of course, their welfare should be kept in mind before incorporating them.


One of the most important maintenance actions you can take for your irrigation system is the fall shutdown. This is done before the winter months, and involves a complete evacuation of the water in your system to make sure nothing's damaged during the winter.


Maintaining healthy water conditions in your pond requires adapting to external conditions. Did you know that warm water naturally contains less oxygen than cold water? Fish actually "breathe" faster when water temperatures rise.


Do you already have a pond? We can easily upgrade it, adding features such as waterfalls, walkways, or other enhancements that deliver a new, and affordable, look to your outdoor living space.


Garden ponds are versatile and adaptable, conforming to the natural features of the land. They can be an in ground installation, above ground, or a mix of the two depending on property parameters.


Happy Independence Day weekend everyone! We will be closed Saturday and Monday for the holiday.


The landscaping around your home is an important part of what determines its market value. A clean, well-maintained lawn and/or garden can be a big asset, and these are much easier to achieve with the help of an automatic lawn irrigation system.


Irrigation can help maintain landscapes, that way you don't risk any damage to your land from reasons such as flooding.


Don't worry that your lawn isn't getting the water it needs if you occasionally see a brown patch or two. Other signs are more significant, such as footprints on your lawn that remain visible for 30 minutes or longer. That is one sign that the lawn is not getting the water it needs.


Can you mix goldfish and koi in the same garden pond? If you guessed yes, you're right. To mix fish species requires adding pond features, like plants and plenty of hiding places, and providing water conditions in a range that will be compatible to both of the fish you want to maintain.


With automatic sprinklers, there’s no need to worry about overwatering your lawn if it starts raining. Modern ones generally come equipped with rain sensors (or you can add one on later), so they can automatically adjust to apply less water if the lawn has gotten some rainfall.


Getting kids involved and thinking about nature early in life encourages them to continue their interest in the environment throughout adulthood. Planning, building, and maintaining a pond can teach children how a complete, natural ecosystem works.


EPDM rubber is used in some pond repairs. What is it? Ethylene propylene diene M-class (EPDM) rubber is the flexible rubberized membrane used to line ponds and waterproof roofs. EPDM comes in sheets, rolls, and liquid form.


A nice saying by Liberty Hyde Bailey: “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”


What is the difference between a soil moisture sensor and a rain sensor? Both are devices that detect a pre-determined amount of water in your lawn and then send a signal to your automatic irrigation system to stop at that point. The soil moisture sensor is more accurate, and generally more expensive.


Koi like to be with other koi and like to socialize and school together, so be sure to keep more than one koi in your pond to ensure your fish are content. Your koi will also happily get along with other fish species in your pond as long as the fish are not aggressive.


Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for your lawn to take care of itself? We can install and set up an automatic irrigation system that is designed specifically for your climate and the type of grass you have.




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