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Black Forest Beauty

Skincare, Mary kay make up, beauty, Glamour. Hi, everyone! My name is Phyllis. I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Moved to Iowa and graduated from Underwood High, Underwood, Iowa.

Attended Peru State in Peru, Nebraska and UNC in Greeley Colo. Graduated from Greeley as an Elementary Teacher. Teacher, Published Writer, Independent Sr. Sales Director with Mary Kay building my business for over 40 years. Married to Jon Didleau for 57 years plus!! Two sons who make me proud to be a Mom. Since Mary Kay changed my acne prone skin so many years ago, I personally know how an improv

Phyllis Didleau — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site 05/01/2021

Phyllis Didleau — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site

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Phyllis Didleau — Independent Sales Director Mary Kay | Official Site The most important mile in our business walk is the ‘extra mile,’ the one called service.

[05/01/21]   Black Forest Beauty announces! The beauty of Golden Rule Masterpieces! Now presenting cards " More than a card, a story"
Portrayals: Betsy Ross and Aletta Sullivan

Contact me to learn more about this fascinating beautiful business! 719-440-1949 [email protected]

[03/09/19]   There has never been a better time to Spring a new Look!
Are you sure you know what colors are best for you? Best for your eyes, your skin tone, your hair and your age? Let me help you with your color selection using our great Color Allure scarves. You may call for a free one hour session at 719-440-1949 or email [email protected]

This method has been tested and used to create better color selection in your make up, hair, and clothes!

[02/06/19]   You have heard the expression, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
You have heard the expression, " Pretty is as pretty does".
You have heard the expression, "Beauty on the inside as well as the outside"

So what do all theses expressions have to do with you?

Beauty may be seen from each individual point of view.

Actions most often reflect a person's appearance.

True beauty is more than skin deep.

Beauty is a quality that defies description. It is as individual as a snowflake. It is as purposeful as a sunset. It never grows old.


Troubled skin? Dry skin? Oily skin? Wrinkled skin? Don't know what to do?

Did you know Mary Kay consultants are trained in skin knowledge and appropriate care for all skin types?

Did you know Mary Kay laboratories are the finest in the world? That is why we can offer a satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Mary Kay also offers a Spa experience free of charge!

You will get to experience the feel of Satin Lips, Satin Hands, a cleansing, mask and moisturizing facial.

Colors will be selected and instructions for application is included.

All this in under two hours in a relaxed girltime environment.
Call or text 719-449-1949 to schedule your free spa day!


Why a pink Cadillac?

When Mary Kay first started this company she wanted a reward system for the women who excelled in building their businesses. She had come from a background where males dominated the boardroom. She had heard too long the methods they used for increasing sales. As a women, she felt a carrot was more enticing than "beating them over their heads with a stick".

When she first began working with women she had chosen as co-workers, she learned that women needed recognition and encouragement which they didn't always get at home. She wanted to reward their efforts with prizes they would not buy for themselves. She called them Cinderella prizes.

She took a pink compact into a cadillac dealership and told them she wanted a car the color of the compact.

"Why, Mary Kay, no one will drive a pink car!" the dealership assured her. But her feminine instincts told her to not back down and listen to the men.

Her first cadillacs awarded in 1969 to her top 5 Directors were a big hit!!

Currently there are 5,000 Mary Kay Career Cars on the road nationwide including 1,100 coveted Mary Kay Pink Cadillacs!

In the words of Mary Kay, "You can, too!"

Call or text 719-440-1949 to find out how! 03/01/2018

Mary Kay | Official Site

Kiss with Benefits

All Mary Kay lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses have skin-loving benefits. So when lips are the focus, as in this look, you can be confident knowing you'll have healthy-looking lips.

Double-Duty Lip Goodness

* Start by using Gold Coast, Driftwood and Espresso mineral eye colors to create a subdued eye look.
* Next, line eyes with MK Deep Brown eyeliner. Lash Love Mascara completes your eye look.
*Keep cheeks neutral by using Sunny Spice mineral cheek color.
*Achieve the bold lip look by lining lips with Rose lip liner. Then add New Apple Berry gel semi-shine lipstick.

Try on this look using the Mary Kay virtual makeover app and visit MY Mary Kay personal website to get the full look. or call 719-440-1949 for a sample look. Sign up now to receive a weekly newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest Mary Kay products and beauty news. To get a sneak preview of our current Beaut-e-news click here. 03/01/2018

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There are so many ingredients out there, we are sometimes confused about their origin and the benefits they provide. Cosmetics can be very confusing unless we are aware of the facts. The market has been flooded with new terms and one of them is "Shea Butter". Just what is it and what does it do?

Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, shea butter has been used for centuries to protect, enrich, soften and hydrate skin. Shea butter is also known to contain omega-3s, recognized to help maintain skin's natural moisture barrier.

Products containing Shea
*Satin Hands Pampering Sets
*Satin Lips Set
*New ! SatinBody Collection

For more information on how to obtain a Shea containing product call or text or visit my website

719-440-1949 Sign up now to receive a weekly newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest Mary Kay products and beauty news. To get a sneak preview of our current Beaut-e-news click here.


Did you know you have a gift shop right here in the Black Forest? Are you in need of a quick Thank You gift, Birthday, Anniversary, or "Just Because" gift? I can have a gift ready for you in minutes and can deliver or you can pick it up at my Gift Office.

Call me or text and give me particulars. I can make suggestions, also.

719-440-1949 or


Just who is Mary Kay?

Born in rural Texas at the end of World War I, Mary Kay spent her childhood keeping house and caring for her sick father while her mother supported the family. Years later, as a single mother at a time when very few women worked outside the home, Mary Kay was determined to pursue her professional goals. Twenty-five years later, after she retired from a successful career in direct selling, Mary Kay---a middle aged grandmother--felt the call of a challenge. In founding what she termed her "dream company", Mary Kay exceeded her own expectations and became a champion for women.

From: Miracles Happen, The Life of Mary Kay Ash

For a free copy, call or text 79-440-1949.


From age-defying wonders to acne solutions to simplified skin care and everything in between, there's a specially formulated Mary Kay regimen for your unique skin care needs. But what is Mary Kay's most powerful ingredient?


Your Independent Beauty Consultant. I can help you find the right skin care regimen that will deliver the real results you want to see. Just, call, text or go to my website.

Phyllis Didleau


One of the hottest and informative magazines in the Beauty Market is a magazine called:

The Look

You can receive a free subscription by calling or texting 719-440-1949.


Hair styles change. Clothing styles change. So do color applications for your glamour looks.

Are you outdated and confused about make up trends?

Call or text 719-440-1949 for a free update in colors and application for today's woman on the go!!


Contouring? Highlighting? What is that all about?

Learn how light and dark applications can make a difference in the size and shape of facial features.

Sessions on color application can be arranged at your convenience.

Call or text 719-440-1949

Schedule a time now!


Are you absolutely sure you are using the correct skin care formula for your skin type?




Clear Proof?

Have you had a professional analysis done for your skin type?

Call or text 719-440-1949 and arrange an appointment. No charge.


Have you ever wondered how to measure for the correct length of your eyebrow?

Have you ever wondered how to measure for the right placement of your arch in your brow?

Let me teach you these little tricks and more when you select a time for your personalized Mary Kay experience.

You will receive instructions on correct color selection, too.

It's fun and FREE!!

Call or text 710-440-1949 for more information.


If you feel you are not getting paid what you are worth, please talk with me.

Mary Kay started a company for that reason. I would like to tell you her story and the company she built because she felt women were not getting paid what they were worth.

Call or text 719-440-1949


Spring forward from winter beauty looks without completely overhauling your make up drawer. A few simple swaps and application tweaks are all you need to freshen and lighten your look.

Text or call 719-440-1949 for new tips and techniques at no expense to you.


The Beauty scene is wild about the tips and techniques of Korean inspired routines called K beauty.

Flawless, fabulous skin is the basis of every amazing look, then a few simple application techniques results in a most desirable look.

Text or Call Black Forest Beauty for a personal skin analysis at your convenience.



Let's go to New York City Together!

Mary Kay is doing it again! Doing the unimaginable.

Try It Contest
Let's do a Mary Kay experience with the newest in the cosmetic world!

We'll take a selfie!
We'll enter the contest on our phone!
We'll be placed in a drawing for a trip to New York City all expenses paid with $1,500 Spending money!

Call or text Phyllis 440-1949
Let's pack our bags!!!


Millions of Women "Can" because of Mary Kay

I can make a difference---not just an income.

I can be me.

Don't tell me I can't. I CAN.

You Can, too!


[email protected]

Contact me for a Free copy of "Miracles Happen" by Mary Kay Ash

The Life and timeless principles of the founder of Mary Kay Inc. 01/11/2018

Mary Kay | Official Site

Choose your Look:

Get Clever About Color
Kiss With Benefits
Glow, Girl
Party Pretty
Look at me Lips

Try on these Looks using the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover App and visit my Mary Kay personal website to get the full looks.


Call 719-440-1949 for a personal experience with these looks!


Lipstick is the easiest way to make a statement with makeup. Mix and Match and bring out your inner makeup artist.

Lipstick Talks

~Makes a statement of "I'm a powerful woman"
~Complete your look and says, "I'm finished".
~Says, "I'm awake".
~Conveys the appearance of "I'm young".'
~It says, "Pay attentions to me. I know what I am talking about".

Lipstick has even more "punch" when you use a lip liner to give definition . Liner creates a more professional look.

The genius of gel technology is the latest texture in lipstick. Experience it and see why it is all the rage!.

Call 719-440-1949 or text for free samples and free instructions.


Keep up with the trends in Beauty with

The Look Book

Each year you hope to become a better version of yourself--smarter, healthier, younger-looking.

The demands of your go-go world make it hard to carve out time for yourself.

Subscribe to our Look Book and pick out some products you'd like to try for FREE. Call 719-440-1949 or text to get your copy at no charge to you!

You then can arrange to experience (at no charge) products you'd like to try.

It is so simple! Simplify your life! Shop Catalog!


Let's talk about Mascara.

What do you want a mascara to do for you?

Expand and extend? Define? Waterproof with definition Lengthen? Volume?

Did you know there are mascaras designed to address each of these needs?

Did you know there is also a Lash Primer available to intensify lash volume and create longer lasting lashes?

Yes! The wands are even designed differently to suit the desired look.

Any questions? Call Phyllis at 719-440-1949 to discuss your mascara and what you want it to do for you.

This service is free!


Start your New Year with a Beauty Experience like no other!

You will Experience:

1. Satin Lips

2. Satin Hands

3. Complete Skin Assessment Profile

4. Masque of your choice

5. Skin care regimen to suit your assessment

6. Color Card application and techniques

7. A cup of tea and scones

8. A delightful experience with Phyllis

Two friends may join you. There is no charge. The event will be held in my in my "Bee You Tea Room" in the Black Forest.

Call 719-440-1949 to set your date for this luxurious Beauty Experience.

Thank you for allowing me to share this Spa like treatment with you and your friends.


Questions are often asked what colors are appropriate for Blue eyes, Brown eyes or Green eyes?

Color cards are available from Black Forest Beauty which will indicate colors that have been chosen by Makeup artists for each particular eye color. The color card includes samples of 3 eye colors, one powder blush color and one lipstick color. There is an instruction application guide included for the eye shadow.

These are free color cards from Black Forest Beauty. Simply call 719-440-1949 to arrange to receive your color card.


What are the purposes of cosmetic primers?

Foundation Primer

This product will prepare the skin for the application of your foundation.

Think of your facial skin as a canvas. Just as an artist uses a primer on a canvas to smooth out fine lines, cover any canvas imperfections and create a perfect surface for his "wash" so your skin is also prepared for your foundation color. The finest primers will also contain a sun protection factor to protect your skin from sun damage. It also will contain optical diffusers to reflect light to make the skin look brighter. The primer should go on like silk and provide for a long lasting foundation.

Eye Primers

Eye Primers are designed to create a smooth, oil free surface on which to apply your eye shadow. The application of an eye primer will provide for long lasting eye color.

Lip Primers

Lip Primers contain ingredients that will smooth the lip surface and prepare your lips for a longer lasting lipstick or lip gloss. Lip primers often contain a sun protection factor, also. It also fights the look of fine lines and wrinkles around your lips.

Lash Primer

Lash Primer instantly intensifies the volume and length of your lashes.

See your Black Forest Beauty for additional information on these special products.

719-440-1949 or [email protected]


Are you ready to Party on New Year's Eve? Do you have your Party Dress, your Party shoes and your Party bag and your Party "do"?

Then all you need to finish the Party Picture is your Party Look!

Take time to put the frosting on your Party Cake with the latest in trends from your Beauty expert!

What a difference it will make when everything is PERFECT for the PARTY!

Call 719-440-1949 to reserve your spot. This Party Look session is FREE!

Make it Private---your home or my Black Forest Beauty Bee Studio in my home.
Tea is served!!
Call NOW


Did you know that you can apply your makeup to enhance the shape of your face? Make up artists teach that the most desirable face shape is oval.

Face shapes have been categorized into several designs.

1. Oval

2. Square

3. Round

4. Long

5. Heart Shaped

Did you know that you can learn to apply your color so every shape is best presented?

You can attend a personal color class or a group color class.

Please reply to Black Forest Beauty via phone, 719-440-1949 or email [email protected]


Want a New Look?

Choose from the following styles:






Contact Black Forest Beauty For the Look you picked!!



Black Forest Beauty


Tips For Travel

1. Purchase this Travel Kit from Your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

2. The divided velcro attatched compartments can be assigned to each family member.

3. Mom, Dad, Jonny and Susie each have their own place to put their toothbrush, combs and travel necessities.

4. Buying a travel ticket or Gas money for visiting family and friends? Place the ticket or gas money in an envelope or card and attach it to the bag. Wrap a Christmas ribbon around the bag topped with a large, festive bow and Presto! what an appreciated gift!

5. The bag too bulky for your suitcase? Take each compartment off and place each one in a corner of the suitcase. Collapse the bag and lay it on top!

6. Buy two. One bag is full and ready to go to the gym. The other bag is ready for your next trip!

7. More than just a cosmetic bag. Buy 3. Third one can be filled with toys and snacks and kept in the back seat of the car.!!

8. Be careful. Being organized can be habit forming. You may think of other great uses for this tool!!


Beauty is as Beauty Does

I'm sure you remember that phrase from Forest Gump and maybe even from your Mother. We have been taught the courtesies of woman hood, but how many of us practice them day by day? Simple little acts often "make or break" our relationships. We all like to be treated with kindness and understanding and we like to be remembered. Psychology tells us that one of the greatest needs in our personality is to feel important. How can we treat others so they feel highly regarded and important?

There are several ways this happens:

1. Return phone calls as soon as possible.

2. Write a thank you note soon after a gift or act of kindness has been received by you.

3. Remember Birthdays and other important events in a friend's life.

4. When visiting, call about 10-15 minutes before arriving.

5. Show respect for yourself by the way you dress. Others feel important by the company they keep!

6. Respect others' time by arriving and leaving in a timely manner.

These are just a few pointers for courtesy in today's world. Yes, we do need to be reminded from time to time.

We live in such a fast pace world today, sometimes we just let things slip.

True Beauty is not just a beautiful appearance. True Beauty is also shown in our actions.

Beauty is as Beauty Does!



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