Beautiful Births, LLC

Beautiful Births, LLC

Providing complete homebirth midwifery care for Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Comprehensive prenatal, homebirth, and postpartum care.

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Congratulations Megan & Kenn

Welcome Katana Hope 8lbs 8oz


Congratulations Megan & Kenn

Welcome Katana Hope 8lbs 8oz


Photos from Beautiful Births, LLC's post 02/24/2021

Congratulations Kim and Jordan

Welcome James Lee 8lbs 3oz

And warm memories from big brother Matthias and big sisters Faith and Kinzie’s births



Welcome Little One!


Welcome Little One!








Congratulations Gabby and Pat

Welcome Jericho Taurin Kingston 8lbs 8oz



Welcome little one



Welcome little one!



Congratulations Christine and Nano

Welcome Peter Charles 8lbs 5 oz



Congratulations Josie and Derek

Welcome Elliot Willa, 7lbs 10oz

With an old memory of big sister Olivia’s birth, and a new memory too 💕



Congratulations Amanda and Jeremy

Welcome Samuel Bennet

And memories of the births of big brothers John-Michael and Gabriel and big sister Hannah.



Welcome little one!



Welcome little one!



Congratulations Esther and Sam

Welcome Elaina Shiloh 7lbs 7oz

...and a memory from big brother Levi’s birth

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Mandy & Ronnie

Welcome Oakleigh Jean 8lbs 4oz


Shari Criso RN, CNM, IBCLC

#tandemnursing ❤❤


Congratulations Becca and Simon!
Welcome Zelie Rose 6lbs 15oz



Congratulations Hannah & Forrest!

Welcome Massimo Hank 7lbs 15oz

And a throwback to big brother Leo’s birth

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Ashley & Dan
Welcome Lauren Emily 4lbs 15oz

And a memory from big brother Luke’s birth



Congratulations Iris & Hank
Welcome Cassiopeia Lazuli 7lbs 11oz

And throwbacks to big brothers’ Orion and Kailan’s births

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Jen and David

Welcome Ellis Emmanuel 7lbs 3oz

And a throwback to big brother Emmett’s birth

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow 02/25/2020

Daytime naps boost your heart and brain health, reduce stress and much more Napping was found to improve reaction time, logical reasoning, mood, and treat fatigue. It is also excellent or the heart, stress and much more


Beautiful Births, LLC's cover photo


Beautiful Births, LLC


Congratulations Allisa and Roger

Welcome Melisandre Iclyn 7lbs 13oz

And throwbacks to her big brothers and sisters Loki, Malikai, Callisto, and Zion

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Charis and Oscar

Welcome Anastacia Charlotte 8lbs 9oz




"I really wish that all new mothers were told that the majority of newborns want to breastfeed much more frequently than every few hours. And many even want to stay latched on, suckling for extended periods of time. This can understandably shake a new mother’s confidence and make her second guess if she’s producing enough milk to keep her nursling satisfied. Women are usually just told that their baby should nurse ‘every 2-3 hours’, but frequent (and lengthy) nursing is a totally normal thing for newborns to do! It helps keep them close to mama while regulating her milk supply.
Often babies won’t have these longer stretches between feeds until they’re a little older. Even then, there are several things that could make them want to nurse more, including (but not limited to) teething, sickness, unfamiliar surroundings, or feeling tired. I can’t imagine how miserable it would be to have a fussy baby in your arms but feel like you shouldn’t breastfeed again because it’s ‘not time yet’.
This isn’t discussed often enough and new mothers need to be reassured. If baby is gaining weight, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding more often than what you’ve been told is ‘normal’. The postpartum period is all about surrendering, so cozy up with your babe and forget the clock."

(Words by Oh Baby Nutrition,
photo by me

#doula #breastfeedingjourney #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #normalizebreastfeeding


Congratulations Amanda and Dan

Welcome Judah Daniel 6lbs 6oz



Holistic Home Birth, LLC


It’s that time of year again. “Cold and Flu Season” has begun....or as it is frequently known~ “Its-probably-just-Allergies and Maybe-I-Have-Food-Poisoning Season” 🤣. Remember to wash your hands, get lots sleep, drink plenty of fluids, take all of your immune system boosters (elderberry, probiotics, Airborne, garlic, vitamin D, essential oils, etc) and most importantly- if you are feeling sick, STAY HOME and rest. Believe me, people (like your midwife) won’t mind rescheduling, if you need to stay home and keep your germs to yourself! 🙏🏻


Congratulations Kyna and Jonathan

Welcome Heidi Elizabeth 6lbs 4oz

And a throwback to big sister Abigail’s birth



Congratulations Amy and Scott

Welcome Celia Kay 8lbs 6oz

And throwbacks to big brother Silas’s and big sister Claire’s births



Congratulations Anika and Eli

Welcome Tiberius Samuel 7lbs 10 oz

Big brother Thorin is way to busy for a family picture, but here’s a throwback to his birth 😊

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Rosalee and Justin

Welcome Korban Joel 7lbs 15oz

With throwbacks to big sister Charlee and big brother Jaybin’s births

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery #watchingfamiliesgrow


Congratulations Molly and Chase

Welcome Salama Chase 6lbs 4oz

And a throwback to big brother Saleh’s birth



What a great time we had at the reunion! I hope to see everyone next year 💕

#beautifulbirthsmidwifery @ Beautiful Births, LLC



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