Caveman Barber Shop

Caveman Barber Shop


Patty, found these while going thru some of Marta's old photos. This was Pearl's very first haircut!
Today is Patty’s 60th Birthday!!! Please be sure to stop by or call and help her celebrate a wonderful milestone!! She is much loved!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Today is Patty’s 60th Birthday!!! Be sure to stop by or call and wish her a great day!! She is much loved!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Good Morning Cave Dudes!!!!!I want to let you know that my most recent email from DORA gives me the permission I need to open the shop back up again on May 1. It will be hours as usual and, of course, we will have to make a few adjustments. One of the biggest adjustments is that Lydia is not with us anymore. She is striking out on her own and will be crazy successful!!!!! You can contact her at [email protected] We wish her well and bless her future! I can't wait to see all of you! One more week!!!!!
We miss you. This had to be done today to get by.
I saw on a Yelp review that you only take cash. Is this true?

Here is a haircut style I would like to try. How much would you charge?
I would like to thank you for sponsoring All American Fastpitch 16U! Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and it ensures that we can provide these young ladies with all the resources and tools to help them achieve greatness. You are not just helping them become great ball players, you are helping to mold them in to strong, confident women! Thanks again!
Someone reccomended this place at my work place so let's see if they can do a good. Cut
The Beards & Bros APP is ready to be downloaded by Barbers and Clients!
Barbers to register for FREE email [email protected].
Use Beards & Bros App to find your nearest trim & book via the APP! Facebook: Beards & Bros - Instagram
If you appear on our APP please review - any changes/updates required please email us. Remember thousands of potential clients are out there to make use of your professional services.
First I'd like to say it's always a pleasure anytime I see you Mrs. Patty, you a rare gem and I adore you!!!! Thank you isn't enough for your hospitality!!! You are one of the most welcoming people I know, this is one of the many reasons you are so successful!!! It was so comfortable to walk into your shop with 4 young boys, we were invited in and the kids were able to just make themselves at home and play with all the toys!!! I just could go on and on about you!!!! Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and perfect barber skills!!!!!! You, Emma & Lydia make a perfect team and my boys look so handsome!!!!!! Xoxoxo

Straight Razor shaves, Men's Cuts, Kids Cuts, Ladies Cuts This barber shop is a standard one. Walk on in, no appointments needed. Plenty of parking.

The goal is to remind men of what it feels like to be groomed well, treated with respect and in a timely manner. Handicapped parking available


I just want to thank you all for so much fun and encouragement in this next step of my life. You have touched my heart and my soul in this sweetest place and I will miss you all so deeply. Erit will take such great care of you, he is a consummate professional. Thank you for giving me the greatest opportunity of a lifetime! I love you, I carry you in my heart and I will let Erit know how to follow me. My daughter is going to give me a tutorial on implementing videos and photos into my adventure so you can see. God bless you and protect you always. I love you


So as it stands, cave dudes, Erit will close the shop the beginning of May until 11 May when he will open up his business. The hours at the shop will be 9 AM until 6 PM with no haircuts after five. On Saturday he will be there from 9 AM to 2 PM. We are aggressively seeking to find a really talented, skilled barber. He’s going to do great things! On 23 April from 9 AM to 3 PM remember we are having an open house gathering with food, and fun. This is an opportunity for everyone to say hello and goodbye but more important is that we want to be sure and bless Erit and give him a great start at his new adventure. You all have blessed my life so much and it is really very challenging to think about leaving all of you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.


OK, so I do need to make an adjustment to my prior post… Instead of an open house on 30 April we are going to do an open house gathering on 23 April. Each of my children has told me that they would like to be here to participate and it would complete the whole process if they were here to help me seal the history of my shop. We will have an open house gathering from 9 AM to 3 PM and please come bye so that we can say hello, give hugs and memories. Erit is looking forward to assuming the lease on the shop. Please come by and remember to bless him because I have never seen anyone work harder in my life than he does. Thank you for all of your love and sharing your thoughts with me.


To all of you crazy, wonderful cave dudes, I want you to know that April 29 will be my last day cutting hair.
I have had the infinite joy, honor and pleasure of spending all of these past years with you. You have changed my life and made me want to be better and do better. I am humbled and so blessed by each visit with each and every one of you.
April 30 will be a party at the shop so that I can see you, hug you and remember you. I am taking each memory of my history with you to Spain.
Thank you for all of the time we've had, discussions, banter, harassment, beer and the best part is the laughter. You have filled my heart to overflowing!
God bless you and keep you always!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you fabulous cave dudes! I am out of the shop this week, however Erit will be cutting Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Remember how blessed we all are and I wish you a really special time of friends and family. See you in the sunshine!!! God bless and protect you and your families


Heads up cavemen! 📣

-Patty will not be at the shop Aug 10th - aug 14.

However- Erit will still be there and cutting Tuesday through Friday that week!


Today the barbershop turns 13 whole years old! We’ve been serving cavemen and have been so abundantly blessed over the past 13 years! Please come In say hey and join in the excitement and accomplishment. Thank you so much for always trusting us.


I want to thank you for your unbelievable kindness and heart in helping my precious friend!! We are going to have a new forever home for Mag. Thank you so much and God bless your hearts.


So I have a huge favor to put out among you cave dudes… My sweet girlfriend has a dog that needs to have a new home. Her husband has Alzheimer and he requires all of her energy. Her heart is breaking but her dog deserves to have a wonderful forever home. She is a five-year-old Australian cattle dog. She is great with children and other dogs and just needs to have a family and a yard. Call me at the shop if you can guide us to giving this pup a new wonderful home


Just a note for all of your wild, woolly caveman… The last weekend of March I will be flying to North Carolina for the weekend and my barber shop will be closed on 27 March. And as we speak the 7-Eleven right next to my Barber Shop has closed down So the ATM is not available any longer. Come see us soon and let us take good care of you. Be safe in the snow. Enjoy the beginning of spring


Today is Patty’s 60th BIRTHDAY! Let’s all show her a little love! She’s cutting hair till 6pm! Stop by, call her and sing to her!


As we move into the week of Christmas and remember the ultimate gift that was given to us I want to thank all of you for how you feed, bless and pour into me. This little Barber Shop has filled my life with so much joy and I can’t thank you enough. My greatest honor is being able to serve you and do so with an open heart. And sharp tools I wish you peace, always joy and let’s end this year healthy… Remaining always healthy. Merry Christmas and God bless you. See you in the new year!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all! Remember we are still open and operating as normal. Come on over and let’s make the holidays together so special.

Patty Gooding1.mp4 11/03/2020

Patty Gooding1.mp4

What do you do to solve a problem when you don’t know what to

Patty Gooding1.mp4


Remember what we do at Halloween in this Barber shop… Any of you kids want to sell your candy back to me after trick or treating you come by the shop and I will pay top dollar for your candy. Be safe and have a wonderful time!


Thank God for the end of summer and Labor Day weekend! I hope that everybody is thriving and surviving… I want you to know that Barber Shop will be closed this Saturday, September 5 for the Labor Day weekend. This weekend is one year since my life was drastically changed and I want to thank you for your encouragement, your continued support and the opportunity to still be here to make sure that your grooming needs are met. Stay healthy and safe. See you in the sunshine


Just a heads up… This Saturday, 15 August is the third Saturday and the shop will be closed for a long weekend. It is so good to see all of you again and enjoying this summer with you. Come and see us soon and we will take great care of you


Remember this Saturday is the 3rd Saturday and I will be closed for a long weekend. I am going to be praying over this shop and all of you cave dudes. Too much extreme talk about restrictions and we are not buying into the narrative. I am keeping all of you wrapped up in my heart and prayers. Stay healthy and safe. I know I am. Remember I cut Santa’s hair and I pray.....I know people... don’t mess with me


Happy Fourth of July to all of us! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Remember in the summer time I close my barber shop the third Saturday in June, July, and August. It just gives me a chance to indulge in a little bit of summer like the rest of you. Be safe and enjoy the sunshine


I want to thank each and everyone of you who participate in the daily success of this Barber Shop I am deeply humbled by the support and encouragement I receive from every single one of you There are no words to describe how you have impacted my life and my heart. You inspire me to continue doing what I love. Thank you, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your world. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me to keep you looking your dashing best!! I will see you in the sunshine.


Today, the Caveman Barbershop turns 12 YEARS OLD!!!! You heard that right! 12 whole years!!! Stop by and celebrate with us!


The shop has been open 12 years today! Its so crazy to think about! It’s been a wild ride and we’ve been blessed since day one! As much as we are excited, we are truly more grateful and humbled by all of you! Every single customer that comes through the door has left an imprint on our hearts. We pray over you vigilantly, think about you relentlessly, laugh and share your stories! You have a change to our lives in every facet. So thank you. 


Today, the Caveman Barbershop turns 12 YEARS OLD!!!! You heard that right! 12 whole years!!! Stop by and celebrate with us!


So this is an open love letter to all of you cave dudes who have hung in there and waited so patiently and graciously.....Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply humbled by your enthusiasm to be back, I am awed by your commitment and faithfulness. I have missed you all so have filled such a huge gap in my life as I adjust to this past year. We are crazy busy, but I promise you I will do my best, Erit and I will do our best to make sure you all get back into your finest haircut form. Remember that sunshine and fresh air are the best disinfectant. God bless and protect you- protect us all. See you in the sunshine!


Good Morning Cave Dudes!!!!!I want to let you know that my most recent email from DORA gives me the permission I need to open the shop back up again on May 1. It will be hours as usual and, of course, we will have to make a few adjustments. One of the biggest adjustments is that Lydia is not with us anymore. She is striking out on her own and will be crazy successful!!!!! You can contact her at [email protected] We wish her well and bless her future! I can't wait to see all of you! One more week!!!!!

Photos from The Train To Crazy's post 04/12/2020

Photos from The Train To Crazy's post


We still have plenty to go around and sunshine!!! Swing by!!!


It’s drive by donut time! We know it’s cold! We know it’s Easter! Come by for free donuts! Drive by, say hello! We miss all our cavemen and their families! We’re here serving them up till they’re gone! You’re all such a blessing! Let us bless you back!


I am missing all of you so much!!! Thankyou, so very much, for your phone calls, texts and emails. Your support and encouragement mean the world to me- to us. Your kindness and support are deeply humbling and such a sweet blessing. I hope to be the kind of encourager and support to others around me- as you have been to me. I am taking this time- which is like a time out from God, to make the most of the quiet that I can. It is good- and my desire for each of you is to soak up the time in conversation and maximize your relationships with those you love so much. Man, I miss my shop!!!!!! See you in the sunshine!


As if this computer thing wasn't challenging I hear we are in a lockdown until April 11. I think I will plan on being at my shop on April 12- happens to be Easter and what a lovely time to celebrate being released from confinement!! Again, I will bring the social distancing donuts, bagels and coffee. How about 9am? You will all be so tired of sleeping in! Come see me- let me see you! Feel free to email me and let me know you are okay. [email protected] In all honesty, please be safe and stay healthy. God bless and protect us all. Love you Cave dudes!


So you all know I have been mandated to close until April 30 I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Who am I supposed to spend my days with?? We will weather this storm and all be just fine. Our lives have been altered- not permanently ruined. God bless and protect all of you.....all of us. See you in the sunshine. [email protected]


We are open and operating as usual. We recognize the hysteria around us and choose not to succumb. Come on over and let us keep you looking great. No fear in here!!!!!


We are going to be working as usual at this shop. We recognize the hysteria all around us and you just come on in and let us make sure you still look great. There is no fear in here!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our precious and faithful clients! Thank you, so very much, for your encouragement, understanding and prayers in the passing of my husband, Barry. Your support means everything to me.

We will close the barbershop at 3pm on November 27 and Thanksgiving day.. Back in on black Friday morning at the usual time.

We will close on December 24 and Christmas day. We will follow the same schedule the week of New Years. Close the 31st of December and New Years Day. See you on January 2,2020.

You are my inspiration for wanting to live out excellence in the service industry. Thank you for your patronage, support and daily banter. I am humbled by your support. Patty


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Patty’s husband. She will not be cutting hair for a while in order to grieve. We will continue to update our shop hours!

We would like to extend an invitation to the celebration of Barry’s life, happening on Thursday, September 12th from 6-8pm at the VFW Post 5 (15 E Platte Avenue). If you know Patty and would like to extend prayers and support, please join us!

We ask that no one brings food for the family, there will be appetizers and a cash bar at his celebration! Following the service we will be hitting golf balls at Patty Jewett golf course while music plays and they light up the range! Bring comfortable clothes and clubs if you would like!!!



2905 N Murray Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 7am - 2pm

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