Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon

Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon


Aloha Ria, I have been having henna put on my hair for several years now and we are thinking about moving to Co Springs. My stylist is Lisa from Megumi Organic Salon here in Honolulu. She has used just henna on me from the get go. So If I'm reading your site correctly, you are familiar with applying henna? It's so hard to find someone! Thanks so much!
Jenna Eisengart Conlin here is Ria's info...she does all organic color and product and is such a gifted stylist. You two would really connect. 💚
Have a super day!
Ria, I LOVED your webcast: I'm in the Tim Gill Center for Public Media Journalism Class now!
Ria is the best. Been going to her for years. Won't let anybody else do my hair!!!

We are an eco-conscious salon. With our organic pure plant pigment hair color line and small batch

Operating as usual


Hey beauties!
Let me know if you need to stock up on your Josh Rosebrook hair products!!
They’ve decided to focus on the skin and body products and discontinuing the hairline. If you need anything, please text me to let me know asap!

Plants, Love & Beauty,
Ria Hurst

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Hey lovelies, if anyone is looking for a salon chair booth rental I have one available as well as the facial/massage room.
Please share if you know a stylist/barber/massage therapist or esthetician looking!!!
Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon 1810 West Colorado Ave 80904

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post 12/09/2021

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post


I have reimplemented masks 😷 and again asking that if you have been around anyone with any illness in the past two weeks that you reschedule. Thank you for respecting my wishes and the health of myself and other guests. 🥰
Plants, Love & Beauty~ 🌺💞💇🏻‍♀️Ria


Hope your having a beautiful autumn
I don’t have any openings for the remainder of 2021.
Not accepting new clients.

Plants, Love & Beauty ~Ria

Absence of Apparent Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Two Stylists... 11/16/2020

Absence of Apparent Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Two Stylists...

Mask up! Protect yourself, protect your family, your friends, strangers, healthcare workers. It’s called being humane! Please stop making it polictical. It’s called caring.

Absence of Apparent Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from Two Stylists... On May 12, 2020 (day 0), a hair stylist at salon A in Springfield, Missouri (stylist A), developed respiratory symptoms and continued working with clients until day 8, when the stylist received a...

Holistic Hair Tribe 10/27/2020

Holistic Hair Tribe

Hello all my holistic hair beauties I’ve got something new for you!
Use Coupon code HHT3444
and get amazing products shipped directly to you!
Take a brief quiz to find your perfect product line up.
If you’re interested in Oway or O&M products click the link below and use

Plants, Love and Beauty~ Ria Hurst
@ Alive Beauty Company

Holistic Hair Tribe From formulation to production, we use the purest certified organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible and eliminate all toxic chemicals.


Health protocols in place in order to support the health of all.

If you or anyone you’ve been around has been sick in the previous two weeks prior to your appointment please reschedule.

Check your temp the night before, if it’s over 99 I’m asking that you reschedule! If I get sick we’ll be at this delay again.

No one except the client is allowed in the salon at this time.
(Except for: Clients who need a assistance or a driver. Parents of children with an appt, & nursing infants under 1year).

I’m asking that you wait outside or in your car, until I’m ready for you & the current client has left . Then I’ll need a couple minutes to get I’m ready for you.
(Only during double booked clients will I allow multiple clients).

Mask with ear straps required during entirety of appointment l.

I will have hand sanitizer outside the salon. Please sanitize your hands prior to your appt.

Once I’m ready for you, I’ll require an ear temp check. (If your temp is 100 or higher you’ll have to contact once well to reschedule. Please don’t be upset with me if this happens I have to look out for the greater good).

I truly appreciate all of your support and understanding with all the wellness necessities.

Plants, Love & Beauty~ Ria


Just wanted to thank everyone for you love, patience, compliance, nourishment, hydration & chocolate. To get me through the first two days. You truly to light up my life. I could get use to this kind of spoiling! 💞💞💞 Plants, Love & Beauty, Ria Hurst


Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is staying well.

First to anyone trying to schedule that was not on my schedule during the last 7 weeks that I’ve been closed. Please be patient I’m holding off scheduling anyone else until I see how the first few weeks open works out. I’m happy to put your name on my appt request list.

Before coming in read this message in it’s entirety (7 key points) in order to help the flow of appointments and health of all.

I’ve set some new protocols in place to minimize exposure of germs to others. If you or anyone you’ve been around has been sick please just reschedule.
Check your temp the night before and the morning of if it’s over 99 I’m asking that you reschedule! If I get sick we’ll be at this delay again!
Most importantly please be patient with me I’ve had to reschedule seven weeks of clients and I’m implementing cleaning between clients. I will likely be running behind as I didn’t account for this intense change when I rescheduled everyone.

So here it goes.

1st: No one except the client is allowed in the salon at this time. (Except for my elderly clients who come with someone). No children unless they’re having the appt or are nursing infants under 1year.)

2nd: I’m asking that you wait outside, until I’m ready for you. I will be locking the door between clients, & not until the current client is leaving. Then I’ll need a couple minutes to get I’m ready for you.
(Only during double booked clients will I allow multiple clients).

3rd: Please have a mask on!!!
(I will have a few washable ones if you don’t have one that can be borrowed during your appt time).

I will have hand sanitizer outside the salon. Please sanitize your hands before I open the door for you. Once I’m ready for you, I’ll require a temp check if your temp is 99 or higher you’ll be asked to be leave and contact me later to reschedule. Please don’t be upset with me if this happens I have to look out for the greater good.
Once you’ve passed inspection. please immediately go wash your hands and sanitize again. Then I’ll begin your service.

5th: No Magazines/No WiFi
I’ve temporarily removed all magazines and books. I shut of WiFi during the closure to save money & it won’t be back on until then last week of May. So have your own reading material if you need it while your color processes.

SO FOR PAYMENT: I should be able to run cards via my hot spot. If it doesn’t work please have an alternate payment method other than credit card.
I will not be having your touch my phone so if you’d like to leave gratuity. I will have you relay that to me. No signature will be required.

7th: upon finishing and exiting (if you borrowed a mask I’ll have you put your mask in sealed bag for laundering).

I truly appreciate all of your support and understanding during this unusual time & abnormally new necessities.

Plants, Love & Beauty~ Ria


There are so many beautiful companies that deserve this! Vote for the small business that speaks to your heart, the one that makes you feel most alive and a part of our community. & If you choose to nominate me I’d me honored.

You Decorated my Life - Kenny Rogers 03/22/2020

You Decorated my Life - Kenny Rogers

In this time of ...... whatever emotions you’re feeling, be gentle. be kind. Please know that as each of you have decorated my life, I hope that I to have added something beautiful to yours. We share so much in our time together, you are my friends, my family, my confidantes, we share the depths of our souls, our joys and our pains. Know that I’m here for you just as you all have supported me. Please read the lyrics I’ve posted and understand that this is how you my beautiful lively lovelies have added to my life. I heart you! Stay well!
Plants, Love & Beauty ~Ria Hurst

Mr. Kenny Rogers here’s to you!
August 21, 1938-March 20, 2020

You’ve decorated my life. Just like all my incredible clients!

All my life was a paper
Once plain, pure and white
Till you moved with your pen, changin' moods now and then
Till the balance was right
Then you added some music
Every note was in place
And anybody could see all the changes in me by the look on my face
And you decorated my life
Created a world
Where dreams are a part
And you decorated my life
By paintin' your love all over my heart

You Decorated my Life - Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers

Sign the Petition 03/19/2020

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition Save Our Salons! Covid-19 Beauty Industry Economic Hardship


So I guess the inevitable is occurring. I must discuss my business.... with the impact and mindset of the COVID-19 quarantine what are other salons stylist doing. I had the onset of a cold Thursday night I’ve cancelled work through today, I wake up feeling okay then the coughing begins and I feel like I must cancel more days. Normally the degree of my sickness wouldn’t hold me back from working. But I don’t want to expose anyone to any type of illness. So stylists what are you doing? Clients what’s your feeling?

Make a Dream Board 01/02/2020

Make a Dream Board

New year. New visions. Follow your path. Creating your dream board with Elizabeth Hildy

Make a Dream Board Age 11 and up, great family or partner activity! Don't make a New Year's resolution! Your brain thinks in images, not words. Have you ever made a vision board or dream board? Visualization is a technique used by Olympic athletes. If you think through your top goals, and create a detailed plan to ove...


A great email from Brendon Burchard-



The more you know how difficult the world can be, and how lucky you truly are, the more you notice things to be grateful for.

I know you’ve seen a lot in this world, and had a lot of ups and downs.

Let that journey make you more grateful.

Let those ups and downs remind you how precious this moment is.

For me, next year marks the 20th year that I’ve been writing and communicating with my audience. (I wrote my first book in 2000 and it came out in 2001!). Wow. 20 years.

That means it was 23 years ago that I was in an accident that began my journey into personal development and teaching.

In these last two decades, I’ve seen the world, traveling to more countries than a kid from Montana even knew existed.

I’ve had remarkable blessings—from my wife, Denise, to my family and team, to good health, to all of you guys, to our 2M+ online students, to great friends and inspiring peers in the industry.

I’ve also lost loved ones; had people cheat; failed at launches and my first events; had people take advantage of me; been attacked on social media; seen a lot of fads; struggled with a brain injury; watched leaders abuse their positions of influence and spread division.

I’ve toured dumps in other countries where people live and scavenge, sat with people as they died in hospice, read hundreds of thousands of comments, emails and DMs of people just trying to survive.

Just yesterday morning I was replying to some students writing me with suicidal thoughts who were just so desperate to feel again.

It’s knowing all this -- the breadth of human experience -- that makes me grateful.

It’s knowing YOU are out there, genuinely working to live a good life, trying to be a good contributor, trying to be a great role model, trying to grow and lead and enjoy a fully charged life.

All of that…. all of us marching to our own music, trying to live a good life despite the challenges of it all…

That makes me grateful.

Because the alternative is to be dead or done. But here we are, striving together. Hopeful. Blessedly alive. Ready.

It makes me wake up every morning, and do what my late mentor Wayne Dyer taught me… swing my legs off the bed, put my feet on the ground and say, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


Speaking of “noticing” …

If you aren’t present, bringing your awareness to the moment right in front of you, then it’s hard to feel genuine, ongoing gratitude.

I think we have an epidemic where people are so “out” of the moment, so disconnected, that they don’t even see all the wonders right in front of them to be thankful for.

We’re so distracted by the noise—all those posts on our phone, those texts, those long to-do lists—that we miss the feeling of our breath, the color of the sky, the sensations of our body, the extraordinary number of kind gestures from the people all around us throughout the year.

All those beautiful scenes, right there in front of us, every day of our lives... missed.

What I love about the mindfulness movement is that it's reminding us of the simplest thing: be here now.

Feel the moment again.

If we only knew how precious life was, we’d tune into it, drink from it, notice it, feel it, honor it, desire and work for a deeper connection with it.

Here. You are here. Right now. Blessed to be reading this note from me, which must be, in the scheme of things, such an impossibly serendipitous moment that has brought us together today.

We are here together, in spirit, in this very moment. I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for you as you finish this very sentence.

I'm thankful that I get to be fully present with my family today.

Something about being together in full presence that can change our world.


This takes a lifetime for some people to relearn, even though they mastered it for years when they were children.

I know people who’ve sold their companies for extraordinary sums, and they’re still not happy.

I know people who win the big awards, get the big deals, speak on the big stages, have the big teams, get the big media attention—still not happy.

Because if you don’t learn to take joy and appreciation in the little things, every day, then don’t assume you’ll feel or summon those emotions when the big things happen.

Every day is a training ground for your lasting attitude and sense of joy in life.

I also don't think you just need to "take" joy from little things.

As I always say, you can also BRING THE JOY.

I was in the airport yesterday with Mom, waiting to board, when the airline agent behind the counter announced that we would be late. The crew was still on its way. The crowd moaned.

The agent asked us to smile with him, and keep it lighthearted because soon we'd all be home with our families. He suggested that he, too, wanted to get things moving, and asked us again to be patient and keep a smile on because the crew was close and we'd leave soon.

The woman behind me said, in a very loud and offended tone, "Well, if you knew what my day was like you wouldn't dare ask me to smile."

I think the very thing she needed to do was smile.

She needed to see a person, in his own small way, trying to bring joy to a difficult and frustrating situation. He was helping us keep a good attitude.

Yes, we can all be mad about the day’s difficulties. But those who learn to reset and bring joy to the moment are those who live more happy lives.


I’ve personally found that the higher my faith, the deeper my gratitude.

When you can trust that the future holds good things for you, that there’s a plan, that perhaps you are being guided right now and all things are coming together just as is needed, for you, then that faith can keep you calm and grateful.

I believe that one reason people never live with a constant and considerable state of gratitude is that BELIEF is missing to a certain degree in their lives.

When you don’t believe in something -- something beyond yourself, something incredibly good -- it’s hard to believe that good things are happening or will happen.

But if your belief is REAL, then your gratitude feels natural and real. I’m not sure I’m explaining that well, but I FEEL IT. Know what I mean?

I have faith that you and I are supposed to know one another, even if through this medium, so that we can learn from one another, help others, and live, love and matter just a little more, together.

I have faith that God has allowed me this second chance at life, these opportunities, this desire to help others, this very moment, because there’s a purpose to it all, even if I can’t see the ultimate end purpose. I just trust that it's there.

And so, I simply have faith each day that a higher force is lining things up for me and all of us. I'm excited and grateful for what's to come.


Gratitude cannot pe*****te a closed heart.

When you can keep your heart open, and create real and lasting relationships, you get to feel gratitude in an entirely different way.

Have you ever noticed that the better relationships you have, the happier you feel?

Well, better relationships require more open hearts. More vulnerability. Less bias and judgement. More sharing. More real conversations of compassion and love.

Today, it’s super easy to close down.

Just look at our cultural and political situation around the world—calcified thinking, closed mindedness, and closed eyes to the truly dire problems facing our planet and our people. Openness to one another, to learning, to facing what's in front of us... that can change things.

When we are open to others, we see their beauty, their struggle, their magic and need and heart. Suddenly, we can feel in awe for them, appreciative of them.

Suddenly, we feel connected.

Suddenly, we are, if anything, grateful that we are not alone.

Let us all be thankful for that.

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Elizabeth Hildy is offering all my guests
25% off her art, till Dec 24th. .

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post 08/27/2019

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post 08/27/2019

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post

Timeline photos 08/26/2019

Timeline photos


Beware 😂😂😂

How 15 Plants Prevent Female Pattern Hair Loss - 06/29/2019

How 15 Plants Prevent Female Pattern Hair Loss -

How 15 Plants Prevent Female Pattern Hair Loss - When I started going through menopause recently, I quickly became a statistic. I was one of 30 million American women with Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). It didn’t comfort me knowing FPHL is the most common cause of hair loss in women. Instead, I was feeling down in the dumps. My self-esteem plu...


Barber gets kids to read to him while he cuts their hair

California Legislators Consider Banning All Cosmetics With Cancer-Causing Chemicals 03/30/2019

California Legislators Consider Banning All Cosmetics With Cancer-Causing Chemicals

California Legislators Consider Banning All Cosmetics With Cancer-Causing Chemicals California is considering a bill that would ban the sale of all cosmetics in state that contain certain chemicals known to cause cancer and other health effects. State legislators introduced a bill Tuesday that would ban makeup made with 20 highly toxic chemicals including asbestos, mercury, lead, f...


Just a heads up I’ll be out the salon
Jan 27-Feb 4.
My sweet mother in law fell and broke her hip and arm so I will be heading out to be with her and my father in law. Thanks for understanding to all those I had to reschedule. She’ll have surgery tomorrow afternoon.
Plants, Love & Beauty,

Photos from Alive Beauty Company an Organic Salon's post 12/20/2018

Danielle Schmidt thank you for the beautiful photos❤️😍❤️
Plants, Love & Beauty🌺💛💇🏻‍♀️

Simply Truth in Beauty

Alive Beauty Company is an eco-conscious salon. With our organic plant pigment hair color line and small batch herbal hair products, we are striving to use the best and most natural products we can find to make you look and feel beautiful.

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1810 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm

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