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Through experience, advanced clinical training and clear communication with our patients, our therapy team will give you the advantage in recovery.We are proud to be part of the community and are committed to providing each patient with an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery in a safe, compassionate environment. Call or request an appointment and experience the power of physical therapy today.

Timeline photos 03/16/2023

Welcome back to another season of the NCAA tourney and everything college basketball!

Injuries are already a concern with a few teams as they take to the paint.

If you’re a diehard hoophead, a weekend warrior or a bleacher bum who just likes to fill out a bracket, take five with this blog on basketball’s top injuries.

Timeline photos 03/16/2023

March Madness is here and we’re excited to watch some of our sports partners as they begin playing in the big dance. Best of luck.

Drake Athletics UConn Huskies


Hey picklers! Looking to maintain or strengthen your balance in 30 seconds? Check this out and let us know how the kitchen sink tip works for you. PPA Tour

Photos from Select Physical Therapy's post 03/14/2023

For Adriel Tome, basketball is more than a hobby; it helped with everything from his asthma to anxiety. One day he went up for a rebound and came down funny. He heard the infamous pop of an ACL rupture.

Adriel’s surgeon referred him to our Miami center. He began working with Physical Therapist Franklin Paramo. "When I first came, I was not able to walk on my own,” Adriel said. “Franklin made me feel at ease. These employees don't just come to work. They connect with you on a personal level. They are not just here to take care of you, but also be there for you."

“My most recent milestone in this long journey is being able to walk without feeling any discomfort,” Adriel said. “My main goal now is to get back to the sport I love, basketball!"

Franklin and the team will be there every step of the way, Adriel.

Photos from Select Physical Therapy's post 03/12/2023

It was a busy day for Athletic Trainer Jim Miller and the gang as they got the players ready for their matches at the Florida Open! PPA Tour


When most people hear about athletic trainers, they think of high school, collegiate and professional sports.

Did you know that athletic trainers can play a big role in the workplace as well?

Listen in on the latest episode of Your Questions, Our Experts as Athletic Trainer Kirsten Potts explains her role with a major airline company in Utah.

Timeline photos 03/10/2023

How cool is this? Select Physical Therapy was on display at the Ice Alaska World Ice Art Championships!

Select Physical Therapy was a sponsor at this year's annual event, which runs for six weeks every winter. The event runs from Feb. 17 to March 31 at the Tanana State Fairgrounds in Fairbanks, AK.

The Ice Alaska World Ice Art Championships began in Fairbanks in 1990 for artists to share ice sculpture experiences for the community. Collectively over the past years, the World Ice Art Championships have attracted hundreds of professional ice artists from over 45 different countries and across several U.S. states. The result is over 100 competition sculptures and exhibition pieces and the ever-expanding playful ice attractions in the Kids Park.

Timeline photos 03/09/2023

After a cold a snowy weekend in Minnesota two weeks ago, the heads south to the Sunshine State this weekend for the Florida Open!

Select Physical Therapy is onsite to provide care for the athletes as they compete! PPA Tour


Carlos is a former NCAA Division I tennis player who began physical therapy for Achilles pain. After an evaluation, his team found tightness and weakness from his ankle up to his hips and core, which were contributing to his pain and performance as he plays tennis recreationally.

After working with Select Physical Therapy at different centers in Connecticut for a few months, he saw tremendous improvements. As he progressed with therapy, he transitioned to our personalized strength and conditioning program.

Carlos is feeling better and has begun getting back into playing shape. He's even started training more in order to start playing competitive tennis again.

His new goal is to become top-25 in the country for his age group and he believes with the help of Select Physical Therapy, it's a realistic possibility.

Check out the video to hear what Carlos had to say about his rehabilitation journey with Select Physical Therapy's Select Sports Center of Excellence.

To learn more about Select Sports Centers of Excellence, visit

Photos from Select Physical Therapy's post 03/08/2023

Happy International Women's Day!

Quick facts:

- Mary McMillan is considered the “mother of physical therapy” in the United States and was the founder and first president of the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association in 1921, helping treat wounded soldiers after World War I.

- Among the five founders of Occupational Therapy, three are women: Isabel Newton, Susan Cox, and Eleanor Clarke Slagle.

- Margaret Blanton was one of the first Americans to publish work on speech therapy and was one of the founding members of the American Academy of Speech Correction, which later became the American Speech-Hearing Language Association.

- Gail Weldon was one of the first ten women to be certified as an athletic trainer and the first female Athletic Trainer for the U.S. Olympic Committee in 1976.

This International Women’s Day, we recognize the amazing contributions of these women and the inspiration they’ve provided for all women here.

Timeline photos 03/08/2023

When you train with the best, you can be the best.

Select Physical Therapy Athletic Trainer Brandi Carpenter works collaboratively with Athletic Trainer Brian Waiter and legendary Athletic Trainer Richard “Burkie” Burkholder to provide the best care to the Carlisle Area School District athletes.

Burkie is one of the most respected athletic trainers in Pennsylvania and a member of the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame.

Thank you for keeping the Thundering Herd safe and on the field!

Fun Fact: Burkie’s son, Rick Burkholder, is working on a legendary status of his own. He is the Head Athletic Trainer for the Kansas City Chiefs, who are fresh off of their big Super Bowl win!

Leave a comment to thank the on your teams for keeping student athletes safe!

Photos from Select Physical Therapy's post 03/07/2023

Gabriel fell from near the top of a 32-foot ladder on May 10, 2022. He spent a week in the ICU, a week in observation, two weeks in the hospital and two weeks in rehabilitation. Initially, the doctors told him he may never walk again, but Gabriel is a fighter and very strong in his faith.

When he began physical therapy sessions at Select Physical Therapy's Indy East center, he was using a walker and was in a cervical and back brace. After working primarily with Physical Therapy Assistant Adrienne Shadday, he now occasionally uses a cane and does not require the use of braces.

Adrienne shared that "Gabriel is doing great and is an inspiration to all of our current patients in the center."

Keep up the hard work, Gabriel. We're all rooting for you!

Timeline photos 03/03/2023

Officer Douglas McDaniel was always on the go. People described him as “a bee in a jar.” But on Christmas Day 2020, everything changed. Officer McDaniel severely injured his knee on duty.

“Until my injury, I ran 5Ks, half marathons, full marathons and full Tough Mudders," McDaniel said. "On the side, I built houses, tiled floors, wired entire homes, laid hardwood floors and sod. For enjoyment, I would lift weights, hunt, fish and volunteer at an exotic animal action barn.”

But after a nearly 30-year career as a Missouri law enforcement officer, Officer McDaniel was forced to slow down. During a traffic stop in Cape Girardeau County, he suffered an injury to his knee. “I had very sharp pain on the inside of my left knee while walking and couldn't run because of the severity of pain,” McDaniel said.

Officer McDaniel tried physical therapy, but ultimately underwent surgery for a torn meniscus. “I did therapy again, and again I got a little better but still had swelling and sharp pain,” McDaniel said. Then he noticed his other knee and hips started hurting all the time. “It was learned that I had a ‘deep root tear’ that never was repaired during my first surgery,” McDaniel said. “It was decided a total left knee replacement was going to be my only fix.”

So Officer McDaniel and his new knee were back with Physical Therapists Christin Yamintz-Whitener, Julie Litz and Jake Pattengill at Select Physical Therapy - Jackson, MO. “Their positive attitude, drive and knowledge made my recovery possible. I exceeded all my doctor’s expectations.” McDaniel said. “I love to run long distances, but with this injury I wasn't able to. After successful therapy, I now have that ability back - without pain.”

Thank you, Officer McDaniel, for your service and for choosing Select Physical Therapy to help you get back on your feet.


Athletic trainers save lives, help prevent injuries and keep athletes and employees performing at their best. Throughout March, we’re recognizing all of the amazing things they do. To kick off the month, check out some of our athletic trainers from across the country as they share the many aspects of their important role.


Anterior cruciate ligament, otherwise known as ACL. Whether you’re an athlete or a sports fan, you know what it means. If you or someone you know has suffered an ACL tear/injury, you also know what it takes to come back. There is nothing better than a good comeback story, and we have one for you. This is about student-athlete Izzy and the hard work and dedication it took for her to get back on the field. And, here to tell this story is our own Kevin Wilk, physical therapist, vice president and national director of clinical education and research. Spoiler alert: the ending is great!

Timeline photos 02/24/2023

Stacia Wilson loves life, laughing and loving her family, friends and students. As a wife, mother of two young sons and elementary school counselor, she’s used to full days filled with excitement and plenty of hugs. However, life came to a screeching halt for Stacia when she came down with severe, COVID-like pneumonia.

To treat the pneumonia, Stacia was prescribed medication. That medication, though, greatly impacted her kidneys, which then led to complications with her liver following previous health issues during her pregnancies. This resulted in an intense and lengthy hospital stay for Stacia where she was left fighting for the life she loves so much.

But, fight she did. And following a miraculous, life-saving liver transplant, Stacia was ready to reclaim that life.

To help her heal and get back to the things that matter most to her, Stacia chose to experience the power of physical therapy at our Metro North Kansas City center.

“After my traumatic health scare, I was very insecure with my abilities,” said Stacia. “Everything I tried for the first time truly made me anxious. The staff remember me walking in with my old school three-wheeled walker that used to be my dad’s. I remember walking very slow, feeling nervous and out of breath. My balance, endurance, health rate, coordination and strength were all very limited.”

Andrew Carr, physical therapist, and Missie Macey, physical therapist assistant, were Stacia’s “dream team” during care. Together, they pushed Stacia toward her goals of becoming strong enough to be the mom her two sons needed and the wife her husband almost lost. She also wanted to get back to working with the kids and staff within her school community.

“I was paired with the perfect duo,” said Stacia. “Both Andrew and Missie are amazing talented at their job, but the whole package of care they provided is what helped me reach my goals. Every time they would support me through a new exercise or challenge was a milestone. It was one more activity I felt comfortable doing and one part of the old me that had been returned.”

Stacia describes her experience with us as “life changing.” Following treatment, she said she feels thankful, strong and focused.

“I am now going to work, walking the halls with smiling students, joining them on the carpet for lessons, coaching my son’s basketball team, supporting my family who supported me, walking to enjoy nature and planning road trips,” said Stacia. “I’m thankful to be stronger, but I’d like to be a lifetime member of Select Physical Therapy because they are like family.”

To request an appointment and get back to living your best life, visit


Attention picklers. You love the sport, the competition, the fun to be had. The last thing you need is to slow down play due to elbow issues. To keep nagging pain away, take a moment to hear from our physical therapists as they share some quick tips to stay on the court and in the kitchen.

Thanks to Physical Therapists Brian Hershberger and Teri Eldenburg for lending your expertise.

Select Medical’s Select Sports Centers Of Excellence Deploy Hyperice Recovery Technology Across The U.S. 02/22/2023

Select Medical’s Select Sports Centers Of Excellence Deploy Hyperice Recovery Technology Across The U.S.

Hyperice recovery technology has been integrated into more than 70 Select Sports Centers of Excellence across the U.S. to assist in the rehabilitative care of athletes. Additionally, more than 400 Select Medical athletic trainers use Hyperice technology in high school, college and professional team training rooms and on sidelines.

Select Medical is the parent company of Select Physical Therapy. Follow the link to read more.

Select Medical’s Select Sports Centers Of Excellence Deploy Hyperice Recovery Technology Across The U.S. Hyperice recovery technology has been integrated into more than 70 Select Sports Centers of Excellence across the U.S.

Timeline photos 02/21/2023

Barbara Morrissey is a registered nurse on a mission to fight cancer. She has spent the last 29 years running the New York City (NYC) Marathon to support cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).

Barbara’s connection to cancer is a personal one, after all. At the age of 26, her brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Due to a new chemotherapy protocol available to treat the deadly disease and, after rounds of treatment, Barbara’s brother survived.

Even still, after all these years, Barbara’s desire to fight cancer and help others keeps her training and logging many miles. So when she underwent surgery for a knee replacement, her ultimate goal was to get back to running as soon as possible so she could run the 2022 NYC Marathon.

Barbara turned to Select Physical Therapy in New Port Richey, FL to help her heal. Her perseverance training on the road was matched in our rehabilitation setting. She put the work in and broke the odds and ran that marathon.

“I had a great day running my 29th NYC Marathon, and my ‘new’ knee felt great,” said Barbara. “The weather was hot/humid, like Florida! But, I took it easy as runners in Florida have learned to do. I was so happy to get to the start line and enjoy 26.2 miles, 5 bridges, almost 50,000 runners and thousands of cheering supporters.”

Barbara placed third in her age group for the marathon – quite the feat! – and our team was happy to play a part in her success.

“I finished, sweaty and tired, but unbelievably happy and thankful to all who joined me in this effort to run down cancer, giving researchers at MSKCC $10,862.40 to beat cancer.”

Great job, Barbara! We wish you continued success with marathon running and charity work.


Prior to the big game on Super Bowl Sunday, Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills spoke for the first time about his sudden cardiac arrest in January. During the interview, he profusely thanked the assistant athletic trainer for saving his life after administering CPR on the field.

Our highly trained athletic trainers not only manage on-field injuries, they also offer essential planning to enhance the security of events. Emergency action plans (EAP) are developed based on the field location, sport, situation and access to emergency equipment.

Our Bob Mangine, physical therapist, athletic trainer, dives into the many layers of an EAP. Preparedness protects lives, after all.

To learn more about how our athletic trainers help to care for and protect the lives of athletes, contact us today.

Photos from Select Physical Therapy's post 02/15/2023

Sandra is a single mom who enjoys many adventures with her sons. She lays it all on the line for her kids, literally. At her son’s 10th birthday party at a local roller rink, she fell and dislocated her shoulder. Since then, she’s had two other dislocations doing regular activities. Unfortunately, it got to the point where Sandra had to miss out on the adventurous activities. The breaking point was when her boys were being held back from having fun because they felt they had to take care of their mom.

Lucky for Sandra, Physical Therapist Jorge Porter-Wolf was ready to challenge her and get her back to what mattered most. “I had not done many movements in many years, but with Jorge’s help, I grew more confident session after session and I began to trust my body again,” said Sandra.

Sandra regained her life and got back to having fun with her kids. A recent milestone for Sandra was going snow tubing this winter, an activity she hasn’t been able to do in years due to her shoulders.

If you’re struggling with pain and aren’t satisfied with what you’re physically able to do in life, go to to learn more about our treatment options.

Timeline photos 02/15/2023

A belly laugh makes you leak.

Getting up from sitting makes you dribble. On your way to the bathroom, you fear you might not make it.

Read our blog to find out what might be going on and how we can help you.

Colleen Hickey Appointed National Director of Select Medical’s Outpatient Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Program 02/13/2023

Colleen Hickey Appointed National Director of Select Medical’s Outpatient Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Program

Select Medical, Select Physical Therapy's parent company, has appointed physical therapist Colleen Hickey as the national director of its outpatient pelvic health rehabilitation program. She has more than 30 years of experience in the physical therapy industry, including 10 years in pelvic health therapy.

Learn more about Colleen and pelvic health.

Colleen Hickey Appointed National Director of Select Medical’s Outpatient Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Program Select Medical has appointed Colleen Hickey, MHA, M.S., P.T., as the national director of its outpatient pelvic health rehabilitation program.

Timeline photos 02/07/2023

Curious about this technique that’s been around for thousands of years?

Learn how cupping is used in treating back and neck pain, headache and arthritis in this 4-minute read.

Timeline photos 02/03/2023

Rachel and her husband adopted their son, Casen, when he was five years old. Casen had previously been diagnosed with ADHD and autism. At the time, Casen was fully dependent on his parents. He spoke a handful of words, struggled with walking and needed constant supervision.

When their pediatrician referred them to Select Kids Pediatric Therapy, Rachel was filled with emotions ranging from hopeful to scared. Some of their biggest fears were around Casen’s behavior within the center and how to deal with a meltdown.

Casen received physical and occupational therapy at our Ankeny, IA center. Both services are housed under one roof, which is convenient for patients like Casen who needed a combination of therapeutic interventions.

“He has reached more goals than I even knew we could set,” said Rachel. Casen’s therapists worked on everything from physical impairments, balance, skills for school and much more.

Physical Therapist Alli Harbaurgh and Occupational Therapist Mick Peterson gave Rachel the confidence in her son’s future. “We no longer worry about who will take care of him after we are gone because we know he will be fully capable of taking care of himself.”

To learn more about our pediatric therapy programs, go to



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