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Just about a month from the day Shannon Thaxton, ’17, opened her waxing boutique The Hairless Hippie in Colorado Springs, COVID-19 hit the state hard. The pandemic sidelined her young business for eight weeks, but as she wrote on her Instagram page when she voluntarily closed her doors, “The fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and anxiety that comes with the fact that if I don’t work, I don’t make money has been waging war in my head against the good of the community and to play my part to flatten the curve. To quote Star Trek’s Ambassador Spock, ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’”​

In spite of the pandemic, her business has done nothing but grow. In addition to offering a full menu of waxing services from facial and body speed waxes to brow laminations and lash lifts, Shannon added brow and lash aftercare products, gifts and branded swag. Plus, she’s landed some local press.​

Shannon struggled with her skin for many years, which is what initially led her to become an esthetician. "I wanted a way to heal my own skin while searching for my purpose in life," she said. After completing her first nose wax, where she saw immediate results, Shannon realized she had found her calling. “It’s such a good feeling to be able to give that confidence and self-esteem to someone,” she said.​

Shannon chose Emily Griffith based on recommendations and cost and credits instructor Lauren Webb for her success. “I don’t think I would have finished the program or gotten as far as I have in my professional career, had it not been for her motivation and encouragement,” Shannon said. “She is still my mentor to this day.”​

After graduating from Emily Griffith, Shannon honed her craft at various spas before opening her boutique enterprise in a room inside Colorado Springs’ Salon Tava. ​ ​

“I always recommend the esthetician program at Emily Griffith to anyone who’s considering it,” she said, “truly because of Lauren Webb.” #AlumniSpotlight
I came across Shannon, The Hairless Hippie by divine chance on FB. We are both on opposite sides of the state, but I made a point to stop for a service this last week (en-route to my daughters figure skate fitting, yes, I drove 10hrs roundtrip for skates). The highlight was meeting Shannon for the 1st time in person! Her beauty shines through her soul. Clean, organized, minimalism organic style. Temperature was taken entering the building, thank you. The room is so quiet and clean! Shannon is so friendly and calm, she made my 1st Brazilian with her so much fun. We chatted about everything and everything. Her technique is smooth as silk. I highly recommend everyone to book an appointment. The warming head/neck pillow was a divine treat. Be sure to watch her local t.v. spot too.
This week Esthetician graduate Shannon Braxton was featured on FOX21 News in Colorado Springs. "My little baby business is something I’ve worked extremely hard for, and I’m proud of myself for getting it to where it is, in the short time it’s been open, and want to celebrate this accomplishment," she shared.

"I’d also like to point out that this segment was aired live 3 years to the date I graduated from esthetics school from Emily Griffith Technical College. If you want something badly enough, you will make it happen."

Congratulations Shannon! Check out the full segment. ⬇️

The Hairless Hippie | Salon Tava | FOX21 News

A waxing boutique located inside Salon Tava, specializing in full facial & body speed waxing

Operating as usual


I am leaving on vacation from 3/19/22 - 3/28/22 to celebrate my sister’s birthday, and a friend’s wedding. I will be unavailable for business related purposes until Tuesday 3/29/22 (admin day) and will be back in the studio waxing on Wednesday 3/30/22. I will not be checking business related emails, voicemails, texts or DM’s in that time. If you need to still reach out, please do so, but understand all communications will resume on 3/30/22.

If you wish to book, cancel, reschedule, or modify your appointments, you can do so through my booking site or the links in your texts and emails you’ve received regarding your appointment.

I hope you beautiful hippies have a wonderful week, and I can’t wait to share all about our trip when we return!

The Hairless Hippie
[email protected]

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✨B R O W W A X✨

I’m literally drooling + obsessing over this 🤤

I’m a big believer in how your brows naturally grow is the most aesthetically pleasing for your particular face structure. So keeping that in mind, I will find the shape in there + carve it out to compliment your best features!

This is so much more than just a brow wax - after a thorough consultation, we meticulously shape them, and give you actual art to wear on your face, like magic 🪄

Start the best brow journey of your life by clicking the “book now” button on my page

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✨facial waxing✨

For many people, the extra facial hair we grow can cause insecurity but I’m here to help!

With terminal hair like we see on this client’s lip + chin, it’s growth is sprouted from changes in hormones, so it differs from the rest of our vellus facial hair - or peach fuzz as it’s commonly referred to. Terminal hair is courser, thicker, and *usually* darker than your vellus hair. Other times, the root can be darker, while the hair shaft itself is lighter, sometimes even translucent in color, like this client’s. Hormones can be real tricky.

Because of this, it’s difficult to train the hair not to come back thinner + finer like we can with body hair, BUT that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! We can still remove it by the root, giving you smooth skin for a couple weeks at a time. This saves you time obsessing in the mirror seeing if you tweezed every last hair before you leave the house. I’ve been guilty of that 🙋🏻‍♀️

Also pro tip for my licensed followers: I like to use black gloves - not just for the aesthetic - but also because it helps me see any hairs I may have left behind when I put my gloved hand up to check my work 😉

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I’m loving how this makes this beauty’s eye ✨P O P✨

She doesn’t wear makeup, so this service gives her an extra little oomph, and every time we do this, or even just a lash tint, her boyfriend is confused + wondering why she’s wearing “makeup” when she gets home 😜

Lash Lift $90
Lash Tint $30
Lash Lift + Tint $115
Click “Book Now” on my profile to book your lash makeover! 🪄


I’m a little late in sharing this, but I’m still so honored to have been featured in Shoutout Colorado! 🗣

You can read the full article here:

As always, thank you so much for all the support 🖤✨

Don’t forget, after you’re done reading, you can nominate your favorite business for a Shoutout too!

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✨Rebrand Scoop✨

My very first logo was one I made myself on an app and my family + friends liked it so I went with it, but never really loved it. About a year into business, I decided I wanted to switch it up, and at the time, everyone around me was telling me that the retro groovy vibe was in, and my business was perfect for that. I love that era + aesthetic so I reached out to a graphic designer for the groovy logo we’ve all come to know + love. However, I realized with both those logos, I was listening to everyone else but myself. Neither of those felt authentic to me and how I wanted to represent my business.

I’m into all kinds of different things, not just a 70s flower child, but I felt like I was stuck in that box with no room for growth or change. With my new logo, I wanted something that could represent the darker side of me I’ve been too afraid to show, + also encompass the multifaceted interests of not only myself, but all you beautiful hippies as well. I wanted something that could stand on its own, but that could also be a foundation to build upon in the future.

With that, the framing in the main logo is based off the shape of a crystal, which I have a huge passion for + connection to. I charge my crystals under the moon light and let their vibrations help strengthen my manifestations. I manifested this business under the strongest + last full moon of the decade in December 2019, so it only felt right to incorporate that somehow. Because of that, there’s a beautiful crescent moon in the logomark, as well as moons + stars in the wax drip, which I thought was really fun.

Growing up, I was called a hippie because of my interests in the occult, but was so defensive of it because of how it would be perceived. No more. I think it’s time we give ourselves permission to do + be what we want, regardless of what others think of it. I’m finally ready to stand in my power + I hope y’all are too 🖤

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Who’s ready for a WAX WORD SEARCH?! 🧐

I love a good word search, but I was getting really cranky that none of them had words I was interested in so the obvious solution was to just make my own 😜

Comment when you find all the words! And no cheating by using the answer key first 😉 let me know what words you want next time!

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2 BC OF U ✌🏼
The Hairless Hippie is 2 today + to celebrate, I have rebranded AND I’m doing a giveaway! ✨
Having a business is wild y’all, + I honestly wouldn’t be celebrating 2 years without you. You have made this business what it is! You’ve put your trust in me, not only as a waxer, but as an entrepreneur, + I’m unbelievably grateful + humbled for the abundance + success you’ve allowed this business to have. Because of that, it’s given me the drive to keep building + growing, and I have big plans for 2022!
I plan to go into the details of the reasoning behind the rebrand later, but for now I wanted to get into the juicy details of the giveaway!
On my very first day open for business - 02.11.20 - I had exactly one client. She came to me all the way from Lone Tree (over an hour drive away) for a Brow + Brazilian wax. So to celebrate, I’m giving away that same combo service ($100 value) to one lucky winner! Current + new clients are eligible to participate!
To enter:
• Must be following @the.hairless.hippie
• Like this post
• Share this post to your story + tag me!
• Comment letting me know why you’re a fan of THH
• Tag 3 friends who would want to win
Winner will be announced on 2/14/22 + contacted privately 🖤
Fine Print:
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use.

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I usually wax myself every 8 weeks because that’s the soonest my hair is long enough + my growth cycles are synced up and ready

However since the last time I waxed was for the wedding and that was 3 months ago, and this latest trip was coming up, I pushed my wax to 12 weeks to be extra smooth + fresh

Waiting an extra 4 weeks for me wasn’t terrible since my hair + skin have gotten used to waxing over the years, but if you’re just starting on your waxing journey, I recommend staying consistent with waxes every 4-6 weeks. This helps train your hair cycles to be on the same cycle at the same time to make for the smoothest results possible, as well as the most pleasant wax experience

Also, starting your waxing journey - or staying on it - through these cold months is preferable for a couple reasons:

1. If you’re just starting, it’s easy to use your extra clothing layers to hide your growth if you’re uncomfy with it showing, and by the time the warmer weather gets here, your hair will have already started thinning out, making regrowth between waxes less noticeable + more tolerable. Plus the underarms is a great “intro to body waxing” service since it’s 2-4 strips on each side and you’re in + out

2. If you’ve been waxing for a while, staying consistent when it’s cold helps keep up all the hard work we’ve put in throughout the year to get you smooth, and keeps us from having to essentially start over once it warms up, making your waxes easier, and again, keeps your regrowth between appointments less noticeable + more tolerable. Plus the longer you stay consistent with your waxes, eventually the longer you can go between appointments!

Underarm Wax: $35
Needs at least 2-3 weeks of growth since last shave or wax (but the longer the better! 😉)

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We spent our delayed honeymoon in New Orleans and had the best time! We realized in our 5 years of being together, this was our first solo vacation without friends + family, and let me tell you - it was so nice just being the two of us!

We explored the French Quarter so much that we averaged between 10k-20k steps a day! We did a ton of history tours, stumbled across a film + TV set (they’re filming the new Interview with a Vampire series there!) and checked out a lot of museums including the Museum of Death, the Pharmacy Museum (which happens to be the nation’s first + oldest pharmacy, and the pharmacist who opened it was a closeted serial killer), Louisiana State Museum to see the Hurricane Katrina + History of Mardi Gras exhibits, and the National WWII Museum. We also did a jazz dinner cruise on our last night which was amazing, even if it was only 26 degrees out lol It was fascinating getting lost in the history and legends, and of course indulging in the incredible cuisine - I could make a whole separate post just on the food alone!

There were also some drunken tears because I missed our pup so much, so we of course had to bring him back his very own voodoo doll toy

This also was the first time I was able to fully log off and disconnect from work + social media, and be fully present on vacation which was an amazing opportunity, so thank you hippies for allowing me the patience + understanding to be away for a while.

I’m spending today catching up on all communications and admin work, and will be back in the studio waxing away tomorrow! I can’t wait to get back to grippin’ + rippin’ and hear all about what I’ve missed!

xo your fav hippie, Shan


I am leaving on my (delayed) honeymoon, and will be unavailable for business related purposes until Monday 2/7/22 (admin day) and will be back in the studio waxing on Tuesday 2/8/22.

If you wish to book, cancel, reschedule, or modify your appointments, you can do so through my booking site (, or the links in your texts and emails you’ve received regarding your appointment.

I hope you beautiful hippies have a wonderful week, and I can’t wait to share all about our trip when we return!

The Hairless Hippie
[email protected]


From my family to yours, Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays! 🎄

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for your support, friendship, and laughter this year. The Hairless Hippie wouldn’t be what it is without all you sweet hippies, and this little fam of mine is ever grateful.

We hope you had the greatest holiday season with your loved ones, and I can’t wait to get back to work on Tuesday to make y’all hairless to ring in the new year! ✨

2022 is going to be so full of growth, opportunities, and aftercare 😉 I can’t wait for y’all to see what I have up my sleeve next year!

The Ashleys 🤍


Shannon Thaxton is The Hairless Hippie. She is a CO & NE State Licensed Esthetician specializing in full facial and body speed waxing.

She initially went to esthetics school at Emily Griffith Technical College in 2017 with the goal to pursue skincare exclusively. While she loved skincare and all that it entailed, the world of waxing pulled her in. The instant gratification waxing offers superseded the results she was seeing with skincare, and she soon realized the skincare aspect was still highly prevalent when it came to waxing, thus the passion was born.

Shannon honed her waxing skills at some of the top spas in Denver and Omaha, until she became a specialist in her craft. Not only does she specialize in waxing itself, but also in connecting with her clients and making them feel at home, even in the most vulnerable states. She prides herself on building long-lasting relationships with her clients, that waxing is just something that happens while she’s catching up on their lives.

Self-care is dominating the world these days, and rightfully so, and Shannon is a huge advocate for it. She believes that waxing isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity, and can help you feel your most confident and beautiful, hence loving and caring for yourself on a monthly basis. Because of this, she offers 50% off your first wax, 10% off prebooked appointments, and referral and military discounts as well. Please visit or book an appointment via BOOK link on profile to find out more.

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