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For major appliance repairs in Bergen, Essex, Passaic and Hudson Counties, call Danny's Appliance Service. With over 40 years of experience, our professional appliance repair service can help you get your home back in working order. When you need refrigerator repair, dryer repair,washer and dryer repair or other appliance repair services, our team is ready to offer expert, fast and friendly service!


One of the first advancements in washing machine technology was the creation of a rotary type machine. The Hamilton Smith company received the first patent in 1858 for a rotary washing machine.


The first refrigerator invented in 1922, which consisted of a wooden cold box, ice cube tray, water-cooled compressor, and a 9 cubic foot department, cost $714, quite a bit more than a 1992 Model-T Ford, which cost around $450.


You should try to plug your small appliances directly into wall outlets whenever you can. If you have to use extension cords, read the cord's electrical rating first; overloading can cause your small appliance parts to possibly cause a fire. Also, remember to turn your small appliance off before you unplug it.


When your refrigerator stops working, you have the potential to lose hundreds of dollars in food. If you need a quick response to your service call, we’re always happy to help.


It’s important to remember that being able to troubleshoot refrigerator problems and having the time to do so are two very different things. Since many problems can grow worse over time, it’s smart to call someone in as soon as you notice the problem if you don’t have time to handle it yourself.


We recognize that not everyone has time to devote to hunting out the best deals on a new washer and dryer. Before you try to carve out time to hit all the sales, it’s important to let us try to repair your appliances. Buying a new set may be unnecessary.


Although the dishwasher has been an indispensable home appliance since the mid-20th century, it was introduced much earlier than that. Care to guess when the dishwasher made its debut? The first hand-powered dishwasher was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.


If your washing machine declines to spin, it may simply be the lid switch. To check this, close the lid, and set the washer on “spin.” If you do not hear anything, you have probably identified the problem, and it is something that can be repaired.


During your recent move, you tilted the refrigerator onto its side to get it into the house, and now it won’t work. Why? It’s likely oil from the compressor is trapped inside the filter-dryer, preventing the refrigerator from working.


Don't be so quick to replace your washer and dryer. Many repairs are fairly quick and inexpensive. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average washing machine lasts 10 years while a dryer has an average lifespan of 13 years.


If your washer does nothing when you turn it on and you are sure it’s getting power, then this might be caused by something as simple as an overheated motor. However, if it still doesn’t work once it’s had some time to cool down, then it’s time to bring the unit in for repair.


Nathaniel B. Wales designed the idea for an electric refrigerator which eventually turned in to the foundation for the Kelvinator. Wales was from Detroit, Michigan and designed his electric refrigerator in 1914.


Before refrigerators there were iceboxes. But did you know there were icemen that would go around and deliver the blocks of ice to cool the iceboxes. Apartment buildings were even built to have small doors where the ice boxes were located and the ice man could place the ice in the ice box from the outside.


If you removed the evaporator panel on your refrigerator to clean it and found a large block of ice, then you know that you either have a defrost problem or the evaporator fan isn't running or is running infrequently.


The 1895 Biltmore house was constructed with five state of the art refrigeration units. Powered by electricity, they were lined with hammered glass instead of metal, outfitted with adjustable shelves, and the large walk-in units had custom tiled floors.


If you want to maintain an older refrigerator at peak performance, keep it full of food. The chilly contents help maintain the reduced temperature in the cold box, saving the compressor from cycling on as often. This helps save energy, too.


Washers and dryers have come a long way since the first mechanical models were released. The best way for you to wash and dry your clothes expertly -- and save money in the process -- is to read the operating instructions supplied by the equipment manufacturer. You'll be surprised at how helpful all those k***s and buttons can be -- when you know how to use them properly.


The limit thermostat in the dryer is essentially responsible for keeping the dryer’s air flow inside the drum around a certain temperature. If the thermostat becomes stuck or malfunctions, the dryer will think it’s warm enough and won’t allow current to travel to the heating element.


Sometimes, cruising the classifieds can turn up great bargains on classic ranges and stoves – especially gas ones. In many cases, non-working gas ranges can be easily repaired for a minimal cost, giving you a great new look in your kitchen at a bargain price.


In your washer machine, the water level switch, or pressure switch, senses the water level in the tub and turns the water on and off in response. A defective switch can interfere with your washer cycles and/or result in under filling or overfilling the tub.


On your washer machine, the water inlet valve connects the hot and cold water lines from your home to the back of the washer. If these valves are blocked or defective, you may experience no water, low water pressure, temperature problems, or water entering the tub even when it’s turned off.


Did you know that a defective timer can interfere with a dishwasher's ability to drain properly? You can test your dishwasher's timer. If it is not working, then replace it. If your timer is working fine, check the drain valve and its solenoid. If need be, replace them. A valve has to open in order for the water to drain out of the dishwasher, which is controlled by a solenoid.


We understand that there’s rarely extra money in the budget to replace an appliance when it starts causing problems. In many cases, you may be able to save quite a bit by letting us repair your washer or dryer instead of looking for a new set.


If your cold water setting on your washing machine is suddenly delivering hot water, chances are that the temperature switch has gone bad. A defective temperature switch means that there is no longer any control over which side of the water inlet valve is going to let water in.


It’s important to remember that not all issues with your home appliances will necessarily be with the appliance itself. For instance, a kinked or clogged hose leading away from your clothes dryer could be the reason you keep blowing fuses. Dealing with that should help your dryer run better in the future.


It’s important to remember that appliances under heavy usage requirements will tend to need more attention than you might expect. Calling us out for repairs at the first signs of trouble may keep your washer and dryer working longer before they need to be replaced.


Did you know that lint doesn’t always just accumulate in your dryer’s lint trap? When the lint builds up in the vents and other areas of the machine, your dryer can become inefficient and unsafe.


If you notice weak agitation or no agitation whatsoever in your washer machine, the splines that connect the agitator to the drive shaft may be stripped. In this case, they will need to be replaced.


While experimenting with magnetron vacuum tubes, Percy Spencer noticed the candy bar in his pocket had melted. He set up another experiment to see if magnetron tubes could pop popcorn. When it worked, he began developing the technology that led to the microwave oven.


A compressor motor issue or failure can cause major problems when it comes to your refrigerator. The main reasons for compressors breaking down are usually age-related or that the compressor motor has become overheated and has stopped functioning.


Did you know that an off center drum can actually cause a leak in your washer machine? Other common culprits include hose cracks and leaks, defective seals, a defective pump, or a clogged drain hose.


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