Bayou Surface Drive

Bayou Surface Drive


What an awesome weekend! We managed to get two lizards in the boat this morning!

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We are a Briggs Specialized dealer for Warranty repair
We sell and install performance parts for Vanguard engines.

We also provide service and repair for surface drives
We are authorized Gator-Tail and Pro-Drive service centers.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 04/20/2022

Samurai transmission output seal repair.
This one has a Buick V6/th350 and a stock samurai
Divorced tcase!


This NP 208d transfer case got some new bearings, seals, and a new chain.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 03/25/2022

Bayou Surface Drive has been accepting some 4x4 work in addition to engine and surface drive work.
I’ve been working on ring and pinion installs, transfer case rebuilds, and suspension upgrades.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 03/16/2022

When parts are on backorder, these are the types of jobs we deal with!

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 03/09/2022

54 cubic inch motor repair with BSD upgrades.
The stock 40 HP exhaust had some weld slag that fell into a cylinder causing some damage.
I deglazed the cylinders, changed both pistons and rings, BSD camshaft, BSD cylinder heads, and a Voodoo exhaust. It is currently using a 61” cubic inch carburetor that’s been jetted for the application

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 02/16/2022

Getting engines out now that I got some parts!
Here is a full build in the works for a 61 cubic inch motor.
Billet rods
Milled pistons for 10:1 impression ratio
BSD high lift camshaft
Mikuni carb kit
Voodoo performance exhaust.
Come get you some!

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 01/12/2022

Fresh short block build on a Pro-Drive Outboards 37 efi.
5.430 billet rods
3/4 cam
BSD heads
BSD tuning
Dat Voodoo Performance muffla
HD pushrods

Just a hunt build with good parts.


Full build 25 BB
61 cubic inch crankshaft
Billet aluminum connecting rods
Milled 25 Bb pistons
1.5 roller rockers
BSD ported cylinder heads
BSD high lift camshaft by DynoCams
Voodoo Performance exhaust
42mm Mikuni
And a little woopow!


BSD’s EFI is for sale. $7,500
Gator tail with reverse, cast lower, will come with a stock gt 3 blade (video is a stock Merc 2 blade with a full camp load)

It’s a 37 EFI with milled 25BB pistons
5.555” billet aluminum rods
1.6:1 roller rockers
Upgraded valve springs
Ported heads
No decking
HD pushrods
10:1 compression ratio
Voodoo exhaust
BSD custom camshaft
Trim is rebuilt
Lower unit is fresh
Gen 4 reverse
Xd cover
Motor has less than 20 hours on the build.
Has new wire harness

Engine is sitting in my shop. All I need to do is swap it out to take my carb motor off the frame.
Engine will come with a new lift pump, new high pressure pump, and a full service.

Will swap powerhead as soon I get a buyer.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 08/23/2021

Another 25BB on the bench
Stealth hunter here boys!

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 08/13/2021

The start of a stroked 25BB.
3/4 race cam
9:1 CR
Heavy hunt motor is what you call it.

5 Tips From Mahle About Choosing Performance Pistons 07/22/2021

5 Tips From Mahle About Choosing Performance Pistons

For the guys who ask about pistons, there is NOT a piston that will do it all.
Basic builds will keep a stock dish cast piston.
Full builds will keep a stock cast piston with an altered dish for desired compression ratio.
Forged pistons are used for a specific type of client who wants maximum strength, BUT knows they will need race fuel, and proper warm ups before making WOT passes. This is not for the average guy who hunts every weekend.

Also, not everything you read on "the internet" pages are remotely good advice.

5 Tips From Mahle About Choosing Performance Pistons Are you looking to buy new pistons? Here are five tips that can help ensure you make the right choice for your application.


Come see us today 10-3
Laine Hardy comes on at 3

Lake Charles civic center on the lakefront.


Y'all come out and see us. Ill have some parts and display setup to show what we do.


Come see me for this event. I will have a booth to show what Bayou Surface Drive is all about.

Mark your calendars! The Trout Shootout is June 5 at the LC Civic Center Amphitheatre grounds. Full day of festivities for the family begins at 10am - community welcome!
Check out all the details at

Concert by Laine Hardy, Interactive Vendor Booths, Food & Drinks, Fish Weigh-ins, & More!
(Limited concert tickets available at

You don’t want to miss this event!


💪 strong EFI by BSD.
Full build
Customer wanted more from his previous basic hunt build, so here it is. It’s a fully built engine with A 3/4 race cam and a side of chopping Voodoo Performance exhaust.
High rev with a custom tune by BSD

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 03/27/2021

Burning the weekend oil. I’ve been blessed to have this work to support the business and family.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 02/25/2021

25 EFI built with BSD heads, BSD high lift Cam, BSD custom Tune, 1.5 roller rockers.
8.75:1 compression ratio pump gas motor.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 01/15/2021

Your going to have that on some jobs.
The spline adapter was frozen to the input shaft.
I had to cut the 4 bolts from the armature to spline adapter to remove the powerhead.
Removing the clutch was a nightmare...My 8” 3 jaw finally gave up after 5 years. I Welded it 3 times and gave up for one evening. I ordered a Beast puller to finish getting the magnet off the crankshaft..
getting the spline adapter off was moreso a chore of how to extract it. My course of action was to thread the holes to accept bolts for the puller to yank that joker out.
Got to love a 2009 in saltwater!!

Video: How To Adjust Valves With Jeff Smith’s Garage 01/13/2021

Video: How To Adjust Valves With Jeff Smith’s Garage

Eoic method of vakve lash setting.

Video: How To Adjust Valves With Jeff Smith’s Garage Jeff Smith has been around long enough to pick up ways to make mundane maintenance tasks easier to remember and less complicated to complete.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 12/21/2020

New hats for this year. We have both in Richardson 112 series.

Please email me for orders
[email protected]

Bottomland / Loden with the iconic BSD leather patch $25 plus shipping
Charcoal / Black with a new DEKit BSD patch. $25 Plus shipping.
A BSD koozie is complementary as well while supplies last.

Hats will be FREE when you purchase an Engine build until we sell out of product!

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 10/21/2020

This Mud buddy 45 mag came in for a service and a carb kit. Well as you can see it had a terrible head gasket leak, a loose intake manifold, scored cam journal, scored cam bushing in the block, ruined thrust bearing on the case cover, dings in the pistons, and no more cylinder crosshatch in the bores.
The crankshaft, and billet connecting rods were the only salvaged parts for the rotating assembly.
So I had to get a new block, cover, BSD cam, BSD heads, milled stock pistons, new rings, and a mikuni carb kit to top it off. This is what’s considered a pump gas full build as it also has 1.5:1 roller rockers.
This build will be a solid setup.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 10/21/2020

This pro drive came in with a flat lobe on the camshaft, and had “decked heads” with stock valves, a Mikuni.
It’s getting the BSD fix of newly worked cylinder heads, a new .308 cam, a case gasket delete, HD, pushrods, and a proper carb tuning.
Say no to Frankenstein builds!!! This thing is going to be a reliable hunt motor for
Many years to come.



This needs to be a required sign in every shop.


Idle speed commands

On each build that’s efi I set base idle without help from the IAC, then I reset TPS reading to the proper position to reach the correct base idle timing curve.
Here you can hear me commanding different steps from the Idle Air Control valve. When all works properly you should be within about 50-100 rpm of your commanded idle. In the end I commanded 2500 rpm and I was right at 2460. Before the base idle was set mechanically I seen 2080 max idle rpm with a 2500 command.


BSD custom grind. Got a master for this puppy and another 🤣🤣
These motors are sure fun to make solid power with. Cain Smith here ya go

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 05/22/2020

Cain Smithshes tuned up

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 05/22/2020

Cain Smith this thing will be chopping tomorrow. This is a stage 2.5 🤣
Heads .065 decking
Hd pushrods and heavier valve springs for this high lift velocity 3/4 cam.
Voodoo Performance exhaust.
Bsd Ecm tuning.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 04/15/2020

$200 OFF basic engine builds
EFI is $3400 with Voodoo Performance Exhaust normally $3600
Heads, cam, BSD flash tune (in house tuning), Exhaust.
Carb is $3600 with Voodoo Performance Exhaust, normally $3800
Heads, cam, Mikuni carb kit, Exhaust.

Take an additional $250 off if you choose to run a Stock 40 exhaust.

Tips for Identifying a Camshaft 02/27/2020

Tips for Identifying a Camshaft

This is a general idea of what camshaft you have if you bought a used camshaft.

Tips for Identifying a Camshaft We get this question constantly, guys. "How can I tell what camshaft I have? What do the numbers on the cam mean?" Randy clears these questions up in this te...

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 02/23/2020

I had a great time at the SETX mud run. Call me so I can make your motor run through the slop effortlessly.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 02/08/2020

I have this engine back together after it came in for a cracked case cover. I also put a DynoCams .308 camshaft to boost the power while it was apart.

Photos from Bayou Surface Drive's post 01/30/2020

Thanks Tod Graham for letting me service and tune up your very nice Prodigy hull with dual 40 HDR’s.

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Idle speed commands




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