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Dear drivers, followers and guests of our page!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you’re thankful for, and we are eternally appreciative of who you are and the work you do. Have a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Over the last 4 months we are proud of new 50 lease operators that joined Circle O INC! We would like to thank you guys for your trust and promise to provide you with the best service!

If you want to be a part of our growing family - do not hesitate - your truck is waiting for you! Just call or text 440-397-56-96.


Winder time is coming guys, so here are reminding tips to keep your truck ready for a freezing temperature:

1) Check the Air System

Compressed air always contains moisture, and when warm, moist air hits cold steel air tanks, brass fittings, hoses, and valves, you have a recipe for trouble. Remind yourself to drain each air tank every day, especially the wet tank. It’s designed to coalesce moisture before it gets into the rest of the system.

2) Inspect Charging and Starting Components

Winter beats up electrical systems. Lights, mirror heaters, and heater fans are always on. And then there are the invertors that power the hotel loads that keep drivers happy. All that current draw means batteries seldom get the chance to fully recharge.

If you have the equipment, test the alternator and starter output. At the very least, visually inspect the wiring connections at the starter and alternator as well as the ground connections for signs of corrosion or deteriorating wiring. Repair or replace all questionable cables and connectors.

While you’re under the truck, inspect the cable runs to ensure they are properly bound and not rubbing on the frame or other metal parts that could rub through the insulation, which could cause a short or allow moisture to enter the cable.

And finally, have a look at that trailer pigtail. The trailer end of that cable gets badly abused, pulled to its extremes, and is highly exposed to rain and road salt. Pull the connector apart and inspect the connectors inside. Or better still, replace it. It’s cheap insurance against a lighting or ABS violation.

3) Check the Cab and Chasis

Since water inevitably gets into fuel tanks, let the tanks get low and then check for water. Drain off as much as you can before it has a chance to freeze in the fuel lines. Consider replacing the fuel filters for the same reason. Put a spare fuel filter and a bottle of air-line antifreeze — with instructions on how to use them — in the jockey box in case you have a freeze-up somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming.


After more than two and a half years of COVID-19 emergency exemptions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has chosen not to renew its COVID-19 emergency declaration that had been in place since March 2020 and its associated exemptions.

The exemptions were the first time the agency had issued a national emergency declaration; typically such exemptions are regional in response to natural disasters and other disruptions.

The declaration, which the agency had renewed several times over the past two years, expired on Oct. 15. According to the FMCSA's website, “There are no active emergency declarations at this time.” 10/26/2022

Dear followers and drivers!

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our fleet with modern and fresh equipment and opening another round of hiring truck drivers!

If you are looking for reliable place to stay with for a long time - you are more than welcome! You should have at least 6 months of experience, valid CDL-A and clean record!

Over the last time we have boosted our operational management, implemented very exclusive dedicated routes, hired new experienced and attentive dispatchers - and now we are waiting for you to join our family!

Hiring process is very fast and easy - before join us call to 440-397-5696, and our HR team will explain you every single aspect of work. Hope to see you soon on board!


We are hiring!

Company Driver Program

2019-2022 equipment (trucks/trailers)
DAT / US Mail

24/7 professional dedicated team

We know how to compete in tough market. For more information call: 440-397-5696 Tom


Circle O INC is hiring!

🔹Weekly gross for the owners and lease drivers starting from $10,000 and higher - depends on you!

🔹For the company driver we can provide stable 4000-5000 miles every week

We offer:

🔹2019-2022 trucks and 2021-2022 53 ft. dry-van trailers

🔹24/7 high-quality service - our dispatch/maintenance/safety team ready to help you immediately

🔹Dedicated and daily load options with big customers - we work with US mail (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx) and more than a 100+ big US customers.

🔹On time payments

We require:

🔹At least 1 year verifiable OTR experience
🔹Clean record: no DUI/Felonies or moving violations
🔹Possibility to stay out minimum 3 weeks

Fast orientation, we have equipment ready NOW!

Contact us 24/7👇🏻
; 440-397-56-96
; 513-297-31-41




We Offer:
Brand New Truck Rent: Volvo&Freightliner
Earn Between (solo): $8,500 - $14,000
Every Week (team): $11,000 - $20,000
Per mile (empty and loaded miles paid): $0,65
Dispatch Fee (owners) 15%

At least 6 month CDL-A Experience
Ability to drive 800-900 miles straight
Clean Record
Good speaking English level

If you interested to work at our company as a , just call us today!
📩 [email protected]


There are many signs of stress but many of them are easy to write off as part of “daily life”.
Reducing driver stress is a big deal to us, so if you start feeling burnt out, remember these tips👇🏻

✅ Get good sleep
✅ Avoid caffeine
✅ Get out and stretch and do exercise
✅ Try breathing exercises and meditation
✅ Keep it simple
✅ Eat as healthy as you can

Drive with Circle O Inc🤗
Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about being a part of our team.

📩[email protected]


Happy Friday!
This is your day. Own it.


Below are some tips for safe parking at truck rest areas:😉

☝️🏻Follow State Laws (For example New York, you are only allowed to stay overnight at a rest area if it is an emergency. Ohio limits each stay to a maximum of 14 hours, and Wyoming limits vary depending on the rest area).
☝️🏻Park Near Other Drivers
☝️🏻Check out the amenities before sleeping at any truck stops
☝️🏻Use Apps to locate safe parking (Careful planning and using apps like Trucker Path Bro or Park My Truck can help you locate the safest parking options).
☝️🏻Beware of anyone who tries to lure you away from your truck for avoiding scams

Remember to be safe: Any time you feel that you are getting tired, pull over and take at least a brief nap😴


Share your photos from the road📸🚚

Our trucker is ready to hit the road!
Hope you had enjoyed this trip👍🏻

Please, tag us to be featured on our social media pages .inc

📩[email protected]


1️⃣ Waze
Waze is the popular crowd-sourced traffic app used by millions of non-truck drives. The app allows drivers to update other drivers on traffic situations, the presence of police, road construction, road hazards, and more. Truck drivers like to tap into the near-real-time information for change routes to save valuable time.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

2️⃣ iExit
iExit is known as the highway exit guide, and is specifically designed for professional truck drivers. With the iExit app, drivers see helpful information about upcoming exits like which are the most truck friendly and which they should avoid. The app also features diesel prices, dealer locations, repair service centers, and more. All this information is easily accessible and helpfully organized by the exit so a driver can see the best option immediately.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

3️⃣ Weigh My Truck
The Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to weigh their truck and display truck weights right on a smartphone without having to leave the cabs. A copy of the information is available by email in a PDF file format to up to five email addresses. Drivers can pay for their weigh via their phone, saving them as much as one hour at a weigh station.

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

4️⃣ Drivewyze
Drivewyze truckers to bypass weigh stations. The app detects the weigh station locations, and then the app sends a bypass request. Drivewyze then informs the driver if they can avoid the station or need to pull in when they are one mile away from the station. Subscription automatically renews every 30 days unless canceled.

Cost: Free for 30 days, then $15.49/month
Download: Apple and Android

5️⃣ Trucker Path
Holding the title as the #1 truck navigation app, Trucker Path is trusted by millions of professional truck drivers. Trucker Path helps truckers by locating weigh stations, truck parking, CAT scales, which feature over 40,000 truck-related locations. Source: KnightTrans

Cost: Free
Download: Apple and Android

What is your favorite app for truck drivers? Comment below⬇️



🔺Drivers with 𝟭-𝟯 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 of experience start at 𝟳𝟬 𝗖𝗣𝗠 and move to 𝟳𝟱 𝗖𝗣𝗠 after 𝟯 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀.
🔻Drivers with 𝟯+ 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 of experience start at 𝟳𝟱 𝗖𝗣𝗠 and move to 𝟳𝟳 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝟴𝟬 𝗖𝗣𝗠 in 𝟯 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝟲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀.

🔺We offer up to 30%
🔻$10,000 - $16,000 weekly gross

⚡️Direct deposit every week!
⚡️Highly skilled Dispatch team & ELD support 24/7
⚡️Brand new equipment
⚡️High grosses are guaranteed
⚡️Lease program for drivers with 6+ months of experience

📩[email protected]



Are you a professional driver looking for great pay at an established company that supports work-life balance?
Drive with Circle O Inc😎


🔺LIVE/LIVE with trailer and USMail freight (UPS/FEDEX/USPS)
🔺Drop and Hook with Amazon and DAT Power brokerage options
🔺24/7 Logbook/ Dispatch support
🔺Get up to 80 CPM
🔺New Trucks/ New Trailers
🔺Stable income every week
🔺Dedicated runs



What’s your favorite city to drive-in? Comment below⤵️

Want to be a part of our team?🤝🤗
Call us right now👇🏻


Dry van trailers are the most requested type of delivery truck on the market🚚🚚🚚

Our attention to customer service and experienced drivers will ensure your items get to their locations in a timely manner – and in great condition!

Call now: +1-440-397-5696


Did you know?🤔

🔺On average, the owner-operator has been driving for more than 20 years

Follow us for more facts, tips, and useful information🤗

📩[email protected]


Happy Monday😊

Please, drive safely🙏


We are committed to assisting you in owning your truck and running a successful and profitable business!

Connect with us today for more details👇
📩[email protected]
📲Telegram: ⠀⠀


Pick up and deliver on time, every time🔥🔥🔥

For more information DM or call us⤵️



If you do decide to become a truck driver, it’s a great career😎💪🏻

Call us or text 24/7 for more information:

☎️ 440-397-56-96



📌Lease Program:

❗️Up to 85% weekly from gross + weekly charges
❗️Make from $10,000 up to $22,000 weekly (Solo/Team)

📌Company Driver Program:

❗️Up to 80 CPM for solo
❗️Up to 90 CPM for teams
❗️$5,000 sign-on bonus
❗️Weekly safety bonuses
❗️Driver referral bonuses

💥New Equipment
💥24/7 support

Join our growing family!
We haul the best freight and provide one of the best compensation schemes in the trucking field! 🚚🚚🚚

Call or text 24/7 for more information:

☎️ 440-397-56-96
☎️ 513-297-31-41


Do you know how to drive a truck for maximum fuel efficiency?🤔🚚

🚀Accelerate gently

🚀Maintain a steady speed
When your speed dips and bursts, you use more fuel, and spend more money, than you need to.

🚀Be conscious of the traffic conditions

🚀Avoid high speeds
For example, at 120 km per hour, a vehicle uses about 20% more fuel than at 100 km per hour.

🚀Improve your truck’s aerodynamics

What is the best way to drive a truck for maximum fuel efficiency? Drivers, please comment below⤵️

Feel free to contact us and learn more about working for us🤗


New Year means a new opportunity full of success and prosperity.

With this year coming to an end, we send our best wishes to you and your family. We thank to all our employees and partners😊😊

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year🎉🍾🥂


What do you associate with?


25% of all fatal crashes involving large trucks occurred on interstate highways🚚😥

Have a safe trip if you're on the road🙏🙏🙏

Follow us for more facts, tips, and useful information✅

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The last week of the year starts with truck cleaning🧽🧼

Have a great and productive week ahead😊💪🏻


Merry Christmas from Circle O family to yours🎄😉

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Nothing makes the trucking company more proud than telling about our amazing truck drivers😊

We salute their efforts and recognize how thankful we are to have such an incredible team. If you meet a truck driver today, be sure to pass on a BIG thank you as well!

For our truck drivers, we offer highly desirable jobs that match their personal preferences and career goals. It starts with our extreme respect for our drivers so come experience the Circle O difference today.

P.S Thanks to our driver for this picture! Your truck looks awesome!⠀⠀



A portable refrigerator that can be plugged into a truck can allow storing healthy snacks and drinks right in his cab.

While many drivers leave their trucks to spend the night in roadside hotels or motels, some sleep in their cabs. The cab can become very cold at night, especially in winter. An electric blanket can be a great help in these situations.

Truck drivers sit for incredibly long periods of time. Staying in the same position for hours can cause discomfort and even pain.

The comfort and health benefits of compression socks will have your truck driver thanking you from the moment they wear these socks for the first time.

This device enables your truck driver to remain compliant with regulations while keeping in touch with friends, loved ones, and customers.

What is the best gift for you trucker? Comment below⤵️

Have questions? Give us a call at (440) 397-5696


Are you ready for the Christmas holidays?

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Timeline photos 12/18/2021


Are you a professional driver looking for great pay at an established company that supports work-life balance?
Drive with Circle O Inc😎


🔺LIVE/LIVE with trailer and USMail freight (UPS/FEDEX/USPS)
🔺Drop and Hook with Amazon and DAT Power brokerage options
🔺24/7 Professional support
🔺Solo, Teams - Welcome
🔺New trucks/ new trailers
🔺Stable income every week
🔺Dedicated lanes


For more information direct message us or contact⤵

📩[email protected]

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

Where's your truck got you heading today?


Bring your own truck and join our growing team😎🔥

Contact us today⤵️

📩[email protected]⠀⠀


Truck drivers are always on the move, no matter how bad the weather and road conditions are❄️

If your job requires you to take on the icy roads, then take note of these important winter trucking safety tips so you can steer clear of potential hazards⚠️⚠️⚠️

📌Before you begin driving in winter weather, get your vehicle safety inspected to make sure all your systems are in order
📌Keep a few essentials in your vehicle in case of the unexpected
📌Slow it down
📌If your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), these will be your best friend in slippery conditions
Source: Inlandtruck

Some conditions such as snow and ice just shouldn’t be braved, period – even by the most experienced truck drivers! Your first priority and number one winter driving safety tip should always be to stay safe. If weather conditions are too severe, pull off the road – but don’t park on the shoulder! Instead, find a truck stop or some other safe place to wait out the weather.

📩[email protected]


What a beautiful view? 🍃😍

Thank you our driver, for the picture! Hope you had enjoyed this trip👍🏻

Please, tag us to be featured on our social media pages .inc

Want to be a part of our team?🤝🤗
Call us right now

261 vehicle crashes in 18 hours as snow sweeps across Minnesota 12/07/2021

Please, keep yourself safe🙏❄️

261 vehicle crashes in 18 hours as snow sweeps across Minnesota A Minnesota snowstorm turned highways and roads into a slippery destruction derby in which at least 261 vehicle crashes were reported in an 18-hour period, authorities said. "Roads are slippery and many driving too fast for conditions," Sgt. Jesse Grabow, a spokesperson for the Minnesota State Patro...


What advice would you give to a new truck driver?
Comment below⬇️

If you have any questions please contact: (440) 397 5696
📩[email protected]

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There are many signs of stress but many of them are easy to write off as part of “daily life”.Reducing driver stress is ...
If you do decide to become a truck driver, it’s a great career😎💪🏻Call us or text 24/7 for more information:☎️ 440-397-56...
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The last week of the year starts with truck cleaning🧽🧼Have a great and productive week ahead😊💪🏻
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Day vs. Night Truck Driving🌚🌝⠀Many long-distance truck drivers may operate better by daylight while others wish to drive...





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