Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's

Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's

Drahthaar Kennel that is located in South Alabama. Versatile hunting dogs for the true outdoorsman.

Operating as usual

Photos from Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's post 06/27/2021

“D” Litter Announcement

Inez v.d. Briarwoods x Jaeger vom Windigen Punkt
Expected whelp date August 1st 2021.

Dam: “Birdog” .03.08.2013
VJP 70
HZP 183 Armbruster 11 search 11 desire 11 nose and 12 Search behind the duck”
ZB NR 233366 61/61 OCD/ED frei HD Free

Sire: “Jag” .06.10.2014
VJP 69
HZP 187,178 Armbruster
VGP 276 Prize II, 9/9
HD-B (All pups sired by Jag that have been radiographed have been HD-A) OCD/ED Free
F/F, Hemophillia B Free, Exercise Collapse Free, Hyperuricosuria Free

Additional info on Jag.
Jag’s sire: Vico IV vom Donaueck VJP 75 HZP 193
VGP 336, Prize I
Jag’s Dam: Eule vom Bandorfer-Forst
VJP 69 HZP Hegewald 225 w/Hare Track, 12 Search behind Duck VGP 336 Prize I
Eule’s mother won the Hegewald and her sire was 2nd. Her Grandmother also won the Hegewald and her grandsire was 2nd!

Message ASAP to reserve a pup or contact 251-367-6891. [email protected]

🚨Dam pictured on the left, Sire is pictured on the right🚨


We now have one male left. Tattoos and DNA expected in the next 4 weeks. If you want a family dog that will protect with their life and hunt anything you want to message me. Drahthaars will point as well as retrieve birds. Call or message with any questions about this unique and extraordinary breed. These pups are already flash pointing at 4 weeks and get socialization on a daily basis from their #1 fan. She loves her babies!


Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's


2 males still available

Almost 4 weeks old and really getting around now! Getting some loving/socialization from there #1 fan everyday. If you want a hunting buddy that can do it ALL and also be a very loyal member of your family then message me. We have 2 males still available.


Almost 4 weeks old and really getting around now! Getting some loving/socialization from there #1 fan everyday. If you want a hunting buddy that can do it ALL and also be a very loyal member of your family then message me. We have 2 males still available.


Inez v. Den Briarwoods 223366 58/58 VJP 70 HZP 183. Inez competed in the 2014 Armbruster at just 13 months of age and was awarded a "12" for her duck search. She is a wonderful family dog that has an extreme desire to hunt.
The Sire is Quinn II vom Jadgkonig VJP 218140 65/65 VJP 65 HZP 177 VGP II/274 TF
"Hank" has a wonderful temperament is an outstanding hunter.
I have a couple of males still available. Message me with any questions if you are interested.
Hank is on the left and Inez is on the right in the pictures.


"B" litter Vom Stahlwerk came this morning.
Inez v.den Briarwoods x Quinn II vom Jagdkonig. Mom and pups look great. Pups still available. Message for details.


Congratulations to Archibald Vom Stahlwerk and Amarillo vom Stahlwerk for completing their VJP testing today. Archi finished with a 68 including an 11 in search and 11 in cooperation. Rillo finished with a 70 with 10's in all categories. Very proud of the "A" litter and what we accomplished today.


Anka Vom Stahlwerk pointing quail. She is available message if interested!


Azelea Vom Stahlwerk at 4 mo. Her owners are very pleased with her and obviously enjoy spoiling her. She will be snipe hunting for the first time in Arkansas in a couple of weeks. Looking good Azelea!


Amarillo Vom Stahlwerk with some down, stay "treat" training. She was 3 months old Saturday. She's gonna be fun!


Anka Vom Stahlwerk doing a little pointing work. Anka is now available. Message if interested.


Little Miss Avery got to meet her new owners today! They are very excited to start the training process. One was a little camera shy but thats OK!


"A" litter pups will be tattooed and receive their first vaccinations next week. We will have one female still available as of now. Message us for details if interested....


Big day for the "A" litter today! Exposed them to a little bird scent in the grass and got them started on some puppy food. They're growing fast. Beards are starting to come and the little personalities are starting to show!


How do you combat a hot Alabama
summer and keepin puppies outside? Easy... Get a window unit!


Photos from Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's post


Plenty of pointing work in the near future.. Ready to train a new pup from our "A" Liter! If your interested in a dog we still have some available!


I'd probably lay down if I was this big to! Still around 2 weeks out before the pups arrive.


Here are a couple more pics of our current breeding. A lot of work has went into this and we are excited to say the least.


"A" litter vom Puppy Creek
Inez v.d. Briarwoods x Dachs v.d. Ritterburg expected whelp date March 30th.

Dam: "Nezzi" 03.08.2013
VJP 70
HZP 183 - 11search 11desire 11nose and a 12 search behind the duck.
ZB NR 223366 61/61 OCD/ED frei
HD Free

Sire: Dachs 16.10.2007
VJP 70
HZP 170/190 o.sp
ZB NR 205070 Zr#358/07 HD Free.

Additionally Dachs sired the highest scoring HZP pup in Vdd testing history with a perfect score of 199.

Message ASAP to reserve a pup or Contact 251-367-6891 [email protected]


A quick little work out...


Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's cover photo


Vom Stahlwerk Drahthaar's



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