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Scarlet & Violet!


We appreciate the community coming out to play our events. We have been having issues with language. Please be respectful of others when you're here to play. We will ask you to leave if we have any more issues.

Timeline photos 01/24/2023

We are hosting our Yugioh day Saturday!

It's time to Duel! Celebrate Yu-Gi-Oh! Day with a participating OTS this weekend and Duel to win great prizes!

For information and a list of participating OTS, visit our website: https://bit.ly/3XbLKFE


Fanatics Exclusive Mosaic Blasters Available!


The weather is cold, but the pulls have been fire! We've got a bunch of Crown Zenith Singles in stock. Also, Yugioh Players, come join us tonight for a FREE BOX TOURNAMENT! 1st place will get an entire booster box of Amazing Defenders!!! Starts at 5:45pm.


Yu-Gi-Oh! - Don Zaloog

Photos from Underground Card Zone's post 01/20/2023

We are ready for tomorrow!



These can be picked up tomorrow.

1 person will receive an elite trainer box

3 people will receive a V box


Our pre order site is back up!!! www.shopucz.com


Our shipment should arrive Tomorrow!


Just a reminder that we will NOT be having the Yugioh Underdog Tournament this Friday, but it'll be back next Friday!
Also a reminder that the New Yugioh Amazing Defenders release this week aswell as Pokemon Crown Zenith!


Submit 3 cards for grading from the new Pokémon set Crown Zenith, for $19.99!!!!! In store promotion will run January 20th and 21st!


Current Pre Orders available. Release dates and price below. Tomorrow is the last day to pre order Crown Zenith 👑


Tomorrow and Saturday we will have a special! We will add additional Crown Zenith Products for every 25 entries!


Paldea Collection anyone?


As this week closes, we have moved a lot of products. So, with that being said, we just placed orders through 4 distributors.
Coming this week:
Silver Tempest
Lost Origin
Fusion Strike
Battles of Legend Crystal Revenge
Ghost From the Past 2
Hidden Fates
Shining Legends
Cosmic Eclipse+Rebel Clash Ultra Ball Tins
Champions Path
Basketball Hobby
Football Hobby
Zendikar Rising
Evolving Skies
Vivid voltage
Shining Fates
Power of The Elements
Brilliant Stars
Penny Sleeves
That could be all. We ordered a bit much. Things should arrive between Tuesday and Friday. 4 different shipments, so it all could come on different days.

Oh, that's right, Japanese Pokemon, too. Hmm, what are we missing... Football Quick Rips are back, and Pokémon Mystery Slabs. The Mystery Slab chasers are pictured below!

Don't forget you can chase the Sylveon Vmax Alt Art in our Pokemon hit packs.

This is also the last week to pre order Crown Zenith 👑 !

Photos from Justin Lamblin's post 01/07/2023

Photos from Justin Lamblin's post


Going to be a great time tomorrow at the Wheelersburg Card Show!


Insane trade in today!

Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box 01/05/2023

Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box

Release date is the 20th and pre orders won't last long!


Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box Pre order this for in store pick up! Last Sword&Shield set. Release Date is January 20th, 2023.Pre ordering gets you a $10 discount.


Big day today! As our Pokemon Hit Packs are finally back. With some great chasers, such as this Charizard Vmax and this Sylveon Vmax Alternative Art! Only $4.99 each.


We will be there this Saturday for UCZ SLABS. Taking in submissions!

Photos from Underground Card Zone's post 01/03/2023

Newwww Collectionnn!!!!!!


As the New Year begins, Let your friends know about your friendly local card store.


Who's been Ghost Hunting?
We just got a playset of Cyber Dragon Ghost Rares!


Some new Yugioh singles in stock such as Bystial Lubellion and Pharoah Rare Change of Heart and Pharoah Rare Seal of Orichalcos!


Evolving Skies, Astral Radiance, Diller Tempest, Brilliant Stars, Hidden Fates, and Champions Path Booster packs back in stock!
Also Prizm Basketball back in stock.
Absolute Football back in stock.
Yugioh Battles of Legend Crystal Revenge back in stock.

Meet Kyle Pack of UCZ SLABS - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories 12/27/2022

Meet Kyle Pack of UCZ SLABS - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories

$7.99 submissions until the end of the year! Also the holidays are over so we will be back in store at 2pm!

Meet Kyle Pack of UCZ SLABS - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories Today we’d like to introduce you to Kyle Pack. Hi Kyle, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories. I’ve been collecting cards since I was a kid. As an adult, I got a job running a restaurant and it became very difficult to […]


We will be back soon. Everyone enjoy the weekend and have a Merry Christmas!


We have closed due to the lv3 snow emergency


We are opening today. We will still run the Yugioh Underdog Tournament but we are pulling it back to 4:30pm instead of 7pm.


We was planning this surprise sale for tomorrow but now we don't know what the weather will be like. So we are running it today!!

Photos from Underground Card Zone's post 12/21/2022

Some restock items


The legendary birds in Perfect form! Check out this perfect UCZ 10!!!

Photos from Underground Card Zone's post 12/17/2022

Just Landed! Wander Franco Auto /199


Spend $30 on sealed Yugioh Product and recieve a lost art promo!
We've got Darkwing Blast, Power of the Elements and Crystal Reverse in stock. Don't forget Darkworld structure decks, Blue Eyes structure decks and more accessories


Some Pokemon and Yugioh Restocked!


We have considered branching off into the new Battle Spirits TCG. We just wanted to make a post to see if anyone is interested.


Fanatics Exclusive NBA Prizm Boxes available!


Christmas is coming soon and we've got variety and gift cards!

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Check us out tonight on the whatnot app!https://whatnot.com/live/8b895d89-0283-48e4-a15a-b594c4c3ae30?app=android&invite...
Lost Origin Booster Box and Elite Trainer Box Giveaway!
www.uczslab.com Submit Now!
UCZ SLABS Dropping to $9.99 as of today. Go to www.uczslab.com to submit. We also offer local drop off.
Check out these upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh events!!
GIVING A WAY A BASE SET CHARIZARD ORDER AT www.uczshop.com Raffles for the May 27th Live:Spend $30 - Base Set CharizardP...
Astral Radiance Available at 2PM. Friday Night rip and ship announcement.
Just an update on the tournament schedule.
Crazy Deal on Accessories!
Order live at www.uczshop.com Pokemon, Yugioh, MTG, Flesh and Blood and NFL.
Pokemon rip n ship. Order at www.uczshop.com or PayPal undergroundcardzone@gmail.com
Pokemon rip n ship! Order at www.uczshop.com ¹




2055 N. Bridge Street
Chillicothe, OH

Opening Hours

Tuesday 2pm - 8pm
Wednesday 2pm - 8pm
Thursday 2pm - 8pm
Friday 2pm - 8pm
Saturday 2pm - 10pm

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