Wheeler Farms Meat & Market

Wheeler Farms Meat & Market


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the meat we purchased from you guys. The steaks were so tender and delicious. Thank you for giving me somewhere local to buy good quality beef. We will definitely be back for more. By the way, you little girl is so precious.
It’s always Christmas when you sport the colors but Wheeler Farms Meat & Market takes it to another level in the Chickasha (Oklahoma) Christmas parade. Check out that tractor! And check out their incredible products! 🌟🎄👇🏼🥩
Oh. My. Gosh. If you aren’t buying your beef from Wheeler Farms you are missing out! We grilled two New York strip steaks tonight and they were delicious and very tender! Love supporting home town businesses (and a former student)! 🥩👍🏻
Thanks Wheeler Farms Meat & Market for the fresh Oklahoma grown pecans, our pecan pies will be better than ever this year!!!
Thank you for making my boys day 💙💙💙
Well would you look at that! Our own Wheeler Farms 🐮 Wheeler Farms Meat & Market
Aiga Dissmann ,let's go check this place out sometime.
The picanha was amazing
I need to order 3 of the children's Christmas books please
Loved our shopping today. Everything and everyone was great. We will be back
🚨New Partner Alert🚨
Welcome to the family Wheeler Farms Meat & Market! This new market just opened this year and is located in Chickasha. If you are in the area stop by we’ve heard they have the best meat selection around. And snacks too 😉
Always something new in the works! I do believe my nephew and wife are great entrepreneurs! 👍 Very proud of all you are doing!

We are a family farm who has been around for over 100 years raising registered quality cattle in Chi

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Yay! Fall is here. Come get our Fall Beef Bundle or some of our Made in Oklahoma warm weather mixes. We have Chili mix, Stew, Cornbread, Baked Potato, Taco Soup, Enchilada, and Tomato. Come see us today until 1.

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Fall Bundle is here! (See Below) Just a girl and her dog stranded and confused. We went to see the babies tonight and got a wobbly tire. Mom and dad started walking, but Everly and Hank were ready for the ride. Joe came to the rescue!

Roast 3-4 lbs
Ground Beef 5 lbs (2lb pkg and 3-1lb pkgs)
Stew Meat 1 pkg
T-bone Steak
2 New York Strips

$90 + tax

Market Hours Thursday and Friday 12-5:30 and Saturday 10-1. Come get our amazing beef 🥩! Raised right here in Chickasha for over 100 years.


Rock Island Bundle will be available this weekend. You can either come see us at Rock Island Arts Festival starting tomorrow or at the store (normal business hours). We will be in both places this weekend. The bundle includes…

2 lbs Ground Beef
Stew Meat 1 pkg.
Lg Sirloin Steak

$50 + tax


Sirloin $8.50/lb this weekend. All of these girls are calving right now and then some. Bring on the babies!

We have our annual cattle production sale this weekend so there will be lots of friends out in the pens. However, the store hours for Thursday and Friday will stay the same. Saturday will be 10-12.

Come out and see where your beef comes from!


Fair time! This girl is a lover of all animals. Daddy might be giving in someday for a goat instead of a cow. Open today at the market 10-1! Come get stuff for a burger or steak for game day.


Just snackin! Come get stocked up this weekend on meat. Open Thursday and Friday 12-5:30 and Saturday 10-1.


Fall calving has started at Wheeler Farms. We love going for our nightly drives seeing new babies! The Market is open today from 10-1 see you there.

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What’s for dinner tonight? We will continue the New York Strip sale through this weekend. Come out and get your meat. The Summer Bundle will be available for a few more weeks, so make sure you come and take advantage of Ribeyes being in a bundle.

I threw a roast in the crock pot last minute for our dinner tonight. This rainy weather made it sound good!


Local Honey! This honey is all pollinated here in the Chickasha area. We are super excited to have our friends Chris and Kristyn Allbritton’s honey in the market. Each bottle has a label on it where it was pollinated so we can get it closest to your house as possible. Many were pollinated on our farm. Some right here and others in the Tabler, Friend, Dibble/Blanchard area. Come see us for your allergy help! Chickasha Chamber of Commerce Oh18


New York Strips $16/lb this weekend only

Diane’s Hatch Chiles and Italian Salad Dressing is back! Come see us today, tomorrow or Saturday.


What’s for dinner tonight? Come to the market today or tomorrow to get your steak to grill and some fresh okra to fry on the side! Makes for a delicious summer meal.

Also 5% off all Beef this weekend only!


Fresh okra and onions at the market this weekend. Come get steak and okra to fry! Sounds like dinner tonight for us. Back to School Special all weekend 5% off Beef.


Back to School 5% Beef Discount!

While everyone is headed back to school and learning new things, this girl is over here learning how to take good care of her cows. Life skills!

Open this Thursday and Friday 12-5:30 and Saturday 10-1.

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Looking for a new seasoning to try? Come see us at the market for some great Made in Oklahoma seasoning that complement any type of meat.

We still have all cuts available and our Summer Bundle. Open today until 5:30, Saturday (tomorrow) 10-1.


The Winner of the Paw Paw's Hamburgers Chickasha $50 gift card and 1 Ribeye and 2 Filets is….. Garrett Magan Aldridge!

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GIVEAWAY! Come see us today and get a delicious Burger from Paw Paw's Hamburgers Chickasha until 6 this evening. They’re amazing! The giveaway includes a $50 Giftcard to Paw Paw’s and 3 steaks from the market. To enter just come out.


Paw Paw’s Burgers will be at the market tomorrow from 11:30-6. We decided to adjust hours so you can get your lunch or dinner. Their burger basket will be a one time special price of $12.99. That includes your burger, fries and drink!

As always they will be using our meat! These burgers are delicious and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Our ribbon cutting will be at 4.

Special on T-Bones $14.50/lb and Porterhouse $16.50/lb. Summer Bundles available.

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Hey everyone we have a big fun announcement. For starters we are joining the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce this Thursday for a ribbon cutting at 4 PM! We will be open Thursday normal hours 12-5:30, but here’s the fun part. Paw Paw’s of Chickasha will have their food truck out here the whole time. Cooking a burger basket with a drink. We are donating the meat to them so our customers can have a great meal at a one time discounted price of $12.99. We wanted to do this to show our appreciation of you all and to celebrate two years of being here. This weekends special we will still have our summer bag and $1.50 off a pound on T-bone and Porterhouse. Come see us our shelves are fully stocked!!


$9/lb Sirloin Sale ends tomorrow. Open Saturday 10-1. Made this stir fry tonight with Sirloin and it hit the spot.


Thankful for the little rain we got, but praying for more. The guys got the last of the hay up before we got showered on. Bring on the rain!

Open today 12-5:30 and tomorrow 10-1. Come see us while it is a pinch cooler.


Only way to keep cool at the market is to play in the water hose fully clothed lately! Praying for rain and cooler temps in the next few days. Come see us today, tomorrow or Saturday for…

$9/lb Sirloin Steak


We smoked one of the whole Chickens from the Market tonight and it was great! Come see us tomorrow 10-1 to get a chicken or get $5/lb Ground Beef.

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$5/lb Ground Beef Special this weekend only. Come see us this Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We are always looking for new recipes to use up ground beef. Tell me some of your favorite recipes. We would love to try them. This one came from a friend and it was definitely worth the try. If you like sweet potatoes you will like this recipe.

Also if you are interested in 1/4 Beef please PM us for details. We have one available right now. Pick up will be in 2 weeks.


Something new and fresh to try with leftover steak this summer. This was very refreshing after a hot day on the farm. Give it a try with those fresh garden tomatoes and if you have any leftovers!

Come see us today 10-1 to grill some steaks this evening or burgers. All Roasts are $6/lb this weekend and we have Summer Bundles made up.


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Take us back to the beach! Come see us for your Summer Bundle this weekend or $6/lb Roast Special.


We have a winner! Congratulations Amanda Flowers on winning the Summer Bundle.


Just to let everyone know. For starters we have not picked a winner that is coming soon. Someone is going around acting as our account. We cannot friend request anyone due to us being a business account please do not accept or click any links they provide!


Summer Bundle is now available! We are doing a GIVEAWAY for a free bundle. To enter make sure you have liked and follow our page, please tag 5 friends in the comments, and share this post. Giveaway starts now and will end Saturday night. We will announce the winner on Sunday.

Summer Bundle
•2 Ribeyes
•4 Hamburger Patties
•Ground Beef 5lbs
•Kabob (1 pkg)
•Chuck Roast
$110 + tax

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Steak Freezer is full again! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and coming out for our Farm Fresh Beef. Come see us this Thursday, Friday or Saturday while the freezers are completely full with so many steaks to choose from. We take pride in raising high quality registered cattle that give you amazing meat to choose from.

Summer Bundle post coming tomorrow so be on the lookout!


10% off Beef Discount

We still have Hamburger Patties and Ground Beef to grill for the Fourth so come see us this Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We still have Sirloin steaks, but are currently out of all others. We will be fully restocked July 7th. There are still Roasts, Briskets and more in the freezer as well. If you’re looking to smoke a Brisket for the Fourth.

Come see us!

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Someone got a new grill for Fathers Day after our ole faithful got messed up with all the rain. We have cooked Briskets, Kabobs, Steaks, Pork Chops and so much more to come in just the last few days. Come see us this weekend at the market.

Warning! We are running very low on steaks after Fathers Day. We have about 20 Ribeyes left, a Porterhouse and Sirloins. So if you want steaks come see us ASAP. Next butchers will be here July 7th. Still plenty of Ground, Patties and more to enjoy the 4th.

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Not only do we have fresh produce we have Eggs and Quail Eggs. We also have fresh Pickled Quail Eggs in the refrigerator. Come see us today until 5:30 and Saturday 10-1.

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Farm Fresh Veggies at the Market this weekend when you come get your meat! Come see us today, tomorrow or Saturday.


If y’all didn’t come last weekend and get a ribeye off these last butchers you should stop by this weekend. We look forward to seeing you all during this busy grilling season!


Don’t forget to come see us for the Brisket and Roast Special $6/lb. Many of you probably recognize this barn right off of the highway. We wanted to get a picture before it blows away with all of the storms we have had. Many barns haven’t made it.

Photos from Wheeler Farms Meat & Market's post 06/08/2022

Brisket and Roast Special this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. $6/lb. We cooked a Brisket this last weekend and it was delicious. My dad was pleased with his smoke ring! The tomato salad was very fresh and definitely one we will fix again. It was a great summer salad for sure. ARecipe link below.


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New butchers are in and this set overall has been the best yet! These were all very marbled/prime. We sampled a few tonight and they were absolutely amazing! Come see us tomorrow at the store 10-1 or possibly at farmers market in Chickasha weather permitting.


Spring Bundle still available for a few more weeks! So come see us this weekend Thursday-Saturday. Once it dries out this wheat will be ready to harvest. Hope everyone is enjoying this rainy weather.

Spring Bundle includes
-5lb Ground
-Kabob Meat
-2 New York Strips large
-1 lg Sirloin
-Chuck Roast

$110 + tax


We’re just over here swinging! Come see us for 10% off your Beef purchase today until 5:30 and tomorrow 10-1. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend.


10% off all Beef for Memorial Day Weekend. Normal
Store hours Thursday- Saturday. Come see us before you head off to the lake for your steaks or burgers to grill.

These tractors are getting some much needed time off after last week. Lots of time in the hay field.

Photos from Wheeler Farms Meat & Market's post 05/19/2022

The guys have been in the hay fields all week! This morning I realized I hadn’t posted in awhile and said send in your best farm photo of the week. This is some of the material I got to work with 😂. I am so thankful for all of the hard work they are putting in. Its been an endless job lately which that we are thankful.

Market is open today 12-5:30, tomorrow 12-5:30 and Saturday 10-1. We have all cuts available. So come get meat to grill on this nice weekend! Robert Jeremy Damian Seth Joe


Come see us today until 1 for all your grilling needs. This weather makes it perfect to come pick out your meat whether that’s a Ribeye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, New York Strip, Filet or just good ole hamburgers!


New product! Diane’s Signature Salad Dressing and Green Chili’s. Made in OKC, Oklahoma. There are recipes available at the store for the Green Chilis. We ate them on tacos the other night and they were great.


Special this week is Cube Steak for $7.50/lb. Freezers are full of all cuts of beef so come see us. Thursday 12-5:30, Friday 12-5:30 and Saturday 10-1.

This girl and her love for animals! She has everything she needs in this one picture and was living the life. She has her brother Hank, S**t the cat and visiting the moos at Menaw and Pop Pops.


Come see us at the Chickasha Farmers Market this morning until 12 or go out to the store 10-1. We have meat with us!


Go, Go, Go!

Go, Go, Go to the market for some fresh beef tomorrow 12-5:30 or Saturday 10-1. We will also be at Saturday morning 7-12. Go like their page to see who all will be there.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Everly is very passionate when it comes to getting her cows back in.


New Granny’s Jelly’s at the Market. There is a Bacon Jalapeño Jelly that is delicious on a burger and more. They also have Blackberry Jalapeño, Strawberry Jalapeño, and Peach Habanero.

Come see us today 12-5:30. Freezers are still fully stocked and we have whole chickens in the freezer as well.

Spring Bundles are still here all through the Spring so come in and ask.


Open today 10-1. Freezers are full for all of your cooking needs. All cuts of beef and whole chickens plus lots of great Made in Oklahoma goodies.


FREEZERS are Full… We are stocked with all cuts of Beef and now have farm raised whole chickens available. They come from River Valley Farms in Checotah, OK.


Porterhouse Special this weekend $16/lb

When you have leftover steak what do you like to make? We used our leftover porterhouse to make quesadillas the other night and they were amazing.

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The Winner of the Paw Paw's Hamburgers Chickasha $50 gift card and 1 Ribeye and 2 Filets is….. Garrett Magan Aldridge!
Go, Go, Go!




737 County Road 1360
Chickasha, OK

Opening Hours

Thursday 12pm - 5:30pm
Friday 12pm - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm

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