Evelin Freytas MBA, CLTC, LUTCF with Mastermind Wealth Strategies, LLC

Evelin Freytas MBA, CLTC, LUTCF with Mastermind Wealth Strategies, LLC

Providing quality financial strategies, and offe rs insurance and financial services, and employ ee be Evelin Freytas is an Age nt licensed to sell insurance through N ew York Life Insurance Company and m ay be licensed with various other independe nt unaffiliated insurance companies.

Additionally, Evelin is a Financial Servic es Professional of and offers securities produc ts & services through NYLIFE Securities L LC, (Member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance Agen cy and a New York Life Compa ny. Evelin Freytas is licensed in Illino is, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minneso ta, Arizona and North Carolina. Neither Mastermi nd Wealth Strategies, LLC nor New Yo rk Life

Operating as usual


If you're ready to speak up abo ut your family's finances, we're here to list en and empower you.


A bond ladder is a portfol io of individual CDs or bonds th at mature on different dates. This strate gy is designed to provide current inco me while minimizing exposure to interest ra te fluctuations. The benefit to investors is th at you can manage your cash fl ow while also mitigating interest rate ri sk.

As with any investment, there a re still risks involved. If you'd li ke to learn more about bond ladde rs, or would like a review of yo ur overall portfolio, we're here to he lp.

ILLCF Scholarships | IL Legislative Lati no Caucus Foundation 09/08/2022

ILLCF Scholarships | IL Legislative Lati no Caucus Foundation

🗣 Scholarship opportunity! “This year, $5,0 00 will be granted to approximately 20 Lati no students that are fully enrolled in an accredit ed institution (undergraduate, graduate, or certificate progra ms) whose home residence is in Illino is. An electronic application form is availab le online at www.illcf.net. The deadli ne for applications is Friday, September 16, 2022” 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓🎓💪🏼🙌🏼 Please pass this alo ng to a deserving student!

ILLCF Scholarships | IL Legislative Lati no Caucus Foundation Each year, the members of t he ILLCF select outstanding young people w ho meet the eligibility criteria to recei ve Foundation scholarships to help them achie ve their educational objectives.   Scholarships a re granted to undergraduate college students who se home residence is in Illinois.


“There is no love like t he love for a brother. There is no lo ve like the love from a brother.”
Tod ay my oldest son AJ started Kindergart en and my second son, Melo mov ed up to the “big kid’s classroo m”. Due to the multi-age groupi ng of 3-6 year olds, they wi ll be in the same classroom f or the first time. I loved seei ng AJ’s leadership and love today. He grabb ed his little brother’s hand and sa id, “don’t worry, I’m going to introdu ce you to all my friends.” ❤️ Me lo felt so safe that he didn ’t even look back. 😢

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

It's easy to be persuaded by t he buzz of negative market data a nd headlines, but it's necessary—for your financ es and your mental health—to tune it o ut. Instead, focus on your long-term goa ls and daily habits.

If you need suppo rt to lean on, we're here f or you.

Photos from Ecuadorian Volunteers Association - EVA 's post 09/01/2022

It’s an honor to serve as t he current President of this amazing organizati on, Ecuadorian Volunteers Association - EVA. N ot only do we support 6 organizatio ns in Ecuador but also local organizatio ns, such as Bridge Communities, Inc. ”Connecti ng Homeless Families to a Better Futur e”.

Photos from Evelin Freytas MBA, CL TC, LUTCF with Mastermind Wealth Strategies, LLC 's post 08/30/2022

Being a Keynote Speaker for t he incoming Freshman at the University of Illino is Urbana-Champaign in 2018 will always be a speci al moment in my life. 1. Speaki ng at my Alma Mater
2. Shari ng this moment with my oldest s on, AJ. Future Illini! 🧡💙

Timeline photos 08/29/2022

We see ourselves as financial educato rs, helping our clients make smart decisio ns with their money. If you'd li ke to spend some time with us, we're happy to offer some insigh ts. www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Women who outlive their spouses te nd to feel unprepared to handle the ir finances. We work with many wom en in this position, and our go al is to help them feel empower ed to take ownership of their financi al future. www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Are you interested in investing b ut not sure where to start? We' re here to coach you through it. As a starting point, here is a qui ck guide on some common investment ter ms. If you'd like to learn mo re, please give us a call.

Photos from Women's Council of Realto rs Chicago's post 08/19/2022

It’s my honor to be ask ed to be a part of su ch an empowering event as the Financi al Services Professional! If you a re in Real Estate, you definitely don ’t want to miss this. Get yo ur tickets today!

Timeline photos 07/06/2022

Hey everyone!

Due to the whirlwind of li fe and being busier than ever, I ha ve been noticeably absent on social med ia and am just now catching up a nd coming back. These past f ew months have brought huge changes to my li fe, both personally and professionally and I want ed to be able to focus on tho se. While on this social med ia break, I was able to ful ly dive in and dedicate myself to my clien ts, spend time with family in Flori da (I swear I'm not moving there !), and the most exciting - embraci ng the fun times of being a m om of 3 boys!

My pl an was to get back on he re, wish you guys a Happy Four th of July, and start being prese nt again. In doing so, my hea rt is heavy and goes out to everyo ne who was affected in the Highla nd Park tragedy, as we mourn on a d ay that should have been spent celebrati ng.

That all being sa id, I am grateful to be ba ck. Please know my heart is wi th all of you and I am he re if you need anything.

Timeline photos 03/18/2022

A baby changes everything, but especial ly your finances.

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

The purpose of today is to acknowled ge women's achievements, recognize their challenges, a nd focus greater attention on their righ ts. Who are the inspirational women in yo ur life?



Happy Tuesday! With everything going on in t he world it’s good to soak up t he little moments in life that ma ke you smile. Working in this indust ry allows me to help people enj oy the “little things” in life. My ba by saying “Mama” is that special mome nt for me, it makes me smi le every time! 🥰 Comment below wi th a picture of your babies (f ur babies count), your family or anythi ng that makes you smile everyday! Let ’s keep good going. 😁.

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

In 1978, Lecount Davis became t he first African American to earn t he CFP© designation, paving the way f or a more diverse and inclusive indust ry. Thank you Lecount Davis! 🙌

Timeline photos 02/25/2022

Have market concerns? We're happy to sha re our perspective. www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

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In light of the current wor ld events and emotions around the marke ts, it's important to remember that histo ry favors the long-term investor.

VUCA offers so me nuance on the type of ris ks faced by investors. It's not as simp le as saying these are volatile, uncerta in, complex, OR ambiguous times. It's a ll of the above sometimes.

Call me tod ay to review your investment portfolio. www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

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It's important to engage the rig ht professionals and to ensure they're a ll "playing in tune." Let us kn ow if we can make a connecti on for you.

Timeline photos 01/05/2022

We can support you in maki ng the right financial choices for yourse lf, your family, and your community.

Timeline photos 01/03/2022

After having my third baby recent ly, I have been all about worki ng out. Just like a fitness train er, investing works best when you ha ve a guide. Let us assist y ou with the heavy lifting and he lp you get a head start on yo ur New Year's financial resolutions. Contact us tod ay!

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Thank you to all of o ur amazing clients—you’ve made 2021 a succe ss! Here's to a great New Ye ar ahead! 🥂

Timeline photos 12/31/2021

📸 From our Playa Del Carm en Family Trip. 🌅 With a n ew sunrise comes new beginnings. I to ok some time to reflect on t he past year and everything that h as come out of it. I celebrat ed the birth of my newest s on, cheered on my clients in the ir successes and much more.

With t he new year coming, don't forget to ta ke some time to reflect on 2021.

Fr om our family to yours, Happy N ew Year!

Timeline photos 12/25/2021

May the spirit of Christmas bri ng you and your family love, ho pe, and happiness.

Timeline photos 12/23/2021

Wishing you joy and good heal th this holiday season.

Timeline photos 12/21/2021

As the year is coming to a clo se, it is a great time to sta rt thinking about how you will s et yourself up for financial success in t he new year.

I would love to he lp you get started on a pl an customized to you and your goa ls.
Here are a couple of thin gs you can start doing each mon th to work on your financial wellbei ng.


Someone likes the Salt Water Po ol! 😂 After a full day of wo rk, it was great to come outsi de and hang by the pool. 🏊‍ ♂️ I am feeling happy and gratef ul to finally be in our Flori da home!! The process to a dd this 3rd property into our investme nt portfolio: Found the home online whi le pregnant with my 3rd son, we nt into a bidding war, lost t he home (my pregnancy hormones were in fu ll force that day 😭😭). I w as persistent and continued to pray a nd have faith that this was t he perfect vacation home for our growi ng family. 2 months later it we nt back into the market because t he buyer’s finance fell through. I call ed the realtor 2 minutes later, p ut an offer on it, “sight unsee n” (never stepped foot in the hou se but I just knew this w as THE one!) and finally closed on t he house in August, just a f ew days before my Romeo Julian w as born!! So needless to say, th is home is very special to me! I am looking forward to spendi ng the holidays here with our fami ly, creating priceless memories! 🥰 Happy Holida ys everyone!

Timeline photos 12/20/2021

Do you know your risk capaci ty and your risk tolerance? They sou nd similar but they are not t he same. Contact us for help findi ng the right balance.

Timeline photos 12/17/2021

Investment advice is only the t ip of the iceberg; 90% of wh at we do lies under the surface.

Vi ew our full list of services he re- https://www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

The last board meeting of 2021 f or the Ecuadorian Volunteers Association - E VA and picking our 2021 Raffle winne rs!

1st Prize $2,000, 2nd Prize $1,0 00, 3rd Prize $500 and 7 oth er wonderful prizes!

Thank you to a ll of our supporters for making th is a successful fundraising year, despite havi ng to cancel our annual gala. Becau se of your generosity we were ab le to continue assisting Ecuadorian institutions devot ed to educational, social, and health progra ms for the poor, neglected, and at-ri sk segments of the population; we DOUBL ED our annual contribution to each of t he organizations that we support in Ecuad or!

Thank you!!! 🙏 🙌🏼

*If y ou would like to help support o ur mission, you can do so v ia Zelle at [email protected]
Or for Credit Ca rd and PayPal options visit our websi te and click on the MAKE A DONATI ON button https://ecuadorianvolunteers0.wordpress.com/

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

I love celebrating your financial success es!

Have you reflected on all of t he financial goals you set and accomplish ed this year yet?

Timeline photos 12/15/2021

'Tis the season for giving. There 's no better way to end t he year than by giving back to yo ur community.

If you need help planning yo ur charitable giving, feel free to rea ch out to me here- https://www.mastermindwealthstrategies.com

Timeline photos 12/13/2021

The markets go up—and down (li ke the Chicago Bears ranking 😄). It 's not IF it will happen, it 's WHEN. Are you prepared for a be ar market?

Timeline photos 12/06/2021

As women are gaining wealth a nd power, ESG investing is becoming mo re than just a philosophy. If you 'd like to prioritize responsible investing in yo ur overall financial strategy, give us a ca ll.

Timeline photos 12/03/2021

Work in retirement because you choo se to, not because you need to...

Planni ng for my mom's early retirement w as one of the most gratifying experienc es! I love seeing her enjoying li fe, vacationing, and spending time with h er grandchildren.

I would love to he lp you create a plan for yo ur retirement. Contact me today!

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