Blackmer Sweet Corn

Blackmer Sweet Corn


Will you have pumpkins and gourds?
The Kirkland Lions Club & The Genoa IL Lions are teaming up today at The Warehouse on Park in Genoa, IL. Food is ready! Delicious Pulled Pork, nachos, corn on the cob from Blackmer Sweet Corn, and for dessert some ice cream.
Any idea when there will be more corn on the stands?
When will the next planting be ready to be put out on the stands for sale? I am looking forward to some more sweet corn because of how good it is from Blackmers. I finished up my last batch yesterday.
When will you have more corn out on Mulford road. I went out yesterday and it wa sold out. My brother in law and daughter had to buy some off brand corn.
Wii you have a stand in downtown Cherry Valley this year?
Having a hard time waiting for the sweet corn to come in it is always good at Blackmers. Are you going to have as much as last year and hopefully more.
Okay folks I just got done eating some of this year harvest.As soon as these people get their product on the trailer it will be gone.Thank You so much.Will be down every couple of days till it's gone.I love to share a good thing.
how is the corn coming along this year with all the rain we had?
Today is the 14th....will there be any more sweet corn this week? We are going thru Blackmer Corn Withdrawal...please help! :)
Hi Andy, have had your corn 4 times in the last week. Delicious! I think it's the best Blackmer corn we've ever had. When will the popcorn be ready?
Any corn left?

Our corn is hand-picked daily. It is a super sweet, bi-color sweet corn picked at its absolute peak for the best eating experience. Bi-color super sweet picked at just the right time.

Find our 5 locations on google maps.
∙Downtown Cherry Valley across from Salamone's Italian Restaurant
∙Cherry Valley Rd and Bloods Point Rd
∙Mulford Rd just south of Blomberg (South out of town)
∙Cherry Valley Feed and Supply (Newberg and Bell School)
∙Landscape Connection (Mulford and Linden)

Operating as usual


Pumpkins are out on all 3 stands.


If anybody is interested in tomatoes, we have quite a bit left. Our freezer is full! Pick them yourself - mostly Romas and cherry. Let us know if you're interested. 🍅🍅🍅


Corn at all the stands. Get it while you can We'll be out in a few days at best.


There won't be any corn out today. The next two weeks will be spotty with having it out. Sorry for any inconvenience. 🌽


Andy is getting ready to put corn out for the day. Have a great weekend!


We are a little low on corn today, so we will only have it out on Cherry Valley Rd. We apologize for any inconvenience. Hoping to be into the next planting and have corn at all three stands soon.


Three of our stands (excluding Mulford Rd) have now been out for about a week. We are aware that many ears have worms in the tip. If you cut that off the corn is still delicious. We try to avoid pesticides to keep everyone safer as our family hand-picks each morning.

Unfortunately, with the growing conditions we've had this year, corn s**t and insects have taken out a lot of good ears, if we sorted out every worm we wouldn't have any to put out...

Remember as it says on the sign if you get a bad ear just get another one next time. This next planting (coming this week) is looking much better. The full season variety has a tighter tip that keeps the worms out.


There is a small amount of corn out on Cherry Valley Rd today. We are hoping to get the other stands out over the next few days or so.


We have had a few people asking about corn for the 4th. It's looking like it is still 2-3 weeks out. We will post updates as it gets closer to being ready. 🌽

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This is the happiest my corn has been all year!


Pumpkins are now at all 3 stands.


We will have pumpkins out on stands in the next few weeks. However, if anyone is interested in bringing a large group out to pick pumpkins themselves, you're welcome to. Let us know and we can get something set up. 🎃


That's all folks, the end of the last row, get it today if you want it!


Corn is on its way out. 🌽

Sometime in the next few weeks we will start putting out 🎃


There is still a good pile of corn out on Cherry Valley Rd. How are the other stands looking?


Just a little corn out only on Cherry Valley Rd today.


We will have corn out at all stands today. There is a good chance we won't have any out this weekend.


We are still a little low on corn until the next planting is ready. There is corn on all 3 stands today- still no downtown Cherry Valley. 🌽


Corn will be out a little later today due to a mysterious car showing up at our house, and then going down and messing with our stand. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


We do apologize to those of you who have had trouble locating our stands. It has been brought to our attention that Google is not completely accurate. We used to sell corn at Cherry Valley Feed & Supply, but no longer do. We are trying to get that off Google Maps. Our stand that is usually stocked first is at the intersection of Cherry Valley Rd. and Bloodspoint Rd. Bloodspoint Rd, unfortunately, is not marked because kids think it is haunted and keep stealing signs. We have a stand at the Circle K gas station at the corner of Perryville and Charles. The last stand that we currently have open is on south Mulford, just south of Blomberg and Blackhawk Rd. Google Maps takes time to get updated. We are still hoping to get our stand in downtown Cherry Valley up and running, but we are waiting to get permission from the lot owner. If you have any questions, or are having trouble locating our stands, feel free to call Beth at 630-334-9920.


Having touble finding one of our stands? 🗺 Search us on Google Maps to find all of our locations. (Our downtown Cherry Valley stand is not up yet.)🌽


Since we are low on corn, Andy didn't want to trudge through the mud to pick this morning. We will have some out tomorrow.


Today we have corn out at our Cherry Valley Rd stand and our Mulford Rd stand.


More stands are going up this week. Check back for more information.🌽


I'll be putting some corn out at the corner of Cherry Valley Rd and Bloods Point Rd tomorrow, more stands next week.


We should have corn ready toward the end of the month. We will post again soon with a more exact date. 🌽


We have tassels!


We have had a lot of people calling and messaging about corn. While it feels like summer, sweet corn won't be ready until July. 🌽 We are glad everyone is excited about corn, and we will post when it is ready for sale.


There are pumpkins out at the corner of Cherry Valley Rd and Bloodspoint. If anybody wants to come out and pick them from the patch, contact us. Otherwise we won't be restocking the stands.


The corn is getting close to being ripe, but most likely won't be ready this weekend. We do have pumpkins out at the Cherry Valley Rd and downtown Cherry Valley stands. There is a bulk discount for pumpkins. If you'd like to come out in a large group to pick on the weekend, that can be arranged. 🎃 08/31/2019

2019 Top 15 Places to Get Sweet Corn In Northern Illinois

We made #9! Thanks for the votes. Corn will be out at all stands except Mulford since someone cut the lock off the money box. The votes have been tabulated. Here are the 15 Best places to get sweet corn in Northern illinois for 2019 08/27/2019

2019 Rockford Area Sweet Corn Challenge: Vote Now!

Voting ends Friday! Sweet corn is back! Tell us who grows and sells the best sweet corn in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin?


I only had enough for the home stand at the intersection of Cherry Valley Rd and Bloods Point Road today.




300 E State St
Cherry Valley, IL

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 9am - 8pm

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