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Yummy honey!

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Yummy honey!

Oh, honey!

More extracting in our future. We pulled an estimated 90-100 pounds of honey today. Plenty of honey for everyone this year.

We did a late season split a few weeks ago to save a booming hive from thinking about swarming. Can you find the new queen? She is about a week old and not laying yet. We can steal brood from the original hive if she needs help as the other queen keeps pumping it out!

New queen for a split.

Not sure what going on here. They have plenty of room. Planned on checking them tomorrow anyway. Guess we will see then.

The hives have new snow hats!

The 2nd batch of honey is now available! $12 for 1lb bottle. We sell out every year so get it while it's still available! Located in Chenoa 🐝🐝🐝 You can contact Kim @ (309) 444-6030 or message us on Facebook. #localhoney #allergyhelp #naturalproductsthatwork

All 3 hives survived the winter...woohoo! That's something that has not happened in the last several years. We actually had to cancel an order of bees because we were not expecting all of them to survive. So today we add the last hive. For those who are scared of bees... here I am (lazy me while mom does all the work lol) with my feet up on the table 15 feet from an open hive. Beekeepers don't want to work mean hives. Hives take the temperament of the queen. If the queen is with her head! That's how we keep everyone making sure we are breeding the right queens and raising the right temperament in the hives.

That's a lot of bees!

New worker being born

Get every last drop. Put your crystallized honey in a South facing window. Let the sun do the work for you. Yum!!

Backyard intruder caught on security camera!

The girls busy cleaning up some recently harvested frames. Turn up the sound to listen to them. #goldenthreadapiary #honeybees #pollinators #permaculture #homesteading #beekeeping

Orientation flights. South is obviously doing much better than north but flights from both of them. #beekeeping #pollinators #permaculture #homesteading #urbanhomesteading #honeybees #bees

The Queen is gadding about.

Checking the south hive. It's looking great!

Sluggish day after another rainstorm but the girls are bringing in pollen. That's good to see considering it's felt like monsoon season since forever. #honeybees #goldenthreadapiary #pollinators #permaculture #beekeeping

I don't know what you are but I gonna squish you! (Pine needles from the smoker.)

Our hives have been struggling this year and there appeared to be some fighting off of intruders at the entrance to the south hive so I put on a mouse guard. Hopefully ths reduced entrance will help the robbing situation. They already appear much calmer. #goldenthreadapiary #honeybees #homesteading #urbanhomesteading #permaculture #pollinators

Both hives have been busy today but not at the same time. Good to see life back in the bee yard again.

Sitting around relaxing, watching the chickens and bonding with the bees. I love this life! #beekeeping #honeybees #goldenthreadapiary #homesteading #permaculture #urbanhomesteading

We hope they like their new home.

Our bees may not have survived but our yard is still teaming with them from neighboring colonies. We keep putting out the partial frames for them to eat. No one cleans a frame better than a bee! #goldenthreadapiary #honeybees #urbanhomesteading #homesteading

No activity from the south hive yet but yippee that the north hive is still alive!

Crazy 64 degree weather means sugar water food for the bees. It's easy for them to starve out during a warm winter because they go thru their reserves a lot faster. Hopefully a few days of feeding will keep them on track.