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Promoting pollinator awareness, local raw honey, hand-crafted soaps, lotion bars and lip balms for p As a mother and daughter team, our story starts in Spring of 2013.

In April of that year, we were fortunate enough to learn about a beginner beekeeping class that was being held by the local university. Interest in beekeeping had been in the family for several years so we jumped at the opportunity to learn more. Long story short, in a flurry of unexpected activity...we were the proud owners of two beehives and caretakers of the hives' occupants of 20,000 bees wit


The maple trees are starting to bloom. The first food source for bees in spring.


Snow capped again


The hives have new snow hats!


SOLD OUT FOR 2021! Next harvest is July 2022. The Bees and Golden Thread Apiary thank all our great customers!


The 2nd batch of honey is now available! $12 for 1lb bottle. We sell out every year so get it while it's still available! Located in Chenoa 🐝🐝🐝 You can contact Kim @ (309) 444-6030 or message us on Facebook.


This is going to be some awesome honey! More honey coming once we get this extracted.


Because our new puppy is fearless around the hives the girls got some new fencing. Little Sy, there will be no more sniffing the front of the hives.


It's Honey Time! We have the lightest honey this year than we ever have had. $12 per one pound bottle. PM us for availability.


Eggs standing on end means she laid them with a day.

Photos from Golden Thread Apiary, LLC's post 05/13/2021

Second swarm from our hives this year's. Sigh.... But this time we have a swarm trap.


All 3 hives survived the winter...woohoo! That's something that has not happened in the last several years. We actually had to cancel an order of bees because we were not expecting all of them to survive. So today we add the last hive. For those who are scared of bees... here I am (lazy me while mom does all the work lol) with my feet up on the table 15 feet from an open hive. Beekeepers don't want to work mean hives. Hives take the temperament of the queen. If the queen is with her head! That's how we keep everyone making sure we are breeding the right queens and raising the right temperament in the hives.

Photos from Golden Thread Apiary, LLC's post 04/05/2021

I faired pretty well with the nose sting. Not much swelling. Manny not so much. Can't open his eye this morning. My left hand just a bit swollen. No rings on my finger for a few days. At least we got the first bee stings of the season out of the way.


A preview of coming attractions. Manny got hit in the eyebrow and top of head.


Only one picture today. Three hive going into winter - three hives booming today! Tons of capped brood, larvae and eggs. Tomorrow's picture might be of me and my Bozo nose. After a break I forget to zip my hood and several bees got into. Oh, I was dancing!!!!


Happy beekeeper!


42° day and it's time for them to clean out the dead bees and go potty!!! Yeah!! All the hives are still alive and still have enough fondant to get them through.


Good to see activity on this warmer day. The landing is full of dead bees being cleaned out of the hive.


The weather is warm enough for the undertakers to do some hive cleaning.


Two more days and Beyond Normal will be open in Lexington! Our lovely neighbors will also be open on Tuesday! We hope you will come to see more of what Lexington shops have to offer! Be sure to come and visit Lavender & Lili (women’s apparel and accessories) as well as Cloth & Pallet (personalized gifts & decor).

Photos from Beyond Normal LLC's post 01/15/2021

Check out Beyond Normal's new location in Lexington. They stock all sorts of fun things...including Golden Thread products!


Nice day to stay inside


We still have honey available.


Built quilt boxes for the girls. Will fill with cedar pet bedding to absorb the winter moisture that plays havoc on the bees and is deadly in the winter. Added plugged holes on the sides to control venting. Will throw a coat of paint on to protect the wood and then they are good to go!


Loving the garlic today.


Teamwork make the bees work. We've been struggling to understand why the bees in Pilsen keep trying to raise new queens. Today they were acting weird. Hard to explain unless you are used to their every day sounds/behavior. Based on their weirdness, we went exploring. We found a hive under a hive. So the first queen that they raised must have somehow ended up under the intial hive and they started a whole new colony. The new colony was struggling and about to swarm. An emergency cutout ensued...and hopefully... they've been moved into a new hive. We never saw the queen but the bees always follow the queen and they seem to be going into the new hive. Here's to hoping!!!


This makes a beekeeper's heart sing. 🎵🎶


That's a lot of bees!


New worker being born


When a new Queen emerges she chews out of the bottom of the cell. Then she goes to all her other sister Queen cells, chews them open and kills them. Here's some great pictures for reference. Go Queeny, go!


Get every last drop. Put your crystallized honey in a South facing window. Let the sun do the work for you. Yum!!


Hive bursting with bees. Tons of queen cells with one chewed out. So did a split giving both some queen cells and lots of brood. May the best queen win!


Also available! 2 ounce baby bear bottles for $3. These make great gifts.


We have local raw honey! $12 for a 1lb bottle. We only have around 24 bottles at this time but will have some more in a couple weeks. First come first serve.


Another honey harvest today!!


I knew this hive would fail. It had chalkbrood. So I left it to die as the queen had failed and numbers were not sustainable. Planned to take the honey in a few weeks. In just two weeks this is what wax moths can do.

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That's a lot of bees!
New worker being born
Get every last drop. Put your crystallized honey in a South facing window. Let the sun do the work for you. Yum!!
Backyard intruder caught on security camera!
The girls busy cleaning up some recently harvested frames. Turn up the sound to listen to them.#goldenthreadapiary #hone...




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