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Myofunctional Therapy: It's All In The Tongue 05/16/2021

Myofunctional Therapy: It's All In The Tongue

Colgate wrote a great article about myofunctional therapy:

Myofunctional Therapy: It's All In The Tongue When diagnosed, an abnormal tongue position can be corrected with myofunctional therapy, a special training process that ensures a future of good health.

ACT Therapy Services updated their address. 05/10/2021

ACT Therapy Services updated their address.

ACT Therapy Services updated their address.

Photos from ACT Therapy Services's post 05/09/2021

Come see us at our new clinic for pediatric speech and occupational therapy! #charlottespeechtherapy #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #charlottenc #carmelroadcharlotte


We are so happy to work with the best OTs, Miss Alix and Miss Racquel! We could not serve our clients or families without you. Thank you for all that you do! #HappyOTmonth!

We are so happy to work with the best OTs, Miss Alix and Miss Racquel! We could not serve our clients or families without you. Thank you for all that you do! #HappyOTmonth!


OT activity: Science experiments for bilateral coordination, sequencing, fine motor coordination and more! Thanks for always planning cool activities Miss Alix! #happystpatricksday #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #charlottespeechtherapy #fortmilloccupationaltherapy #fortmillspeechtherapy

OT activity: Science experiments for bilateral coordination, sequencing, fine motor coordination and more! Thanks for always planning cool activities Miss Alix! #happystpatricksday #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #charlottespeechtherapy #fortmilloccupationaltherapy #fortmillspeechtherapy


Fossils in ice! Thank you to Miss Alix, OT for making our fun activity. We targeted: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, vocabulary and play skills with our dinos. #charlottespeechtherapy #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #funinfunctional #pediatricoccupationaltherapy #pediatricspeechtherapy

Fossils in ice! Thank you to Miss Alix, OT for making our fun activity. We targeted: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, vocabulary and play skills with our dinos. #charlottespeechtherapy #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #funinfunctional #pediatricoccupationaltherapy #pediatricspeechtherapy


Miss Elizabeth has decorated our office for the holiday season! 🎄🎄🎄#happyholidays #speechtherapy #charlottespeechtherapy #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #fortmillspeechtherapy #fortmilloccupationaltherapy #speechismyfavorite


We have swings! Our sensory gym is coming together. Thank you to Miss Alix and her dad for building us a swing! #charlottespeechtherapy #charlotteoccupationaltherapy #pediatricspeechtherapy #pediatricoccupationaltherapy #acttherapyservices


ACT Therapy Services


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Southern Roots Periodontics: Implant & Laser Dentistry, LLC

Tongue tie vocabulary review from the fabulous Dr Rowe!

I wanted to give families a one-up on vocabulary versus what I see in the masses of support groups with parents educating parents on ties due to a lack of experienced providers stepping in to help provide information. Something I see regularly is the use of the word REVISION. A tie release is a procedure where the frenum is operated on (released/cut/snipped/removed/etc) for the first time. A revision is when we have to go back and do a secondary release procedure. A revision can be done to treat reattachment that has occurred where once-gained function is lost. A revision can also be planned as a second stage surgical approach to an initial release where we know further function and range of motion of the tongue can be gained, but certain roadblocks are in the way. These roadblocks might include the patient's age where further growth is expected but the child is too young to be fully compliant with post-operative therapy exercises yet immediate function can be gained which may be life-saving; the patient could benefit from immediate myofunctional, articulation or feeding therapy but will not have enough room in the palate (roof of the mouth) to properly rest the tongue but with increased age will be undergoing orthodontic palate expansion and further release of the frenum will aid in full positioning of the tongue in the palate; or there may be low tongue-tone which is gained with therapy, yet further restriction is needed to be released to aid in increased range of motion, strength and function of the tongue. The more we use the proper terms of release and revision in the tongue-tie community, the faster we start speaking the same language and the more well-educated we all become when speaking to others about the benefits of a release procedure or a revision procedure. Finally, I would like to comment that having to work with a release provider who has had reattachment in some of their cases is not always a bad thing. I think it seems to many parents that there is a stigma that if they had a release with a provider and they had reattachment, the provider did not know what they were doing. This is generally not the case. Reattachment can happen to any patient in the hands of the most skilled providers. What separates an experienced provider from inexperienced is the provider who can diagnose reattachment and know how and when to retreat with a revision. A provider who performs thousands of successful releases will have reattachment from time to time. An experienced provider will also be able to predict when reattachment is more likely and will warn the patient/parents of that increased likelihood if they suspect it. This is not to scare the parents or patients, but to allow them to make informed decisions. Therefore, don't shoot the messenger and be upset or feel the provider is not tactful if they say they are concerned about that possibility. That is not a testament of inexperience, but a testament of experience. The most important things to look for in a release provider are to find one knows how to diagnose based on symptoms, signs of compensations, anatomy, and function, who knows how complete a full release, and who uses functional support prior to and following the release (lactation support, bodywork, speech, feeding, occupational/physical therapies). I hope this was helpful information! No go forth and teach others!!!! Sincerely, Dr. Rowe



Check out one of our rockstar SLPs, Kayla Elmore, using virtual rides to target emotions, vocabulary and expanding utterance lengths. So many emotions explored while virtually taking the Jaws Ride from Universal Studios! 09/09/2020

Top 10 Early Language Toys part 1 | ACT Speech Therapy

New blog post! Top ten early language toys, part 1: We often are asked by parents for recommendations of toys to purchase for their early language learners. In general, I always suggest toys that have no batteries, are of interest to your child, and can be played with together. Here is a compilation of toys I use every week in my sessions and frequen... 08/03/2020

Summer Speech and Language Activities | ACT Speech Therapy

It's still summer time! Have you been outside a lot? US TOO. Read how to target speech and language with summer activities here: We’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently and if you’re anything like my family, you’ve spent a majority of it outside. Many people think of speech and language learning as something you would do inside or while sitting down across from one another. While you can definitely target spe...

[03/25/20]   In light of COVID-19, ACT Speech Therapy is now providing HIPAA secure video therapy! Our families are enjoying this new technology and we are enjoying providing it to our families to continue progress. Please contact us to find out if this is good fit for your family.


It’s been a while since we posted and a lot has happened....ACT Speech Therapy staff enjoying happy hour! (Missing two staff members). Thankful for wonderful SLPs and billing specialists who work to serve the most wonderful families and children. #charlottespeechtherapy #fortmillspeechtherapy #lovewhatyoudo #speechtherapy


Great information about orofacial myology and what our eyes can tell us about our mouths:


Play is so important!

Let the children be FREE.


Come join us at Pediatric Possibilities in Matthews, NC on July 18 for a free parent seminar focusing on strengthening parent/child relationships! 05/14/2019

The Best Toys for SLPs Are the Toys That Do Nothing -

A great article on picking out toys for your children: Pediatric SLPs often use toys in sessions to keep children engaged in learning. So, which toys should we recommend to parents? 02/01/2019

Please Stop Assuming a Person With a Disability Doesn't Understand You "How is my daughter supposed to shine when she lives in a world that continually tries to snuff out her light?"

[01/20/19]   We are happy to announce we accept Tricare East insurance! 03/21/2018

Is technology impacting my child's social and communications skills? - Philly

Do you ever wonder how much screen time your little one should be getting? Check out this article for more information: Your child's social skills may be suffering from too much screen time. Read more about the signs.



New on the blog! Two of our easiest to implement strategies are explained: withholding and giving just a little bit. Check out our latest post and let us know how these tips are working for you in the comments! Also, mark your Calendars for Feb 22nd at 8 pm for a Facebook live Q&A with us! We will be happy to answer all of your speech and language development questions! 😊 11/28/2017

10 (Non-Tech) Holiday Gift Ideas to Promote Kids’ Language, Learning

Here is a great gift list from the Speech, Language and Hearing Association with some good ideas for gifts for older children! The holiday shopping season is upon us and wish lists from children of all ages likely include tablets, MP3 players, headphones and other technology gifts. But audiologists and speech-language path…


Oh the places you will find stickers when you're a #pediatricSLP 10/13/2017

Toddlers Talking Blog

New blog post up!! How to Introduce Sign to your Child: October 13, 2017 Rebecca Rowe How to Introduce Sign to Your Child October 13, 2017 Rebecca Rowe I recently made a blog post about why speech therapists are such big fans of sign language.  Now I’m going to explain how to choose which signs to use and how to introduce signs to your child.   First, yo... 09/26/2017

Ten signs your toddler may need a Speech-Language Pathology Evaluation | Macaroni Kid

How do you know when your child needs to see a Speech-Language Pathologist for an evaluation? 1. Your child is not engaging with you: If your young child is not showing you toys, bringing you toys or books or looking at you for reactions to events (i.e. laughing during peek-a-boo or tic


Wearing black jeans while targeting language skills with tractors and dirt/rocks: not smart. Seeing my clients' faces when they get to play with dirt/rocks: priceless. #speechtherapy #speechpathology #charlotte #ballantyne #matthews #blakeney #kids #therapyisfun 09/18/2017

What Screen Time Does to Babies' and Children's Brains and Sensory Processing Abilities

Another good article on screen time, from an OT's perspective: Two expert occupational therapists explain the functional and sensory processing issues they see in children exposed to screen time - and why it happens. 09/13/2017

89 Percent of Parents Would Have Emotionally Healthier Kids If They Stopped This 1 Habit Study shows the 11 percent of parents who resist one temptation see fewer behavior problems. 08/25/2017

Help Parents Replace Screen Time With Talking

There are some great suggestions in the middle of this article. Written by a local SLP! We’ve all seen it: a lovely family sitting in a restaurant, with music playing (we’ll say Van Morrison) and food waltzing by. Everyone at the table is oblivious, however, because everyone only sees… 08/07/2017

Handheld Screen Time Linked to Delayed Speech Development Free Research in Brief  |   August 01, 2017 Handheld Screen Time Linked to Delayed Speech Development Author Notes © 2017 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Article Information Speech, Voice & Prosodic Disorders / Research in Brief Research in Brief   |   August 01, 2017 Handheld Screen Ti...

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