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Craft Conundrum Alumni


Miss you guys!
*sniff* 😢
Fluke and Roscoe getting plenty of love from Rae at Fat Pig Brewing Company.
Came into town last Friday night. Picked up food from Taco Spot, dessert from Kaminsky’s & brought it to Craft Conundrum to wash it all down. And then we saw the sign. We didn’t know. What a sad moment.
Ended up at Frothy Beard; dropping tears into our glasses of Sip Sip Pass.
Thank you, Richard & Karen, for providing such an enjoyable place.
P.S. Please put the coasters & Little Kings to good use.
Soooooo sad!!!! Or maybe we had a problem!?
I'm sad I missed the final days, but hopefully will see you two wonderful humans in the community! The place was great but it was YOU that made it that way. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for you next.
This was our “Cheers”. We will miss y’all!!!
Thank you both for being such a positive force when we moved to Charleston 5 years ago. We love you guys and wish you and your family all the best in the world. Bigger and better things are ahead for you all! Hugs!!
Getting Aloha Beaches soon? Or Already?
A must in Charleston, especially when the food trucks are there.
I know you guys allow dogs when well behaved and on a leash. Do you have an official policy on chickens? Asking for a friend here in Key West...
These folk are just the best, and the beer is even better!

Thank you for five successful years in Charleston! We've enjoyed every moment with you! At Craft Conundrum, our concept is simple--to create a spot for craft beer enthusiasts to hang out and try a vast array of beers while enjoying friendly conversation in a place that feels like home.

We wanted to create a place that we personally would love to visit. We hope you enjoy coming and hanging out with us, and that you enjoy the 100+ brews currently on tap!

Operating as usual

[09/29/21]   Sharing for another pittie family here in Charleston. Please BOLO for Buck!

Buck was picked up by a man and SOLD. Any info or sightings should be directed to the original poster.

Please consider sharing in hopes of getting this little dude back home! ❤

Photos from Craft Conundrum Alumni's post 07/27/2021

It only took us 6 years to crack this one. Hope y'all are doing well! Cheers, Craft fam!

Photos from Craft Conundrum Alumni's post 06/18/2021

Please join us in congratulating our heathen spawn! Christian graduated today from James Island Charter High School! Surely, y'all remember the snot nosed kid who used to make random conversation with ya at the bar. This kid is all grown up now (and turning 18 tomorrow)!

Seriously, where does the time go?

Congrats to this kid on all his accomplishments, and congratulations to all the graduates from the class of 2021! 🧑🏼‍🎓


If you're out and about today, head out and show some love to your favorite local brewery! We're enjoying some fresh bevs at @frothybeardbrewing this morning (and all the carbs for brunch). Cheers to #SCbeer and #CHSbeer 🍻! ❤

#drinklocal #craftbeer #localbeer #drinkgoodbeer

If you're out and about today, head out and show some love to your favorite local brewery! We're enjoying some fresh bevs at @frothybeardbrewing this morning (and all the carbs for brunch). Cheers to #SCbeer and #CHSbeer 🍻! ❤

#drinklocal #craftbeer #localbeer #drinkgoodbeer

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Today is our 20th wedding anniversary!

Check out that OG picture from 2001. ❤

Miss you all! Cheers!


Weird to get a notification about a review almost two years after closing. 🤣

Cheers, y'all. We hope you're all well! 🍻

Weird to get a notification about a review almost two years after closing. 🤣

Cheers, y'all. We hope you're all well! 🍻

[03/26/21]   Oh, man. There's nothing like hearing about one of our old patrons and friends passing away. 💔

Many of you met Bill at Craft. He liked to talk about his wife, about what they were making for dinner, sometimes about Reagan, and always about beer. He'd walk in and just point to the taps and we'd know what to pour. Always dark and rich and delicious.

Please take a moment today to raise a glass for Bill, for his surviving wife Ramonda, and their family as they face this devastating loss.

Bill, we'll miss you, Sir. I hope the beer is tasty where you are now. 🍻


Hey Craft fam! We're heading out to see our friends at @fatpigbrewingcompany this afternoon around 4pm for their big THIRD BIRTHDAY! If you're in the area, we'd love to see you!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day to support an amazing local brewery! 🍻

Hey Craft fam! We're heading out to see our friends at @fatpigbrewingcompany this afternoon around 4pm for their big THIRD BIRTHDAY! If you're in the area, we'd love to see you!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day to support an amazing local brewery! 🍻

Please help Alexis with her cancer expenses, organized by Shreen Beshures 01/29/2021

Please help Alexis with her cancer expenses, organized by Shreen Beshures

This isn't necessarily our normal type of post, but we kinda do what we want, so here goes.

A lot of you had a chance to meet our beautiful, awesome, fabulous friend Alexis while Craft Conundrum was open. She is bubbly, friendly, hysterical, and has a contagious laugh like no other. You might have met her at the bar or she may have jumped in on your game of Jenga or Cards Against Humanity. You may have even met her back during her days at Sesame at Citadel Mall.

Alexis was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27. Back a few years ago, she suffered a spinal cord injury that left her adapting to a new and different life. She's independent and lives alone, and with the expenses this will entail, both with treatment and limited ability to work through treatment, we're spreading her Go Fund Me far and wide. If you can't contribute, don't sweat it. If you'd like to, AWESOME.

Please help Alexis with her cancer expenses, organized by Shreen Beshures ALEXIS NEEDS YOUR HELP My beautiful, smart, resilient, and amazing niece,… Shreen Beshures needs your support for Please help Alexis with her cancer expenses


It's our favorite, too, obviously. ❤ #SipSipPass #BeerCollab #CHSbeer #DrinkLocal 🍻

In our most recent Instagram poll, over 70% of you chose Sip Sip Pass as your preferred IPA 😎 We're not surprised... This New England style IPA is brewed with Mosaic, Amarillo, and Calypso hops with awesome citrus notes.

Drop a 🙋🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏾‍♀️ if Sip Sip Pass is one of your go-to beers!

(📸: @thegirllovesbeer)


Hey guys! We're here to break up your otherwise probably tumultuous news feed with some updated Mosie pics. She misses her bar dog days and wants to let you all know she's doing well. ❤ Her retirement has given her a little extra chunk to her middle, but she's otherwise the same happy hippo she's always been. Madame Dump Truck misses you all! 🍻


Charleston beer community:

This is heinous. If any of you are hanging/sharing with someone locally tonight who has four bottles of @foundersbrewing CBS in a @northcoastbrewingcompany Old Rasputin 4pk holder, please let them know that they're a piece of s**t.

Seriously, stuffing $21 worth of beer in a $10 package at a small, independent grocery store (or anywhere for that matter) after how this year has impacted your local community businesses is bulls**t.

I hope you get a flat tire.

And I also hope your spare is flat.

And I hope your girlfriend dumps you because of what a garbage human you are.

Love always,


Crying. Totally crying. 😭

We interrupt this regularly scheduled 4th anniversary post for a bittersweet announcement. Though 2020 has brought challenges for all of us, we are infinitely grateful to all of our customers, supporters, distributors, and especially our hard-working staff who has persevered through all of this and stuck it out with us to get us to this point. So, as grateful and humbled as we are to have made it through 4 years, we are sad to say that this is the last week that Justin Slotnick will be with us here at CTF. Justin has been right there since long before we even opened. From rolling epoxy flooring and assembling furniture to making the beer and pouring it, repping us at events and out in the market, being the unsung hero behind our social media for over 4 years, and everything in-between, this week we say goodbye to our co-worker and good friend as he heads back to his roots in New England to join the team @schillingbeerco in New Hampshire and we wish nothing but the best for him as he progresses his career in the industry we all love. As you see Justin this week, give him an air high-five, wish him the best, and thank him for helping to create what CTF has become. Thanks for everything, bud! (Kyle, stop crying!)


Just wanted to pop in and say hello and cheers! We miss you guys! We're looking forward to some time down the road when we can all get together safely for another meet-up. Until then, just know we're missing you guys! 🍻

#chsbeer #charlestonbeer #scbeer #craftbeer #craftconundrum #craftconundrumfamily #drinklocal


C'mon. Y'all know it's #sipsippass 🍺 Check out that little adorable piggy on the can. 😘 Go see our friends at Frothy Beard Brewing Company for some fresh sixers for the weekend!

#chsbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal #craftbeer #frothybeard

What's your favorite *classic* Frothy Beard beer? 🧐⁣

1) Sip Sip Pass⁣
2) Tides Irish Red Ale ⁣
3) Positive Vibes ⁣

*not pictured: Back From the Dead Porter and Andale*


✳Special announcement!✳

It's Cookie's BIRTHDAY!!! If you see this beautiful, majestic man around town today (or ever), tell him happy birthday and that he's awesome. Because he is. Like, seriously the awesomest.

We're so lucky to have you, Brian, and we're thankful every day that Craft brought us together. You and Dru are some of the most wonderful people we have in our lives. We love you! 🎂 Have a wonderful day! ❤

#birthday #sappypost #cookiesbirthday #swtz


Hanging out with some of our Craft fam over at @fatpigbrewingcompany 🍻
#chsbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal #craftbeer


It's been three years since you left us, Nick. Thanks for being our family while you were here. We miss you, homie. We miss your sarcasm. We miss your chuckle. We miss your jokes. I hope the beer it's cold wherever you are. Rest well. See ya on the other side. 🍻

#family #beerfamily #biggervanhorn #endlesspints


We'll work on giving everyone more notice next time, but it was so nice to see you guys out at @fatpigbrewingcompany 🍻 Until next time, drink good beer and be kind to each other. Cheers! @ Fat Pig Brewing Company


We're heading out to @fatpigbrewingcompany this afternoon to catch up with our buddy Eulie and have a couple beers. We'd love to see y'all! We're planning on getting out there around 4pm today. Cheers!

Fat Pig's hours today: 2-8pm

#chsbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal #craftbeer 08/06/2020

Westbrook Brewing Co. debuts “Stingrays IPA,” with a portion of proceeds going towards the South Carolina Aquarium conservation efforts

So proud of our friends at Westbrook Brewing Company for this collab with South Carolina Aquarium 💙 #chsbeer Available at the brewery on National IPA Day 07/22/2020

Local brewery joins national effort to raise awareness for social injustice through sale of “Black is Beautiful” brew

Much love to our buddy Arthur and the gang at Freehouse for participating in #blackisbeautiful! 🍻

We hear it's also damn tasty, so go grab ya some and support your local brewery!

#chsbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal #craftbeer NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry brewery is joining a national effort to raise awareness for social justice. In just a few weeks, Freehouse Brewery raised more than $4,000 through a col…


Happy father's day to the big guy, and to all you dads out there. Cheers! 🍻


Y'all, our buddies at Pep Rolls are celebrating their grand opening tomorrow! Head on over to their new brick and mortar and show them some love! ❤

Buy one get one free all day Saturday June 20!! Come celebrate Pep Rolls Cafe Grand Opening!


A year ago today, we closed those doors for the last time. Thank you again to all of you who were a part of our five years at Craft. All those memories will stay with us forever. 🍻

Do you have any favorite memories from your time at CC? Share them with us! ❤


We still miss you all tremendously. 🍻

Thank you all for a wonderful 5 YEARS! When we set out on this journey, we never imagined the relationships we would cultivate, the stories we would live to tell and the fun we would have. Here we are, FIVE YEARS later and man it’s been a wild ride. Every ride must end and we’ve chosen to end on a high note. With that said, our final night will be this Saturday, June 8th. We hope you’ll come by and share a beer, a story or a hug. We’ve seen so many friends find their own successes with new brick & mortars, and we couldn’t be prouder for all of our friends. While it’s a bittersweet announcement, we’re excited about what lies ahead for our family. We are proud to have shared delicious brews and conversation with each of you, and we hope to see you over a pint again soon. Thank you all for your support and love over the years. We love you all more than you can imagine. Until next time, may your glasses be clean and your brews be tasty. Cheers!

❤ The Craft Conundrum Family @ Craft Conundrum


Craft Conundrum Alumni




For Matty. 🖤🍻🖤

The Guild is saddened to learn of the passing of Matty Symons, co-founder, owner, and head brewer of Two Blokes Brewing in Mount Pleasant.

Matty was a valued member of the South Carolina brewing community, and is survived by his wife and daughter. In remembrance and celebration of Matty's life, the Guild has set up a fund where all donations raised will go to support the family through this difficult time.

We'll miss you, Matty. Hooroo, good friend.


Craft Conundrum Alumni


Craft Conundrum Alumni

#THROWBACK y'all. 🍻 We hope you're all having a great weekend! If you're heading out and about, be sure to support your local breweries. After all the uncertainty these last few months, they could all really use our support (safely, obviously). Cheers, Craft fam!

#supportlocal #drinklocal #chsbeer #craftnotcrap #craftbeer #craftbeerjunkie #drinkgoodbeer #DrinkLocalCHS

We've got some coffee beans soaking in @buffalotrace bourbon for the beer infusion in the #Randall Thursday. Meanwhile, here's our fearless leader demonstrating another way to infuse beer with coffee. Give him a pat on the back or a high five for being such a good sport!
#chsbeer #craftnotcrap #craftbeer #craftbeerjunkie #randalljr #beerinfusions #coffee #buffalotrace #wemadeamess


Guys. We Flew South is BACK. ❤

Home delivery!!! We are keeping up with our home delivery this week. Maryland style crab cake, coleslaw, twice baked potato and lemon bars. Saturday delivery. Dinner for Two is $75. Order in our DM


Craft Conundrum Alumni

#THROWBACK y'all. Cheers!

Friday forecast: tasty beer with typical Craft Conundrum shenanigans. Snag a brew and a bag of locally made kettle chips from Lowcountry Kettle this afternoon, and maybe give Richard a high five for being such a good sport! Always remember, drink sexy.
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It's our 19th wedding anniversary today! Raise a glass and Cheers Richard for putting up with me for so long! 😂

Here's a throwback to about a year ago in front of our little happy place.

We truly miss you guys and hope you are all doing as well as you can be during all this craziness. We can't wait until we can start planning another meet-up once this is all over!

Cheers! 🍻 04/26/2020

Look for THIS to Spot a Dirty Beer Glass

Well, damn. We missed #BeerCleanGlass day yesterday! 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ We may be a day late, but it's always worth sharing this video from The Southern Weekend again! #isyourbeerglassclean #proper #drinkgoodbeer Want to know how to spot a dirty beer glass? It’s probably a lot easier than you think it is. Actually, we know it’s easier than you think it is. The REAL question is whether you want to know how; because once you know, you can’t go back. Warning: If you are the type of person who …

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Happy #nationalbeerday 🍻Cheers-ing this day with @chsfermentory DDH Pineapple Pallet Rider. Because 🍍🍻.#chsbeer #drinklo...
Come see us for a beer or glass of your favourite vino tonight! Cheers to the weekend!#chsbeer #drinklocal #supportlocal...
So, you may see our menu is a little light right now. Y'all drank a hell of a lot of beer last week - just look at what ...
So, #supersexyslomo Richard has something new in store at Craft. Come on over for a rim job at CC. It's #humpday so make...
The bigMEAT Chicken Parm gets a 👍🏻 from @richardneedsabeer ! They weren't lying, these sandwiches are HUGE. Come on out ...
Just a friendly reminder! We're CLOSED on New Year's Day. See you Wednesday!
Um, yeah. #BrisketDreams happening at Craft Conundrum right now. 🤤
SO. MUCH. CHEESE. We Flew South is set to start serving at 5pm. Get ready, and most importantly, come HUNGRY. 😋
Current "stormy" conditions. We're shutting her down at 8pm. Last call @ 7:45. #chsbeer #drinkgoodbeer #craftnotcrap #su...
It's Wednesday! Time to hang out and indulge in some tasty brews and grab some delicious dinner from this dude! 2 Nixons...


630 Skylark Dr Ste A
Charleston, SC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 4pm - 10pm
Wednesday 4pm - 10pm
Thursday 4pm - 10pm
Friday 12pm - 12am
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