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Larry Moore Studios specializes in Workshop Instruction and Fine Art Sales in the Charleston, SC are I’m an artist, I’ve been doing it since the mid-80′s and have only recently started to feel like I am in the early stages of figuring it out.

It’s a lifelong journey, this figuring it out thing. My background is in illustration where I worked in almost every medium and style you can think of… except maybe egg tempera and marble. I have a huge passion for nature having grown up on a river right next to the ocean with nothing but islands and wildlife behind my house. I bring all of these experiences into my work and my teaching.

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Mentor class starts March 3, 8 artists, once a month for 6 months.

If you feel stuck or unsure of your next move, starting March 3 join me @Mastrius (was Levellingup), the online global community for motivated artists who want to hone their skills and talent in true artistic communion. I will be mentoring a group of up to 8 Emerging Artists in 6 monthly online sessions toward your creative goals to help you be your most authentic, creative, and productive selves. Together we will tackle the hurdles and struggles that you face as an emerging artist. Whatever your direction, we will work to expand and refine it to new and higher levels of authenticity.
🔺 Develop and refine work that is uniquely your own
🔺 Stand out from the crowd by being inventive, creative and uniquely you
🔺 Play to your strengths and train your weaknesses
🔺 Work on how best to achieve your goals
Register at

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I’m starting a new mentorship program through LevellingUp . Max 8 students, one class a month. I’m looking forward to it.

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 08/17/2021

I gotta say, this is so enjoyable to do. Arranging marks and colors to create a cohesive unit is like making jazz music. It’s a puzzle for which there’s no known solution and each one is unique.
Most of these have been or will be used in my intrusion series… I’ll post the after shot as well. I’m now tapping into some of the language of graffiti which is taking me back to my days as a graphic designer. All are 30x30 oil on wood.

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 05/29/2021

Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing work that came out of my recent 4 day abstract class in Nashville, TN at On the tracks Studios. I wish I had taken pics from the first day to show the remarkable progression that occurred with every attendee over 4 days. Next time. The class is hard, even for seasoned painters, but the rewards are great.
Note that all are unique. My goal is to give the artists a way of thinking that encourages authentic expression and not just walk them through my way.


Demo from this weeks abstract class. Gouache 8x8. I was thinking about the doodles I make when I’m on the phone and wondering why I never incorporate them. So I did.
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The American Society of Marine Artists annual exhibit is making the rounds. Nice to be included.

Have you had a chance to see the 18th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists? We feel so proud to be one of the venues hosting this big-league exhibit, which is comprised of 111 works of art in both 2- and 3-D of all things marine: ships, pirates, mermaids, waterscapes, wildlife and more! On view through April 17. 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🏴‍☠️ 🛳 🐟 🌊

We’re open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm.

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Work in progress, 36x36 oil on wood.

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 09/14/2020

3 new 40x40's, oil and cold wax on wood. Each is based on a place, actually based on 3 different gouache studies of places.


#186 36x36 oil and cold wax.


So many layers and iterations... part of the fun is the journey. 36x48 oil, cold wax and oil bars.


36x36 oil, oil bars and cold wax on wood. These things are like a jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the box. Constant addition and subtraction until it feels right. Little ideas from each are adapted into the next.


I grew up as a graphic designer. Every job was a new puzzle. The solution had to communicate an idea, feeling, message, etc and hopefully, be visually compelling.
I see this as the same thing but without the logos. This is a design problem where I set my own parameters.
30x30 acrylic, oil, oil bar, cold wax.

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 04/08/2020

One upside to social distancing is a lot of quiet studio time. I’m getting more time to do the stuff I’ve been hankerin’ to do. Abstract. Such an enjoyable process. Here’s a progression series, one of 4 I’m working on now. Finish to start.
36x36 acrylic, oil, cold wax, graphite on wood.

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 09/11/2019

It's been a whirlwind of workshops and travels and hurricanes and such. Just now getting in some actual studio painting time. However, a great practice exercise that I employ on the regular is to take an hour or less to do one of these gouache and collage abstract studies. I've just recently added the hand-toned cut paper and print clippings to the process. Each is 6"x6" on 140# watercolor paper. So freeing and fun.

But, "I'm a realist painter", you might be saying. Why even bother with this as an exercise? Because of the real lessons in composition, the power of a mark, a shape, the dynamic symmetry created in balancing visual energy is why.

When you take the weight off of these, sales, shows, awards, etc, they turn out way better. I take the lessons from these and fold it back into my realist work or I go right into a larger version of the study. They keep me sane.

Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression Dec 3-7, 2019 04/04/2019

Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression Dec 3-7, 2019

I'm very excited about offering this workshop retreat. It's a dreamy place to create. Join a select group of artists in New Smyrna, Fl for a deeper level of growth in your work.

Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression Dec 3-7, 2019 Digging deeper: explorations in self-expression Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna, Fl  December 2-8, 2019 ACA retreat in residence workshop  Five FULL studio days December 3-7  9 am to 5pm (studio is open 24-5) With 6 nights lodging, breakfast, lunch and din


Royals 40x40 on wood. Working hard on new stuff for SouthEastern Wildlife Expo this February in Charleston, SC. Should be interesting.

Timeline photos 12/08/2018

I'm pretty excited about this... you can guess what I'll be talking about. Probably a gouache demo as well...

Join us in welcoming Larry Moore Studios to the #PACE19 faculty! 🎨

Larry Moore has been a professional visual communicator for the past 45 years, working from his roots as a mural and fashion artist in the surf industry into graphic design, advertising, illustration and then fine art. He has been an instructor since 1990 and has just published a successful book on creativity for artists called Fishing for elephants: Insights and exercises to inspire authentic creativity.

Learn more about Larry at &


It's Christmas time!

Operation Fundstorm: Hurricane Michael Relief Fund 10/24/2018

Operation Fundstorm: Hurricane Michael Relief Fund

A week ago I had a thought... what if I could auction some of the paintings I have lining my walls and storage places and convert them into contributions for a relief fund for the Forgotten Coast and the extensive damage they received from Hurricane Michael. I posted the idea on my personal page Saturday a week ago and then asked a few friends to join in. 1 week later (this Sunday), a fundraiser/auction site, Operation Fundstorm, went live with now over 250 paintings. Within two days we've raised (holy sh-t!) $82,000 with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the areas in need.

I did not do this alone by any stretch. With a team of 4 people (who actually know what they are doing) we've managed to wrangle this thing and make it work. I mean really work. And there's still 5 days left to buy paintings.

250 paintings going for really affordable prices and it's probably a write off too. Do some good, get a painting. Sweet deal. Check it out here:

Operation Fundstorm: Hurricane Michael Relief Fund Silent auction 'Operation Fundstorm: Hurricane Michael Relief Fund' hosted online at 32auctions.

Painting Plein Air with Purpose! | Coastal Maine Art Workshops 08/02/2018

Painting Plein Air with Purpose! | Coastal Maine Art Workshops

There's still room in the upcoming Rockland Maine workshop, Sept. 17-21 through Coastal Maine workshops. Plein air with a purpose. Sept 17-21, Rockland, Me $650

You’ll work on the process of creating powerful, thoughtful works on location all around Maine’s beautiful Mid-Coast area. This is way more than a “how to paint stuff to look like stuff” class! It’s a class about creating with purposeful intent, deep thinking, about developing and perfecting an idea, refining your strengths and working to eliminate or at least reduce your weaknesses. Also, there will be laughing. And creativity stuff.

Painting Plein Air with Purpose! | Coastal Maine Art Workshops


Here's another one for the show on Sept. 1... Ys 36x36 oil on wood. In case you are wondering, Ys is a fabled city that sank into the ocean as a result of some bad goings on...


Just finished. The last train 48x60 oil on wood. It's one of about 20 pieces going to a one man show in New Smyrna Fl on sept.1

Photos from Larry Moore Studios's post 06/12/2018

Working towards an Intrusion show on September 1 at Arts on Douglas in New Smyrna, Fl. Juggling workshops, websites, book stuff and getting paintings done at the same time. Whoever said the life of the artist was an easy one never tried it.


Fishing for Elephants, the creativity workbook, is now available in print on!

Larry Moore Studios updated their phone number. 04/20/2018

Larry Moore Studios updated their phone number.

Larry Moore Studios updated their phone number.


Progress on the 4’x6’ polar bear intrusion


Creativity is originality in action... anyone can learn it. At its simplest, it is the union of two unlike things to make a new thing. Just like when sodium and chloride get together to make salt. And who doesn’t like salt?

This book works for everyone, not just painters. I love the ebook format but lots of folks have argued the case for a print version, so I’ll be working on that next. Fishing for elephants is a workbook with 150 plus exercises, a year-long class... you should be able to sketch, annotate, dog-ear and highlight it.
But it’ll take a while.

Here are a few unsolicited reviews...

“This is a must-read for every artist. No matter how long you have been creating; this book is invaluable. Every page causes you to think… to remember… to dig deep. This is the best art book I have ever read!” Marcy G

“It’s a lovely, inspiring guide for creativity. “ Robin H

“Larry’s new book is a must for anyone living a creative life. Best book for creative thinking in a long time. “ Connie R

“Fabulous stuff -- for any creative type -- artists, musicians, sculptors.... “ Mike L

“Funny, insightful and a great read! Even if you don’t consider yourself “creative”, you’ll get so much out of it!!!” Robin W
“Love the title.” Stacy F

For Kindle:

For iBook:

Also attached are some of my latest studies and one final painting from my Intrusion series. An idea that evolved out of the processes used in this book.


I'm pretty super darn excited to say this finally.... the book, Fishing for elephants, Insights and exercises to inspire authentic creativity, is now available on iBook. If you have any Mac or iMachine; iPad, MacBook, eMac, etc you can download n read. Amazon will have the Kindle version in a few days. Price is listed in the ad.
It's not yet searchable but I have the magic link:

This thing took 2 years of hard work, but in reality, it's more like 40. All the lessons and experiences learned and applied as a graphic designer, an art director, an ad guy, a fine artist, a teacher rolled up into one big educational donut with sprinkles.

I'm fired up. I know this is good information, I've used it for 40 years, I've taught it for nearly 30. And you aren't going to find it anywhere else because it didn't come from a book. My greatest hope is that it brings you a portion of the joy, the freedom, and satisfaction that I have experienced in my art-filled life.

Hope you like it.


An unconventional book on being unconventional. The entire creative process is broken down into bite-size digestible chunks with examples every step of the way. And it's funny. Somewhere around 150 exercises, 140 visual explanations and countless suggestions for thinking different and becoming more creative.

Available very soon on


Larry Moore Studios


Larry Moore Studios's cover photo


As some of you may know, I'm working on a book on the creative process as it applies to painting and everything else... It's coming along quite well. Yesterday an excerpt was published on Lori Putnams blog, just to give everyone a little teaser on what's coming... Here's the link


Abstraction: Small to big Mar. 11, Maryland | Larry Moore Studios

Workshop in Maryland at Chesapeake Fine Art Studios Mar 11-13 This 3 day studio class is designed to help you with finding your voice and gaining freedom in paint. We explore all of the characteristics that make a great painting: intent, paint, color, mark making, drawing, shape, edge, methods and materials and we do it at the fun size. 30×30 to 40×40 on the…

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